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Monday, May 23, 2016

The Transgender Bathroom Debate

I’ve been mulling over this new transgender bathroom law. I’m not a bigot nor am I afraid of the LGBT community. I’m an advocate of gay-marriage believing all people should be treated fairly and equally. I just don’t think permitting anyone in any bathroom, locker room or shower, regardless of the sex they were born, benefits our children.

My fear is a pedophile or some other type of unsavory person will use this law to try to hurt the most vulnerable in our society. The predators won’t even have to work or try (they don’t even have to disguise themselves) to commit a crime.  For example, a man with a bad plan on his mind can walk into a restroom, locker room or shower and there is no one to stop him—he will have every right to be there—and he could hurt someone.

I do realize our transgender population is less than one percent and we have an obligation to protect and help the minority. But what of the bad situations that could arise, not at the hands of the transgender community, but from the bad seeds in our society?

Again, it is not my fear that a transgender is going to commit a crime. I truly don’t have a problem sharing a bathroom with them. I have probably been in a restroom at one time or another with someone LGBT. And that’s fine.

But is it really a myth that a sexual predator will take advantage of this new law? I would say right now, we don’t know for sure.

What is your opinion on this?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Donald vs. Hil-liar-y

In watching the race to the White House the past few months, I believe the candidates for presidency will be Hil-liar-y Clinton and Donald Trump.
I predict Trump will win.
The Donald isn’t a politician and that’s what makes him the most appealing to so many angry Americans. It doesn’t matter that he supported Democrats in the past. It doesn’t matter that he filed bankruptcy a few times or that he outsources to China, Japan, Honduras and Brazil. It doesn’t matter that he’s been married three times and had an affair on Ivana, his first wife. It doesn’t even make a difference that he’s rude and obnoxious and English appears to be his second language.
The only thing that matters is he’s tapped into millions of ticked off Americans’ emotions.
I also believe that not having the establishment and GOP rallying behind Trump is an advantage. It just reinforces he’s not a politician.
And that’s going to win him the presidency.

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