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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Disenchanted Generation

I feel regret for Generation Y. No, you don’t need glasses. Those born in the 80’s and 90’s have missed out on a lot and I feel sad for them. Oh, I know they have it all, just look at the technology! Ipods that fit in the palm of your hand that play songs and videos and store addresses, a calendar and appointment reminders. Cell phones have made it possible to contact anyone, anywhere, anytime. The internet has spread instant communication to people all over the world and research for school projects is easier than opening a can with the One Touch Can Opener. However, there’s no intimacy. They communicate TO one another but not WITH one another.

Human interaction has been replaced with gadgets and gizmos and people are wondering why we have more cases of ADD, bipolar, depression, and other psychological disorders than previous generations. Well when you don’t LOL anymore it's no wonder there’s so much depression, our endorphins aren’t being used. These kids have hundreds of television channels to surf 24 hours a day and if they don’t find something entertaining they can access pay-per-view and watch a movie. They don’t know how to use their imaginations or make real friends or play nice…they have Play Station and Xbox and they don’t have to compromise with anyone-just blow them up!

They hang out at the mall on a Friday night with Mom’s Visa and buy whatever strikes their fancy. These kids have no concept of money or how to actually earn it. So, yes, I feel sorry for them. They don’t know what it’s like to have the television screen turn blue at one o’clock in the morning and hear The National Anthem play in the back ground but still be wide awake so you read yourself to sleep. Or when you wanted to see a movie you actually drove to the movie theater, purchased a ticket, popcorn, soda, and candy and called it Family Night. When you wanted a pair of jeans you asked your parents and they gave you a list of chores, besides the ones you already did once a week, to EARN the money because this was above and beyond your allocated school necessities. Or how about when you were bored you rounded up your friends and played It or Freeze Tag in the back yard until it was too dark to see. They missed out on sitting down and actually penning a note to a friend, sealing it in an envelope and walking it to the mailbox then waiting for a reply. There is much truth to the age old saying “Anticipation is sometimes better than the reward”.

Generation Y, the Y denotes yearning, because they’ve been given everything instantaneously which leaves them craving more-NOW. I think a grave injustice has been bestowed upon this generation with instant gratification and that alone has made them obstinate, demanding, indolent, and insensitive. Has my pity been misplaced? I think not.

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