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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Calling Out Unethical Bloggers!

I feel it’s important to conduct oneself in an honorable manner on the internet and I’ve behaved properly since my first social networking gig, which was MySpace back in the day. When I decided to begin blogging I knew I would continue my good behavior not only because I wanted to maintain my respectable on-line reputation but also because I didn’t want anyone I knew to read something unsavory written by me. I can say with confidence that after 3 years of blogging I have maintained my respectable behavior and will continue to do so.

I’m not proud of some bloggers who actively and knowingly tried to censor other blogs. You can read the story here. I’m a firm believer in our 1st Amendment and I’m ashamed that Conservatives have been named in this Digg scandal. It makes those of us who are respectable and noble look bad. I would like to go on record right now by saying that I denounce anyone, Right or Left, who engages in sleazy behavior. I also oppose bloggers here in our community who pose as Conservatives to disrupt dialogue and cause trouble and those who blog with an explicit agenda, like those on Digg, and will turn on you for being an independent thinker.

I and a few other Bloggers have had run-ins with Conservative-blogger-posers. They would come on our blogs and give us trouble because we conversed with Liberal Bloggers and visited Liberal Blogs and when we didn’t concede they called us names, blogged unfavorably about us and when those tactics didn’t work, they banned us. In one week’s time I lost 60 followers. I thought that was really odd, but now that I know that these blogs are actually owned by a handful of people it explains why most of them haven’t been posted on in almost a year and why at least 30 of them have celebrity photos or pictures from over-seas advertising sites as their profile photos. I understand some people don’t wish to use their real picture on the internet therefore they use a photo of a pet or a cartoonish-type picture or even an avatar, but when a person uses a picture from an advertising site and allows commenters to assume it’s him/her—that’s deceitful and these Blogger-posers have done just that.

These bloggers have set up fake blogs and have gone as far as stealing the photos of REAL people for their profile page. Yes, they steal photos of real people from Facebook and other social network sites. This is a problem because these fake blogs have ideas and opinions posted all over them that DON’T match the opinions of the identities that the bloggers stole. This is IDENTITY THEFT and not only is it illegal but it’s also reprehensible. These bloggers also plagiarize by copying/pasting comments written by others onto their fake blogs but give no attribution to the original writer. They do this with comments also. Anyone participating in any of these behaviors should be ashamed of him/herself! And any blog that has been set up or used in a deceitful manner should SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY.

There is nothing worse than a person who has no integrity or honor and would stoop so low as to steal something—especially an identity. Even if some of these followers are real, I find it difficult to believe they would want to follow a fraud, a liar and a thief, therefore they must be one in the same person, OR these people have no character either. And if that’s the case then I wouldn’t want them to read my blog let alone follow it—I would much rather have a handful of loyal, honorable followers than a hundred dishonest ones!

A blog, to me, should be informative, or at the very least, entertaining. The cookie cutter blogs with authors who rant and rave are a dime a dozen. I can turn on my radio to hear the “talking points”; I certainly don’t want to read them on blogs, too. Give me some substance. But substance is what these posers are sorely lacking because they lack moral character! (Not to mention English and Grammar skills!)

It’s too bad we can’t send them all into cyber-space… for real! The only thing we can do, fellow Bloggers, is what we’ve been doing—keep blogging and acting honorably. WE will prevail because these deceitful trolls have no stamina, no courage and no perseverance. So, hold true to your values and strong to your convictions and we will beat them.

I want to say thank you to Shaw at Progressive Eruptions for the work she has done at exposing these posers and thank you to Blue Pitbull, Infidel and The Swash Zone for supporting her. We may not all agree on politics, but we DO agree on principles and that’s because we know UNETHICAL behavior when we see it and DECENT people stick together.


  1. Thanks for posting this. Many people will read what you or BluePitBull say who wouldn't read a liberal blog.

    It's especially bad when the sock-puppeteer steals not only a photo from some other site, but also the name that actually goes with that photo (as with the "Just Sue" case which was the first one discovered -- the person whose picture was stolen is actually named "Sue"). That really is identity theft, not just misuse of a picture.

    The behavior is bizarre because there's no obvious point in setting up several blogs which are all alike and say the same things -- unless it's to try to make one's views look more widespread than they really are.

