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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Money Tree

A secret source has revealed that Horticulturists have been secretly cultivating a special species of tree and it’s official. The Deciduous Wampum Contumacious is complete. The Green Team, a top secret team hired by Congress, has been working 24/7 and finally completed its creation well before schedule.

Thankfully, and not a moment too soon, because this 2nd bailout is costing taxpayers another 800 billion dollars. The only glitch in this miraculous situation is who is going to pluck the greenbacks from the branches. It’s been reported that top Horticulturists have been fighting amongst themselves, even resorting to calling one another names such as dirt bag, dandelion and even petunia! If this childish fighting doesn’t stop, and soon, there’s no telling when the bills will be plucked and if the fresh dollars will be delivered in time to save the Big Three.

When reporters questioned senior staff members about the deciduous factor of the trees they were told, “The Wampum trees bud and grow faster than Congress can spend or even print money. When the trees shed their greenbacks they fall to the ground and wrinkle, then we have to press them. Plucking the greenbacks from the branches is better because the bills look fresh. Like they were printed from the printing press.”

With Wampum Trees we can ditch the toilet paper and start using our money in the bathroom-at least it will be good for something.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Operation Uphold Truth

John Zeigler did a poll, which is a prelude to a documentary he’s preparing called Media Malpractice. After watching this video you’ll see that it’s appropriately named.

Watching that video was actually excruciating for me. It was painful to keep my anger at bay. I knew the bias-left-winged media was lax in reporting the truth about Obama’s associations. I knew the media was negatively slamming Sarah Palin just as SNL was using her to boost their ratings. It’s just that actually seeing proof of the media’s negligence is so horribly disturbing. I mean people actually voted without knowing who controls Congress for Pete’s sake! I’m not a Political genius, but I do know who’s in control of Congress; who our Speaker of the House is; who the Democratic majority leader is; and I know who said what during the damn election.

Why do I know? Not because I watch Fox News. But because I’ve researched and dug and read until my eyes burned. Just because the news said it’s so doesn’t mean it’s so. Don’t get me wrong, I like Fox News and I think they’re pretty fair-however, they are the media and I trust the media only a tad more than I trust the government-which isn’t much.

I’m appalled at how absolutely stupid so many Americans are. They think because MSNBC or NPR reported it it's gospel. What morons! I don’t even watch my local news stations. They describe Breaking News as 100 cats found in a house-Owner being charged with animal cruelty. And that affects me and a million other people how? Heck, even the weather forecast is wrong 80% of the time!

The media’s responsibility is to report information that affects the population. In an election the media is responsible to report all the facts about all the candidates- positive and negative. They are fraudulent distorting a story to favor one candidate over another. And they are negligent if they purposely omit information that is relevant.

It is apparent the media did a damn good job of omitting plenty of information regarding Obama and it’s obvious they were diligent in skewing information about Sarah Palin. It’s evident my fellow Bloggers and I have our work cut out for us. We need to Spread the Truth and OUT (Operation Uphold Truth) the media, because the Left’s mission is to stifle the facts.

 So, let’s get going, Bloggers, and OUT the media!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Palin is Stayin

The election’s over, but the hype, positive and negative, of Governor Sarah Palin is still going strong. People are wondering why. Why is Sarah Palin so loved? Why is she so hated? Why is she still such an icon in the media? Well, it’s because she is so loved and hated that the media can’t leave her alone.

Sarah Palin is an enigma to the Left. She’s genuine. She’s modest. She walks the walk. What you see is what you get. She is a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, and above all else, she's a real woman.

The Femyrants can’t handle her. They are afraid of Sarah because she embodies true women's liberation. Sarah is a working mom, with a husband, who balances it all with a smile on her face and is truly happy. The Femyrants are envious. They are such a bitter bunch of men-haters and Sarah is making them look bad. After all, Hillary is married to a man who is a liar and a cheat; so it’s easy to embrace her--Poor thing is mistreated by that bastard husband of hers--See all men are scum. But wait! Sarah threw a wrench into that theory! She is married to a real man who supports, loves and respects her.

Sarah’s life proves to women that you can balance a career, husband and children and be happy. Sarah’s life conveys to women that you can find a good man and actually love him and he you. Sarah’s life chronicles (no pun intended) that with good choices and hard work you can achieve your goals. This scares the hell out of the Femyrants. They’ve been spewing hate about men for years. They are now faced with a woman who is not only beautiful on the inside, but also on the outside, who has a man that is just as genuine and unpretentious as her. What are the men saying about Sarah…oh yeah…SHE’S HOT! I don’t recall any men saying that about Hillary! Sarah is a threat to the ugly-men-hating-Femyrants.

