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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Support the Students at Live Oak High School

Chris W at My Thoughts On Freedom started a campaign on behalf of the students at Live Oak High School in California who were harassed by fellow students of Mexican decent for wearing American flag t-shirts on May 5th. The Mexican decent students said it was disrespectful to THEIR holiday, which is Cinco de Mayo, the day that the Mestizo and Zapotec Indians defeated Napoleon’s Army. Cinco de Mayo is actually more celebrated in American than in Mexico because Mexico’s Independence Day is actually September 16th.

The principal at the High School didn’t have enough backbone, or American pride, to stick up for the students, so Chris W wants to show these students that we support them!

Chris says:

America is under attack. Our history, our culture and our way of life has been assailed by forces from within to the point to where if you celebrate America and what it stands for, you are called a racist, a Nazi or a tea-bagger.

The latest assault on America came last week when five high school students in California were sent home for the day because they chose to be patriotic and wore t-shirts depicting the American flag on Cinco de Mayo. This act of patriotism was deemed incendiary by one school official and offensive and disrespectful by students of Mexican descent who claimed that this was their day to celebrate Mexico.

This cannot be tolerated. Even though the school's principal has since apologized, that does not begin to address the issue which is this is America and every day we are a free nation is a cause to celebrate that.

To this end, we need to band together to show the anti-America crowd that we will not accept these assaults on free speech and patriotism. We also need to show, not only these five student but, students across the country that they should not be ashamed or fearful of showing their pride in America at any time.

To let these kids know that America has their backs please show your solidarity and send a flag adorned t-shirt or any other representation of the flag to

Flags for Free Speech
c/o Live Oak High School
1505 East Main Ave
Morgan Hill CA 95037

There are approximately 1300 students at Live Oak HS and we would like to see that they each get one.

Thank You.

Let’s stand behind our youth, who have displayed MORE pride and fortitude than some of the adults in this situation! Re-post Chris W’s message on your blog so it will go viral, and if you can, send these kids a t-shirt to show your support.


  1. "America is under attack. Our history, our culture and our way of life has been assailed by forces from within to the point to where if you celebrate America and what it stands for, you are called a racist, a Nazi or a tea-bagger."

    In my very blue, very liberal state of Massachusetts, less than a month ago, we participated in a celebration starting on April 18th where the re-enactment of the "Shot Heard 'Round The World" takes place in Concord, Mass., and re-enactments of battle scenes are played out on Lexington Green. In Boston we celebrated April 18th with a service in Christ Church [Old North Church] and a re-enactment of the placing of the laterns in the steeple, followed the next day by the re-enactment of Paul Revere's ride to Menotomy [present-day Arlington, Mass.]

    Soon we will be honoring veterans who have given their lives in service to their country at the end of May, with parades, speeches, and visits to various cemetaries to honor the dead.

    And Boston is one of the leading cities in the US where the 4th of July is celebrated with great pride and dedication to our history. The Declaration of Independence is read from the balconey of the Old State House every year, rain or shine.

    We celebrate America every chance we get, and not once has anyone been told to stop celebrating.

    I'd like to see evidence of this claim that people are called Nazis for celebrating America.

    Calling the poor judgment of one principal of one school an "assault on America" is hysteria. But it is a good excuse for people to make their unsupported claims that Americans are called racist or Nazi if we celebrate America.

    Remember. It is the people who call themselves conservatives who showed up at Tea Party rallies carrying signs calling Mr. Obama Hitler and/or a Nazi.

    I have been sent numerous racist emails by relatives who live in the south--none of whom identify with the Democratic Party or Liberals. These emails depicted Mr. Obama as an African witch doctor, they showed the White House lawn covered with watermelons, and several conservaative/Republican politicians have been caught forwarding racist emails as well.

    One principal in California who doesn't know how to handle his job properly does not constitute an "assault on America" and what it stands for.

