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Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama’s 1st Order of Business-Kill Babies

America is in debt by the trillions and yet Obama has signed an executive order to send money to other countries to fund abortions.

Now, wait. Let me get this straight in my head.

We have NO MONEY. Supposedly we have 47 million people in America that don’t have health insurance and we are OUT OF MONEY, yet we’re sending money WE DON’T HAVE to other countries to pay for abortions. This is Obama’s first order of business, besides closing Gitmo; but I will get to that in another blog. I have a problem with this primary order of duty in Obama’s first week of presidency. Our country is in a major financial crisis; we’re in 2 wars; Israel and Palestine are bombing one another; our unemployment rate is skyrocketing; banks need more money; car companies and cities need bailouts and Obama thinks it’s more important to kill babies. Do I need to drink the Kool-Aid to understand his rationale? How in the hell is funding abortions in other countries with money we don’t possess imperative? Okay, let’s say for some idiotic reason that this helps make us look good in the global scheme of things-which by the way shouldn’t matter. Let’s say hypothetically that other countries all hail the great United States for sending them money for abortions. Is funding abortions something we should be worried about right now? I mean isn’t the United States’ current economical situation more important than another county’s population control problem? The Left bashed Bush for funding a war in Iraq that helps save innocent lives and frees people. But it’s okay to fund countries to kill babies? Somehow I’m having a problem with the logic. Even drinking the Kool-Aid, I think anyone would have trouble justifying that logic. Except the Left. They can skew their logic so that it fits their agenda. And their agenda is to grow bigger government and they want the rest of the world along for the ride.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Sad Day

Today George W. Bush will leave the White House and Barack Obama will move in and take over the awesome responsibility of running our Country. Forgive me, I’m not happy, over zealous or even proud. Quite frankly, I’m scared out of my mind.

For over 7 years GW has kept this country safe. We Americans have no idea how many terrorist attacks his anti-terror tactics have thwarted. But we should be grateful. Also during Bush’s presidency we experienced 8 years of low interest rates, inflation and unemployment. Gas prices were high, which happened only after the Dems took control of Congress. And they thwarted all attempts to drill here, drill now, which would have lowered gas prices. Yes, we are in a major financial crisis now, but only after the October surprise. I’m not a conspiracist, but I’m convinced this economic melt down was contrived.

Today Obama will be sworn in and we will be FORCED to take on his radical ideologies. He believes that the way out of this economic crisis is to spend more money. I learned a long time ago that one doesn’t get out of debt by borrowing money. He’s going to send the American people between $500 and $1,000 to stimulate the economy. Pahleeze! The last 3 so-called tax rebate checks didn’t stimulate anything, what makes Obama think it’s going to work this time with a 7.2% unemployment rate? People are going to save their money just in case they need it. His mentality that Government is the only entity that can fix this problem is extremely frightening. Government is the only entity that can screw up a one man parade! His stimulus plan of 800 billion dollars includes building roads and giving aid to cities. What happens when that money is gone? The roads stop being paved and whatever city projects were working will come to a halt. His stimulus package is spending and once the money runs out, so does the stimulus. Again, I’m not an economic genius but it only makes sense to put money into the pockets of people who can create and keep jobs running, like, um, BUSINESS OWNERS.

If you cut taxes and business owners know they will have X number of dollars every month they will hire employees and those employees will produce labor and that labor will stimulate the economy. Why is this so difficult to understand? Oh, wait, I know. Obama and his Demorats buddies WANT bigger government. And what better way than to CONVINCE the American people that we need a SPENDING PACKAGE! This is a dream come true for the Democrats.

I sit here today feeling no real pride or optimism. All the money Obama wants to SPEND to STIMULATE the economy will have to be paid back some day. And the truly sad truth is the spending won’t work. Inflation could hit double digits. Didn’t the FDR administration teach us anything? Is Obama trying to outspend FDR? Because maybe if FDR had spent a trillion dollars it would’ve worked.

I still believe that the banks need to use their bailout money and start lending and we need tax cuts, then we would see some movement in the economy. But that’s just me. Until then I think we’re in for a long ride. And I fully intend to hoard my money. I know that’s probably not the American thing to do, but I have a family to think about and I’m going to stimulate MY bank balance. If I don’t worry about my family who else will? The government? Sorry, I have no faith in government or the new president.

So, forgive me my bleakness. Maybe after January 20th I’ll have something positive to say. Maybe this spending package will work. Maybe the 52% that voted for Obama will be enough to stimulate the economy. Maybe, just maybe, people will begin spending again--even without jobs.

So, with the theme of Hope---I hope I can blog soon that I was so very wrong and that Obama is a genius and the greatest president ever. I want to say I’m wrong. Please let me be wrong.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Life’s Not Fair

We’ve bailed out banks, insurance companies, people with mortgages who shouldn’t have gotten them and The Big 3. So, now those people who were scammed by Madoff want a bailout. Since when do we the people bail out those who made bad investment decisions? I’m sorry they invested their money with a thief. I’m sorry some of them lost their entire life savings. I’m sorry that life is unfair and bad things happen to good people. But since when is it our responsibility to bail out people when life happens? What’s next? A spouse dies and leaves behind a family with no life insurance, a mortgage, a car payment, credit card bills and no savings…are we supposed to bail them out too? Sure it’s sad. Sure it would be benevolent and possibly the right thing to do; but is it our responsibility to bail them out? Heck, I lost a lot of money in the stock market last year. Is the government going to bail me out? My husband’s company is really slow. He didn’t work 2 weeks right before Christmas, with NO PAY. This scenario may happen again if the economy doesn’t pick up. Are the taxpayers going to send me a check? What is up with people who think they are entitled to something because they were screwed? I’ve been screwed over in my life; but never once did I think that someone was going to pick up the damn tab for it. I chalked it up to being stupid and moved on. Some lessons in life are expensive. This entitlement attitude is really ticking me off. Where did it come from? When the hell did it start? And how do we get it to stop? If it were up to me, I’d tell these Madoff clients to take a hike. Well, actually, I’d tell them what I tell my kids, “Life’s not fair; I guess you better get used to it.”
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