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Friday, April 8, 2011

Nothing Like a Dose of Liar Cheat & Thief to Get Me Back on the Political Track

As many of you know, I’ve been on a little hiatus from politics, and for you newcomers, you can catch up here. You also know that I’m a strong voice for ethics, good character, and just plain old honesty.

So, imagine my surprise when I turned on Bill O’Reilly, whom I haven’t seen in well over two months, and there smack dab in the middle of my TV screen was none other than Charlie Rangel, and listed beneath his name was Congressman (D-NY)!

I sat there, my mouth agape, staring at the television, for ten minutes, as Bill O’Reilly didn’t just interview Rangel, but actually argued with him! Yes, he WASTED time arguing with a convicted CHEAT, who STILL holds public office!

Now, you might ask, why am I upset about this? Well, because it’s bad enough that our Treasury Secretary is a tax CHEAT and signs our money—even if it isn’t worth much these days. And now to have the Tax Ways and Means Committee Chairman found GUILTY on 12/13 counts of ethics VIOLATIONS and be censured (oh the horror—slap his hands!) but NOT be removed from office just.blows.my.mind!

America is on the edge of a cliff. Energy, food and inflation are skyrocketing, but housing prices and paychecks are dropping like rocks. People are NOT finding jobs, regardless of what the reports tell us—they are skewed. Another housing bubble is about to burst. We're in major debt and can’t afford our current level of government and the programs anymore and we NEED to cut! Our Representatives are bickering on the Hill about compromise because none of them want to let go of a pet project to save a buck and we’re told yet again an apocalyptic our world as we know it will end if the government shuts down (fear mongering anyone?).

Shut it down and clean it out! Because there is no question in my mind as to why our country is a complete and utter disaster. We elected liars, cheats and thieves who are more concerned with their seat than our country and the welfare of her people. They won’t close down departments that aren’t performing or are duplicates—they have too much at stake. Too many pockets have been lined AND a straight line points directly to those who have turned a blind eye and participated in the corruption that has been going on decade after decade. Let’s face it, we have career politicians, not public servants, and they have a lot to lose.

I’m angry. I’m REALLY angry. I’m tired of reading blog after blog after blog about how it’s ALL the Republican’s fault. How the Tea Party is racist. And how those on the Right are just a bunch of evil-racist-fear-mongering-violent-inducing-callous-well-to-dos who want to displace the poor, kill women and starve Granny.

It’s TIME to face some facts people. America is in trouble and it’s EVERYONE’S fault. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Conservatives, Liberals and even those who aren’t registered to vote! I’ve got news for you, I’m not a racist but I’m sick to death of hearing that because I want LEGAL immigration I am. And darn it, I don’t have to explain or defend my position— IT’S THE LAW!

But the laws and regulations, something those career politicians love to pass, are the very things they love to evade! Yet, they expect us to follow them, unless we fit into their agenda, then we don’t have to. This country is a mess because we have permitted it to get this way. We have allowed it to get hijacked by immoral politicians who think they are above the laws they create and we—WE let them! Oh, we talk BIG talk. But every election, we go into the election booth and REELECT someone like Charlie Rangel! Then we ask why our country is a mess. I don’t have to ask. I know the answer. We’re lazy. We want instant gratification. We want CHANGE! Oh that was a good slogan, I must admit. And we got it too.

Banks, mortgage and car companies and even student loans are owned by the Feds. We’re printing money as if the paper it’s printed on is actually worth something, yet people are going about their daily lives as if it’s no big deal. It’s okay that we’re buried alive under trillions upon trillions of national and public debt and even if we DID confiscate all the wealth from those evil rich people, we still couldn’t pay off our INTEREST!

I’m also tired. Tired of hearing how the people who are wealthy are somehow evil. Evil because they are wealthy and have money and those who don’t should reap the rewards off the backs of those who do. That is a crock and I’m not going to pretend that it makes sense, because to me, it doesn’t. There is no way you can justly confiscate someone else’s wealth and give it to... some else. Our oh so benevolent government does NOT work that way.

They invent some fancy named program where they allege they will help people. But this new program will hemorrhage money through theft and dereliction because a fox is watching the hen house. Or to put it in much simpler terms, you can’t make poor people rich by making rich people poor. Period.

