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Friday, October 8, 2010

Good Luck to Jennifer from Thinking Out Loud

This post is in dedication to Jennifer, who authored the blog, Thinking Out Loud. Jennifer hasn’t blogged in quite a few months, but came back to cybernation to write about the New York Mosque situation. I was excited as I thought it meant she had returned! I was so glad to hear from her again, because I really miss her “voice” and her insight here in our community.

You see, Jennifer and I bonded as soon as we met here in blogland. It was as if we were twins separated at birth. Both of us are Conservatives, but we also have very independent streaks, which didn’t set well with the Republican Pack. In addition, she and I agreed whole-heartedly on internet civility and both of us were welcome on Liberal blogs and Liberals visited ours. Another no-no with the lock-step-cook-cutter-talking-point-blogs.

There have been many issues where I had wished Jennifer’s voice was available. Her witty and insightful writing was always so refreshing. She wasn’t pretentious-- just down-to-earth, genuine, compassionate... and yes, full of fire. But that fire never ignited into ugliness or hatred toward another in our community. She was a rare treasure in the blogging realm.

I decided to check in on her blog today—something I do occasionally, and found she deleted it. I felt very sad at that discovery. I was hoping one day she would come back and “type” amongst us again, so I guess that won’t be happening anytime soon--maybe never. It’s safe to assume that blogging and politics can bring about “burn-out” as I read there are a few other Bloggers who have shut down shop, too. I heard they will be missed by their regulars also.

And I will miss Jennifer. I think a lot of other Bloggers in our community will miss her too.

So if Jennifer meanders onto my blog, this is for her:

I miss you terribly. I think you’re a fine lady and I feel honored to have met and blogged with you. I hope we get a chance to do it again because I think we had a lot of fun, and I consider you to be extremely intelligent with a lot to contribute to any venue. You are a beautiful woman, inside and out. Best wishes, my friend.


  1. Yes, I miss Jennifer too! She was alot of fun and just one decent human being!

    But, sadly blogging can eat at you and consume alot of time and life is so much more than blogging....

    I hope that Jennifer is doing well! I miss her and wish her only the best in the future!

  2. I don't know why a blogger would delete their own blog. The burnout I get but if I ever retired from blogging I'd simply leave it up there as is and so there's a record of it. The only reason you'd throw something out is if you think it's no good. I've deleted many individual threads of mine for whatever reason, no comments, a redundant theme, what was I thinking? whatever but I would never delete an entire blog. Very sad.

  3. Tao: You said it: Jennifer was DECENT! Copy that!

    Yes, blogging will consume us, if we let it, and I am so guilty of that. I hope Jennifer reads this post and the comment section; because I have a feeling there will be lots of nice comments coming her way!

    Z-man: I should clarify. Her link says "removed" not "deleted", but doesn't that kinda mean the same thing?

    I don't know why a blogger would delete/remove their own blog either. I'm with you on leaving it out there in cyberspace for all eternity. I write on a blog because I WANT people to read it in the first place-- so it only makes sense to leave it out there forever. But that’s you and me. I suppose others have different opinions…

    Anyone care to share?

  4. Some people delete their blogs because they don't want the temptation to want to blog anymore. Not everyone has the will power, and some of us truly are better off out of the blogosphere.

    I would bet that Jennifer knows you appreciated her, and a blog can be reactivated within 90 days and nothing will be lost, so maybe check back and she'll be there.

  5. "Some people delete their blogs because they don't want the temptation to want to blog anymore."

    But this implies that blogging is somehow dirty or a bad habit or vice. I can understand a guy throwing his computer out because he's addicted to porn but there are many positive aspects to blogging. I've a better solution if you feel you're addicted to blogging -- keep your blog up there but sell your computer!

  6. :)then again maybe it's because I don't have a life and blogging adds an important dimension to my life (lol). There are many times I'm bored like alot of people and don't know what to do with myself so it's like having a cigar, fills up a block of time. Put it this way, blogging can be considered a type of hobby like coin collecting and bird-watching so if it fills up our time and makes us richer for the experience what's wrong with it? Do I detect blogging slowly going out of style?

  7. I deleted my old site for a couple reasons. Sometimes you need a fresh start. Or just be done with it.

    Jennifer deserved far better than what many in our community gave her. I sometimes wonder if some of my more vitriolic comments disappointed her or you Pamela.

    Thanks to TAO and Octo and my pals at American Nihilist I think I'm a better blogger. Thanks to you,Shaw and especially Jennifer I think I'm a better person.

    If yo read this, best wishes to you Jennifer. Joe.

  8. I have often hoped for her return. She was a close blogging friend and her absents has slowed me down some. Quality people with quality comments can often compel you forward.

    I hope life is treating you well were ever you are Jennifer. I know things were tough, but you have what it takes. Don't forget that.

  9. I'll add my voice to this... In every conversation, whether coming to some agreement or agreeing to disagree, Jennifer has always been a class act.

    I'm pretty bad at managing to leave a very small circle of blogs, anymore, (I'm trying to spend more time away from the computer, and whilst I'm here, I tend not to make it further than a blog or two) but just the mention of Jennifer caught my eye, this eve.

    I hope she does whatever most makes her happy, and if that means not seeing her around any more, I'll miss her, but so be it.

  10. Blogger burnout...

    Yeah, I've seen quite a few blogs go by the wayside. I think many of us start out with dreams of being the next Michelle Malkin or Andrew McCarthy and we become discouraged when it doesn't happen.

    Most blogs are little coffee shops or corner taverns where the regular crowd gathers, and occasionally a random stranger will pop in, sometimes to stay, but more often never to be heard from again.

    The only reason I am still blogging is out of pure stubbornness.

