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Saturday, October 23, 2010

31 Bogus Blogs Busted

Since I first announced there was unethical blogging activity within our community, thirty-one bogus blogs have shut down. I was recently asked if there was a list of blog names, and since there wasn’t, I prepared one.

This first section is the list of blog names and URL'S that can be viewed because Google was able to capture them at some point and time during what's called a "crawl", but I'm not about to get them to work in a link, so copy and paste the URL into the Google Search box and you'll be able to view the blog. However, you won't be able to "click" anything within the blogs because they've been shut down. And yes, you can "cut and paste" the URL's! That is NOT plagiarism! lol!

A Guy From Brooklyn
An American Who Cares
Enquiring Minds Want to Know
Inquiring Minds Want to Know
Joe's America
Just Keep on Walking
My Right View
Nap Queen
Sandy's Thoughts
Some Guys Thoughts

This next section is just a list of blog names, because you can’t view them the same way as the list above. There is a way you can view some of them, but only a page or two, like A Right American, for example. This might be that the blogs closed before Google did its “crawl”, for example. There are also two other blogs, The Saint and The World According To SarahG, which closed before I had a chance to log their URL. Sleuth may have them listed on a report and I’m sure Sleuth will let us know if that’s the case.

A New York Guy's View
A Republican Girl
A Right American
An American Girl
Chronicles of a Conservative
Conservative News, Opinions & Politics
Cutiepie's World
David Speaks Right
Eric's Eyes
Frank the Thinking Man
I Care About America
Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Matt Rose
The Phantom Man
Things That Piss Me Off
Thru My Eyes
Walt's World
Willie's World of Reason

These thrity-one blogs are BOGUS. They used the same patterns as Grandma ZaZa and Conservative16, except they are older than those two.

I’m also checking another 90+ bogus blogs which have NOT been shut down! Again, the same patterns as the thirty-one already closed and the new ones being set up! It’s just ridiculous. I have no idea why someone is hell bent on plagiarizing other’s work. It’s just SO wrong, to say the least.

I will do my best to keep all of you updated. Just because you don't hear something doesn't mean I'm not doing something! Yikes. It's grueling! But as I said, this isn't a Right/Left issue; it's a RIGHT/WRONG one.

Note: As of 10/26/10 @ 9:53 am EST, I corrected the URL of Enquiring Minds Want To Know; because I originally typed the wrong one by mistake.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Unethical Blogging Update – Part 2

The investigation into unethical blogging activities is still going strong, although the culprit(s) decided to set up a few NEW bogus blogs.

You can read about them here.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Good Luck to Jennifer from Thinking Out Loud

This post is in dedication to Jennifer, who authored the blog, Thinking Out Loud. Jennifer hasn’t blogged in quite a few months, but came back to cybernation to write about the New York Mosque situation. I was excited as I thought it meant she had returned! I was so glad to hear from her again, because I really miss her “voice” and her insight here in our community.

You see, Jennifer and I bonded as soon as we met here in blogland. It was as if we were twins separated at birth. Both of us are Conservatives, but we also have very independent streaks, which didn’t set well with the Republican Pack. In addition, she and I agreed whole-heartedly on internet civility and both of us were welcome on Liberal blogs and Liberals visited ours. Another no-no with the lock-step-cook-cutter-talking-point-blogs.

There have been many issues where I had wished Jennifer’s voice was available. Her witty and insightful writing was always so refreshing. She wasn’t pretentious-- just down-to-earth, genuine, compassionate... and yes, full of fire. But that fire never ignited into ugliness or hatred toward another in our community. She was a rare treasure in the blogging realm.

I decided to check in on her blog today—something I do occasionally, and found she deleted it. I felt very sad at that discovery. I was hoping one day she would come back and “type” amongst us again, so I guess that won’t be happening anytime soon--maybe never. It’s safe to assume that blogging and politics can bring about “burn-out” as I read there are a few other Bloggers who have shut down shop, too. I heard they will be missed by their regulars also.

And I will miss Jennifer. I think a lot of other Bloggers in our community will miss her too.

So if Jennifer meanders onto my blog, this is for her:

I miss you terribly. I think you’re a fine lady and I feel honored to have met and blogged with you. I hope we get a chance to do it again because I think we had a lot of fun, and I consider you to be extremely intelligent with a lot to contribute to any venue. You are a beautiful woman, inside and out. Best wishes, my friend.
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