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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Deportation isn’t Difficult

A Tucson 9th grader and his family were deported after he was caught with marijuana in his backpack. When the principal met with the boys’ parents and asked for their driver’s licenses the parents admitted to being illegal immigrants. The border patrol was called and the mother and her 2 sons were escorted to the Mexican border for a voluntary return while the father was held for formal deportation because this wasn’t his first offense.

Tucson residents and some school officials were up in arms stating that people will hesitate to report crimes in the future if they think illegals can be deported. Some even stated that the punishment didn’t fit the crime. Um, excuse me, coming here under the cloak of darkness is a crime, strike one. Living here in the shadows is a crime, strike two. Not paying taxes is a crime, strike three. Possessing marijuana is a crime, strike four. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime? True. Because it’s crimes, as in plural.

If you aren’t here legally you need to be deported; so, the punishment does fit the crime-perfectly. For the record, I’m all for legal immigration. After all, most of us wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for legal immigrants. I, like most Americans, have a problem with illegal aliens. Taxes aren’t being paid, crimes are being committed, free aid is being exploited, and American Citizens’ identities are being stolen. Illegals are abusing our Country! I heard they don’t want to be called illegals anymore-comparing it to the “N” word and it hurts their feelings. They prefer Undocumented Americans. Pah-Leeze! They are illegal and I will refer to them as such. Hurt feelings be damned. If the illegal aliens want rights and privileges then they need to go through the system, legally, and become United States Citizens.

Until then-round them up and ship them back to their country. It is that simple.

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