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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tax Rebates to the Rescue!

According to the new Socialist Spending Spree, single Americans are going to receive a $400 rebate check and married couples will receive a rebate of $800. Now that’s motivation to go shopping! If you are one of the lucky millions to get one of these whopping checks, what are you going to spend it on? Let’s see, what would I spend it on? Ah, try, NOTHING! With the current economic crisis and things not looking any brighter on the horizon, I think I’ll just put it in a box under my bed. No telling if I’ll need it down the road…you know, to buy FOOD! I’d wager there are going to be millions like me that will do the same thing, except for the box under the bed. Out of the last rebate checks Americans received, 38% stimulated the economy and 62% either put it into savings or used it to pay down debt. And those checks were more than the ones we’re going to be receiving now. What makes the Geniuses on the Left think it’ll work this time?

More good news, however, not only are we going to get whopping rebate checks, but we’re going to receive an extra $13 a week in our pay checks! Now that’s something to celebrate. What can you spend $13 a week on? Let’s see, I have a family of 4. I could save for 2 weeks and go to Burger King or Wendy’s, even though I hate fast food. Maybe if I save for 4 weeks until have $52 I can go to Eat ’n Park. I mean come on. This is such a joke. If it wasn’t such a dire situation I would be laughing. Who’s going to notice $13 a week? If they want to stimulate the economy and get us Americans spending they need to either send us some CASH we can sink our hands into or cut our payroll taxes so that it really counts. They also need to ensure, which is impossible, that people aren’t losing their jobs left and right. No one is going to spend one red cent if they think they might lose their job, regardless of how much money you send them….unless they’re stupid. And therein lies the problem-The Left.

The Left IS stupid enough to send out tiny rebate checks that WON’T stimulate anything. They ARE stupid enough to cut taxes low enough so that we won’t even notice. They’ll do this while spending a TRILLION dollars on a spending package that no one had enough time to read and no one knows what’s in the fine print.

The Left, our Geniuses on Capital Hill that want to spend OUR money on entitlement programs that will grow bigger government and unemployment lines while shrinking OUR pocket books.


  1. this really is THE BIG LIE!!..GREAT post girl:)

  2. are you suggesting this a is pacifier to us tax paying folk for all that they intend to "burden" us with pammy?!!... but i will say if you don't want yours i will take it... i AIN'T proud.. he he!!

  3. We should all just turn out lights, say good-bye and pray as America slips into the socialist crapper. It is either that or an armed uprising, but the people don't have the stomach for that, so it's the crapper.

  4. $800 bucks ain't what it used to be, that's for sure. But I guess, to welfare recipients, it looms as a giant windfall, so let's all go to Pizza Hut~!

    You didn't mention that next year, 2010, the weekly (avg.) $13 dollars per week Socialist Tax Break-increase, FALLS TO ONLY $8.00 per week.
    Afterall, they ARE Democrats.... right?

  5. I will use my gummit check to buy ammo.

  6. Hi Pam,

    Well, $56 a month is two big bottles of not so fine Scotch which is tempting, but our stimulating payments will probably go to buy diesel fuel to keep the tractor running. Of course, almost half of the price for diesel is Federal tax, which is funny in a way. On the other hand, if I can talk my wife into it maybe I'll buy silver dimes to bury in the back yard as a hedge against the inflation we're about to experience.

    the Grit


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