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Monday, November 1, 2010

2 Unethical Blogs Go Bust

Today couldn’t have been better had it been my birthday! I just finished checking the bogus blogs to see if any more had shut down and found that the one and only Liberal bogus blog, A Proud Left Winger, was changed to Invite Only. I find that rather coincidental considering I just mentioned that one over in Sleuth’s comment section. Nevertheless, it’s Invite Only, and I’ll be even happier when it’s CLOSED.

Now, here’s the GREAT news! Right is Right is CLOSED! She was known as Heil Helga and tried to cause Left Coast Rebel, Blue Pitbull and me a lot of trouble. She threatened us, called us names and even tried to ban and boycott us. Good thing we never gave in to her demands, because it turned out she was as bogus as all the other bogus blogs!

Sleuth was going to post about Right is Right but I wanted to hold off a bit. Rest assured I have ALL my notes and reports and I WILL hold on to them, along with the emails RIR sent me. I NEVER delete anything. So, if Right is Right rears her ugly head again, I’ll be ready and Sleuth WILL come out full force.

As I mentioned to another Blogger, my intention is NOT revenge, it’s to STOP these bogus blogs. I want the old ones closed and I don’t want any new ones to open. I don't care what the REAL blog owner writes, just as long as it's original material.

Our community shouldn’t be infected with this type of unethical behavior and I would expect anyone of good moral standards to expose this type of conduct. Since I have been supplied with this information, I feel it’s my responsibility to inform everyone and I want to thank all of you for your support and the support of Sleuth.


  1. I was just Wondering if either you or Sleuth have Ever Posted about Malcontent and Just Sue. The Reason I Ask is because, though he does not Appear to have a Blog anymore, he does still Comment on the Blogs.

  2. Also, how do you Prevent New Bogus Blogs from Opening?

  3. And you can add my RiR discussion that I've saved in .txt form where she rants for several hours when I compliment T101.

    Good riddance. And long overdue. Great job, Pam.

  4. As far as I know "the malcontent" is still a blogger.

    I started the work on "Just Sue" and discovered that the person who set up the blog stole the photo from a woman on facebook and made up a bio. The woman's first name was Sue.

    I contacted the woman on facebook and told her that her photo was being used on a blog.

    She was very upset and even went to the "Just Sue" blog and demanded that her photo be taken down.

    Eventually the whole blog was deleted.

  5. The Last Time that I Clicked on Malcontent's Link, he had no Personal Blog Listed. I Checked again just now, though, and it Looks like he has a Blog Up again and it has 108 Followers, or so he Says.

    It's just that if he can't be Trusted, then I'm Tempted to Warn People about him, yet it is easier to Post a Link that Speaks Generally about Bogus Blogs than to Directly Speak Negatively against him on a Post that he has Commented on.

    And then I have to Hope that the Person who I Left the Link for will Read the Particular Comments that Speak of him.

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  8. Do you Know that I Actually Smiled when I Read this and here is what I'm Thinking. If "a Man of Wonder" is someone other than "Malcontent", "Concervative16", or Etc., Etc., Etc., then you should very Easily Pass this very Simple Test.

    The Above Character Usually Reacts Defensively when Confronted so Why don't I just Accuse you of something and Suggest that I don't Believe you when you say you are Someone Other than the Above Mentioned. If you are someone Else, then my Little Test should not Bother you, but if you are not, then you are much more Likely to become Defensive and Throw your Normal Insults at me, so Let's just see which you are going to do.

    If you are one of the Above Named People, let's just see if you can Gain Control Over those Emotions and Prevent Yourself from Expressing the Normal Emotional Reaction that will Reveal to us who you actually are.

    When I Posted my Previous Comment, I was Concerned about someone who I was Afraid might Get Hurt if I did not Warn her about this Guy.

    "Just Sue" is actually the Name of a Victim of Identity Theft, as Shaw Kenawe has Explained.

    Actually Words can and do Hurt at Times. I've never really Accepted that Saying as being a Reflection of the Truth.

  9. In Relation to this Malcontent/Conservative16 Guy, I guess I'll Call him Conservative16, since I do Visit a Blog Regularly that Malcontent likes to also Visit, so I don't Really want to Make him my Enemy.

    Anyway, I have a Tendency to Like Trying to Guess why this guy does what he does. Perhaps that's like you, Manofwonder, if In Fact, that is who you are. I'll give you the Benefit of the Doubt Until I find Evidence to the Contrary.

