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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Unethical Blog Update

As I posted two weeks ago, I’ve been investigating unethical blogs. To date there are approximately 70 blogs which have been set-up that have similarities and all of these blogs have, at one time or another, visited my blog to either attack, ban or cause disruption. Since the investigation has begun, and these blogs have been exposed, 27 have shut down voluntarily.

This inquiry has uncovered three blogs that have stolen the identities of REAL people, but I’m not at the liberty to divulge more information at this time, because it might impede the investigation. The owner(s) of these blogs are, at the very least, disingenuous. They did not set up these blogs for intellectual discourse or even to lend credit to a cause, because they plagiarize and lie... and WORSE...

I have had assistance with this investigation and it has been brought to my attention that click-jacking, mal-ware, viruses, and email hacking has also been involved. The perpetrator(s) are malicious and intent on destruction. This is not a harmless hoaxster or someone trying to get a few laughs, therefore I advise everyone to open emails with extreme caution and beware of new blog followers and commenters.

Most of us are Veteran Bloggers, but keep in mind that there are MILLIONS of blogs in the blogosphere so question HOW new Bloggers just happen to find YOUR blog! Not that you don’t have a “good” one, but generally new followers don’t come in droves, or even a couple in a few days. We know by now that it takes time and effort to get a loyal following and it’s normally the large blogs that get the cyber traffic first...not the cookie-cutter blogs, unless, as my investigation has proven... they are a scam.

As soon as I’m finished with my research, I will submit a final post. Until then, PLEASE be careful of anything suspicious. And keep in mind that one can’t be too careful on the internet.


  1. Thanks Pamela, good point! Looking forward to the final report, hopefully you will name names so we know whom to avoid!

  2. As the old guy used to say on Hill Street Bills, "Remember, it's a jungle out there!"

    So true...

  3. For certain it's a jungle out there Dave. And there are many predators of different stripes. Perhaps one day there will be a bipartisan sleuthing of facts.

    Good luck Pamela, I too look forward to the final report.

  4. Don't you think that there are much more important things to be bloging about? Get over it already and lets get down to the real problems. The problems with the President and his marxist policies.
    Things here in America are bad, very very very bad, and every true American should be thinking about this and what we are going to do about it.
    His Blaming the problems on Bush are nothing but a cop out and lets not stray from these facts.
    I do strongly feel that the American people consider an impeachment before it's too late.

  5. Conservative16: Um, nope, I don’t have anything pressing at the moment. But if you feel the need to rant about Marxist’s policies and impeaching the president, feel free. I’m sure you have more than enough blogs to accommodate your agenda.

  6. Hey, I feel the need to spread the word about marxist policies, but I find it interesting that an anon person is trying to get you to stop investigating.

  7. Blue: ROFLMAO!

    It would appear that this investigation has unearthed a troll. I haven't had an Annonymous commenter in EONS!

  8. Good for you,Pam!
    The internet is valuable for so many reasons.It allows us to delve deeper into the issues than what most media presents, as well as allowing us to spread and share that knowledge.

    Those who attack and intimidate or hack and spread viruses/malware are in a very real way infringing on our freedom of speech.

    Thank you for your commitment to a safe blogosphere for all of us.

    Thank you too for your informed and supporting comments on my posts as well. I hope things are good for you and yours.

  9. A valuable public service you have given us, Pamela (and I might add that this IS a bipartisan endeavor since you and Shaw have been working on this with due diligence).

    To some extent, I think all of us from both sides of the isle have been victimized by our respective parties. In a free and open democratic society, we should be having a free, open, and honest debate instead of verbal slugfests and vituperation. I blame the 24/7 news media for sensationalizing the melodrama when they should be focusing on the issues.

    A case in point: I wandered over to BPB's blog and read his post on DADT. It offered a refreshing perspective that points out when highly qualified and trained soldiers are suddenly dismissed over DADT, military operations are compromised due to the loss of personal . This is an important perspective that never receives a fair hearing.

    When discussion groups degenerate into potshots and name-calling, and fly-by trolls drop verbal bombs (as Conservative16 has demonstrated above), then we are cheated out of having a substantive and on-topic debate.

    Angry words beget angry words; and adrenalin stirs more adrenaline. Knowing how trolls and cyber-terrorists operate should help restore civility in our blog discussions.

  10. Well, thank you. I thought no one was looking.

    There are things that transcend ideology. I know that this is one of them.

  11. BPB, your DADT post was not the only one. Above it was your collection of quotations from moderate Imams ... voices that we seldom hear and should be heard. That post did not go unnoticed either.

  12. Truthfully, I think nothing is more important than as bloggers cleaning up our own backyard.

    What kind of country, what kind of government do you think we deserve if we allow people to steal the identities of others and or to blog lies and distortions?

    If there is not integrity in individuals then there cannot be any in the government either....

  13. Out of curiosity why did you call me a Troll? I've been writing on message boards for over 3 years. Is it because to didn't agree with my message?

  14. Conservative16: Well, your "name" has NOT been on my blog, however, your location has been and that is where the trolls have generated from in the past.

    It's also odd that an Annoymous person pops up to tell me what I should be spending MY time doing. Kinda like the trolls telling me where I can go and who can visit my blogs.

    But tell me, if you have been visiting web-sites for 3 years, why not have a profile? Why so secret? There's always cartoon pictures you can use and then the name "Conservative16". Maybe then people will take you seriously and not call you a troll.

  15. Pam, I am beginning to see a trend. After the first wave of fake blogs was outed by you and Shaw, there seems to have been a regrouping.

    For example, Conservative16... he now has a blog that looks a lot like like some of our other favorite blogs. Same followers, writing style, and more important for me, same commenting system.

    Now we have another new entry, Grandmazaza. Again, same followers, [after only a few days] same writing style, same comment system.

    Is it unreasonable to think that perhaps one of these new bloggers might have stayed with the blogger system supplied by google?

    I doubt it.

    I am wondering if they are, as someone else suggested, now just sitting in a back room hacking away with the sole purpose of taking up our time refuting their drivel.

    Could be...

  16. Shame on you Dave..
    I resent that! However, I can't argue with your opinion. You are entitled to it, no matter how inaccurate it may be.

  17. Conservative16: Ah, no, the SHAME is on YOU...if you have enough decency to even feel shame, that is.

  18. Pam, I am assuming you know sleuth...

    his outing of granny was classic...



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