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Friday, October 19, 2007

Hillary’s Visionary Blizzard

Short and not so sweet. I’m discussing Hillary Clinton so I can’t possibly be nice; I can barely muster civility. Anyway, her latest brainstorm, after the five-thousand dollar baby bond flop which sounded way too much like privatized social security, is to beguile working mothers and families.

She wants to make it mandatory that employers give every working mother seven paid sick days a year so they can tend to their sick children and paid medical leave, which includes maternity. Now, up until three weeks ago I was a working mom, so for as much as I can relate I just as adamantly disagree. When my children were sick I stayed home and didn’t get paid. It wasn’t my employer’s duty to pay me when my kids were sick and I knew that when I took the job. It’s my responsibility, not an employer’s or the government’s, to be prepared for the unexpected when things can and will go wrong. Where does Hillary or any Government Official get off forcing employers to take on family obligations?

But what really gets me riled is there are women out there stupid enough to vote for Hillary exclusively because of this scheme. Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about working mothers and their sick children. She cares even less for family hardships. She devised a contrivance to lure the gullible amongst us to vote for her, because anyone with an ounce of intelligence wouldn’t allow her with her socialistic ideas and her immoral so-called husband within 100 feet of the White House so they could desecrate it some more.

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