    It seems to me that some people are very quick to jump on the idea that we're under assault over tee-shirts and Cinco de Mayo, when those same people had no trouble with savaging the duly elected president of the US, his wife and family.

  2. Amen, great blog Pamela.. Look, these lying American haters bash Republican Americans every day in every way only because they are concerned about the ridiculous spending and the Socialist direction of this out of control president and the rest of his government. The liberal Democrats (excuse me, I mean Progressive’s) are basically spitting in the faces of American Patriots because they won’t drink the Socialist’s Koolaide and who are trying to save their Country.
    If we don’t like the way things are going in the country we have the right to protest. Just the way the Left protested at all the Republican conventions, only without the riots!
    At this very second….ARIZONA is pleading with Obama, once again along with Governor Brewer, to stop the INVASION of ILLEGAL’S into their state Illegal’s who are CRIMINALS….FELONS…. And people who feed of the public troff, and who are determined to take over this country. All we ask is to close the borders. And what to they get, they get called the old Leftist favorite term “RACIST” .
    And by the way, Harriet Miers was a failed nominee, do you think this PUTZ will get the same treatment?
    Every day we see this country sinking lower and lower we are getting close to the point of no return. We see these scumbags doing whatever they can to kill us and one day they will. Wee see the kids in schools being punished for wearing American flag Tee-Shirts and the Muslims given more and more rights. This just goes to show the ignorance of the people that are running the country and what happens when Liberals take over control. If you support Obama and his Regime, you support a Socialist regime, you are against freedom, liberty and our constitutional republic and the notion that all of our rights are inborn and are given to us by our creator. You support the biggest threat to our country that American has ever seen. A president with the most arrogant, attitude in the history of America.

    Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
    State Capitol
    West Wing
    1700 W. Washington, 9th Fl.
    Phoenix, AZ 85007

  3. Shaw Kenawe said...I have been sent numerous racist emails by relatives who live in the south--none of whom identify with the Democratic Party or Liberals. These emails depicted Mr. Obama as an African witch doctor, they showed the White House lawn covered with watermelons, and several conservaative/Republican politicians have been caught forwarding racist emails as well.

    OMG, another assault on southerners.

    It's simple. This is the United States. The children were wearing American flags. Why were we encouraging a perceived ethnic celebration especially in a country polarized by leftist politicians and a marxist regime?

    1. It's clear that the hispanic students are completely ignorant of what Cinco really is about.

    2. The vice principal should have been suspended and given a chance to take some of the 'wonderful' sensitivity training they offer the state employees.

    "One principal in California who doesn't know how to handle his job properly does not constitute an "assault on America" and what it stands for."

    It wasn't just one school, nor was it just one incident and you know it. There was another high school in Texas where a student removed a Mexican flag.

    I firmly believe so-called Mexican students that were rallying outside and beating on defenseless wheelchair ridden victims should be given Mexican-reintegration training. Since they love Mexico so much and know how wonderful it really, truly is...perhaps they should go there for 30 days and live in a shack with no AC in the middle of summer with no screens in the windows. Many of those girls were dressed like hookers, I'm sure that wouldn't catch the crowd of kidnappers in Monterrey and M.C. and especially the border towns. The boys could try their little crap bravado against boys the same age who don't just shove, but stab and play for keeps. Then maybe, just maybe, they will understand how great our country truly is. I doubt it, though. We don't teach kids to be smart these days. We teach them to be co-dependents and maladjusted whiners.

  4. I commented on this at Rational Nation. I'll expand a bit here Pamela.

    What the hell have we become as a society?

    Every kid in that school should send a message to us wise and patriotic grown ups by wearing one of the flag tshirts. They are learning this crap from us. Not patriotism and honoring the Nation that was built by people from all over the world. No. The kids, left or right leaning wre taught that hate and division are now the American way.

    There is room for diverse cultures to celebrate their heritage in our Country. WE ALL CELEBRATE THE FOURTH OF JULY. Christians celebrate Easter. Jews celebrate Hannukah.

