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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Disenchanted Generation

I feel regret for Generation Y. No, you don’t need glasses. Those born in the 80’s and 90’s have missed out on a lot and I feel sad for them. Oh, I know they have it all, just look at the technology! Ipods that fit in the palm of your hand that play songs and videos and store addresses, a calendar and appointment reminders. Cell phones have made it possible to contact anyone, anywhere, anytime. The internet has spread instant communication to people all over the world and research for school projects is easier than opening a can with the One Touch Can Opener. However, there’s no intimacy. They communicate TO one another but not WITH one another.

Human interaction has been replaced with gadgets and gizmos and people are wondering why we have more cases of ADD, bipolar, depression, and other psychological disorders than previous generations. Well when you don’t LOL anymore it's no wonder there’s so much depression, our endorphins aren’t being used. These kids have hundreds of television channels to surf 24 hours a day and if they don’t find something entertaining they can access pay-per-view and watch a movie. They don’t know how to use their imaginations or make real friends or play nice…they have Play Station and Xbox and they don’t have to compromise with anyone-just blow them up!

They hang out at the mall on a Friday night with Mom’s Visa and buy whatever strikes their fancy. These kids have no concept of money or how to actually earn it. So, yes, I feel sorry for them. They don’t know what it’s like to have the television screen turn blue at one o’clock in the morning and hear The National Anthem play in the back ground but still be wide awake so you read yourself to sleep. Or when you wanted to see a movie you actually drove to the movie theater, purchased a ticket, popcorn, soda, and candy and called it Family Night. When you wanted a pair of jeans you asked your parents and they gave you a list of chores, besides the ones you already did once a week, to EARN the money because this was above and beyond your allocated school necessities. Or how about when you were bored you rounded up your friends and played It or Freeze Tag in the back yard until it was too dark to see. They missed out on sitting down and actually penning a note to a friend, sealing it in an envelope and walking it to the mailbox then waiting for a reply. There is much truth to the age old saying “Anticipation is sometimes better than the reward”.

Generation Y, the Y denotes yearning, because they’ve been given everything instantaneously which leaves them craving more-NOW. I think a grave injustice has been bestowed upon this generation with instant gratification and that alone has made them obstinate, demanding, indolent, and insensitive. Has my pity been misplaced? I think not.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Childhood Desecration

Kids need child control not birth control!

A middle school in Maine is issuing birth control pills to girls as young as eleven without parental consent. This is totally acceptable to an unbelievable amount of people. According to their way of thinking kids are going to have sex so they might as well be protected against pregnancy. I heard one woman say girls as young as nine should get the pill, but eight was too young because they weren’t menstruating yet. I actually gagged when she admitted she’d allow her daughter to have sex that young.

A man said he’d personally hand his twelve year old daughter the pill if she said, “Daddy, me and Johnny want to have sex and you can’t stop us.” Just because a kid wants something doesn’t mean we, the parents, supply it. If my fourteen year old says he wants to drive-I’m not going to give him the car keys.

I’m the parent and it’s my obligation to ensure my child’s emotional, psychological, and physical well-being. An eleven, twelve or even fifteen year old kid isn’t emotionally or psychologically prepared for sex. In my opinion handing children birth control is promoting prostitution. This is beyond ridiculous…it’s corrupt. If we don’t stop this insanity the schools will be doing sex demonstration classes next, using volunteers from the classroom. And I don’t want to hear anymore of the so-called arguments-They’re going to do it anyway or They’ll go to the mall then leave and get a hotel room…blah, blah. The rationale holds no merit as far as I’m concerned.

It’s my job to keep tabs on my child twenty-four-seven. It’s called parenting. If more parents took their job seriously we wouldn’t be in this mess and kids wouldn’t be running the homes or running amuck, and the schools wouldn’t be buddying up with our children. It’s time we parents took our children back and taught them morals and sex education at home and demanded the school perform its actual duty--teaching the three R’s-Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hillary’s Visionary Blizzard

Short and not so sweet. I’m discussing Hillary Clinton so I can’t possibly be nice; I can barely muster civility. Anyway, her latest brainstorm, after the five-thousand dollar baby bond flop which sounded way too much like privatized social security, is to beguile working mothers and families.

She wants to make it mandatory that employers give every working mother seven paid sick days a year so they can tend to their sick children and paid medical leave, which includes maternity. Now, up until three weeks ago I was a working mom, so for as much as I can relate I just as adamantly disagree. When my children were sick I stayed home and didn’t get paid. It wasn’t my employer’s duty to pay me when my kids were sick and I knew that when I took the job. It’s my responsibility, not an employer’s or the government’s, to be prepared for the unexpected when things can and will go wrong. Where does Hillary or any Government Official get off forcing employers to take on family obligations?

