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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Night Owl

It’s after midnight and here I sit in front of my computer. I’m not the least bit tired. Frankly, I just got my second wind. I’m a Night Owl and I like to be up until three in the morning and sleep until about ten the next day. However, being a mom doesn’t leave allowances for what I want…not that I’m complaining. I just wish I could change my internal clock so that I was able to function like a normal person instead of a hamster!

But there is something about the night that intrigues me and even calls to me. I think it’s the serenity of the darkness, the cool, fresh air and the calm sounds of nature. I love to look at the moon and the stars and while watching them twinkle I think of all the things that make me happy…like being up all night!

One day I will be a true Night Owl. I will be awake during the darkness and asleep during the light.

So, I ask you this…When I am sleeping will I be daydreaming?

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