    Why in God's name do we make a big deal out of this? Everything turns into an attack on patriotism or this guy or that hates America.

    German heritage is a big part of my hometown. The beer flows and the accordians fill the air with music.

    A few kids either thought they were making a statement for America or they were trying to provoke something. The lesson we're teaching them is not one of patriotism and "Give me your tired. Your poor and your hungry." It's hate them because they're not "like us."

  5. Or perhaps we are teaching them to be patriotic.

    As I said, there is no reason during this polarizing regime to encourage nationalism to a bogus third world country that most of these kids either don't remember or haven't seen.

    Oktoberfest is a little different than Cinc. I've never been to an Oktoberfest where the teens start trying to beat people for waving an American flag.

  6. I could take a potshot and say you think Cinc is different from Oktoberfest because white people celebrate Oktoberfest BPB. But I won't because in your case that's nonsense.

    Here's an opportunity for Obama and a righty of note, a Justice Roberts or someone of stature, to go to that school and bring a message of hope and patriotism. But it won't happen. We'll get parents and instigators from both sides there. One side calling the other America haters and telling them to go back where they came from. The other calling them racists and nazis.

    The hate will continue. God bless America.

  7. Why even think of that potshot in the first place. Are you projecting racism on me? I love my city and the culture and the people, so you were right in assuming not to cast that on me, but again sad for even approaching the subject to try to get a kneejerk reaction from me. Try Mal, he angers quickly and holds grudges like most Arab countries.

    My point was well received but you can deny the logic all day long.

    I fail to understand how sending Roberts to that school will produce anything but further chaos across the three branches. But again, that is an Alisnsky tactic you sly white devil.

  8. Wait, I know an important righty...

    According to the news, Elena Kagan is a righty. Let her go deal with this.

  9. Truth said - "I commented on this at Rational Nation."

    I guess you used a special electronic time activated disappering embeding techology.

    Anyhoo, While seeing your point I don't agree with your conclusion.

    "Give me your tired. Your poor and your hungry." It's hate them because they're not "like us."

    The qoute above is your's Truth and it is a blatant lie and and a slap in the face to real Americans today as well as a slap at one of your hero's Teddy Roosevelt.

    I suggest you go refresh your memerory as to just what T.R. had to say on the subjest of immigration. You can find it as I posted it fairly recently.

    Now there is work to do.

    Good Day Sir.

  10. I offered a solution. A teaching moment. Whatever you want to call it for this.

    Disappointingly BPB and RN chose to continue the path of let's keep hating on the other guys.

    Can we for one thread come up with something(s) that would make this something positive? That may well be out of character for most of us but it might make Pamela happy if one time she didn't have to remind everyone of her blog rules.

    Nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage. We have St. Patricks Day and we're all Irish that day.

  11. It is true that there is nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage, no question. Again, the point that is either too slippery for you to grasp or you are intentionally ignoring again is that when it becomes violent and polarizing that it's not a good thing.

    This is a polarizing issue and the little snot nosed brats that were in the street protesting because a few kids, one of them incidentally of hispanic descent, displayed a few American flags. It does not matter what their intent was. It is their right as citizens of this nation to display the flag.

    Again, we see the logic of the neo-liberal. If something doesn't fit into your agenda, rationalize it away. Sadly, all you are doing is unnecessary spinning for a few at the top who don't care about you in the least. But, you're too smart for that, so why do it?

    Protecting a bunch of malcontents (the actual kids) that are on the street in a near riot (if they could work up the courage) only lends legitimacy to their phony cause.

    No one down here sees Cinco De Mayo as anything more than a chance to drink and drive, ala Oktoberfest or, as you say, St. Patrick's Day. They have lost their social context. These kids celebrating this took this a step too far and there have even been threats of violence against these flag wearers. For what? Using their rights and liberties? This is really no different than some hippie burning a flag in the street. No one runs over to stomp him, right? Doesn't happen. So think about that next time before trying to turn this into a racial/polarizing argument.