My tangent boils down to us again, the American people, waking up and joining together as AMERICANS. As I’ve said before, it’s us vs. them. I don’t know how much more clear I can be. It’s pretty darn obvious there's a problem when you have the media focused on Donald Trump and Obama’s birth certificate and Glenn Beck leaving Fox News—REALLY? THAT’S important? America’s ready to implode and we’re worried about Trump investigating Obama’s birth certificate in Hawaii. Rejoicing that Beck is leaving TV. Yet we can’t pay China! We’re in yet another war that we can’t afford! People are losing their homes and can’t buy a gallon of milk!


When our country is on the verge of collapse and people are vigorously tapping away about inconsequential things like Glenn Beck—and NO, I really don’t want to hear how dangerous he is. Want to talk dangerous, let’s talk about our open borders; or how we don’t drill for oil here in our OWN country where it’s plentiful, because we BORROW money from one country so we can purchase it from yet another country that HATES us and wants us DEAD; or how we look evil straight in the eye but yet don't call it what it is, while we sit across from it, without preconditions, and permit it to develop nuclear weapons.

Let’s GET SERIOUS. And if you don’t think it’s THAT serious, then your head has been in the sand longer than mine--and mine was only in the sand for the last month!

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  1. Pamela - Excellent post. Truthful and to the point.

    Don't know what the answer is as it is almost certain the clash of reason, and that of the emotionally driven arguments will continue.

    The republicans and the democrats will continue to evade the real problems because they need the emotional to get reelected. And they both know telling the truth is not what the majority of Americans really want to hear.

    Welcome back to the fray. You've been missed!

  2. Wow! I didn't realize how much I missed that fire!! You go girl!! I'm not even sure what to add to that, it was absolutely spot on. Everybody is pointing fingers and no one is looking out for us.

    I really think that is why there should be term limits. Get rid of the career politician.

    They can't come to an agreement but they made damn sure that they were getting paid. The military, nah, they aren't important. It us frustrating beyond belief and you are 100% right when you say that WE let it happen. What I would like to know is where the common sense has gone? I honestly believed that the U.S. is such a bad place that we are going to need a miracle to get ourselves out. Obama talked and said all the right words but was/is clueless to the world around us. Unfortunately I don't see a Republican that is capable of changing things either.

  3. Pam,

    You look at politics like some look at prostitution; you think if you run off all the prostitutes then there will no longer be prostitution.

    You can run off all the crooked politicians but that is not going to curb corruption in the system.

    Going to have to get money out of politics.....


    Or maybe amend the constitution:


    For every Rangel there is a Cunningham...or a Foley.....

    For every prostitute there are how many johns standing in line to pay for the prostitute offers?

  4. Tao: So, let me get this straight. Because it’s been the norm to have CORRUPT politicians all these decades, we’re supposed to just say—meh, that’s the way it is. Ah, nope, I’m not buying. If we would’ve kicked out the CORRUPT bums that SERVE US when they DID lie, cheat and steal, maybe we would have MORAL people SERVING instead of acting like ROYALTY.

  5. Les: Oh, yes, play on the emotions of the American people. THAT’S always a sure bet, because MOST people “think” with their emotions, and if nothing else, politicians aren’t stupid. It’s too bad, really, that we can’t go back to real public service. Then we’d see REAL change.

    Jennifer: Once politics are in your blood there’s no real way of getting it out. I do believe it’s like poison. Fortunately there are people like us who won’t let that “poison” infect our morals! I’d love to run for public office, but my dad said, “Pam you won't win. YOU won’t lie.”

  6. Pamela- Bingo!

    But TAO does have a valid concern with the corrupting power of money.

    To Quote I believe it was Lord Acton, "Power tends to corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely."

    Unfortunately there is a connection.

  7. Pam,

    Are you voting for someone who represents your values and principles or are you voting for the least corrupt candidate? If you lived in Wisconsin you would have NEVER have voted for Russ Feingold but the reality is he never took questionable campaign contributions and he returned every single payraise that the senate voted for themselves back to the Treasury. Upon leaving office he did not get himself a job with a lobbyist firm but actually became a professor at a university.

    Or how about Bernie Sanders?

