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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nancy Pelosi call your Plastic Surgeon-ASAP!

Last night during Obama’s Address to Congress, I was fearful Pelosi’s smile was surgically enhanced to stay that way-FOREVER. I don’t think I EVER saw her smile as much as I did last night. She’s always reminded me of the Cheshire Cat, especially when she wears purple, and she wears purple a lot. That grin of hers just keeps giving. I wonder: when she left the Chamber, was her smile still hanging around her throne chair. She needs to call her Plastic Surgeon and have an immediate check up. What if that awful Cheshire grin is permanent and every time we see her she’s got that “cat that ate the canary” grin? I realize she’s ecstatic because her Pork Package has been passed into law and now she has a new Puppet President; but she could try some measure of decorum. She's the Speaker of the House for crying out loud. Oh my, I’m asking a Democrat to understand the meaning of respectability. Now I sound nuts. Forgive me, dear readers, I watched Obama’s speech, I guess I haven’t fully recovered.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama’s Weekly Radio Address to Justify Socialism

Obama gave his weekly radio address Saturday. He bragged about how he and Congress signed “the most sweeping economic recovery plan in history.” Sweeping is absolutely correct. He’s going to sweep small businesses into non existence and the American working class right into the unemployment line.

Obama practically bragged that because of what “they did”, companies, large and small can now apply for tax credits and FIND ways to grow, instead of laying people off. I’d like to know how companies are going to FIND these so-called tax credits to help them NOT lay off workers when Obama now intends to RAISE taxes on businesses so that he can cut the deficit. A deficit that he just added a trillion dollars to and is going to add about another trillion by bailing out banks with bad mortgages. He also said because of what “they did” families can now afford to weatherize their homes and millions can send their children to college; because it’s more affordable this week than it was last week.

I have to try to wrap my mind around that. Just last week those families had no money. Heck, millions of families had their kid’s college tuitions tied up in the stock market, which by the way is going to take a major hit with this news. The wealthy and the businesses aren’t going to take Obama’s announcement of higher taxes for THEM sitting down. And who can blame them? So, exactly how are average families going to afford college this week? How is it all of a sudden affordable this week as opposed to last week? How is it magically affordable for millions of families to weatherize their homes? Even with hundreds of millions of dollars from this so-called stimulus bill, the average working class isn’t going to see one penny to “weatherize” their homes. Many aren’t working therefore CAN'T afford to weatherize their homes, apply for a new mortgage or take advantage of the credits offered to purchase a new automobile, let alone send their kids to college. However, there is something in this Socialist Spending Spree for minorities. This package includes all kinds of goodies for those that don’t want to work, can’t afford mortgages and want entitlements.

Oh wait, I stand corrected! Because of what “they did” 95% of all working families, and keep in mind there is a 7.5% and rising unemployment rate, will get a tax cut of… wait are you ready…$65 a month! Yep, that’s right folks. Don’t you run out to the mall all together now, it could cause a traffic jam. Obama ORDERED the treasury department to reduce the amount of taxes withheld from paychecks beginning April 1st. Boy is that an April Fool’s joke if I ever heard one. And the joke’s on us. Obama boasted, “Never before in our history has a tax cut taken effect faster or gone to so many hardworking Americans.” Of course it’s fast, because it’s so gosh darn small and how damn hard is it to tell companies that do payroll to change their tax rate? Not hard; it’s all done by a computer program.

This is just phase one of Obama’s big plan. Phase 2- coming to a neighborhood near you is the “Stabilizing and Repairing our Banking System” Program. Obama wants to get credit flowing again to families and businesses. DUH. It doesn’t takes a rocket scientist to know that this has been the problem all along. This was supposed to have happened with the first bailout last year. I’d still like to know what happened to THAT money! Why hasn’t Obama or anyone in Congress tried to find THAT paper trail? And Obama has the audacity to speak about “fiscal discipline.” What fiscal discipline? He just spent a trillion dollars and is in process of spending another trillion on bailing out banks who lent to deadbeats. Does that sound like a fiscally responsible person to you? But hey, let’s just give these banks another trillion dollars because the first $700 million wasn’t enough and heck, we have no idea where it went anyway. After all, it’s only money…

Obama went on to say, “We can’t solve our housing crisis unless we help people find work so that they can make payments on their homes. We can’t produce shared prosperity without firm rules of the road, and we can’t generate sustained growth without getting our deficits under control.”