  12. @ Truth - This not about hating the other guy. I would say speak for yourself but I won't because I know you don't "hate the other guy" either.

    Having a different view, even passionately, does not imply hate. It implies just what it is... a difference of opinion.

    If disagreeing implies or confirms hate Truth then I am no doubt hated my a decided majority. Why... because I am an independent that refuses to conform to the dictates of another. Whether they be left, right, or in between.

    Your buddy TAO didn't seem to understand it, perhaps many others fail to as well.

    Now I must go and love my fellow man and woman.

    Good Day Sir.

  13. we should get behind them Pam..spot on girl !!

  14. We, well, "they" can use this as either a teaching moment for all our kids, or make it a law and order issue with no winners in the end. Just more suspicion and hate. If it fails what are we out? Some time? Big deal. I'd rather try to teach angry kids that their anger is misguided than throw them in jail and wait for them to come out hardened criminals we can throw back in jail every five or ten years.

    This Nation is about hope for a better life. Let's show our kids that we mean it.

    That is my point. Forgive me for having empathy.

  15. I think it's a little more than just having empathy (and passive aggressive insults in your case).

    There is a mob mentality in this country that's being cashed in on by the media and the president whose only other job was organizing mobs.

    A teaching moment? The teaching moment should be that we live in a great country and not to have false nostalgia for something you've never seen before. Instead, we give these kids the impression they can blow off school and that they know more about life than actual adults. The TRUTH is that they don't know dick.

  16. You forgot to add the tea baggers to your mob mentality list BPB. Or maybe you didn't forget because they think like you so they can't be mobsters.

    And I dug the passive aggresive thingy also. Looks like you remembered some stuff from your psyche exam of awhile back. Octo and Pamela must be proud of you.

    I'm neither outraged or surprised you would rather give up trying to teach a generation of young Americans empathy and pride in our Country. If it 'weren't for your feud with Helga nad Malcontent, you would really be quite boring.

    That passive aggresive enough for you?

  17. You seem angry. And frustrated. And confounded.

    You are a genuinely angry person. You have to resort to attacks to keep your angry little group happy.

    Your words do nothing to me. You aren't quite the puppeteer you think you are.

    That good enough, you passive aggressive?

  18. On the whole, the guy that came up with "welfare sucking whore" was less boring than you BPB.

    Face it my right leaning counterpart. Without Malcontent, you're Sominex. Good night.

  19. You're only saying that because you're angry and trying to pit us against one another. Need a hug?

  20. 'Sides, if I'm your right leaning counterpart, does that make you really boring?

  21. So many points to be made about this:

    1) The people who object to the flags show a small-minded reactionary sort of intolerance.

    2) There should be NO place or time in the US where the American flag is not welcome.

    3) I'm more pro-immigrant than just about anyone else around here, but if these hatemongers (the students offended by the flags) hate this country so much, why did they come here? Go home.
    I'm not serious about this, of course. Just making a point about people who come to a place and proceed to vent their hatred for it and its people.

    4) Loving this nation does not mean that you hate Mexican-Americans.

    5) Not only are the America-haters at the school stupid bigots, they know nothing of history. As Pamela pointed out, it was "the day that the Mestizo and Zapotec Indians defeated Napoleon’s Army." So if they really need to work up a frenzy of hatred, why not do it over the French flag?

    6) Congress should move the Flag Day celebration to May 5. A big "up yours" to the haters.

  22. blue: "Oktoberfest is a little different than Cinc. I've never been to an Oktoberfest where the teens start trying to beat people for waving an American flag."

    To complete the analogy, you'd have the old German-American Bund beating up on anyone who waved an American flag during Octoberfest. An old racist hate group to correspond to the nasty anti-American bigots at the school.

