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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Donald vs. Hil-liar-y

In watching the race to the White House the past few months, I believe the candidates for presidency will be Hil-liar-y Clinton and Donald Trump.
I predict Trump will win.
The Donald isn’t a politician and that’s what makes him the most appealing to so many angry Americans. It doesn’t matter that he supported Democrats in the past. It doesn’t matter that he filed bankruptcy a few times or that he outsources to China, Japan, Honduras and Brazil. It doesn’t matter that he’s been married three times and had an affair on Ivana, his first wife. It doesn’t even make a difference that he’s rude and obnoxious and English appears to be his second language.
The only thing that matters is he’s tapped into millions of ticked off Americans’ emotions.
I also believe that not having the establishment and GOP rallying behind Trump is an advantage. It just reinforces he’s not a politician.
And that’s going to win him the presidency.


  1. I predict crooked Donald will lose and that honest Hillary will be our next president. According to Trump's own aide his run for the presidency is "the ultimate reality show". Meaning he's acting! Or, telling the rubes what they want to hear. Will some voters fall in line because they feel they have no choice? Probably. Are there a LOT of incredibly dumb people (sorry, but that's my opinion) who are buying his act? YES. Is it enough to win the presidency? I seriously doubt it. Even with all the Republican cheating I can't imagine that there will be enough people willing to hold their noses just so Hillary doesn't get in. The election might be close, but I'd be very surprised if it is VERY close. Hillary should win handily.

  2. Dervish, I thought from the beginning that Trump was doing this just to see if he could. Then his campaign caught on and he got a lot of momentum and now he's really in. It's all so crazy. I don't think people are dumb. I truly believe they are angry. I know a lot of very intelligent people who are going to vote for him. A couple said they want Trump to implode politics as usual. And quite frankly, I hope he does too, we need some serious changes on The Hill.
    As far as Hil-liar-y being honest. Well, I have to respectfully disagree. She's just as crooked and even more of a liar. After all, she learned from the best liar in our history, her husband. The perjurer himself.
    Truth be told, I'd rather have Sanders than Hil-liar-y. At least he's honest and stands by his convictions. She goes with the wind--like most politicians.

  3. Trump himself acknowledged that dumb voters make up a significant portion of his base when he said "I love the poorly educated". As for the intelligent voters you speak of - they are politically stupid, IMO. I'm mad too, but I'm mad at the Republican congress for obstructing Obama. Instead of working with the twice elected Obama for the good of the nation, evil Republicans decided to punish the nation in the hopes that Obama would be blamed. Clearly it worked and the intelligent and dumb alike were fooled (low information voters and racists). I believe the imploding you speak of WILL occur if Donald Trump is elected, but it won't take the form these voters think it will. A Trump presidency will do the opposite of making America great again. A Trump presidency will HARM America greatly for generations. Our economy will suffer; our standing in the world will suffer (other nations will be astounded that America elected a reality show buffoon/racist/misogynist instead of a highly qualified/experienced individual).

    As for Bill Clinton, he lied about cheating on his wife, as ANY man in such a situation likely would. Remember that infidelity was ALL the Republican Congress could nail him on. This after spending millions investigating every aspect of the Clinton's lives. That this was the best they could do tell me that both Clintons have got to be quite honest. If they had lied or were "crooked" Republicans would have dug it up already and there would be no way Hillary could be running for POTUS. BTW, given the title of your post I was expecting some of Hillary's "lies" to be referenced, but it turned out I was wrong. I don't know what you think Hillary lied about.

    We can agree about Bernie Sanders, at least. I voted for him in the TN primary (although Hillary won on the Democratic side in my state). Bernie would be the best change agent, IMO. Change for the better, that is. As for Hillary going with the wind... I agree that the wind is blowing in a Progressive direction (Hillary being pushed in a more Progressive direction due to Bernie being in the race and seriously challenging her). One of the main reasons I predict Hillary will be our next president is that so many were willing to vote for a democratic socialist.

    Like I said in my previous comment, I will be SHOCKED if Trump gets in. Remember that the winner needs a certain percentage of the minority vote to win, and Trump (what with his minority-offending-centric campaign) isn't going to do better than the losing Romney in this regard. I just don't see how he can get the votes he needs to win (demographically speaking). IMO it will require turning out the White vote (which will be problematic, given the fact that I see Trump losing some Republican votes. People who just can't stomach voting for him. There would not be talk of Conservatives running an independent challenger if they were confident he could lock up the White Conservative vote) and MASSIVE cheating for Trump to become our next president.

