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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Childhood Desecration

Kids need child control not birth control!

A middle school in Maine is issuing birth control pills to girls as young as eleven without parental consent. This is totally acceptable to an unbelievable amount of people. According to their way of thinking kids are going to have sex so they might as well be protected against pregnancy. I heard one woman say girls as young as nine should get the pill, but eight was too young because they weren’t menstruating yet. I actually gagged when she admitted she’d allow her daughter to have sex that young.

A man said he’d personally hand his twelve year old daughter the pill if she said, “Daddy, me and Johnny want to have sex and you can’t stop us.” Just because a kid wants something doesn’t mean we, the parents, supply it. If my fourteen year old says he wants to drive-I’m not going to give him the car keys.

I’m the parent and it’s my obligation to ensure my child’s emotional, psychological, and physical well-being. An eleven, twelve or even fifteen year old kid isn’t emotionally or psychologically prepared for sex. In my opinion handing children birth control is promoting prostitution. This is beyond ridiculous…it’s corrupt. If we don’t stop this insanity the schools will be doing sex demonstration classes next, using volunteers from the classroom. And I don’t want to hear anymore of the so-called arguments-They’re going to do it anyway or They’ll go to the mall then leave and get a hotel room…blah, blah. The rationale holds no merit as far as I’m concerned.

It’s my job to keep tabs on my child twenty-four-seven. It’s called parenting. If more parents took their job seriously we wouldn’t be in this mess and kids wouldn’t be running the homes or running amuck, and the schools wouldn’t be buddying up with our children. It’s time we parents took our children back and taught them morals and sex education at home and demanded the school perform its actual duty--teaching the three R’s-Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

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