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Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama’s 1st Order of Business-Kill Babies

America is in debt by the trillions and yet Obama has signed an executive order to send money to other countries to fund abortions.

Now, wait. Let me get this straight in my head.

We have NO MONEY. Supposedly we have 47 million people in America that don’t have health insurance and we are OUT OF MONEY, yet we’re sending money WE DON’T HAVE to other countries to pay for abortions. This is Obama’s first order of business, besides closing Gitmo; but I will get to that in another blog. I have a problem with this primary order of duty in Obama’s first week of presidency. Our country is in a major financial crisis; we’re in 2 wars; Israel and Palestine are bombing one another; our unemployment rate is skyrocketing; banks need more money; car companies and cities need bailouts and Obama thinks it’s more important to kill babies. Do I need to drink the Kool-Aid to understand his rationale? How in the hell is funding abortions in other countries with money we don’t possess imperative? Okay, let’s say for some idiotic reason that this helps make us look good in the global scheme of things-which by the way shouldn’t matter. Let’s say hypothetically that other countries all hail the great United States for sending them money for abortions. Is funding abortions something we should be worried about right now? I mean isn’t the United States’ current economical situation more important than another county’s population control problem? The Left bashed Bush for funding a war in Iraq that helps save innocent lives and frees people. But it’s okay to fund countries to kill babies? Somehow I’m having a problem with the logic. Even drinking the Kool-Aid, I think anyone would have trouble justifying that logic. Except the Left. They can skew their logic so that it fits their agenda. And their agenda is to grow bigger government and they want the rest of the world along for the ride.


  1. That all fits in real nice with Pelosi wanting to give economic stimulus money to manufactures of condoms. Apparently the libs feel that if we kill off our pre-borns and prevent any more pre-borns, that will stimulate the economy in some strange way.

    May be I need some of that Kool-Aid to figure this one out also. Less babies more money in the economy.

  2. Very good point, Pamela. Perhaps this so-called economic crisis is manufactured by Obama and his minions, so they can....aww, shucks! Who knows what they're thinking? They're moonbats! They don't need to be logical.

  3. pammy remember one thing, logic and the left do not go hand in hand... and i love grape kool aid, so i am drinking it too.. he he!

  4. Hi PDH,

    Oh come on! Funding for birth control in a STIMULUS bill is funny! Seriously, and this is one of the very few things I agree with liberals on, there's way too many people in this world and if some of them want to slaughter their own children it can't help but improve the species if their genes aren't passed on. It's cold and cruel I know, but sometimes you have to be.

    Oh, and I'm also in favor of retroactive abortions for any liberal who wants one.

    the Grit

  5. Hello, Pamela Hart~! Thank you for your kind comments at my bloggie, and also for becoming a Local Malcontent follower, so quickly. So quickly, I'm startled. but nicely so.

    Mr. Obama has HIS priorities in the correct order, Pam- he is a Socialist at heart, based upon all his education and all his past friendships like Bill Ayres and Rev. Wright.
    His father was a socialist too.

    Only, he doesn't have America's priorities. Period. At all. His ambition is to become a world leader, not just measly America.

    Abortions for everyone, anywhere; a letter already drafted to Supreme Leader of Iran, the Ayotollah Khameni, and the swooning electorate here in America, drooling at his every uh, er word.

    Oh, but he's not done- Did you hear today, that he plans on 'giving a major speech soon, from an Islamic capital"?
    Hold on tight for about two years, Pamela, and whatever you do, never say "how can it get any worse?" because 0bama will show us how it can get worse.

  6. I like Kool aid, but I don't care for the grape. It has a funny after taste.

    Another Obama priority is destroying the traditional family in America, by activly promoting the Gay agenda.

  7. Cool, the word verification for my last comment was almost identical to my last name!

  8. Rush said he hopes Obama will fail, and I agree. Why in the world would we hope he succeeds when his succeeding would mean pushing his liberal agenda down our throats! I hate that I will be having to itemize my taxes here pretty soon and the entire time I'm working on that I will know that part of the money will go to funding abortions, even partial birth abortions, and all of them, partial birth or not, are just plain murder. Even though I didn't vote for Obama, I will still feel like I have blood on my hands! :(

  9. hey there..yup agree with Gayle too!..maddening though!:)

  10. Hate to say this but if it curbed the skyrocketing rate of muslim fundamentalists I would so go for it, but they would never get abortions... sooo....

  11. Great blog, Pamela is on a roll!


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