But what really gets me riled is there are women out there stupid enough to vote for Hillary exclusively because of this scheme. Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about working mothers and their sick children. She cares even less for family hardships. She devised a contrivance to lure the gullible amongst us to vote for her, because anyone with an ounce of intelligence wouldn’t allow her with her socialistic ideas and her immoral so-called husband within 100 feet of the White House so they could desecrate it some more.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sticks and Stones

As a kid I can remember being bullied. It made me feel bad and there were times when I had to hold back tears least the bullies see and call me a crybaby. However, I endured, persevered…strengthened even. This was the era of Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me and Takes one to know one and who from my generation could forget I’m rubber you’re glue; what bounces off me sticks to you?

Oh, those phrases, my saving grace at times. I used them like a security blanket and they helped me feel a little better. I flung those sayings at the bullies like balls from a canon to give myself a sense of power, no matter how false or fleeting it may have been. I used those snappy little clichés to try and prove I wasn’t affected by the cruel, harsh words hurled my way, but inside I was angry, embarrassed, dejected and humiliated.

In spite of the cruelness of childhood and the callousness of some children, I prevailed and I believe I grew stronger each and every time someone picked on me. As an adult I don’t get offended at remarks directed at or about me or heard through the numerous media avenues. I walk tall and proud among my peers. My posture is flawless today, having perfected it years ago as a defense mechanism. I don't have to be reminded to hold my head high, my chin up and my shoulders back-- it's quite automatic. When I walk into a room people turn and take notice because my presence demands attention. I'm not stuck up nor do I think I'm better than anyone else. I just know my own self-worth and it's not determined by what people say. It’s not assessed by the color of my skin, my nationality or religion, where I shop, the clothing labels I wear, the square footage of my home, the transportation I use or the balance in my checkbook. One’s sense of worth is determined by one’s inner strength and character. And mine was built years ago when I chose not to let someone’s words define who and what I am.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Female Debacle

I’ve noticed over the years that women, like me, have progressed, but not all evolved in a positive manner. Many believe that getting pregnant before or without marriage and a daddy is totally acceptable. There are numerous web-sites, chat rooms and blog spots exclusively for single unwed mothers. They give and seek support from one another for such issues as child support from dead beat dads, what to do about their ex’s new girlfriend, how to meet a new stud, and where to find a baby sitter so they can go out with said stud.

These women complain and condemn the fathers of their children; ranting on and on about how much they hate him, then in their next breath state how much they love their child. THAT really confuses me. I love the baby we created TOGETHER, but I hate YOU. How can you hate him but love something that is half of him? The mental attitudes of these women dumbfound me. It’s as if they’d rather have men only for pleasure and bank accounts. They might as well come right out and say it. I only want a man for sex and money. That way they can at least claim SOME dignity by being honest.

But they don’t have to face the truth. Our culture has bent the rules so much that it’s socially acceptable to be a single mother raising a few kids all from different fathers; children being raised by grandparents; and children being raised by two sets of step-parents with step and half siblings. We can’t call it “Dad and Me Day” at school anymore. New Politically Correct terms are needed to include many different people like grandfather, uncle or even Mom’s new friend, Bob.

Moms bring many new "friends" in and out of the child’s life which is confusing and emotionally damaging to children. The excuse, and I use that term lightly, these women have for going through boyfriend after boyfriend is the fear of being alone. Can you even believe that one! They have a beautiful child that loves her beyond anything in the world; his primary goal is to please and make her smile; his entire universe revolves around his mommy. And she has the audacity to fear loneliness! More like she’s afraid she’ll SLEEP alone.

Women who are more concerned with their carnal desires than they are for their child’s emotional, physical and psychological well-being make me sick to my stomach. These pathetic, selfish, weak-minded women are a disgrace to the female race and I’m ashamed to be of the same gender. Thankfully there are women, like me, and others in my family and circle of friends, who consider marriage and motherhood sacred. We have quality, integrity and character and hopefully one day we will out-number those females who devalue children, and the family unit will be reinstated and esteemed once again.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Night Owl

It’s after midnight and here I sit in front of my computer. I’m not the least bit tired. Frankly, I just got my second wind. I’m a Night Owl and I like to be up until three in the morning and sleep until about ten the next day. However, being a mom doesn’t leave allowances for what I want…not that I’m complaining. I just wish I could change my internal clock so that I was able to function like a normal person instead of a hamster!

But there is something about the night that intrigues me and even calls to me. I think it’s the serenity of the darkness, the cool, fresh air and the calm sounds of nature. I love to look at the moon and the stars and while watching them twinkle I think of all the things that make me happy…like being up all night!

One day I will be a true Night Owl. I will be awake during the darkness and asleep during the light.

So, I ask you this…When I am sleeping will I be daydreaming?
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