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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who was Trump-ed?

President Obama released his long form birth certificate yesterday and said, "This issue has been going on for two, two and a half years now. I think it started during the campaign. I have watched with bemusement, I've been puzzled at the degree at which this thing just kept on going."

He’s correct, the issue has been going on since the campaign, and during that time-frame, no one, not even lawyers, have been able to get the President to release his birth certificate.

Then, Donald Trump comes into the arena and the media gobbled up and promoted him and the Birther movement because he packaged it with a pretty bow and powerful words, which gave it serious momentum, and ultimately forced the President to release that mysterious piece of paper that those Birthers were certain had invisible script which proved Obama was an alien from outer-space.

This entire Birther movement is ridiculous to me in more ways than one. First, I do NOT believe that the President wasn't born in Hawaii. Second, I am ticked that so much time and effort has been wasted on this non-issue and feel that our media and our President are partially to blame.

Obama admitted that he watched for over two years in “bemusement” and that he released his birth certificate because he doesn’t want to distract from the real issues. Um, excuse me, but haven’t we had “real” issues for the last two years? Hasn’t our economy, unemployment, two wars and a deficit out our wazoo been important?

This “issue” could’ve been put to rest over two years ago had the President just released the darn birth certificate when first asked. But no. Rather than be a leader, he participated in the dog and pony show and acted like a spoiled child. Whatever his reasons were for withholding his birth certificate don’t matter. There were citizens, whom he serves as President of the United States, who questioned something, and it’s his DUTY as Commander-in Chief, to put those citizens at ease, not divide them, not distract from the issues and certainly not add to the divisiveness. Now, whether those individuals would’ve accepted what he released is debatable, but I personally think that the delay in releasing the birth certificate only enhanced the movement.

I’m not a Birther, but there are those, starting with the Hillary Clinton supporters, who believe he’s not a citizen and even though he has now produced the official birth certificate, they will continue with their silly conspiracy theories. I have to believe, however, that had the President produced his birth certificate two years ago, this fiasco wouldn’t have the traction it has today. But delaying it only gave the Birthers ammunition—he has something to hide, blah, blah. So, in reality, the President has himself to blame.

Then our media— and you all know how much I adore them! (insert eye roll here). They not only jumped on the Birther bandwagon but helped move that wagon along. With their endless stories, interviews and, yes carnival shows. It’s been non-stop. They don’t report serious news anymore, they report what they think will give them ratings and what’s better for ratings than the President’s a closet Muslim from Kenya pretending to be a citizen! The press gobbled it up faster than pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and stumbled over each other to get to the printing presses!

The saddest thing, though, is no one learned a dog-gone thing from this. The press will still go after their carnival shows and promote non-issue stories that won’t educate the public and our politicians, including our President, will still do what’s in the best interest for themselves.

So, Obama may have been “Trump-ed”, but in the end, the American people were, too, because we still aren’t getting what we pay for—honest, responsible, caring government and a reliable media that's supposed to be our "watch-dog".

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Nothing Like a Dose of Liar Cheat & Thief to Get Me Back on the Political Track

As many of you know, I’ve been on a little hiatus from politics, and for you newcomers, you can catch up here. You also know that I’m a strong voice for ethics, good character, and just plain old honesty.

So, imagine my surprise when I turned on Bill O’Reilly, whom I haven’t seen in well over two months, and there smack dab in the middle of my TV screen was none other than Charlie Rangel, and listed beneath his name was Congressman (D-NY)!

I sat there, my mouth agape, staring at the television, for ten minutes, as Bill O’Reilly didn’t just interview Rangel, but actually argued with him! Yes, he WASTED time arguing with a convicted CHEAT, who STILL holds public office!

Now, you might ask, why am I upset about this? Well, because it’s bad enough that our Treasury Secretary is a tax CHEAT and signs our money—even if it isn’t worth much these days. And now to have the Tax Ways and Means Committee Chairman found GUILTY on 12/13 counts of ethics VIOLATIONS and be censured (oh the horror—slap his hands!) but NOT be removed from office just.blows.my.mind!