  2. Infidel: I posted this at RN USA, with permission from Les, who added an Editor's note. He's on board with us too. And as you can see from my post, I wasn’t afraid to link the Digg scandal, which Octo brought to our attention. Even though it's about Conservatives, I believe in telling the TRUTH, because bad behavior needs to be exposed regardless of which side perpetuates it.

    I found another blog called Eric's Eyes where the photo stolen was of a man named Eric M from Australia! So, the Sue incident isn't isolated. Shaw began this investigation and I'm doing my own and I’ll send her the results. EVERY blogger should be concerned with this because it's just plain WRONG! And if a person doesn't see the immorality of this then there's something wrong with that person.

  3. I think it does boil down to the right wanting the blogosphere to look very much conservative leaning with the number of conservative blogs way out numbering the liberal ones. So in order to do this a few mentally challenged bloggers went WAY OVERBOARD!!

    Great post Pam!

  4. He or she is not going to back down. They will just make another blog with someone else's photo.

    I believe it's the same person across several blogs. If you look at the language, especially when they get mad, they omit linking words or leave off plurals. Watch. It's the same everytime. It's someone typing very angrily and fast. This person needs help. I also suspect that the blogger Time who had a nervous breakdown online is somehow connected.

    Pretty soon they will make a Japanese conservative blogger and use a 1950s picture of Godzilla as the avatar.

  5. Personally, its been a real joy slapping these people around and saying anything you want to them because I realized a long time ago they weren't real...

    Read a few blogs and you realize real quick which ones misspell the same words, which ones say exactly the same thing and or post about the exact same subject....

    Then if you read their comments on other blogs...again they say the same thing over and over....

    Its all cut and paste.

    Lets be honest, to blog for a week and all of the sudden have over 50 followers?

    Out of a billion blogs that exist 50 people are going to find a new blog in a week?

    That could only happen if there is a conservative welcome wagon committee...

  6. Nice post Pam...

    BPB, I'd like to see that Godzilla blog, or maybe Rodan.

  7. Tao, you said somewhere before that you blog because you like it, for enjoyment.

    For the vast majority of the conservative blogring, it is more about a cause, like a crusade.

    As such, anything goes.

    Even if that mean making up personas to appear famous and like there are a million folks reading you.

    BTW, I am fast at work coming up with a list of false liberal personas to combat this vicious fakery from the right.

    Why should they have all the fun.

  8. Great post, Pam. Glad that we've found a subject both conservatives and liberals can agree on.

    BTW, a commenter over at my blog, Nameless Cynic, found that two blogs you investigated, Mary, Mary QC, and Eric's Eyes, have been deleted.

    That's two fakes down, and dozens more to go.

    "Just Sue" blog has shut its blog to "invited readers" only.

    The real Sue, whose photo was stolen, may feel somewhat easier now, but unfortunately her photo is still on a lot of blogs as a "follower," even though she had nothing to do with that action.

    Keep up the good work Pam!

  9. I left this comment at Rational Nation earlier today. For convenience and relevance, here is a reprint:

    For historical purposes, here is a link to an article written about Pamela’s first ordeal with cyber-thugs, A BLESSED KRISTALLNACHT TO ALL. When I reread this article earlier today, I noticed that the names of Pamela’s tormenters were redacted; it seemed the polite thing to do at the time. In retrospect, it turns out that the redacted names have resurfaced in Shaw’s research. How ironic.

    To borrow an analogy, whenever the Israelis and Palestinians start peace talks, suicide bombers start killing people to sow resentment and derail negotiations. To a lesser degree, cyber-thugs have the same goal in mind. They hijack bipartisan comment threads, disrupt conversations, sow anger and bitterness. They attack conservative and liberal voices in equal measure; they steal blogger IDs to confound and confuse. These people are terrorists, pure and simple.

    In some respects, our country has turned into a partisan apartheid. Each side clusters in tribal fashion with their own kind; each regards the other with incomprehension; and each side gets their facts from different news sources. When partisans separate themselves from each other, they no longer share objective and reliable information, their views tend to become more extreme, and the partisan divide deepens further. That is what polemists, propagandists, and terrorists seek to accomplish. Do we really want to fall sucker to such tactics and divide ourselves even further?

    Perhaps we should reconsider and return to the bipartisan table ... and put these thugs behind us

  10. Dave I'm anxious to see this list of fake liberal blogs!

  11. Yes, every conservative blogger in the entire innerwebz is all one guy fooling everybody.

    I have no idea who's fake or who's real, and I don't care enough to go looking.