  23. let's teach our children some of the thingsd Dmarks said. Or call them thugs and demand they be out in jail. Jaoil will always be ready for them.

    Ah Blue. Your right leaning friends have created blogs and done countless posts attacking me. Whether or not I'm boring doesn't matter. I'm happy being notorious.

  24. Dmarks made many good points.

    Truth - I don't think of you as notorious. You haven't been that since people stopped running in droves to attack you. Trust me, it's hard for me to think of you as notorious when only the talking points crowd attacks you.

    The fact remains that the American flag should take precedence over any other country and that maybe Truth should go to the school and explain to 500 Mexican-American students that are angry and falsely empowered why they should have hope and patriotism. I'd love to see how that worked out.

  25. Truth said: "Or call them thugs and demand they be out in jail. "

    They acted like thugs, so I am merely being accurate in calling them thugs. "Children" such as these do not belong in schools where they assault and intimidate others.

  26. Speaking as a left-winger I have to agree with Pamela on this one. There was no legitimate reason to object to the flag shirts. Nobody seems to object to them on other ethnic holidays.

    If the students claimed that the American flag is "disrespectful" to Cinco de Mayo, doesn't that logically mean they were saying that Cinco de Mayo is anti-American? How else could an American flag be disrespectful to it? Not a message they should want to send.

  27. WE fly the American flag with a light that shines on it during the night.
    I as an AMERICAN will never tarnish or leave that Flag to be slandered by idiotic people Americans or not.
    If you continue to let these horrable things happen in our Great Country we will never be able to turn back.
    If the Mexicans continue to fuss about their rights, how about going back to Mexico where you had none.
    As for the angry person on this site I pity you how uninformed you are.
    When I was a Dem I was just like you.
    Now I have seen the light.
    Peace to you all and God Bless America.

  28. Okay, fine. You want Mexicans and other Latinos to go away rather than welcome them as fellow Americans.

    The best way to defeat your enemy is to make him your friend. Lincoln said that. Why do you people ate what lincoln and I stand for?

  29. I don't think I've eaten anything you stood for.

  30. Truth said: "Okay, fine. You want Mexicans and other Latinos to go away rather than welcome them as fellow Americans."

    Not sure who or what you are referring to. I am referring merely to the lowlifes who object to the American flag and who assault others.

    I do not assume that they are a majority among Mexicans and Latinos.

  31. dmarks said...I do not assume that they are a majority among Mexicans and Latinos.

    Ah, another good point. Our lovely city is home to roughly the same amount of hispanics as Phoenix. Most that I've talked to identify themselves as American. I find it fascinating that these youths are so pro Mexico. It almost makes me wonder how much of this is 'stirred up' by the schools and media.

    So to all of the lefties here trying to compare other holidays with what is happening in schools via this Cinco de Mayo, you are either being intentionally ignorant, or you are being dishonest. We have so far established two major points:

    1. The kids turned violent over the display of the national colors.

    2. It has no true comparison to any other ethnic holiday if this sort of behavior is going to occur.

    Again, around here Cinco de Mayo is just an excuse to get drunk just like any other 'ethnic' holiday. You won't see anyone hanging out the Mexican flag in San Antonio unless it's the Mexican consulate.

  32. It's things like that that makes my blood boil!
    This cannot continue in a healthy society and culture. Diversity of this sort has been choking the life out of America. If you have followed this on the Facebook site for these 5 boys you can see the patriotic feelings being awakened in a cross-section of Americans. Americans are fed up and it's about time we contend, face-to-face with these ''organized mobs'' from La Raza.
    Everyone should Email the school and get rid of this Un- American jerk.
    Principal: Nick.Boden@mhu.k12.ca.us
    Assistant Principal: Miguel.Rodriguez@mhu.k12.ca.us
    Morgan Hill School Superintendent: wes.smith@mhu.k12.ca.us
    Deputy Superintendent: bonnie.tognazzini@mhu.k12.ca.us…
    Asst Superintendent HR: jay.totter@mhu.k12.ca.us

    Contact the CA State Senate representative (for Morgan Hill District): (re: state aid)
    Note to Mexicans, and Politicians.