    Anyway, here's what I'm Thinking now. I Think that Conservative16/Gramazaza/Etc. Behaves in a Way that Causes People to Reject him and then in Order to Continue Interacting with those who have Rejected him, he Changes to a New Identity. That would be a Motive that might make Sense. It's a Chance to Continually Start Over with People without Letting them Know that you are doing so.

    So I'll Tell you what, Manofwonder. If you can Keep your Cool and not React Emotionally when Confronted, I might Actually Visit your Blog and Attempt to Talk to you.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Man Of Honor: Ask yourself this, is it ETHICAL to set up over 100 blogs and have them follow your real blog in order to make it appear that your real blog has more followers and comments? Is it ETHICAL to cut and paste articles and comments and pass them off as your OWN blog posts? Is it ETHICAL to STEAL a REAL person’s identity and pass it off as your OWN? (We did notify the “proper” authorities, by the way, but I can’t explain further as it could impede the investigation).

    I wrote more than this one post about these bogus blogs that you might want to read, and Shaw at Progressive Eruptions posted about these blogs also. Sleuth is posting about each bogus blog individually so that the readers can determine their fate for themselves. I have NOT accused anyone, Malcontent, or otherwise. I do have my suspicions, but I have kept those to myself at this point. It’s not for me to be a judge, jury or executioner. I just feel that since I have this information I should present it to our community, because what is happening is WRONG and since I have always preached about doing the right thing I feel I should practice what I preach! And I do unto others as I would have them do unto me. That’s another meme I practice daily—here on my blog and in my real life. I am NOT a hypocrite, however, the bogus blog owner(s) is/are and I believe these bogus blogs should be exposed.

    As far as this not being a big enough problem, that is obviously YOUR opinion and no one is asking you to sacrifice any of your time. I have decided to take MY time and that is MY choice. But it’s peculiar; you are now the 3rd NEW person who has said it was a waste of time. Conservative16 was the first, and it turned out he was a bogus blog—set up only last month. Then Zooeymama said it over at Sleuth’s blog. Zooeymama doesn’t have a blog but needed a profile to leave a comment over at Sleuth’s, although Zooeymama’s profile isn’t accessible now!

    I also find it coincidental that you are brandy new yourself—as of Oct 31st. How in the world did you find ME out of the MILLIONS of blogs on the net? And you already have 4 followers, not counting yourself (which would be 5). They all began following you on Oct 31st, except for Nickie Goomba who began following you on Nov 3rd. Your 1st post is dated Oct 30th although the RSS Feed says Oct 31st. So when did you REALLY post it? You aren’t altering your posting dates, are you?

    Forgive my skepticism but ever since I found out these blogs were bogus and played me for a fool I decided I would be very wary with newbies and not so trusting as is normally my nature.

    And don’t worry you didn’t offend me with anything you wrote and I hope I haven’t offended you with anything I wrote. I’ve always said-- we may not agree but we can disagree with dignity.

  12. Pamela,
    The Thing is that his Attempt to Make it Appear that he has more Followers is Exactly what gives him Away. I have come Across Blogs that are New and yet have a Ton of Followers and yet none of them Comment, then there are those who are Old and Only have a Few Followers and no Comments.

    Another Real Dead Give Away is a Blog that is Old and yet has Only one Blog that he Follows and that is Conservative16. I haven't Even Turned in who I'm Talking about. I guess it is because I Thought at One Time that I Might Try and Talk to him.

    I Guess it was Shaw that Gave me some Information about Malcontent in a Comment that was Deleted by Conservative16. Since the Comment was Deleted, I won't Repeat what it said. I'm going to Try and Stick with Information that is Actually Posted on the Web.

    The Very Fact that I am Skeptical of Everyone I meet that has a New Blog, such as Man of Wonder, is Evidence that Something Very Wrong is Going on.

  13. I don't Know if you Remember, Pamela, the Conversation that we had on Sleuth's Blog. Here is the Link.


    This is the Part of this Whole Scandal that has Bothered me the Most. I Think I'll Repeat a Small Portion of what was Said in Comment 3 & 6. I Hope you don't Mind.

    Pamela Said: (Comment 3),
    "Then he used the bogus blogs to leave comments on other blogs, like mine, where I permit Liberals. He didn't like that, so he attacked me using the bogus blogs, while HE was nice to me using his REAL blog!

    "It’s a complicated scheme but it worked until he got greedy and set up the 'Just Sue' bogus blog where he stole the identity of a REAL person!"

    I Said: (Comment 6),
    "I was just Recently Taken Advantage of by a Manipulator, so I can Relate to what you said about this Guy Mistreating you, While Using one Blog and Persona and being Nice to you, While Using another. That's Manipulative and Mean. My Story is Different than yours and does not Involve some one who Plagiarizes, but the Tare Down and then Comfort Pattern Sounds like it Might be Similar to yours."