    People come and go, but ideas never die.

  12. I have no idea who's fake or who's real, and I don't care enough to go looking.

    "Fake", in the sense of not using one's exact legal name and real picture, is not the issue. Nobody cares that "Silverfiddle" almost certainly isn't your real name or that your avatar picture obviously isn't what you really look like.

    The issue is one person pretending to be many, which is deceitful, and stealing the identities of other real people, which is worse. And those are things that decent people should care about. The victim in the "Just Sue" case certainly did.

    People come and go, but ideas never die.

    But ideas can be discredited in the mass public mind if people who promote them turn out to be unethical or hypocritical. If you support those ideas, this should concern you.

  13. Wow! I actually understand what Infidel is saying and I agree. I better go read through this again...

    And how dare you imply this is not my real picture!

  14. Well done, Pam, and thanks to you and other conservative bloggers for having the courage to speak out.

    I don't feel this activity represents the rest of the conservative or even extremist base. It's all too apparent that the person or persons doing this is or are unhinged. It certainly doesn't take a psychiatrist to see that Mal has all kinds of serious mental health issues. The minute I firts read a comment of his, I immediately felt he was very sick, needed some anger management skills, and was probably a danger to himself and the rest of society.

    Anyway, I'm proud of you and the rest of your friends.

  15. I just posted this on my blog with a couple of additions:



    FYI: The owners of Progressive Eruptions and The Oracular Opinion have been following some cruel and unethical behavior on the part of right-wing extremists. One of them is "fearthedragon," which may be following you. He uses a generic photo and fans out to people on your blogroll. But there are others.

    As you will see, these goons aren't just paid whores for the GOP or some right-wing nut-group, they can be dangerous and cause innocent people serious harm. One of the cruelest is stealing a photo of a policeman killed in the line of duty and using it for a fake blog.

    This is the latest on Progressive Eruptions:


    Oracular Opinion:


    I want to caution about emails with viruses as well. I have been getting one from a "dinahj65" or something like that. They went to my email spam folder and my virus protecter caught them as well. Do be suspicious and use extra caution with your emails.

    Also, I posted an article and video of Tea Partier Victoria Jackson's appearance on Hannity back in March. But this strange thing kept happening. On April 1, everytime I went to my blog the damn thing would start playing and I'd have to listen to that stupid voice of hers - it was like having a ghost. So, I just took it down. I read a couple of days later that this was apparently Fox's idea of an April Fool's joke.

    Commendably, there are several conservative bloggers denouncing this kind of fraud, unethical and cruel behavior.

  16. I've called them out too. I've not tracked them to their blogs, but I've easily found it when they have posted spams to Shaw's and other blogs.

  17. Oh my word. Some people just have waaaaaay too much time on their hands.

    Have we no more to do with our lives than to do what these Digg people did (never heard of Digg, btw)? And further, who cares?

    I know, I know - integrity, honesty, etc...

    Disrupting conversations is one thing about which I can't really get very excited. Imo, if someone's conversation gets so easily disrupted, then maybe they're a little ADD...?

    What really bugs me is the stealing of pictures thing. My best friend - who doesn't have a blog, but enjoys commenting - had her pic. & 'identity' stolen by a LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE (b/c she is decidedly, unashamedly conservative). Imo, this person did it to 'shut her up,' belittle & indimidate her. Sadly, it worked. With little invested in blogging, she just quit. "Bad, bad conservatives" ?? Not so fast...

    Again, who has this much time on their hands?


  18. I could tell you who the masterminds are, Susannah...

    It's kinda pathetic that they've gotten away with it so long.

  19. Blue: I have a list of 10 blogs right now that have plagiarized. I’ll bet they ALL did! I will be reporting them to Blogger. There is one blog, Suzy’s Thoughts, that actually STOLE work from a fellow blogger! I’m going to email the blogger so he knows and he can email Blogger, too.

  20. Interesting post, and it shows us what the web really is: The Wild West, and it can be just as nasty. Fortunately for me, it seems, my blog just attracts Russians and Ukrainians who "subscribe" and then spam me to death with Viagra ads in cyrillic. I'm not sure why that is - I think they have a thing for beekeepers. It's a shame that a small group of people have to be complete *!$hats and make life difficult for everyone - that is unfortunately true of nearly every human endeavour.

    Good post, I'm glad I read it, so I know what to look out for. The Russian viagra spammers are bad enough.