    1. As a Conservative, I’m glad the Republicans have obstructed Obama. I don’t support what he has rammed down our throats, one being the ACA. He has usurped Congress and been extremely generous with his executive pen. And I don’t have to like it even if he did win the presidency with a high margin.

      I can’t foresee what a Trump presidency will do to the country. I believe another 4 or 8 years of continued Obama policies will harm our country further.

      Just because Hil-liar-y has been in politics (Governor’s wife, FLOTUS and a Senator) doesn’t mean she’s “qualified”. I beg to differ on her experience and whether it's actually good.

      When Bill Clinton’s infidelity came out, I was on HIS side. I said way back then, it was no one’s friggin business—it was between him and his wife. And I also said of course he lied, he’s a human first. UNTIL he gave his oath TO TELL THE TRUTH, and HE LIED. Then I went ape. He perjured himself and brought disgrace to the office of the President and dishonored our country. THAT’S why I can’t stand him. Regardless of how the Republicans went after him—HE LIED UNDER OATH. THAT, imo, is unforgivable.

      Many good points, Dervish, on why Trump won’t win. But I’m still going to stick with my prediction. I’m not happy about him, but as I said, I would rather have him than Hil-liar-y.

      So, all we can do is wait until November.

  4. If you don't feel happy about voting for Trump, why vote?
    Do you have any convictions, or is your party line Kool-Aid vote more important than country.
    There are many candidates to choose from besides Trump/Clinton.
    Why start up your political blog again after 4 years, if you are so disappointed in the choices for the election?
    You don't sound like you have mother skills, if you think it's OK to let angry, temper tantrum, children rule such an important decision.
    You don't sound like the type that goes along with potty mouth brats being in charge of the free world, but I'm wrong, because you just said you did.
    So you think it's just fine for your president to say women are on the rag because they asked a legitimate question? It's OK with you to ban all people of one religion, in the USA? It's OK with you that your candidate calls Mexican immigrants crooks and rapists?
    You haven't stated one thing HRC lied about, but Trump in on record (video) contradicting (Lying) himself constantly.
    It's that kind of low level of intelligence and supporting scum bags that have us in this mess.
    Your judgement is Bill lying about a BJ is worse than Bush lying about WMD's and starting a war that cost almost 5,000 American soldiers lives and 10's of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives.
    You need to do a little soul searching.
    Maybe you should not vote at all.

  5. You are welcome. Always want to help the confused figure things out.

  6. TOM: There are many candidates to choose from besides Trump/Clinton.

    Not if you want to vote for someone who actually has a chance of winning. In any case, funny that TOM is still capable of composing a cogent comment. I definitely agree with the part where he talks about the absuridty of the belief of some that "Bill lying about a BJ is worse than Bush lying about WMDs". Yet on my blog the only thing he can talk about is his homophobia (which he inserts into almost every comment he submits, forcing me to moderate just to screen out his hate).

  7. You have the wrong Tom pal, but thanks for posting your hate. I will know how to deal with you from know on.

    1. Of course you claim you're a different TOM. Just like the TOM who trolls my blog claimed he wasn't the same TOM who created the blog Stay A While. This despite the fact that the blogger ID #s match in all cases (02464117691722213136). I usually try to help the confused figure things out... but clearly TOM is a lost cause.

    2. Dervish, I welcome you and your comments on my blog but only if you stay on topic.
      To bring up how another acts on your blog is off-topic. Please follow my blogging rules and policies posted above.
      Thank you.

  8. Typical for a right wing blog, people attacking strangers.

    1. Tom, there are a lot of "Right" blogs which spew hate and disrespect. Mine is not one of them. You're being new, perhaps read my blogging policy and rules to get a better idea of how I conduct myself and my blog.
      Thank you.

  9. Pam said to Dervish,

    "To bring up how another acts on your blog is off-topic."

    First of all, I am not the TOM Dervish seems to have problems with and he is lying. I've read Dervishes blog, He has multiple blogs. Three of which are directed to three individuals that he attacks regularly. Seems that is his MO.