Since when does government help FIND work for its citizens? Since when does government produce prosperity? Since when does a Capitalistic government share prosperity? These are issues that the people of American do, and they do it quite well WHEN GOVERNMENT STAYS THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY. Obama wants TOTAL government involvement. He wants to be the Puppet Master and We the People his puppets. He’s pulling the strings to Socialism. It’s time we cut those strings. It’s time we pulled OUR country back from Obama and his Socialistic ideals and Marxist views. We the People are being violated and We the People need to stop this before it’s too late.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tax Rebates to the Rescue!

According to the new Socialist Spending Spree, single Americans are going to receive a $400 rebate check and married couples will receive a rebate of $800. Now that’s motivation to go shopping! If you are one of the lucky millions to get one of these whopping checks, what are you going to spend it on? Let’s see, what would I spend it on? Ah, try, NOTHING! With the current economic crisis and things not looking any brighter on the horizon, I think I’ll just put it in a box under my bed. No telling if I’ll need it down the road…you know, to buy FOOD! I’d wager there are going to be millions like me that will do the same thing, except for the box under the bed. Out of the last rebate checks Americans received, 38% stimulated the economy and 62% either put it into savings or used it to pay down debt. And those checks were more than the ones we’re going to be receiving now. What makes the Geniuses on the Left think it’ll work this time?

More good news, however, not only are we going to get whopping rebate checks, but we’re going to receive an extra $13 a week in our pay checks! Now that’s something to celebrate. What can you spend $13 a week on? Let’s see, I have a family of 4. I could save for 2 weeks and go to Burger King or Wendy’s, even though I hate fast food. Maybe if I save for 4 weeks until have $52 I can go to Eat ’n Park. I mean come on. This is such a joke. If it wasn’t such a dire situation I would be laughing. Who’s going to notice $13 a week? If they want to stimulate the economy and get us Americans spending they need to either send us some CASH we can sink our hands into or cut our payroll taxes so that it really counts. They also need to ensure, which is impossible, that people aren’t losing their jobs left and right. No one is going to spend one red cent if they think they might lose their job, regardless of how much money you send them….unless they’re stupid. And therein lies the problem-The Left.

The Left IS stupid enough to send out tiny rebate checks that WON’T stimulate anything. They ARE stupid enough to cut taxes low enough so that we won’t even notice. They’ll do this while spending a TRILLION dollars on a spending package that no one had enough time to read and no one knows what’s in the fine print.

The Left, our Geniuses on Capital Hill that want to spend OUR money on entitlement programs that will grow bigger government and unemployment lines while shrinking OUR pocket books.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Obama’s Socialistic Spending Spree

What’s the speedy-quick hurry to sign the largest Governmental spending package in the history of our Nation? Why couldn’t our Congress and Senate have the proper time to read this thousand page, 800 trillion dollar spending spree? Why did taxpayers foot the tab to fly Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown back to Washington from his mother’s funeral to sign this bill? And most importantly, why did all this happen 3 ½ weeks after Obama took the Oath of Office?

My guess is this so-called stimulus bill isn’t a stimulus bill at all, as Obama and Pelosi would like us to believe; but an avenue to transform our Capitalistic Country into a Socialistic one using our current economic crisis as a foot stool.

When a President uses phrases such as:

“Only Government can fix what ails us.”
“Only Government can preserve jobs.”

“Government is the only solution.”
And “I’ve won.” As he told House Republicans after listening to and ignoring their concerns regarding the stimulus plan; you have a President that’s more concerned with power than with the very people he’s supposed to represent and protect.

When a President says he’s going to “Use this crisis to transform our country” there is reason to be very, very frightened. Because he means transformation from freedom to chains.

Obama said, referring to the spending bill, “It's not just another public works program.” and “That's why the overwhelming majority of the jobs created will be in the private sector.” Pelosi said, “This package can be summed up in one word. Jobs.”

I’d like to sum up one item in this Pelosi Pork Package. You be the judge as to whether the overwhelming majority of the jobs created will be in the private sector and if it will create JOBS.

Take a look at the Department of Energy for 18.5 billion dollars:

2 billion dollars are for expenses to develop technologies; 500 million dollars are for expenses to implement the program; 1 billion dollars are for grants to Institutional Entities for sustainability and efficiency; 6.2 billion dollars are for weatherization assistance programs; 3.5 billion dollars are for energy efficiency and conservation block grants for implementation of the program; 3.4 billion dollars are for state energy programs authorized under the energy policy & conservation act; 200 million dollars are for the expenses necessary to implement the programs under section 124; 300 million dollars are for expenses under section 124 of the energy policy act of 2005; 400 million dollars are for expenses under section 721; and 1 billion dollars are for expenses under section 135(b)(B)(1).

