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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Drivers Promote Safety not Licenses

Issuing driver’s licenses to ensure safety on the roads has to be the sorriest excuse the Democrats have come up with to date. This is just a guise to help pave the road to legalize those who are here illegally and no one is going to tell me otherwise.

Giving people driver’s licenses isn’t going to make them drive safer. How many licensed drivers do we have now that operate motor vehicles uninsured? Under the influence of alcohol or drugs? How many of those licensed drivers run red lights and stop signs? Speed through school zones? Or ignore speed limit signs altogether? It’s not licenses that make driving safer, it’s the drivers.

Democrats like to twist words but intelligent Americans know the facts. Issuing driver’s licenses doesn’t ensure anything except that illegals will have an easier way to get jobs, airline tickets, government hand-outs and voter registration cards.

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