Well, Femyrants, here’s something to fuel your fear some more--PALIN IS STAYIN. Get used to seeing her in the media and behind a podium. Washington is waiting to welcome her and we Conservatives are rolling out the red carpet.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Divided We Will Fail

Are we the United States of America? Or are we more divided than ever?

The Democrats are on an all time high. They are a bit bummed about losing the filibuster proof Senate, but they still have a great majority. One would think that would satisfy them. But NO. They want to strip Lieberman of his Chairmanship because he endorsed McCain. Al Franken wants a recount. What slime. He lost, but wants to spend tax payers’ money to prove it. Democrats are such sore losers. It is what it is, Al. Just as it is what it is in the Presidential election. Obama won.

There are many Americans that don’t want to accept Obama as our President. They’re already on the Hate-Obama bandwagon. Voter fraud and voter intimidation has been alleged. I don’t know if voter fraud played a part. I don’t even want to go there. I NEED to believe that it was a fair election. That may sound naive to some. But I REFUSE to stoop to the Democrats' level and demand a recount like the 2000 election. That is just plain WRONG.

It’s been said throughout the blogosphere and media that race didn’t play a part in this election. Yet 95% of blacks voted for Obama. That speaks volumes. With all that being said, and much left unsaid, I believe we are still very much divided. I’ve always believed JUSTICE to prevail. And as of today, I still do. While I respect the opinions of the American people and even my fellow bloggers-I won’t join in on the Obama bashing. I saw what the Democrats and the biased-left-winged media did to President Bush from day one. From the election recount to their hate-mongering and their Hate-Bush bandwagons--he didn’t get a chance. How can a President run a country effectively when half of it is against him? How can a nation unite when half of it hates its President?

I won’t lie, I’m frightened. I’m fearful Obama isn’t what he appears. I’m afraid of his radical associations and ideas. I’m afraid of all he’s said and everything he hasn’t. I’m afraid for my future and the future of my children. I also fear for the very foundation of our beautiful country. I believe in our Founding Fathers and our Constitution and what it represents to every American. I fear everything our country symbolizes will be changed or damaged and those transformations will be irrevocable. America needs Obama to succeed. And that’s why I’m not going to bash Obama.

I’m going to stick with my belief that justice prevails and hope that the change theme that Obama spread throughout his campaign is the change that’s best for our beautiful, free country. I hope that once he is versed with all the intelligence information he will see he CAN'T sit down with rogue dictators without preconditions. I can only pray that he will keep our country as safe as President Bush has for the last 7 years. I hope he doesn’t take us down the same roads a Carter or FDR presidency took this country with recessions, depressions and new deals--OR worse.

With that being said, I will blog and write my opinions, but I will not participate in the Obama bashing. However, if Obama does something that is detrimental to our country, I will not hesitate to shout out via my 1st Amendment right. So, for now--I will give him a chance. And that’s more than the Left ever did for President George W. Bush.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Vote has been Cast

Our 1st black president has been elected and this is an historic day for our country. I watched the entire election coverage, so, in a sense, I watched history in action.

I was rooting for John McCain, because I believed he was the best candidate for our country. I’m not a sore loser, so I won’t diminish Bark Obama’s victory. I’m disappointed, yes, but the American people have spoken--–the votes have been cast.

Senator McCain gave a gracious speech. His acknowledgement of Senator Obama’s campaign and victory was exemplary. I didn’t expect anything less from such an honorable, courageous man.

President Elect Obama’s speech was outstanding, I must admit. He is a charismatic presence and as such can captivate you with his eloquent words. I only hope that they aren’t just pretty words spoken in the appropriate way just to appease a crowd. I hope he is true to his word and really is for change that is for the greatness of our country and her people.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Let our Eagle Soar

I’ve always believed that for an Eagle to soar free and majestic about our great nation it needs a left and right wing. That being said, we Americans need a left and right viewpoint in our democracy to balance out our politics. In about 24 hours our Eagle will take flight with a new vision for our nation. I can only hope that its left wing isn’t severely damaged and it can fly as balanced and glorious as our Founding Fathers, in their remarkable foresight, believed it should.
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