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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Correct Response

I suffer from migraine headaches. Thanks to my headache specialist, they’ve been reduced from twenty-four migraines per month to about nine. I take 150 mg of Topamax each day for preventative measures and an Imitrex tablet when one strikes. Sometimes I need two tablets to really break the monster, but they work and I’m so grateful.

A prescription of Imitrex comes in a package of nine pills and cost $359. Fortunately, I have insurance and can get two packages (18 tablets) for $20. My insurance will not pay for more than eighteen pills in any thirty day period. So, these little pink pills are like gold to me. On my last refill the Pharmacist told me she only had one package in stock because their shipment hadn’t come in yet and I could pick up the other package in a few days. This wasn’t a problem for me as I’ve been going to CVS for years and the Pharmacist has always treated me well.

A few days later I arrived at CVS’s drive-thru for the remainder of my Imitrex and a couple other prescriptions. Unfortunately I was waited on by the worst woman in the pharmacy department--this woman never smiles and only speaks when absolutely necessary. I figure her to be a miserable person in general or she just doesn’t like me. I politely told her I was only due one package of the Imitrex. She ignored me, never looked in the bag, handed it to me and gave me my total. I paid then bade her “good day”, which, of course, she ignored. I drove away, pulled onto the roadway then at the red light looked into the bag. Well, there were 2 packages of Imitrex, which meant that CVS was out $359 and I had nine extra precious pink pills.

I had to run some errands and while doing so I knew darn well I couldn’t, with good conscience, keep those pills. But before I went back to CVS, I rehearsed all the things I was going to say to Miss Miserable when I returned them. About two hours later I arrived at CVS, entered with Imitrex bag in hand and strode back to the pharmacy counter. Miss Miserable was there waiting on another customer. Her face never changed from its usual stiff discontent. (I think it’s safe to assume she was mad at the world and not just me). The customer left…my turn.

I stepped forward and said, “I don’t know why you chose to ignore me when I told you I was only due one package of Imitrex. It’s a good thing I’m honest or your pharmacy would be out three-hundred fifty-nine dollars.” I pulled both packages out of the bag. She grabbed the bag out of my hand and said, “Let me see who filled that!” I was flabbergasted that she tore the bag out of my hand. Yes, whoever initially filled it made the mistake; but she was wrong for not listening to me when I told her to check it! I looked at her and said, “The correct response is, Thank you.” I held out my hand for my package of Imitrex, which she handed me and I left the store.

I’m sure it didn’t sink into her bleached blonde head that it doesn’t matter to a customer where the mistake first happened. It could have been prevented had she just listened rather than worry about balancing that chip on her shoulder--and finger pointing has never solved anything. It sure wouldn’t have replaced the missing $359. People who finger point look incompetent, immature and just plain stupid, in my opinion. Figure out the quality control issue when the customer isn’t around. Until then, the correct response is--Thank you.

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