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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sick Leave

My cold started out Halloween weekend and it was enough to be annoying, THEN, this past Friday it knocked me on my rear end. I’ve spent the past few days in bed, but not being able to sleep because as soon as I even attempt to lie flat I begin to cough SO hard I feel like my appendix are ready to burst through my abdomen--and THAT’S bad because they were removed in 1981!

I saw my doctor Monday afternoon and she gave me prescription nasal spray, an inhaler and told me to take an Antihistamine and to just let the nasty virus run its course. Oh, goodie. I’m as tired and weak as a newborn baby and all I want to do is sleep, however, the cough won’t permit me to, yet I have to let this dog-gone thing run another five days!

The medications HAVE helped with the cough, so I’m hopeful I’ll be back to a somewhat normal state by the weekend, and I’m hoping I won’t pass any germs to my hubby or sons. I don’t see how that’s even remotely possible considering I’ve coughed all over EVERYTHING, even the dog, who hasn’t left my side, bless her heart.

I’ll be back to the keyboard as soon as I have enough oomph to keep my eyes open and my hands from shaking. Until then I hope none of you get this bug, so wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer! Trust me, you do NOT want THIS virus. Do not make the mistake of thinking you’re immune, either. I wasn’t sick for 3 years and I caught it!

Take care everyone! I miss you!


  1. Hang in there Pamela... It DOES end eventually...

  2. so sorry, nothing worse then a dreaded cold! My Amelia has a runny nose and my hands are under water every ten minutes, I can't get sick, I can't get sick, I can't get sick........

    get well soon!

  3. Oh my, Pam. I hope this horrid thing doesn't last much longer. I know this sounds weird, but when I get those kinds of coughs, for whatever reasons, drinking plain old water (cold) seems to help better than anything??? I also prop myself up with pillows so all that crap doesn't drain down in my throat. Wish I could be there to help - I'd make you some chicken soup.

  4. Heil Helga, the right is right chick said she had what you have Pamela. It turns out she was faking that also.

  5. I had a period of time in which I had to Sleep in a Chair because Laying Down would Make me Cough and I Couldn't Sleep either. For me it was an Allergy to Mold. We had that Nasty Black Mold in our Bathroom and had to Strip Off the Wall Paper, Paint the Walls and Thoroughly Clean Everything.

  6. That not-being-able-to-sleep thing is an absolute bitch, I know.

    Good advice at the end. I work in an office where everybody has that habit of licking their fingertip before leafing through a stack of paper (which they then hand to you). Every bug that comes along goes through the whole place. I never miss a flu shot, and use hand sanitizer almost every time I touch something.

    Keep up with the medications, eat as well as you can (your system needs energy to fight the viruses), and like ONFO says -- it does eventually end.

  7. Antihistamines can interfere with sleep in some individuals. My sister, for example, cannot sleep when she has to take them. Be aware.

    Rest and stay away from teevee.

    Listen to Shubert and Mozart, drink a lot of liquids and rest, rest, rest.

    Hugs and more hugs.

  8. And a Hug from me too. I just Realized Something. You can't get Sick from a Cybo-Space Hug. Isn't that Cool?

  9. Pamela - Not to make you feel worse but me and the better half have been suffering this malady for going on a month now.

    Best thing to do is sleep, drink plenty of water, sleep some more, and repeat the cycle. Eventually you will be feeling better.

    Hang in there girl, things will get better! Promise.

  10. Life ... and convalescence ... comes before blogging. Feel better!

  11. Thank you for the get well wishes, EVERYONE!

    It was the week from hell, but I’m feeling a little better. I don’t want to rush into anything, for fear I’ll back slide in my recovery, so I’m going to start slow by commenting on other’s posts and then I’ll get into my own posts.

    I’m still going to rest a lot and just let my body tell me how much I can “handle”.

    Oh, and I’ll take the cyber-hugs because I’m pretty sure you can’t pass germs that way! And if someone can invent a way to send chicken soup via the net, let me know! Lol!

  12. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

    Take care of yourself!

  13. Here's some Cyper-Chicken Soup, Pam. It was Easy to Fix, because I did it in a Cyper-Space Way. Unfortunately, you are also Going to have to Eat it in a Cyper-Space Way, so it may not be Quite as Hot, Quite as Soothing and Quite as Tasty, but then again, Never Underestimate the Power of Imagination.

    Here's another Cyper-Hug. Please do get Well.

  14. Pam,
    I had something similar awhile back but near as bad. Here's hoping you're feeling much better now!

  15. Feel better!! You're so wise to take care of yourself. Several years back & had something similar - yuk - & didn't do what you've done...before I knew it, I was flat on my back w/ full fledged pneumonia. Not good.

    Lay low, rest, drink lots of OJ. Listen to a good book on CD.

    and have a lovely, low-key Thanksgiving!


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