Out of that 18.5 billion dollars, 4.4 billion dollars are for EXPENSES! Where in this bill is the opportunity for private sector jobs? Especially when the bill specifically states:

Secretary of Energy may, upon determination that there is a severe shortage of candidates or a critical hiring need for particular positions, recruit and directly appoint highly qualified individuals into the competitive service.

So, if I’m reading this correctly, people will get jobs IF the Secretary of Energy DETERMINES there is a shortage of people at the Department of Energy. Once the Secretary of Energy determines there is a shortage, the Secretary of Energy then has the ability to RECRUIT or DIRECTLY APPOINT HIGHLY QUALIFIED individuals for this competitive service. How many people in the private sector are HIGHLY QUALIFIED to work at the Department of Energy?

That little paragraph puts a huge wrench into Obama and Pelosi’s private sector job creation program, don’t you think? What other paragraphs are hidden within this enormous bill that allow Secretaries, Senators, Inspector Generals and other people, who owe this administration an arm and a leg, the power to APPOINT whomever THEY deem necessary and overlook the private sector altogether? It’s no wonder Obama, Pelosi and their comrades want it signed, sealed and delivered by President’s Day.

Once this Socialistic Shackle Plan is signed, there’s no going back. We the People are stuck with the spending, the interest and the largest government in American History. The Left was in an uproar over the PATRIOT Act. But this government intervention is A-OK, right? Not a peep from the Left on this gigantic government encroachment.

Obama preached Change. Well we’re getting it! Get ready for the government to be next to you at your dinner table, holding your kid’s hand at school, sitting with you and your doctor and lying next to you in bed at night. And it’s all coming with one big Trillion Dollar Price Tag.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Obama Stimulus Plan is Shackles in Disguise

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is a fancy name for Obama and the Democrats’ laundry list of social entitlements. This bill is filled with so many liberal agendas hidden in over 700 pages of complex autocratic words, it’s no wonder the average American doesn’t know how dangerous it is. I’d be surprised if even half of Congress and the Senate really understand it. There is NO WAY this bill was recently written. Pelosi and her comrades had these social items written a long time ago and she was just waiting until she could ram them down our throats.

If you read the condensed version, written by the House Appropriations Committee, it doesn’t sound so bad. A list of departments and what they’ll cost. To the untrained eye, and well… brain, it looks like it could stimulate…something. But that something sure as heck isn’t the economy.

There’s 1 billion dollars for the Bureau of the Census. There's also 890 million for the Social Security Administration. What’s the problem with the two of those? Three million dollars from the SSA is designated to fund a Census to report on the impact of past and future minimum wage increases in American Somoa and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Besides not needing a billion dollars in censuses in an economic crisis, does anyone besides me see a problem with taking 3 million dollars from SSA to fund a census?

I’m also a bit curious as to why it matters what the impact of minimum wage is on 2 Pacific Ocean Islands whose gross populations equal less than 150K? We’re going to waste 3 million dollars to see how minimum wage affects theses islands WHY? One Island only has a land area of 77 sq miles. It’s not like we’re going to build a bunch of island businesses and send tens of thousand of Americans there for jobs!

That’s just ONE small tidbit hidden in this Debit Package that Obama wants to sink us with. It’s debt that our great-grandchildren will be paying for. This PELOSI PORK PACKAGE will NOT create jobs in the private sector, it will NOT spur the economy and it will NOT stimulate anything except more government, more entitlement programs and eventually higher taxes, interest rates and inflation.

Obama said he inherited a trillion dollar defecit. What’s his cure? Increase it by another trillion. Then allow Turbo Tim to increase it by another trillion or two. These clowns are out of hand. We The People need to get OUR Country back from these CROOKS. They are stealing our children and grand-children’s futures. Obama’s mind-set that “Government is the only solution” has to be stopped. With an attitude like that we are in for more spending and a government so large we’ll be shackled to them forever. Obama, Pelosi and their team of Left-Winged-Wack-Jobs are using this Debt Package to enslave us and future generations of Americans for years to come.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Al Gore tells Children their Parents are Stupid

Al Gore, the father of the internet and one-time future President, who basically fell off the deep end, told 3,ooo 12 yr olds that they shouldn’t listen to their parents.