    I would like to believe that all politicians are honest, that all bankers are not crooked, that all priests keep their vows of chasity...

    Doesn't happen! Hell, a majority of married folks admit to having an affair....

    If that was true then there would be no need for laws, no need for prisons, and no need for government....

    If you don't take money out of politics then corruption becomes a way of life.....

  8. Tao: Why does my choice for candidate have to be an either or? Why can’t I have a candidate that is qualified AND possess moral fortitude?

    Why are so many people willing to be complacent with this issue? Our public officials should be held to higher standards than the average person. They SERVE us (well, they’re supposed to). There are enough people in this country who possess good moral fortitude who can fill those positions. If we demanded honorable principles and shamed them out of office when they did something unethical, we wouldn’t have corrupt career politicians who wear their infamy like a badge of honor.

  9. Pamela - Of course you are absolutely correct in your response to TAO's prior comment.

    And you said, "If we demanded honorable principles..." To demand this requires the people to have honorable principles. Sadly, and unfortunately a large share of our populace lack the principles of which you speak.

    So, those with principles, and those who indeed love their country... and the principles on which it was founded and built can agree on at least one thing regardless of political ideology, it is worth fighting for.

  10. This was a fabulous post. You rock.

    I know there would have been a bunch of livid military members had they only been paid half their paycheck.

  11. I said at work the other day am I the only one who wanted the government to shut down and they looked at me weird and the woman goes why? Don't understand why Rangel just doesn't retire, what's he like 80 or something? What's this attitude work 'til you drop?

  12. Z-man - Do you really call what Rangel does work? He is riding the gravy train tax payers expense.

    The man is not stupid... He just has a limited sense of ethical integrity.

  13. Anger, you ask. It was there, I disagreed with many things Bush did and I wouldn't hesitate to say it. I am not a sheep, that follows blindly behind something I don't agree with.

    Toss out the Constitution? Ummm, I believe that we are trying to save the Constitution.

    Of course government has to be paid for, and I don't recall anyone saying it doesn't. I am concerned about the hear and now, not the blame Bush era or blame others before him.

    The budget needs to be cut. That is obvious and that is what the Republicans are trying to do. And to call her fake is just plain rude and out of line. She is one of the most REAL people I know.

  14. Rational National USA said: So, those with principles, and those who indeed love their country... and the principles on which it was founded and built can agree on at least one thing regardless of political ideology, it is worth fighting for.

    Les: And that is why we blog. To express those principles and that love…

    Whispering Writer: Thanks so much for stopping by. See even “mommy’s” have political opinions!

    And those “taking bullets” make a hell-of-a-lot less than those on the Hill.

    Z-man: It could be that the people you work with aren’t very informed. I know, shocking right? We live, breathe, sleep—politics.

    They stay on the Hill FOREVER because they like playing Kings & Queens.

  15. Jennifer: I’m sorry, but I deleted Anonymous. I just don’t have time for trolls these days.

    Thank you for sticking up for me. ;-)

  16. No problem, I have no patience for people that don't even have enough courage to put a name behind their beliefs. Good riddance!!

  17. RN USA said... Pamela - Of course you are absolutely correct in your response to TAO's prior comment.

    I disagree. Tao brought up public financing of elections. RN says getting money out of politics might be a good idea (or at least I think he is saying this). Pamela might agree to... but she responded to Tao twice and said nothing about the primary point Tao was making.

    I think we have much bigger problems than Charlie Rangle. I haven't thought about him in quite some time. I'm to consumed with angry thoughts directed at the Tea Party & Republican Congresspersons and -- and the Democrats who are letting these liars push them around!

    The Tea Party Congresspersons say they were sent to Washington to address unemployment and the national debt, so why is their first order of business abortion? Planned Parenthood is a whopping 0.0083 percent of the budget!

    I heard some Tea Party Congresspersons thought military spending should be under consideration for cutting, yet they obviously weren't willing to shut down the government to cut IT.

  18. BTW I don't believe wealthy people should be taxed with the goal of making everyone who is poor rich too. That would be ridiculous. I just don't think we should be kicking poor people into the gutter, or allowing them to freeze to death during the winter.

