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Monday, August 27, 2012

A Sock Full Of Popcorn Over Obama

My husband and I are always complaining that WE aren’t ever involved in any of the polling that we hear about on the news.

Well, the other day I answered the phone and someone on the other end requested my husband. I asked who was calling, lo and behold, it was someone polling for the Obama Administration. I handed the phone to my husband saying, “Oh you’ll want this call!”

According to my husband, the conversation went like so:

Pollster: Will you be voting for President Obama this election?

My Husband: There’s no way in hell.

Pollster: So I can put you down for Obama then?

My Husband: I said no way. As a matter of fact, I would vote for a sock full of popcorn before I voted for Obama.

Pollster: I don’t think you can vote for a sock full of popcorn.

My Husband: I’ll write it in.

I have no idea what the pollster actually marked considering he didn’t take the first NO my husband told him, which makes me totally suspect of the polls the media spews.

 I believe I’ll ignore the polls and wait until the night of the election to see who the winner will be and if it’s a sock full of popcorn, we’ll know my husband was the deciding vote.
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