    This is the Part of the Story that the Most Bothered me, because it is sort of the Behavior of a Manipulative Predictor.

    You did not Reveal in your Comment the Identity of the Person, yet I Couldn't help Thinking about that when I Observed Malcontent Comforting my Friend Beth after ?"Somebody Else"? had been Picking on her.

    Perhaps I've Made a False Assumption, yet I Know how Painful it can be when Someone Starts to Mess with your Emotions in this Way, so I decided to Warn Beth and when I did so, Malcontent became all Defensive and Threw all Sorts of Insults at me.

  14. Lista: I just noticed a Freudian slip! I wrote to this Newbie as “Man of Honor”! When it should’ve been “Man of Wonder”! Maybe I was subconsciously trying to send him cyber vibes!

    I don’t mind at all that you post something here that I wrote somewhere else. I have always conducted myself properly so I have nothing to hide and fear nothing that I’ve written.

    With that being said:
    I had no idea that happened to Beth. I don’t know her well, but I have read her comments around the blogosphere and I know she runs the blog 5ft 3 and was considering closing it due to family issues. I’m sure being attacked by a bogus blogger couldn’t have helped! If this bogus blogger is really this other person, that’s truly ROTTEN, especially since he’s fully aware of her situation! That IS manipulative and predatory. It’s almost like this person sets up situations so he can “rescue” people, preferably women—does he crave the “damsel in distress”? Does he have issues where he NEEDS to be NEEDED?

    I’m familiar with Malcontent’s “temper”. He used to post here on a regular basis and I at his, but we haven’t posted on each other’s blogs in quite some time. And I think we’ll just leave it at that for now.

    I’m not going to say you have made a false assumption or not. It’s not up to me, or Sleuth, for that matter, to determine who is behind these bogus blogs. It’s up to us to give the information that has been uncovered and permit each reader to come up with his/her own conclusion. As I said, I have other information which could very well push this person over the edge, but that was not what I set out to do in the first place, plus I’m not a vindictive person, even though this person tried to hurt me. I just want to do the right thing and it’s exposing these blogs, contacting authors whose work has been compromised and trying to get these blogs shut down. I’m hoping that the person behind them will find his honor and do the right thing and shut them down. Although, if this person doesn’t find that honor soon, I may have to expose what I found. This bogus blog scheme goes beyond unethical, in my opinion—I think this person needs help, mentally, I mean.

  15. It's a puzzlement, isn't it, how this new blogger "amanofwonder" established such a following and then came here to find you, Pam.

    You did not post in any comment section of any of "amanofwonder's" followers, nor, of course, did you post in "amanofwonder's" own blog

    And yet he found you and your out of MILLIONS OF blog. What are the chances of that happening?

    Slim to none.

    Does he truly believe people can't figure this nonsense out?

    This is asked by A Woman of Wonder. LOL!

  16. Shaw: It's the wonder of wonders these...um...new blogs! And how is it that they all seem to find this Opus #6? And Nickie Goomba? Do they have a cyber radar or something? I mean I could understand finding Politico or Red state, but ME? Opus #6? Come on! I was born in the afternoon--but NOT YESTERDAY afternoon!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. She Smiles. Do you think that Man of Wonder is a Man of Honor. Yeh, I know. Since we do not Really Know him, Let's Leave that one Alone. Perhaps your Cyber Vibes will cause him to Try and be a Man of Honor.

    You have Picked up Exactly on what it was that I was Thinking, Pamela, yet Remember that this is all Just Speculation. I don't Really Know that a Bogus Blogger was Picking on her, only that someone was and that Malcontent was Trying to Comfort her.

    Conservative16 is Messing with me Now. Even though he at one time told me to Bug Off, a Comment that I Posted on October 27, about a Weak Ago, was Held in Comment Moderation until Tonight. Among Other Things, it Reads...

    "I don't Usually 'Buzz Off' just because I'm Told to do so. I Think for Myself, Remember?"

    And now I'm just Sitting here Wondering whether or not the Fact that Malcontent has also told me Recently to "Buzz Off" is a Coincidence in Relation to the Timing of this Message Finally being Released Out of Moderation. It just Feels like a Hidden Mixed Message.

    The Other Message that came into my Email Late from Conservative16's Blog is a Comment Left by the Person I Mentioned above, in that "I Haven't Turned in who I'm Talking about. I guess it is because I Thought at One Time that I Might Try and Talk to him."

    I Hate to say it, but I'm beginning to Think that this Guy is Messing with me.

