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Saturday, October 23, 2010

31 Bogus Blogs Busted

Since I first announced there was unethical blogging activity within our community, thirty-one bogus blogs have shut down. I was recently asked if there was a list of blog names, and since there wasn’t, I prepared one.

This first section is the list of blog names and URL'S that can be viewed because Google was able to capture them at some point and time during what's called a "crawl", but I'm not about to get them to work in a link, so copy and paste the URL into the Google Search box and you'll be able to view the blog. However, you won't be able to "click" anything within the blogs because they've been shut down. And yes, you can "cut and paste" the URL's! That is NOT plagiarism! lol!

A Guy From Brooklyn
An American Who Cares
Enquiring Minds Want to Know
Inquiring Minds Want to Know
Joe's America
Just Keep on Walking
My Right View
Nap Queen
Sandy's Thoughts
Some Guys Thoughts

This next section is just a list of blog names, because you can’t view them the same way as the list above. There is a way you can view some of them, but only a page or two, like A Right American, for example. This might be that the blogs closed before Google did its “crawl”, for example. There are also two other blogs, The Saint and The World According To SarahG, which closed before I had a chance to log their URL. Sleuth may have them listed on a report and I’m sure Sleuth will let us know if that’s the case.

A New York Guy's View
A Republican Girl
A Right American
An American Girl
Chronicles of a Conservative
Conservative News, Opinions & Politics
Cutiepie's World
David Speaks Right
Eric's Eyes
Frank the Thinking Man
I Care About America
Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Matt Rose
The Phantom Man
Things That Piss Me Off
Thru My Eyes
Walt's World
Willie's World of Reason

These thrity-one blogs are BOGUS. They used the same patterns as Grandma ZaZa and Conservative16, except they are older than those two.

I’m also checking another 90+ bogus blogs which have NOT been shut down! Again, the same patterns as the thirty-one already closed and the new ones being set up! It’s just ridiculous. I have no idea why someone is hell bent on plagiarizing other’s work. It’s just SO wrong, to say the least.

I will do my best to keep all of you updated. Just because you don't hear something doesn't mean I'm not doing something! Yikes. It's grueling! But as I said, this isn't a Right/Left issue; it's a RIGHT/WRONG one.

Note: As of 10/26/10 @ 9:53 am EST, I corrected the URL of Enquiring Minds Want To Know; because I originally typed the wrong one by mistake.


  1. My premonition tells me that "Wordsmith" is a candidate for the list (unless Wordsmith has morphed into something else).

  2. This angers me beyond their pulling their phoney following from my blog. That means that they/he/she lied to me about a letter being circulated boycotting me.

    Whoever this crazy is, I cordially invite them to visit me at my place where we can have a wall to wall conversation. But, people like this slime their way through trickery and deceit, so I doubt that will ever happen.

    I agree with Octo, Wordsmith is one of them even if you can't prove it, mainly due to the fact that he jumped ship with the lot of them. I also think Right is Right and tha malcontent are phonies, as well.

    Good work, Pam.

  3. Here's a Question for you. Have these Blogs been Shut Down by you Guys, or do they just become Disgusted and Do it on their Own Free Will when they Realize they've been Exposed?

  4. BPB, the angry part of me would very much like to join you in throwing sand back in their faces, but my better angel says we are better off keeping this malignancy out of our lives.

    These bogus blogs sort of remind me of a Grade B Sci-Fi movie where space aliens activate a device that turns goods citizens against good citizens in a frenzy of violence, and our best defense is not to engage them but to make ourselves immune to them.

    When the parasites no longer have a host to feed on, then they are powerless. Thanks to Sleuth, we now know who they are and how they operate.

  5. Octo's correct. The more we feed them, the more they thrive. Now that we know how they operate, we can spot them, therefore we can steer clear. I would suggest not engaging them anymore. If they have no audience who will they appeal to? I would also suggest not clicking any links on their pages, I have been receiving "spam" emails lately which I have never received before. I don't trust this/these bogus blogger(s) as far as I can throw him/her/them(whatever!). Again, be VERY CAREFUL.

  6. Pam,

    Didn't you post somewhere that these blogs have shut themselves down?

    No one has the power--other than Blogger--to shut down a blog, IIRC.

    There is one, however, that remains up and running and it is The Thin Blue Line--the blog that stole the photo identity of a slain Oakland, CA, police officer, and made up a bogus profile about him for the blog.

    That horrible fraud is still running.

  7. Shaw: Yes, I did write that over in Sleuth’s comment section to Sue, I believe. WE can’t shut them down because we aren’t privy to their passwords, etc., and WE would NEVER hack into an account! WE are going through the PROPER channels by notifying Blogger and authors, etc.

    Now if anyone knows more about Blogger’s terms and agreements, please let me know, but from what I’ve read, we’re doing everything properly, even though these bogus blogs are WRONG and hugely FRAUDULENT.

    Yes, The Thin Blue Line is the most vile of all the bogus blogs. I keep checking hoping it’ll be gone. Although I think there may be a way to get it shut down--I'll let you know my plan.

  8. Conservative16 Might Turn Out to be another Die Hard. I'm not sure what to Make of him.

  9. Lista: I refuse to leave comments at his blog because he WANTS attention, even if it’s negative--almost like a child. Look at what he did with that post which has over 30 comments--he moved it up to the top. He is fully aware that plagiarizing is wrong and violating copyright laws is illegal, yet he is practically daring us to do something, almost like we can't, but that's where he's wrong, because there are “things” we can do and trust me, I have started the ball rolling.

    There will be more bogus blogs posted over at Sleuth’s (did you read the newest post?), which will fill in the puzzle even more, plus I just uncovered a major piece this morning. Now I have to decide on how to proceed because it could throw this bogus blog creator over the edge!

  10. Pam, please push him/her over the edge...

    It'll be fun to watch...

  11. Hi Pam, Dave & Everyone Else,
    You Know that I Just Finished Leaving a Comment on Sleuth's Blog, Under the "Bob is Fake at Best" Post, http://bloggingsleuth.blogspot.com/2010/10/bob-is-fake-at-best.html, and was Talking about How I Feel Bad for him and how we are Supposed to Love Our Enemies and Now I'm Reading the Last Two Comments here and here is the Question that Comes to Mind.

    What does this Blogger Need? Does he Just Need Love and Compassion, or does he Need to Hit Bottom? That is Tough Love? I would not Suggest Doing anything Out of Revenge, nor for the Sake of it Being "Fun to Watch", yet if this Guy Needs to Hit Bottom and Pam has the Power to Send him there, Well, I Don't Know. I guess I'll just say Pray about it and see how God Leads.

  12. No doubt "N'Quiring Minds Want to No" is out there somewhere, a rough beast slouching toward Blogistan waiting to be born.


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