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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Printed News Prediction

Political Correctness is getting out of hand. We aren’t allowed to stereotype for fear someone will be offended and the NAACP or some other organization will be knocking on our door seeking retribution. The only place you can get the truth anymore is the blogosphere because newspapers sure as heck don’t print it like it is.

Newspapers sugar coat everything by using words like youths, undocumented American, unidentified individuals, etc. The local news stations report stories that make you want to laugh or cry; but nothing that’s truly news worthy. No one will report Muslim extremist, illegal Mexican, poor black teen, or 18 year old white male because it’s stereotyping. Duh! Isn’t that the whole purpose of stereotyping? It’s meant to serve as a means to identify someone. If a person commits a crime how do you properly identity that person by saying a man robbed the bank? You must identify him! And if the only way you can do that is by stating his skin color or ethnicity-oh well!

I’m going to predict that printed newspapers will be totally obsolete in the near future. They don’t come close to printing real news anymore. They print what their so-called bosses tell them to and they comply because they have no backbones and leave us readers with stories with no substance. Bernie Goldberg hit the nail on the head…there are crazies on the left and wimps on the right! At least in the blogosphere you can get real stories with real substance and political correctness isn’t treated like a religion.


  1. It is me again. Your third sentence should read "sure as heck...," unless of course you don't have a great comprehension of grammar. Based on a previous blog, you could win the award for most consistent spelling and grammar errors. Keep up the marginal work!

  2. Welcome back, Buck. As you can see I changed my comment style. One doesn't need "moderator permission" anymore. I was hoping you'd flit back and check my blog...my spell check is broken and my beta reader is on vacation.


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