    Second, I guess your policies allow for some stranger to call people names like homophobic. Disgusting.

    Third, Dervish started the garbage. My response to you, even if you disagree with it, was not meant as an attack, or insult and I did not call anyone names. Just my thinking about what you wrote.

    If you don't want differing opinions, I suggest you make your comment section "invited readers only" otherwise it's being read worldwide and you should expect all sorts of opinions on what you write.

    Dervishes comments to me were off topic to begin with and were not a response to anything I said about him. If you follow your own policies, you should have deleted his name calling, insulting remarks right away.

    1. Tom, I didn't say you were the Tom Dervish spoke of (sorry it was mistaken as such). I only stated to him that he was off-topic by mentioning another blog (or at least that's what I meant to say).
      You are correct, your response to me was not an attack or insulting, it was your opinion and I thanked you for it.
      But just for the record, there was a Tom who was very rude to a lot of bloggers, both Left and Right. I'm sorry you were mistaken for him.

    2. Pamela, compare the Blogger ID numbers. This is the same TOM that was very rude to a lot of bloggers (so obviously you know who he is). In any case, I told him I agreed with much of what he wrote in his comment, as I have in the past (told him that I agree with him). So I don't know why he trolls my blog. No names were called, only an accurate description of what he writes (see linked to comment). BTW, TOM, I also agree with you that homophobia is disgusting.

    3. Dervish, I don't have time to compare blogger ID's. I can only go from what this Tom is saying. I will take him at his word.
      Please don't mention again about how other bloggers act on other blogs. I'm really not interested. As long as everyone "plays nice" here, I'm good. :)

  10. I checked out this Tom blog that Dervish left a link to. I will investigate. From first reading it seems Tom had his blog attacked. It will be interesting to see where the links go. Tom has a lot of posts and I will check all links to see what's going on.
    I don't have a blog yet. I intend to start one because this is a presidential election year. From the blogs I've read (both left and right) most are insult blogs, but Dervish is the only blog (so far) that has multiple blogs attacking multiple individuals. I ran in to this TOM problem at "Daddy's" right wing blog. A blog full of total attacks, bad language and worse, which seems to be the norm after reading about 25 blogs. My blog will not be that way and I will make sure through moderation, or just stop the blog.

    1. But I see you posted his comment again accusing me of a falsehood. I'm beginning to understand.

    2. Tom, I don't have comment moderation. All comments are posted as soon as you hit "publish".
      Yes, there are a lot of blogs out there that just bash and are full of hate. Mine isn't one.
      This Tom that Dervish refers to had a blog called "Stay A While". He posted a lot of interesting posts, about science and nature, etc., then all the sudden his posts got extremely rude. But if his blog was hacked, that would explain a lot. Tom was one of my first followers, way back when, and he was a nice guy. I haven't heard from him in a long time.

  11. You can choose comment moderation, invited readers only, or no comments allowed at all - just information.
    I did a lot of reading last night and traced a lot of links.
    We should just drop it, because you would not like my opinion of what I read. Tom wrote about what you call his "sudden change". I would side with Tom from what I read.
    Seems Tom had a major attack on his blog, which if you read his blog blames that on your listed buddy RN and others.
    It also seems faking an ID is easy (I don't have the tech smarts to do it) and RN himself claims he has a faker falsifying his ID.
    I did not run in to any Dervish comments on Tom's blog that showed there was any problem between the two of them, but who knows.
    Seems Tom also had more than one blog, two of them called by the same name, Stay A While. It seems he also had a blog before those, but I could not get a link to it, he must have wiped it clean.
    One Stay A while blog is still accessible, the other is not, or I couldn't get in to it. You can read the link Dervish left for Stay A While, that's where I started my research.
    Seems also, some of his old liberal friends started attacking his blog after he became negative on Obama. Finally, I read on Tom's blog, he said he had brain cancer, that might explain a lot.
    For sure there was a lot of nastiness from everyone I read on his blog and he explained why. Read it, you will find the same I did.
    I would add, that until things got nasty, he had a good blog. Better than I have read in the last two weeks that I have been surfing and checking out blogs.