    Americans WON The Southwest in the customary fashion of day's struggle. Mexico signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848).

    End of story.

    Now if you ILLEGALS, and others, want a war I for one will fight again as I did in the past for that which is legal and right
    We will be called racist - but what else is new?
    The liberal Democrats want to grant what amounts to amnesty and eventual US voting rights to up to 20 million illegal aliens and plausibly 20 million more of their foreign immediate relatives who the liberal Democrats want the legalized aliens to be able to bring here. The vast majority of those legalized aliens would be Mexicans.......

  33. IT's easier to hate and have a closed mind I guess.

  34. You should know all about hate since you espouse it everyday for anyone who disagrees with you. And you do it in such a passive aggressive way.

    How bout that post about the Tea Party lacking in the genitalia? Seriously. You can't pick and choose your hypocrisy.

  35. That post was expressing sympathy for those who feel they must compensate for the guilt and shame they feel of their hateful and backward views BPB.

    The "small penis" is a metaphor for their small minds.

    I don't hate. I pity and desire to help. If reason and patience doesn't help the deluded see the light, sometimes a good slap of satire is needed. For others, there is sadly, no hope. They choose to live in a world of fear, suspicion and hate. They seek out others of like mind and in many cases form a Tea Party branch.

    I look forward to a treatise on this subject from you should you decide to continue your studies of psychology Bluepitbull.

  36. No you don't. You said I was boring. Your attempt at satire is just you playing to a crowd of the same zombies that frequent the malcontent site, only left.

    Getting people on the left to agree with your 'pity' and ridicule of the Tea Party is lazy. Certainly you can do better than that. Or maybe not.

  37. I didn't think we were in any kind of competition BPB. If my finding you boring hurt your feelings I am truly sorry.

    I'll go read Malcontent's blog to reset my minds boredom factor so you will seem more exciting.

  38. Not gonna work this time, champ. Not gonna work. I really don't care what you read.

  39. Ny suspicion is that these kids wore the T-shirts simply to bust some Mexican chops. And yet, it's still a free frigging country, is it not?

  40. What the hell did that entire statement even mean?

    Yes, it's a free country. What the hell does it matter what purpose these student had in mind when wearing American flags? Nothing.

    You big government types are laughable. Does it hurt being so stupid?

  41. How did you derive from those 2 sentences that I'm a "big government" guy? All I said was that, while it may be true that these kids were simply being obnoxious, it's still America. And in America, we DO have the right to be obnoxious. I cite, specifically, Rush Limbaugh, Keith Olbermann, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Ed Schultz, etc., etc.. pit bull is right. LOL

  42. What do talk show hosts have to do with the implication that they were being obnoxious? Prove malicious intent or shut it.

  43. You, who, based on literally NOTHING WHATSOEVER, accused me of being a big government type, has the audacity to dump on me for speulating that teenaged boys wearing an American flag on Cinco de Mayo may in fact be trying to tweek people. Incredible.....And, no, I will NOT "shut up". I will speculate until the cows come home. And if you, Mr. angry partisan dude, doesn't like it, I suggest that you skip over my comments. Good day, sir.

  44. Don't fret over BPB too much Will. He knows his opinions are baseless drivel so he tries to goad responses from his intellectual superiors in an effort to become relevant to Helga and her reactionary horde.

    Thank you for your service to our Country BPB. I will support a tax increase so the VA can get you the help you need.

  45. Ah, I see T101 scurries out from under the refrigerator to bring up my VA benefits again. I've already stated my case there. Why don't you go back to playing people you don't like against each other and posing as a right wing blogger and stop taking cheap pot-shots in an attempt to get a rise out of me. Not gonna happen.

    As for the other left partisan hack, I will skip your comments. They make no sense.