    Also, those bush tax cuts will be adding significantly to the debt, which we do have to pay off somehow... unless you believe in Paul Ryan's fantasy budget I don't see how anyone could disagree that we have to RAISE TAXES (at least somewhat). Reagan raised taxes. Bush Sr raised taxes.

    Now they're at historic lows. Who believes this has NOTHING to do with the problem?

    Tax cuts for wealthy create jobs? Who still believes this nonsense? It didn't work when GWB was president, so why would it magically work now?

  19. Pam I don't know if the people I work with are just ignorant or just like government. It's a heavily unionized job so...Rational Nation it's like that other guy Arlen Specter switching parties only to lose, he's like 100 or something? They may be corrupt but they're still fossils. Move over and let some other younger corrupt guys in.

  20. W-Dervish: I’m in agreement also with getting money out of politics as well. Individuals should have the power, not big corporations and unions.

    As far as kicking people out to freeze to death, no, I am NOT for that, but there are 77 social programs that low-income people can apply for to help them. What I don’t like is when people say they’re poor and can’t pay their bills but yet have “smart phones”. I’ve seen it quite a bit having a sister who’s a lawyer for family court. They waive their application fee then hop on their smart phone to order an Xbox.

    I’m with you on not defunding PPH. I’ve had this conversation on facebook. It’s not just an abortion factory. It does provide women’s health services. If these politicians really wanted to do something about our debt, then they’d go after the corruption, how about the $60 BILLION of fraud in Medicare/Medicare PER YEAR? Or all the duplicate programs and departments? There are countless ways to combat our debt, but neither party is willing to do the hard work. Instead they nit-pick.

    We don’t have a REVENUE problem, we have a SPENDING problem, and until we get THAT under control, I will not even consider raising taxes because these politicians are irresponsible. THAT money is OURS, not theirs and they need to spend what they RECEIVE from US correctly and ensure that it’s not involved in fraud. So, until they do that, no, I will not agree with tax increases.

  21. On the one hand, I think Rangel is cool because he DOES go and argue freely, without handlers intervening, with those who disagree with him.

    On the other hand, he has a long reputation of missusing the public trust for his personal gain: another walking case for term limits.

    I strongly disagree with government control of the entire election process (given the euphemism "public financing")

    1) It's a pure waste of tax money. Spend it on the poor instead.

    2) I'll be damned if I have my tax money subsidized the bogus vanity campaigns of Pat Buchanan, Ralph Nader, and other self-agrandizing spoilers.

    3) It's very dangerous to have the government interfere in something that should be grass roots.


    w-dervish said: "Planned Parenthood is a whopping 0.0083 percent of the budget!"

    All of the waste in the federal budget is made up of small parts like this that someone will defend to the death. So you end up with all of it being defended by someone... and then nothing gets done.

    Yes, the first Bush did raise taxes. Very foolish: he broke a good promise, and kicked the country into a recession.

    (By the way, the first President Bush was not a Senior)

    We have record revenues coming in. The government does not need to steal more: it needs to spend its vast resources wisely.

  22. I haven't heard the Republicans talk about cutting Defense. I heard the President ask for 400B in Defense cuts.
    I haven't heard the Republicans talk about reforming SS, thus saving $$$. I heard the President say he would reform SS and other programs, to save $$$.
    I heard the Republicans asking to cut Planned Parenthood and NPR. Which would cut less than 1% of the budget, yet they were prepared to shut down the government over those points.
    It's politics with the Republicans, not serious negotiations of serious budget cuts. They are still pushing their "social" issues. This is a fiscal matter.
    To say absolutely no to tax increases when we are 14 trillion in debt, is irresponsible.
    As irresponsible as Republican spending that created this fiscal mess.
    Republicans got their tax cuts passed over the last 30 years; where was their responsibility to cut spending during that same time?
    ALL government programs have waste. Why cut only programs that help the poor, or programs that won't make a dent in cutting the debt?

  23. Pamela, you said...

    "We don’t have a REVENUE problem, we have a SPENDING problem, and until we get THAT under control, I will not even consider raising taxes because these politicians are irresponsible. THAT money is OURS, not theirs and they need to spend what they RECEIVE from US correctly and ensure that it’s not involved in fraud. So, until they do that, no, I will not agree with tax increases."

    Very well said!

