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Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Female Debacle

I’ve noticed over the years that women, like me, have progressed, but not all evolved in a positive manner. Many believe that getting pregnant before or without marriage and a daddy is totally acceptable. There are numerous web-sites, chat rooms and blog spots exclusively for single unwed mothers. They give and seek support from one another for such issues as child support from dead beat dads, what to do about their ex’s new girlfriend, how to meet a new stud, and where to find a baby sitter so they can go out with said stud.

These women complain and condemn the fathers of their children; ranting on and on about how much they hate him, then in their next breath state how much they love their child. THAT really confuses me. I love the baby we created TOGETHER, but I hate YOU. How can you hate him but love something that is half of him? The mental attitudes of these women dumbfound me. It’s as if they’d rather have men only for pleasure and bank accounts. They might as well come right out and say it. I only want a man for sex and money. That way they can at least claim SOME dignity by being honest.

But they don’t have to face the truth. Our culture has bent the rules so much that it’s socially acceptable to be a single mother raising a few kids all from different fathers; children being raised by grandparents; and children being raised by two sets of step-parents with step and half siblings. We can’t call it “Dad and Me Day” at school anymore. New Politically Correct terms are needed to include many different people like grandfather, uncle or even Mom’s new friend, Bob.

Moms bring many new "friends" in and out of the child’s life which is confusing and emotionally damaging to children. The excuse, and I use that term lightly, these women have for going through boyfriend after boyfriend is the fear of being alone. Can you even believe that one! They have a beautiful child that loves her beyond anything in the world; his primary goal is to please and make her smile; his entire universe revolves around his mommy. And she has the audacity to fear loneliness! More like she’s afraid she’ll SLEEP alone.

Women who are more concerned with their carnal desires than they are for their child’s emotional, physical and psychological well-being make me sick to my stomach. These pathetic, selfish, weak-minded women are a disgrace to the female race and I’m ashamed to be of the same gender. Thankfully there are women, like me, and others in my family and circle of friends, who consider marriage and motherhood sacred. We have quality, integrity and character and hopefully one day we will out-number those females who devalue children, and the family unit will be reinstated and esteemed once again.

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