  21. The photo in "Suzy's Thoughts" is a stolen photo of a CW singer, Suzy Bogguss.

    She grew up and attended schools in Illinois, not in Louisiana as stated in the profile that accompanies the photo in the blog. The fraud also say that "she" is now living in New York. And her "husband" served in the military.

    Interesting isn't it? A certain blogger we both know was originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and now lives in New York, and, Surprise! Surprise! served in the military! Coinkydink?

    Plus, a majority of the posts are plagiarized.

    So what is this "Suzy's Thoughts" blog all about?

    A stolen photo, a made-up profile with the stolen photo, and a bunch of plagiarized posts.

    More BS from the original BSer who's been astroturfing these blogs for a long time.

    But even minor celebs have the right to NOT have their photo stolen by fradulent bloggers and have those fradulent bloggers misrepresent them.

    Who's ever involved in this isn't very smart. Look how easily we've been able to hunt down the cheat.


  22. Shaw: It’s probably safe to assume that good ‘ole Suzy didn’t plagiarize any of her “posts” from Suzy Bogguss’s lyrics!

    Hey, maybe Suzy was giving us a hint—BOGGUSS, as in BOGUS BLOG!

    The way I see it is this, these BOGUS BLOGGERS have 2 choices:
    A.Shut them down on their own.
    B.Blogger will shut them down.

    And you’re absolutely CORRECT—they are STUPID. I know they’ve been copied and pasted from another blog (or comment section of another blog) when the sentence structure is correct and there are no spelling mistakes! These imbeciles can’t string two proper sentences together on their own. How pathetic.

  23. Here's another one I found.

    And here's the real person whose photo was stolen for that blog.

    And, again, most of the posts are plagiarized from other sources, without attribution.

    Stolen photo; stolen posts.

    Is there a pattern here? LOL!

  24. Shaw: I didn't have that one on my list, I'll be sure to add it!

    Of course there's a pattern...if we were making a quilt, we'd have enough for a king size bed by now!

  25. Susannah: I do remember your friend Sandy. There was an issue when her comment was clicked it went to Sgt York the Anti Obama Czar’s blog. His URL was sandysword.blogspot.com. I say “was” because it is one of the 27 out of 70 BOGUS blogs that have been shut down. I anticipate more to follow because if these POSERS don’t shut them down willingly I will see to it that Blogger forces them out of the blogosphere.

  26. Pam~ I'm glad you remember that incident. Though, I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing...the person who 'stole' Sandy's picture (initially, anyway) was a 'progressive.' The incident occurred very shortly after she solidly bested some folks in a discussion (she's wicked-smart, see?). Her picture then began popping up all over other comment pages, attributing lots of wacky comments to her. It was a clear & solid attempt to get her off the boards through intimidation. If her pic ever ended up linked w/ the blog you cite, I didn't know about it.

    I will say, though, that she reported it to Blogger, & had every intention of following through legally, if it went any further.

  27. Tom: This post is about BOGUS blogs that plagiarize and steal identities. You and Blue might not agree, or even get along, but his blog is not fake and he doesn’t plagiarize.

    I will ask that whatever issues you and Blue have that you please keep them out of this comment section as they don’t apply to this particular topic.

    Thank you.

    P.S. I deleted your and Blue’s comments in order to keep the comment section consistent.

  28. Which is fine with me. There are still many faux blogs out there.

  29. Blue: You're right. I'm checking the bogus blogs that were set-up at approximately the same time and then attacked and banned you and me.

  30. Funny that you stick up for a guy that attacks blogs (mine is not the only blog Bluepitbull has attacked) yet get so upset about bogus blogs. There is no honesty, integrity, or class to people who attack blogs. That's enlightening on your judgment.

  31. Tom: I fail to see how deleting comments made by two different people, which don’t correlate to the topic at hand, is “sticking up” for someone. All I’m trying to do is moderate my blog.

    You are correct that there is no integrity in people who attack blogs and THAT is why I’m mad at these BOGUS bloggers. Not only did they attack me, but my readers and my blog, as well.

    They also stole the identity of a police officer who was killed in the line of duty. THAT is heartless and inexcusable.

  32. Tom, are you 8 or something? Pam has been more than fair on this.

    Back to all of these phony blogs...

    Pam, I'll email you my suspected list soon and see if it jives with yours.

  33. Thanks, Blue. I’m curious to see how much they DO match!


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