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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hillary’s Hell

Senator Clinton said, “Health Care is a God given right, not a privilege.” I almost choked on my coffee.

A God given right? What the heck was she talking about?

God given rights are the air we breathe, freedom, love…not health care.

What’s next? It’s a God given right for every American to own a house. Every family must have an automobile. Each adult should have a yearly vacation. How about mandatory cable television in every family room. Where would it end?

Well, with someone like Hillary Clinton, it wouldn’t. She wants total control of our paychecks and our lives. She would be worse than communism. She has an inferiority complex, and with power she would be a tyrant. Power would give her a false sense of self-worth. She would believe herself to be above reproach-almost God-like, which would make life for freedom-loving Americans, hell on earth.

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  1. The current economic situation is shifting focus away from the war, even on it's five-year anniversary. There doesn't seem to be much media attention regarding the comments by Senator Clinton that we should retreat and end the war "we cannot win."

    What a wonderful sentiment to my two friends that are over there currently risking their lives: the potential next President of the United States has already dismissed our efforts as futile.


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