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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Fauci Is As Fauci Does


The White Coat Waste Project found, through The Freedom of Information Act, that our tax dollars have been used to experiment on Beagles. Cruel and painful experiments—but the scientists debarked them so the dogs' cries and barks wouldn't bother the Dr. Frankenstein's in the laboratory. 

 The NIAID is responsible for these torturous experiments. And the NIAID is directed by none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci – the Left's Demi-God of Covid19. 

I'm sick to my stomach and my heart hurts over this information. I'm horrified that people actually defend this type of treatment to dogs (and animals) in order to justify evil actions. (Hey Dana Milbank, dogs who have a cordectomy still feel anxiety! Just because sound doesn't come out doesn't mean they feel calm and safe, you freaken imbecile!)

 I tried to research this story. I only seemed to find it on "right-wing" news sites. Almost zilch on "left-wing" sites. I did find it on Newsweek but CNN, The Hill, Daily Beast, Mother Jones, Politico, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Bloomberg, NPR (and don't even get me started on that source which receives taxpayer funding but isn't unbiased at all!) and the Associated Press— NOTHING on these experiments and how Fauci could be involved. 

But why would they question Fauci? He's been touted as the next Messiah. He's been in the NIAID for decades! He's had free reign to do whatever the hell he wants. He is also the highest-paid Federal worker, including the POTUS. And he received one million dollars last year for "Speaking Truth To Power" — and guess what? THAT is from NPR. Go figure. 

Fauci is not infallible. Fauci is a man who has faults and makes mistakes. He's made plenty during the pandemic. He's flipped and flopped. Done 180's. And even admitted he lied to us and tried to shape public opinion. But hey, it was all in the best interest of the American People! (my ass!)

 I call bullshit.

 He's interested in himself, his money, his power, and his new celebrity status. He's a POS that should've been fired years ago. And with the exposure of these experiments, I now call him EVIL! What else is going to come out about this evil man (and with him, I use "man" very lightly!)?
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