  24. Tom said: "As irresponsible as Republican spending that created this fiscal mess."

    Tom, that is rather misleading and uninformed. One-third of the national debt was accrued under Democratic presidents; a proportion that is soaring under Obama's leadership. The way things are now, if Obama serves 8 terms, MOST of the national debt will have been accrued under Democrats.

    "To say absolutely no to tax increases when we are 14 trillion in debt, is irresponsible."

    This is a disputable opinion. The previous tax cuts have resulted in more revenue coming in: making it so the government has MORE money than it would otherwise. The government already has vast resources. It would be irresponsible for them to steal more from the American people.

    "I heard the Republicans asking to cut Planned Parenthood and NPR. Which would cut less than 1% of the budget"

    Well, government waste is all made up of little parts like this that people will defend to the death. But they all add up.

  25. Pam,

    Do you agree with what Demarks said?

  26. w-dervish said: "Tax cuts for wealthy create jobs? Who still believes this nonsense? It didn't work when GWB was president, so why would it magically work now?"

    The Bush tax cuts were mostly for the non-rich: the middle class. To summarize them as "tax cuts for the wealthy" is misleading. Is this intentional, or is this part of you not being aware?

    And yes there was job growth for a while. At least until Fannie Mae and the CRA kicked the economy to the curb.

  27. Tom - VS - dmarks...

    Given the facts, with hyperbole aside, The game, set, match goes to dmarks.

    At least in this independent conservatives, {classical liberal if you prefer}, opinion.

  28. It's sad Pam . that you allow trolls like Rn to bait fights on your blog, or worse speak for you.
    Last Summer RN attacked my blog (see my archives) I'm surprised you support such scum. I will not take RN's bait and start a fight on your blog.

    I will invite (as I have many times before) Demarks, RN, or anyone to visit my blog where we can say what we want and not spoil Pam's blog.

  29. Pam - Tom is lying. I have chosen not to visit his blog because he is not a forthright and honest person. And he has a penchant for deleting comments. I have made my decision not to visit on sound and rational grounds.

    Having said this I will not play this game of putting you in the middle. I respect you far to much to place that stress on you.

    Tom - Pamela and I are friends, I assure you I do not speak for her as she is as independent, if not more so than I am. You disrespect her with your foolish and agenda driven comment.

    You I have absolutely NO respect for. Not that it matters because the feeling is mutual. You have made that clear on many a blogs.

    Just be a man and leave Pam out of your beef with me and your venomous hatred for me.

  30. Tom, I thought I was banned on your blog. Could be wrong.

  31. RN has also been trolling Sue's blog (Mr. President are you Listening) and she threatened to delete him, if he did not stop the nasty comments and could not, would not discuss issues civily.

    I'm not the only blog RN trolls.

    The proof of his attacking my blog is in my archives, so I am not lying RN is. (Check the facts)

    RN has had many complaints in the last few days for leaving commercial comments (advertising a recent movie) on many blogs. Blog owners are not happy about his commercial comments, and have a right to complain about his annoying behavior.

    It is you RN who disrepects Pam by baiting fights on her blog. It is you RN who is dishonest.

    Yes, I deleted comments from you on my blog. They were nasty, uncivil comments, and should be deleted.

    Yet, you told your readers you had not been to my blog. So which is it? Were you at my blog, or not?

    Just delete my blog from your blog roll and I will not return to your blog. I already quit one group blog because they allow the troll RN to post there.

    Demarks, you have not been banned from my blog. I don't know where you got that idea, and don't remember you ever visiting my blog. You are wrong Demarks, as you are wrong about your comments above.

    "One-third of the national debt was accrued under Democratic presidents"

    Presidents? There was only one Democratic President before Obama, since the multi-trillion dollar debts started adding up (1983). That was President Clinton and he did not leave a 4.8 trillion (1/3) debt, in fact he left a budget with a surplus according to todays Republican leaders, some of whom signed that budget of his. (Check the facts)
    Government waste is not ALL made up of those little parts. The vast majority of government debt (check the facts) is from Defense, SS, and Medicare, not Planned Parenthood, NPR, or the other programs that only make up 12% of the rest of the budget.
    The government has been involved in irresponsible spending for a couple of hundred years. That is no reason to not pay our bills, or shut down government.
    Our duty as citizens, is to supervise (vote out) those members that engage in irresponsible spending.
    If you vote Republican, than you are part of the problem, because cutting taxes without cutting spending, is irresponsible and that is what Republicans have been doing since RR (1983).