On January 19th, Gore told impressionable youngsters at the University of Maryland Youth Inaugural Conference that it was up to them to question their parents; because there are some things that they know that older people don’t.

“But I’m thinking back a long way to when I was your age and the civil rights revolution was unfolding,” Gore said. “And we kids asked our parents and their generation, ‘Explain to me again why it’s OK for the law to officially discriminate against people because of their skin color?’ And parent’s try to tell their kids the right thing, you know? Usually, I do. And when our parent’s generation couldn’t answer that question, that’s when the law started to change.”

Okay, so let me get this straight. According to Gore’s statement above, the Civil Rights Revolution was made possible because my parent’s generation couldn’t answer why blacks didn’t have the same rights as whites; so the law just changed all by itself.

Listen up, Al. There were plenty of PEOPLE that could and did answer the question as to why there was reprehensible discrimination. Those very PEOPLE fought for what’s called an Amendment and that very Amendment is now in what’s called our Constitution. Therefore, Al, the law didn’t perform magical tricks and transform itself. American People, ADULTS, made it happen. ADULTS were and are more intelligent than school aged children.

Al Gore went on to tell these children that they should question their parents; because we are in a period of rapid change and parents have old assumptions that are obsolete. He said there is new knowledge out there and it’s more widely available to young people who are in school and aren’t weighed down by the old flawed theories of their parents.

In a nutshell, Gore told these children that their parents are stupid and outdated and that their opinions and beliefs are wrong! He told these kids that they are the only ones that can access new information because schools are the only places that have all this new knowledge. Wow, I had no idea-probably because I’m just a stupid, outdated, flawed parent. Guess I better chuck my computer, internet, cancel cable, quit reading and just ask my kids what’s going on in the world!

Gore should be brought up on criminal charges. He has no right or authority indoctrinating our youth. He has absolutely no right and again, no authority, telling our children not to listen to their parents. It’s child abuse telling children that their parents are stupid and that their ideas, opinions and beliefs are wrong. Al Gore is a menace to society and if anything is a threat to our global atmosphere it’s him.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Blogroll Amnesty Day

February 3rd is a holiday for bloggers! It’s a day when larger blogs can acknowledge smaller blogs and link to them. Boy, do I like the sound of that! I’ve been blogging for over a year and I’m still on that long hike up Blogger Hill for traffic, linkies and followers. So, this holiday is just stupendous to me. Big Kudos to Jon Swift, Blue Gal and Skippy the Bush Kangaroo! But especially Jon. He holds a special place in my blog. When I first started out he was the first one to blogroll and link me. What a great guy. And his blog is really terrific. For the last 3 years he’s been a finalist in the Weblog Awards. Next year is yours, Jon!

Back to Amnesty Day. The rules are easy. All you have to do is link to 5 blogs that have less traffic than yours or write about blogs you really like. Also mention how you link or blogroll. See, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Mine is really easy, because almost all of my blogrollers have more traffic than me! As far as how I link or blogroll that’s easy, too. If you link to me, I will link to you. If you follow me, I will follow you. If you comment on my blog, then I’ll comment on your blog. This works well for me because it fits in with my life theme of “doing unto others” and the karma rule of “what you give out comes back to you”.

Without further delay here are a few blogs that I would like to mention:

Ray at Concerned Citizens for a Conservative California is a blogger interested in spreading the conservative word to Californians. He believes that liberalism has all but destroyed California and wants to inform Americans about politics. His blog does a good job of meeting his goal.

Walt’s World is a conservative blog that deals with topics that concern all Americans. Walt is, in his own words, opinionated, but rightly so. Check out his blog, it’s a good read.

Pat J Knows it All is a blog that covers everything from politics to games. Pat is a funny guy and you even get advice from Mrs. P, his wife. I’ve received a lot of chuckles from this blog and highly recommend it as a good read and a lot of fun.

Musings from the Elephant Man is another political blog that is a great read. On Tuesdays he writes about Democracy and they’re titled “Tuesday Night Insights on Democracy” and they’re very insightful as well as informative.

The Local Malcontent, who insists he isn’t malcontent, except to the overwhelming Liberal-Democrats that occupy his state of Oklahoma. His blog is political and very informative.

There are more great bloggers on my roll. Just click them for some super reads.

Happy Amnesty Day!

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