  19. Man of Wonder,
    I Wrote my Comment before Reading yours and Quite Frankly, I don't know what to Think other than it is Really too Bad that some Idiot is Out There Creating Bogus Blogs and Making us all Skeptical and Untrusting. If you are a Legitimate Blog, then I Apologize, yet Unfortunately, the Blogosphere has become a Rather Dangerous Place.

    Who Ever you are, Please do Always Strive to be a Man of Honor, for it is Indeed a Worthwhile Quest.

  20. Man of Wonder: Let me tell you that Shaw, Lista and I are sweet as sugar, but our friends will not be quite so nice if you turn out to be a bogus blogger. As a matter of fact, if you try to make us look the fools, THEY will make Malcontent look like a pansy! And you’ll probably never want to blog again. So, if you’re not real, AKA bogus, leave now and save us all a lot of trouble. If you’re real, read on…

    Now, in my last comment to you I did write:
    Forgive my skepticism but ever since I found out these blogs were bogus and played me for a fool I decided I would be very wary with newbies and not so trusting as is normally my nature.

    So, if you were on my blog a few months ago then you should’ve had enough experience with me to know that I’m a woman of honor and would never say something I don’t mean. As Lista mentioned, it’s truly sad that we have to feel this way, but considering the circumstances, it’s necessary.

    If what you are telling me is true and you visited here during the Right is Right/Debbie’s Choice Era, then I just might be inclined to believe you, because BOTH blogs are bogus, along with 90 others (not counting the 30+ that are closed!). There were quite a few blogs involved in the battle of my blog, 67 to be exact, and they attacked, banned and boycotted me and my blog. I didn’t waiver, I’m still here, as I told them all I would be. It turns out they abandoned their blogs because they're BOGUS!

    Anyway, if you are real, and only time will tell, then again, forgive me my skepticism, but I’m afraid we are all leery due to these bogus blogs and will probably question all newbies from here on out.

    Also, if you’re real, you are welcome and you will be treated with respect. (It was not a hornet's nest before-- just our way of having a little fun at YOUR expense!)

    Keep in mind that ALL opinions are accepted here and I have quite a few Liberals who visit and participate at my blog and I have NO intention of changing, so if that doesn’t appeal to you, then please leave now, because I will NOT go through the Right is Right/Debbie’s Choice fiasco EVER again. Period. End of story.

  21. Lista: I read Conservative16’s comments. He wants you to go play house, why, because he plays blogging? These guys just don’t get it, meaning Conservative16, Grandma ZaZa, and that Common Sense Duh guy that Sleuth tried leaving comments for. They spin their responses. For example, it’s not plagiarism, it’s flattery and complimentary! Oh yeah, that would fly in court!

    But back to Conservative16, seems Dave Miller asked when Conservative16 was going to take off comment moderation and Conservative16 said he didn’t realize he had it on. Not sure I believe that, but that’s what he wrote, so take it for what it’s worth.

    Lista, my advice, if you want it, is to stay away from him if he’s getting nasty. Asking you if you are taking “dumb pills” is just plain MEAN. If he was INNOCENT he wouldn’t get nasty. I don’t know anyone who gets heated when they are INNOCENT. When I had 67 followers leave me in one week I didn’t get hostile. I was puzzled, sure. But I NEVER once got hostile, even when I received 6 emails telling me shame on me, yadda, yadda. Because I KNEW I hadn’t done anything BAD! Then I found out they were BOGUS blogs AND emails! Phew, did I feel better! Truth be told, I didn’t feel “sad” anymore, but NEVER hostile!

    If a person is INNOCENT they are hurt or puzzled but not angry and hostile. Keep that in mind. And don’t EVER take abuse like that from anyone, especially a blogger! I ALWAYS say: We may disagree but we can do it with dignity. Oh and that is MY copyright because it’s MY original intellectual tangible work which means under the 1978 copyright laws it’s automatically copyrighted without me having to do a dog-gone thing! Maybe I’ll write a post on plagiarism and copyright laws. That might help everyone a little.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I knew that Right is Right was a fake from told me not to kiss T101's ass because of all the times she had stuck up for me. She didn't stick up for me as RiR, though. Perhaps as NY Guy, or Throwing Stones.

    Malcontent is an ass in the first degree and his analysis of politics is sophomoric at best. He's a phony as well due to the language he uses paralleling all of those other blogs.

