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Monday, August 22, 2011

Stimulus Deja Vu

Here we go again! Obama wants to stimulate the economy and create jobs with…yep you guessed it, STIMULUS! And we know how well THAT worked in 2009! Those Shovel Ready jobs weren’t as shovel ready as they expected, we found out two years later, although, those of us on the Right knew they weren’t, but hey, why listen to us, we only wanted jobs created by the private sector, not TAX dollars.

And that’s what Obama is proposing now…or so the “leaked” info says.

According to the information “leaked” to the press, once President Obama returns to the White House after his vacation, he’s going to propose targeted tax breaks for companies that hire, mortgage relief for struggling homeowners and infrastructure deals…um didn’t we do that in 2009? Wasn’t that part of the almost one trillion in so-called stimulus?

This is déjà vu! And it’s going to be déjà vu all over again with results. We NEED private sector jobs, NOT jobs created by tax dollars. Even Jan Schakowsky’s (D-ILL) plan to create 2.2 million School Improvement, Parks Improvement and Rehab and Weatherize jobs over two years are STILL tax dollars (even if they are millionaire tax dollars) and it’s NOT cheaper, as she claims. It’s cheaper to pay unemployment. Furthermore, her calculation of $227 Billion is most likely under calculated, as we’ve found over the decades, government always UNDER estimates!

Besides, spending money we do NOT have to supposedly stimulate our economy isn’t economically smart. These so-called Shovel Ready or School Improvement Corps jobs are just fancy names for Tax Payer Temporary jobs. When the bridges, parks, schools and homes are fixed, the jobs are DONE and those people will be out of work yet again and back on the unemployment line. We need the private sector to create jobs which will sustain their employees for the long-haul, not just six months or a year. We need long-term permanent jobs and those can be found in the private sector.

Government incentives aren’t the answer, as they end up costing us tax payers. We need growth, as both sides agree, but the conundrum is HOW we get that growth. The Left says the stimulus from 2009 wasn’t big enough. I have to respectfully disagree. Had we spent two trillion dollars and shoveled more money into the system, those Shovel Ready jobs still would’ve ended, thus driving those people back to the unemployment lines, albeit a little later, but there nonetheless.

The only way the private sector is going to hire is if they have sound reason. Right now business owners aren’t feeling secure. They are hoarding trillions of dollars because they don’t trust this administration with things like Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, the threat of higher taxes and more and more regulations being imposed which impedes them and their cost to do business, thus costing them money, hence reducing their bottom line. Let’s face it, there is no company open to be charitable or noble, except charitable associations! Businesses are in it for the bottom line, i.e. PROFIT!

They are the engines of our economy and they need oiled, not demonized and certainly not taxed to the hilt. Besides, our officials should be balancing our budget, not implementing more and more regulations which impede business or drive it off our shores! They should also be going after fraud and abuse within the existing programs and cutting everything that is unnecessary, but they are busy vilifying the other side, STILL pointing fingers and casting blame, and frivolously spending our money. None of which will get us off the edge of the cliff.

I’m sick and tired of politics as usual and really wish we’d get people who would implement some real change. I want to stay optimistic, but quite frankly, I’m beginning to lose faith.

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