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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Class Warfare—Here We Go Again

Where do people like Rep. Jan Schakowsky get the belief that we do not deserve to keep what we earn?

In my opinion there is no question as to whether I deserve MY earnings. There also isn’t a question of whether I should support my government or not…of course I should. The question is HOW much is ENOUGH? I suppose if I had the answer to THAT, I’d be one famous woman!

We also have people, such as Elizabeth Warren, who said no one in this country has ever gotten rich on his own. That your goods were moved to market on roads paid for by someone else; that your workers were educated in public schools supported by someone else; that your business or factory is safe because the police force is paid for by, yep, you guessed it… someone else!

Doesn’t Ms. Warren realize that even business owner’s pay taxes? Not only do they have local, state and federal taxes, they also have employer taxes. PLUS there are multiple business taxes, licenses and insurances!

I don’t think anyone will argue that people get rich solo. I do believe that people will tell you if they get rich it’s despite what our government imposes UPON them and they do it all under the eye of big brother in some form or another.

So, alone or all on our own…of course not.

It sure is a victory, though, when, after all the money is distributed, and all the legislative hands are filled, we can still achieve success!

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