  25. Man of Wonder deleted all of his comments. I wonder what he's trying to say with that move?

  26. Blue: Throwing Stones is still open, although he's on the list as a plagiarizer. There is a NY Guy's View, but it's now closed. Both of them were involved in the RIR/Debbie's Choice Fiasco. No surpirse there. RIR started the whole thing and all those other Bogus blogs followed. I can't believe I didn't catch on back then. And yes, there is a similar language used on most of these blogs, even the ones that are "women", which makes it really difficult to believe they are written by women.

  27. Pamela,
    Conservative16 Turned Comment Moderation on Immediately Following my Comment to him Telling him that since I have a Habit of Checking the Box that Sends Comments to my Email Box that I had Read a Couple of Shaw's Comments even though he Later Deleted them. This is how I Learned some Things about Malcontent, Grandma ZaZa and Just Sue that is no Longer Posted on the Web. My Next Comment to him was Never Posted.

    I Laughed at the "Dumb Pills" Comment, for the People who Know me and Like me Know very Well that I am not at all Dumb.

    If Mr. Bogus Blogger has the Ability to "Pretend" that he's a Nice and Decent Person, I will Talk to him, yet the Minute he gets Nasty, he's going to have to Try again with another Persona or do something Truly Novel and Apologize, for that is the Approach that Most Decent People Use.

    I Sometimes Feel Quite Hurt and Confused and have even been Known to be a Little Angry and Defensive when an Accuser Persuades me to Doubt myself, yet with me, my Doubt does not Usually Represent Actual Guilt. I'm getting Better at Believing in and not Doubting Myself, cause such Doubt does me no Good.

    What you have said may be Copy Written, but I hope you will not Mind if I Quote you, cause I do Like that Sentence. It is Very Good.

    Deleting Comments is Like Making a Phone Call and then Hanging Up. It's like we are Making him Nervous, he is Reluctant to Talk and does not Know what to say.

    On the Other Hand, I can Read them if you want me to. I'm sure they are in my Email Box. Ok, well, I just Looked Briefly and One of them is Addressed to me and the Other to Pam, yet I Don't Think I'm going to be his Messenger. If he wants to Say something to you, Pam, he is going to have to just go ahead and say it. I'll just say that it wasn't Insulting. I don't know why he Deleted it.

  28. Man of Wonder,
    I Actually Liked what you Wrote. In a Way, it was Humble. I may Actually Visit your Blog sometime, yet right Now I am Swamped with a lot of Very Confusing and Controversial Conversations on the Blogoshere. Controversy is Stressful and I have to Limit the Amount that I get caught up in.

    I guess I should Warn you that I'm a Moderate, so I might even Find your Black and White Idea a Form of Controversy. Words such as Extremism and Compromise have Become Emotionally Charged Words and Unfortunately the Word Compromise is no less so Among Certain Groups than the Word Extremism.

    I'll Get to you when I Feel Ready to Deal with this Particular Controversy.

  29. Lista: I wasn't referring to YOU with the copyright on my quote. I was trying to make a point to the bogus blogger, as I know he reads this blog and Sleuth's. Please feel free to use my quote anytime, because I think it's pretty good, too! **patting self on back** lol!

    I have all of Man of Wonder's comments, too, and actually read them in my email before going to my blog and was surprised they were deleted because I thought the last one was rather nice also. Maybe he felt I was just too high maintenance!

    I'm not going to worry about it. Like I said, I lost 67 followers back in March (now they were all bogus but nonetheless). I'm happy with my loyal following. I'd rather have them and know who I'm dealing with than have hundreds and have no clue and all the trouble!

    I know what you mean about doubting yourself. But I've learned if someone is making me feel that way, it's time to move on. Relationships are supposed to enhance our lives, not detract from it, and that includes our blogging relationships.

    Maybe I'll hop on over to Man of Wonder's blog and see what it's all about, too. Hopefully I won't scare him! We wouldn't want him to think we're ganging up on him or something! lol!

  30. I kind of miss the righty/lefty interaction from the old days. Too bad Heil Helga/Malcontent etc. couldn't just post as the one person he/she is. Could have been fun. I miss the "Loves to Debate" character with the goofy haircut he/she created. Never could get it to debate but I'd show the profile pic to my kids and threaten them if they ever came home with their hair looking like that.

    I may be a Liberal, but I'm a Dad first. There is a time for conformity and respectability.

  31. LOL.

    You're a firestarter. Hey Hey Hey!!!

    Gonna be a whole new world for you and me.

  32. It Appears that Man of Wonder has Shut Down his Blog. It Makes me Feel Sad, though. He Actually Came to my Blog and Posted a Very Simple Comment Stating "I Meant no Harm." It's Funny. I Posted it and then Deleted it. I'm not sure why. He Seems Confused, but he also seems to be Reaching Out.


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