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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Vote has been Cast

Our 1st black president has been elected and this is an historic day for our country. I watched the entire election coverage, so, in a sense, I watched history in action.

I was rooting for John McCain, because I believed he was the best candidate for our country. I’m not a sore loser, so I won’t diminish Bark Obama’s victory. I’m disappointed, yes, but the American people have spoken--–the votes have been cast.

Senator McCain gave a gracious speech. His acknowledgement of Senator Obama’s campaign and victory was exemplary. I didn’t expect anything less from such an honorable, courageous man.

President Elect Obama’s speech was outstanding, I must admit. He is a charismatic presence and as such can captivate you with his eloquent words. I only hope that they aren’t just pretty words spoken in the appropriate way just to appease a crowd. I hope he is true to his word and really is for change that is for the greatness of our country and her people.


  1. ya know pamela after hearing obama's message tuesday night his words would have been a blessing if he WAS talking about the advance of a human being and his rightful created place. but instead he is speaking about the advance of a politcal movement! which makes his message straight form the pit of h*ll if i can be so bold!

  2. Hey Pamela, from your lips to God's ears, but he's a great orator with no substance. i think everything he has done for the past 20 plus years has been with this goal in mind. I think i have to agree with Pat. I hope we both have to eat our words, but until then I will remain a skeptic.

  3. It is going to take some time for to except the New President Elect. In time I am sure I will fall in line witht he rest of the country, Maybe three and a half years or so. By then I'll be ready to fight again. Ray from CCforaCC


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