  46. Did you send me an email, Truth? Cause..I'd like to think you could cognate better than the dribble I just got. Please tell me it wasn't you.

  47. That's intersting you would ask BPB because I just had acouple email exchanges with a guy who wanted me to be tougher on the righties.

    The email account I use on the blog has no tracking capabilities so I was wondering if it was legit or you trying to goad me into a feud to help somebody's traffic.

    No matter. I'd goad you either way and expect no less from you.

  48. Interesting. Wasn't me.

    I can give you the text of the email here:

    Seriously, BPB, you ought to either man up or shut the hell up....shut it down already you fool, you're no match for a Liberal. 101 has eaten you up and spit you out! your screaming don't make you any more of a man. there is no help for a fool like you.

    Didn't think it was you, just checking. I thought you wrote better than that.

  49. That's virtually the same thing the guy with the "initials" R. F. sent me.

    Well. At least somebody is entertained by this. He linked Rachel Maddows site and said he hung out there.

  50. Wait...what VA benefits do you think i'm using? I pay for my healthcare if that's what you're talking about.

    I would never use the VA system of doom and apathy.

  51. Interesting post. I agree that a show of support is in order. Which is why I composed something for my blog to show my support for the wronged party. I titled it "Racism is Patriotic And Other Right Wing Delusions". Check it out if you're interested, or if you can't figure out what my opinion on the subject is based on the title of my post. Or don't -- I'm sure most people will not.

    bluepitbull said... What the hell does it matter what purpose these student had in mind when wearing American flags? Nothing.

    It was the basis on which the principal made his decision to send the students home. So clearly it did matter.

  52. Assistant principal, and let us not forget, it was a racially tinged decision. He clearly thought that the student's shirts were offensive.

    But you fail to see that it is their right in this country to use their 1st Amendment rights to whatever extent they see fit. I'm guessing if it was a crucifix in urine and they were sent home, you would be up in arms.

    To sad that you've had weeks to ponder your sad, sad retort, which is not a real answer.

  53. hey girl...what's going on with Israel is un real ..see how Hussein O has shown his true colors?...ugh!..hope alls well!

  54. W-dervish said: "Which is why I composed something for my blog to show my support for the wronged party"

    I read your post, and you were piling onto the victims (the wrong party), and supporting the thugs.

  55. It's ok. w-dervish proves that one is the loneliest number :(

  56. It wasn't too many years ago that anyone wearing a replica of the American flag anywhere on their clothing was arrested and thrown in jail.

  57. bluepitbull said... you fail to see that it is their right in this country to use their 1st Amendment rights to whatever extent they see fit. ...w-dervish proves that one is the loneliest number.

    BPB, your accusations on my blog that I had "nothing of substance to say", and that you "took a crap this morning with more substance" amount to nothing more than a pathetic ad hominem attack. You obviously did not read my post. I know this because I addressed the first amendment issue. If you had actually read my blog your comment would have addressed my claim that these student's first amendment rights were NOT violated.

    Instead you attacked me and addressed NONE of the points I made. Which you continue here. You can take your ad hominems and stuff them where the sun doesn't shine, because clearly YOU are the one who has does not have anything of substance to say.

    dmarks, I said the Flag T-shirt wearing students need diversity training. I hardly think that amounts to "piling on". I also do not see how the other party taking objection to these student's insensitivity makes them "thugs". What an utterly ridiculous characterization.

    WomanHonorThyself, WTF are you talking about??? Our President is standing by Israel instead of condemning the murders of nine people! Sure, Israel, the people whose murder you are responsible for were al-qaeda terrorists. Their fabricating a story this ridiculous proves they know they f'd up -- because shooting someone FOUR TIMES in the head clearly isn't self-defense!

  58. W-Dervish: I don’t see any attacks here by BPB, so if they were done on another site, let’s keep them there, okay?

    As far as your comment to Woman Honor Thyself, how, pray tell, is SHE responsible for ANY murders?