    1. Yes, Tom was attacked by some bloggers who came to my blog. They were attacking me as well. I actually did some research and found over 100 fake blogs--all aimed at spewing hate to anyone who didn't follow "their" beliefs. I in no way encouraged anyone to attack Tom or anyone else. I don't act that way.
      And yes, there was a time when Tom was in the hospital with a brain tumor. That's when he had his other blog. Many of us, on the left and right, visited his blog. Enjoyed reading it and checking in with him. As I said, he was nice to me and his change in personality could very well have been the brain tumor/medication. I can't even imagine.
      It is easy to set up fake ids. As I said, I tracked over 100 fake ones a few years back. You can see the blog here
      Since you are new here, my motto is: We can disagree with dignity.
      I have never waivered from that since I began blogging.
      Thank you for your time, Tom. I hope you come back.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Back to the topic, of, (Goddess Forbid!) Trump actually becoming the forty-fifth president of the U.S.A.

    You might be right, that somehow Trump's message simply appeals to those who are, presumably righteously, ticked off. I'm going to say right now that I am not one of them.

    I love the country of my birth. I love my country today. My own personal fortune has been built block by block since my birth. I have not been recently displaced by a bad economy or unwise free trade deals. Or even massive lay-offs in my chosen field. I never really have been threatened by big changes in demographics in the last forty-some years that I have been working. Maybe I am lucky. I certainly don't have the skills to start over again. I feel for those who must retrain to develop skills that will see them through the rest of their productive years. I think mostly people have to knuckle down and simply make themselves available to work long hours in the retail and service industries. I have worked for minimum wage. I have worked for less than double the minimum wage for decades. I have been stuck in entry-level jobs for most of my life.

    I don't blame anyone for any of that. I'm pretty happy with where I ended up. My life is as sweet as a Georgia peach.

    I have paid the sunshine tax since before I was old enough to vote. But I don't need a lot of money to be happy.

    My thought is that Trump has tapped into nothing more than what is commonly known as Obama derangement syndrome. He is just using known techniques and dog whistles that gin up feelings of hatred and resentment towards Barack Hussein Obama. Nothing more. Nothing less. He just seems to do it better than anyone else. His blatantly racist, xenophobic, misogynist, isolationist and reactionary comments have only opened up an entire new lexicon of convenient dog whistles for down-ticket conservative, reactionary candidates who want to make America white again.


    1. Flying Junior,
      I must admit, a Trump presidency frightens me. I like that he’s not a politician, but not that he’s a loose cannon. He could very well say one thing now (to get elected) but do the complete opposite if elected. And even if he has every intention of keeping his “promises”, how do we know he can actually implement them? Repealing the ACA is probably impossible at this point. But he’s not telling anyone that. Heck the Republicans aren’t telling anyone that either. They keep touting the “repealing Obamacare” meme hoping the American people against it will believe them. And most do! Makes me nuts.

      And besides feeling nuts, I’m also one of the “ticked off”. The federal government is strangling the middle class and our businesses and it has forced regulations, taxes, and its will down our throats. This hasn’t happened just since President Obama. It’s been going on for decades. Wilson, FDR, Johnson and even GW, did much more harm than good with their imperial presidencies, new deal, great society, and government expansions. I have no problem paying taxes (I pay more in taxes than a lot of people earn in a year). I do have a problem when it’s squandered away, rife with fraud and abuse and spent on things that won’t amount to a hill of beans and does nothing to decrease our national debt. And I’m sick of our reps throwing more and more money at a problem rather than actually sitting down and figuring out why the heck it isn’t working.

      It’s very possible Trump has tapped into those who have ODS. But I can’t believe all Conservatives have that affliction. At least the ones I personally know don’t. They are like me, angry at how our representatives (on both sides) have failed us time again and again.

      Election cycles are interesting to begin with, this one even more so. I’ll just be glad when it’s over and we can hopefully move ahead.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Great to see you blogging again Pamela!

    Trump is running for one reason in my opinion, he hopes to add POTUS to his brand.

    I agree with Dervish HRC will most likely win the general. I do however disagree that HRC is honest. She is merely less dishonest than the narcissistic demagogue Trump.

    1. RN, I said from the beginning that Trump began his campaign just to see if he could do it. Then it took off and now he wants the POTUS feather in his cap.
      Yes, Hil-liar-y is very dishonest. There are very few politicians I actually "trust".
      It's sad that's it's yet another election of the lesser of two evils. When will this country stand up and demand honorable people?


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