America is on the edge of a cliff. Energy, food and inflation are skyrocketing, but housing prices and paychecks are dropping like rocks. People are NOT finding jobs, regardless of what the reports tell us—they are skewed. Another housing bubble is about to burst. We're in major debt and can’t afford our current level of government and the programs anymore and we NEED to cut! Our Representatives are bickering on the Hill about compromise because none of them want to let go of a pet project to save a buck and we’re told yet again an apocalyptic our world as we know it will end if the government shuts down (fear mongering anyone?).

Shut it down and clean it out! Because there is no question in my mind as to why our country is a complete and utter disaster. We elected liars, cheats and thieves who are more concerned with their seat than our country and the welfare of her people. They won’t close down departments that aren’t performing or are duplicates—they have too much at stake. Too many pockets have been lined AND a straight line points directly to those who have turned a blind eye and participated in the corruption that has been going on decade after decade. Let’s face it, we have career politicians, not public servants, and they have a lot to lose.

I’m angry. I’m REALLY angry. I’m tired of reading blog after blog after blog about how it’s ALL the Republican’s fault. How the Tea Party is racist. And how those on the Right are just a bunch of evil-racist-fear-mongering-violent-inducing-callous-well-to-dos who want to displace the poor, kill women and starve Granny.

It’s TIME to face some facts people. America is in trouble and it’s EVERYONE’S fault. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Conservatives, Liberals and even those who aren’t registered to vote! I’ve got news for you, I’m not a racist but I’m sick to death of hearing that because I want LEGAL immigration I am. And darn it, I don’t have to explain or defend my position— IT’S THE LAW!

But the laws and regulations, something those career politicians love to pass, are the very things they love to evade! Yet, they expect us to follow them, unless we fit into their agenda, then we don’t have to. This country is a mess because we have permitted it to get this way. We have allowed it to get hijacked by immoral politicians who think they are above the laws they create and we—WE let them! Oh, we talk BIG talk. But every election, we go into the election booth and REELECT someone like Charlie Rangel! Then we ask why our country is a mess. I don’t have to ask. I know the answer. We’re lazy. We want instant gratification. We want CHANGE! Oh that was a good slogan, I must admit. And we got it too.

Banks, mortgage and car companies and even student loans are owned by the Feds. We’re printing money as if the paper it’s printed on is actually worth something, yet people are going about their daily lives as if it’s no big deal. It’s okay that we’re buried alive under trillions upon trillions of national and public debt and even if we DID confiscate all the wealth from those evil rich people, we still couldn’t pay off our INTEREST!

I’m also tired. Tired of hearing how the people who are wealthy are somehow evil. Evil because they are wealthy and have money and those who don’t should reap the rewards off the backs of those who do. That is a crock and I’m not going to pretend that it makes sense, because to me, it doesn’t. There is no way you can justly confiscate someone else’s wealth and give it to... some else. Our oh so benevolent government does NOT work that way.

They invent some fancy named program where they allege they will help people. But this new program will hemorrhage money through theft and dereliction because a fox is watching the hen house. Or to put it in much simpler terms, you can’t make poor people rich by making rich people poor. Period.

My tangent boils down to us again, the American people, waking up and joining together as AMERICANS. As I’ve said before, it’s us vs. them. I don’t know how much more clear I can be. It’s pretty darn obvious there's a problem when you have the media focused on Donald Trump and Obama’s birth certificate and Glenn Beck leaving Fox News—REALLY? THAT’S important? America’s ready to implode and we’re worried about Trump investigating Obama’s birth certificate in Hawaii. Rejoicing that Beck is leaving TV. Yet we can’t pay China! We’re in yet another war that we can’t afford! People are losing their homes and can’t buy a gallon of milk!


When our country is on the verge of collapse and people are vigorously tapping away about inconsequential things like Glenn Beck—and NO, I really don’t want to hear how dangerous he is. Want to talk dangerous, let’s talk about our open borders; or how we don’t drill for oil here in our OWN country where it’s plentiful, because we BORROW money from one country so we can purchase it from yet another country that HATES us and wants us DEAD; or how we look evil straight in the eye but yet don't call it what it is, while we sit across from it, without preconditions, and permit it to develop nuclear weapons.

Let’s GET SERIOUS. And if you don’t think it’s THAT serious, then your head has been in the sand longer than mine--and mine was only in the sand for the last month!

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