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Monday, November 5, 2007

Comment Etiquette

I’m fairly new to blogging so when I checked my blog and saw 2 comments I got excited! Imagine my dismay when I read…

#1. I agree. Do you have spell check?

#2. It should be “play” not “pay” in your blog. Get with the program. Buck.

These anonymous comments were about my “Hillary and the Big Boys” blog and I typed pay instead of play, which I caught and corrected prior to reading these comments. I can’t respond to my anonymous critics, but if I could here’s what I would say…

#1. This blog is about me and my opinions and no one has to agree; that’s the beauty of blogging. Yes, I have spell check, however ‘pay’ isn’t spelled incorrectly.

#2. Thanks for the heads up there, Buck. Sure glad you had time to step out of your life and let me know about a typo. By the way, what program am I to “get with”? You aren’t referring to the spell check program that #1 is talking about, are you? Maybe you could step out of your life again and clarify.

I’ve read a lot of blogs since I entered the blogosphere and I’ve seen many grammatical and punctuation errors, as well as typos, but I’ve never left a comment regarding such. Not only do I believe it’s a waste of time but I think it’s totally ignorant. I’m not sure, but I think leaving comments about an author’s English capabilities would be against blogging etiquette and if it’s not, it should be. But I’m not the blog police, so I’ll just follow my own conscience and not comment on anyone’s typographical errors and ignore those who comment on mine.

My blog does state feel free to comment and I do want feedback, however, I would like comments that contribute to my commentary or are actually constructive. Maybe I need to clarify that for those less fortunate in the cerebrum. Nevertheless, I feel pretty darn good-one typo, not too bad for a new blogger, if I do say so myself. In closing, feel free to comment if you have something substantial to contribute.

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