    I have become more efficient at it so it consumes less time. Less blogging, more playing music has made me a happier person.

  11. Jennifer and I used to correspond, and I probably have her email address somewhere, but I would have to ask her permission first before sharing it among friends.

  12. Hi Pamela,
    I do not know why people choose to Delete their Blogs. I was away for an Entire Year and Never Bothered to Delete the Blog. I simply left Comment Moderation on and Checked it when I Felt Like it.

    I Think that one of the Keys to Avoiding Burn Out is to not Require Oneself to Blog Daily, every other day or even Weekly, but instead to just Blog when the Need to Hits you.

    I Find when I was Overly Concerned about the Number of Hits, that is when I Felt the Most Stressed and it’s not Worth it. It is better to just Relax and whoever Visits Visits and whoever doesn’t doesn’t. Blog when I want to. There’s no Pressure, cause those who Truly Like me will Stick Around no Matter what I do.

  13. In Response to some of the Comments...

    In Response to your Question, "Removed" verses "Deleted", Apparently, you can get the Blog Back Again if you want it. I've Never Deleted my Blog, yet I've Heard at least one other Person say that it is Possible to get a "Deleted/Removed" Blog Back Again.

    If Blogging is an Obsession that Prevents a Person from getting other things Done, then it is Like a "Bad Habit" and Needs to be Disciplined. Selling the Computer, though, is like Throwing the Baby out with the Bath Water.

    I Often Wonder if I'm Partly at Fault for Picking on People too, yet I've been Told that I Over Estimate my Power Over Things, cause there are Usually Lots of Factors.

    I Like Silverfiddle's Comment about a Blog being more like "Little Coffee Shops or Corner Taverns". So True.

  14. I agree with Lista, even if you take a sabbatical or leave of absence leave it up there. Joe the Average American left apparently some time ago but his is a kickass blog and it deserves to be read. I really don't get deleting your own blog. I don't know why but it strikes me as OCDish.

  15. Well Z-man, here's a thought, maybe a person who deleted her blog has had a family emergency and even if she wanted to reinstate her blog the timing isn't right because her family comes first, ever think of that?

  16. Anonymous: Z-man has a dry-wit about him. He’s a nice guy, and isn’t trying to be mean. He enjoys blogging and from what I can gather, doesn’t have children, or at least minors, who take up his time.

    Lista: I had to take a blogging breather and back off a few months ago too-- health issues, family issues, etc. I felt like I was being hit from all ends. I wanted to write 4-5 posts a week, but it was stressing me out! So, I decided I would write when I WANTED TO, and I feel so much better.

    D-marks: Yes, her blog was amazing. Like others mentioned, a person can reclaim their blog in 90 days. Plus Jennifer was very creative, so she could always just start a new one. Or maybe she’ll just pop in and comment on our posts. I don’t think she’s gone forever, just busy---She HAS a life! lol!

  17. Hi Pamela,
    After Reading Anonymous' Comment I actually Felt Bad. I don't even know what OCD Stands for. I'm Finding that I'm rather Naive about Abbreviations. Naturally, though, I wish Jennifer well, even though I don't know her.

    It's too Bad there isn't an Easier way to just Block Comments without Deleting one's Blog, but I guess there isn't.

    Permission to not Post so much really helps with Stress and I also Found Out that a Person Needs to have Really Tough Skin and I'm not sure that I was really all that Prepared at First to Deal with that.

  18. The solution is real simple: leave the blog up and do what you have to do.

  19. Pam thank you. I still don't get deleting your own blog though. Simply don't blog anymore, sell your computer if you have to but leave your blog up. Many many people have drifted away from Blogging but never deleted their own blogs which takes time anyway. Roast this nut however way you want it still doesn't make sense. Let's say a heart surgeon just took a two week vacation and did some blogging, got called back after only 10 days to participate in a much needed operation. I think he would just leave the blog as is and head back and do the bypass thing or whatever not "oh no I have to delete my blog first."

  20. Count me in as someone who really likes Jennifer.

    She has heart and is truly a kind person. She tried to bring a lot of people together at her blog. Her subjects always made for lively discussions.

    As does this blog.

    I hope Jenn visits here and sees how many friends she has on both sides of the aisle.

    Good luck, Jenn, in all you do.

  21. Z-man, why do you carry on so about people who delete their blogs, almost seems like YOU are the one who is OCDish.

  22. When did you become so negative? You throw a Hustler out not your own blog. So let's say a blogger who deleted their own blog comes back with a second creative rebirth, who's to say they're not gonna delete their second blog hence the OCD. It'd be like a famous writer saying now destroy all my previous work and let me go away.

    Incidentally this has nothing to do with having children just why would someone delete their own blog. For the record no one threw you under the bus. That's your conclusion but it ain't reality.

  23. Actually you do have a point though, why are we even discussing it? I think in some cases it can be a way of getting attention but to show my lack of obsession with the topic this is my last comment for this thread. Good luck to all you do in the future until you decide to undo it.

  24. Z-man: I don’t know who is posting as Anonymous but the person could be familiar with a terrible situation that happened here in our community which included Jennifer, her blog and her children. It caused A LOT of stress for Jennifer, and me and many others; but Jennifer got the brunt of that vicious attack. Needless to say, I hope I NEVER witness such abominable behavior ever again.

    With that being said, I believe that those of us who pour our hearts and souls into our blogs create bonds with them. So, it’s only natural for a person to feel protective of it. And if someone feels it’s important to delete it, then it’s up to us to respect that decision, whether we agree or not. We all have opinions and since they won’t always correlate, the best we can do is express how we feel and permit others to do the same.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. great to see ya at WHT Pam.!:).sorry bout your friend..that stings but ...perhaps she needed to what was best for her at the time..(hugssssssssssssss)


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