  32. Tom: I have removed your link from my blogroll per your request and I have a request for you.

    I would ask that you not refer to everyone you disagree with as a “troll”. In this forum it was Les. A former one it was Dmarks and Silverfiddle. And yet another it was Blue Pitbull.

    We all have opinions but we can’t expect everyone to agree with them.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  33. Sorry, I cannot meet your request, because it is a lie.
    They are trolls and if you bothered to check the facts (the title of your post) you would know that.
    Lots of people have had trouble with Les, bluepitbull and others from your link list, it is not me alone.
    Funny how all these trolls are from your link list, yet, you condone and support their behavior.
    For someone who speaks of civil blogging, you seem to protect uncivil bloggers.
    No surprise your readership has fallen so far.

  34. Tom: I have no need to defend myself, my blog or my blogging rules. It’s quite apparent you have no respect for me or my rules because you have repeatedly broken them by bringing your problems with other bloggers here, as well as other dramatic blog situations. All of which I forbid, and I have asked you not to do—quite politely, I might add, because I have ALWAYS shown you the utmost respect and courtesy. It’s quite apparent the feelings aren’t mutual, therefore I will severe our blogging relationship by asking you not to return.

    I will wish you the very best because no matter what you might think, I AM a person of integrity, as well as compassion, and wish no ill to anyone.

  35. Charlie Rangel should have resigned, as well as the senator who frequented prostitutes and the one who paid off the husband of the woman he was diddling.

    These people stay in office after disgracing themselves, and we become inured to the scandals--nothing surprises us anymore.

    We changed the Constitution to limit the president's term to two. Why can't we do the same for Congress? It is their treating their office as a life-long career that leads them to believe they can get away with anything. And it's wrong--for Dems and Repubs.

    I say limit the senators to two terms--that's 12 years--plenty long, and limit representatives to 10.

    I'd also like to see ONE 6-year term for the president. Long enough to accomplish what s/he needs to do, but not having him/her encumbered by having to run for re-election after only two years in office. It's horrible.

    One other thing--the $$$$ influence in politics---it truly is the root of evil. We the people have no say in our laws, but the lobbyists funded by corporations are who Congress listens to.

    And it stinks.

  36. Pamela: Tom does indeed have a good point about RN and the blog-link spamming. I saw it happen at Shaw's blog, against the rules and warnings. It even got Octo into a bit of a rage, and that's usually hard to do.

  37. Shaw: I could write a list of the corrupt politicians longer than my arm—the stealing, prostitutes, bribing—you name it—it’s just disgusting. Rangel isn’t the only one and the only reason I named him is because he was on TV that particular night. It’s not an exclusively Democratic trait. There are PLENTLY of Republicans!

    You bring up an excellent point. Term limits. And there are a lot of people who have mentioned them and I think if brought to a vote, it would pass. Six years also seems like a reasonable term for a President, too. This 4 years, but the last half of the first term is spent campaigning on getting re-elected is wasted time. Our President needs to concentrate on running the country.

  38. Dmarks: I appreciate your honesty, however I have blogging rules about bringing other blog’s subject matter here to my site and Tom has repeatedly ignored it, even at my pleas to stop.

    It’s not just Les, in a previous post, you and Silverfiddle were both “trolls” because you both challenged him and/or disagreed with him or didn’t go to his blog at his request to read something. This has become quite stressful for me and I can no longer tolerate it.

    As I said, I have been extremely polite and respectful to Tom, but he has not reciprocated and again, I will not endure it any longer. I wish no ill to Tom, but I need a stress-free environment for MY health.

  39. Shaw: At the risk of blog-link-spamming, I will mention that I'm working on a post in my blog about term limits. Great comments. both of you.

  40. Pamela, Bravo!!!! I agree with your assessment 100%. We need some fiscal sanity amongst our representatives.

  41. Well said! It's a shame that we live in a world where our public servants cannot be expected to live up to a certain, basic sense of morality. I'm not sure term limits are the answer, but it is a problem nonetheless.



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