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Friday, November 2, 2007

Accessorizing America

I need help, major insight, a life lesson or a brain transplant. I don’t understand, comprehend or even slightly grasp this trend of accessorizing the word American i.e. African-American, Asian-American, Latino-American, etc. I was under the impression that people traveled to America because it was the land of opportunity; a great country where one could start a better life.

I realize people want to hold onto their heritage and traditions but where is the pride in being an American? Becoming a citizen of the greatest country in the world is your badge of honor, so why wouldn’t you want to scream to the world I’m an American! I don’t understand down playing it by placing some other country before it. If your birth country was so great why did you come to the United States? Go back! If your language is more fluent and efficient than English then go back to your native country and speak your native language until your throat hurts because here in America we speak English. This press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish is for the birds. If it were up to me the recording would say: press 1 for English all others hang up.

But seriously now, if it were truly up to me there would be no recording only English speaking people on the other end of the telephone. I’m not concerned with offending anyone, either. Actually, I’m offended that my country has been hijacked by all these anti-Americans that want to change our national language, the family nucleus, and reconstruct, if not completely annihilate, our constitution.

It starts small with items like accessorizing America and making it a bi-lingual nation then builds to larger items like taking away our right to bear arms or limit our freedom of speech. All it’ll take is precedence, a greedy lawyer and a liberal judge. Sound far fetched? Well, even the illegals have rights and are accessorized. We can’t call them illegal aliens, that’s offensive ya know! They are Undocumented Americans. As I said, I need a major lesson because the only accessorizing we Americans should be concerned with is matching belts to boots.

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