  59. What? LOL!!! Your entire post on your lame blog that you incessantly link WAS an ENTIRE ad hominem.

    You are an angry, hateful person and I hope you don't procreate so that there are more of you.

    Pam - good to see you again hun. Everything OK?

  60. Pamela, BPB's "one is the loneliest number" comment is a jab at my blog and it's lack of traffic or comments. He's done it before HERE on THIS blog. Whenever I link to my blog, you can usually rely on BPB to comment on how pathetic me and my blog are.

    Anyway I presume that your next admonition will be directed at BPB? If his previous attack was too subtle for you to see it for what it was... take a look at the comment directly following yours. He thinks he's gotten to me. How else do you explain this nonsense about me being angry and hateful?

    Actually, I appreciate his taking the time to stop by my blog and read (at least some of) my posting. I thank him for his comments... they were hilarious. He says my blog lacks substance, but then proceeds to bash me instead of saying anything about how this is the case. Not only that, but he simply echoed the comments of the Right-winger who posted prior to him. He couldn't even come up with anything original. It's pretty sad if you think about it.

    Regarding my comment to Woman Honor Thyself and how she is responsible for nine murders... huh? I said Israel was responsible.

  61. Whenever I link to my blog, you can usually rely on BPB to comment on how pathetic me and my blog are.

    You just can't help yourself, can you? Your blog sucks janissary, or dervish, or whatever.

  62. This Bluepitbull is an interesting character study. He spends an inordinate amount of his time seeking out those he believes he can push around.

    Perhaps this is to compensate for some self perceived intellectual inferiority. I recommend reading books and watching History Channel to Bluepitbull lest his schizophrenia and desire to compensate for his lack of the many things he lacks lead him to more rash acts than simply being a nusaince to other bloggers.

  63. BPB, I could say your blog sucks as well, but I was only there once. All I remember is that it didn't hold my interest... perhaps due to a lack of substance.

    Nice looking dog though, if that is a picture of your actual dog. It's a good thing our pets like us even if we're jerks to other people in life. Or on the internet.

    Now I'm going to go back to what I was doing, working on a new post for my blog.

    One last thing though... very astute observation Professor. I think you've nailed it.

  64. A nuisance? HA!

    I suggest that you watch anything and read anything before attacking me when someone that plugs his blog like there's no tomorrow picks a fight and calls all republicans racist.

    His intellectually lazy comments and ignorance of current events demonstrate all we need to know about progressive/liberal swine in this country. Creating a new blog to agree with yourself accomplishes nothing and only serves to show what a fool you are.

    None of his comments were thought out and his blog is boring. And now you have bored me. Bye-bye.

  65. And while we are making sure to plug "your blog" perhaps you should switch to entertainment or something. I'm sure the Lohan scandal is right up your alley. Then it might be worth a peek.

    Maybe some recipes for falafel or whatever your pallestinian loving ass cooks.

    In the meantime, stop trolling and trying to get hits. You are boring.

  66. From Wikipedia: In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community...

    BPB, I am NOT trolling. I wrote an on-topic response to Pamela's post. I don't think any of my comments were inflammatory either. If anyone is posting anything inflammatory it is YOU. I wouldn't describe me or my ass as "Palestinian loving".

    Although I would describe your last comment as inflammatory. Also another word, which I decided not to include in this comment. I suggested on my blog that the Live Oak High School flag T-shirt wearing students could benefit from some diversity training. Maybe it would do you some good too.

    BTW, I have ZERO interest in the Lohan scandal. Politics are where my interests lie, and will remain the focus of my blog.

  67. Wrong again. The pro-Mexico students could use a lesson in patriotism to THIS country. You blog is not relevant to anything and you are a hate monger. Diversity is a buzz word for tolerance, which hasn't gotten us anything but mediocre quota people in the government and our armed forces.

    Until the prospect of diversity is replaced with the word "American", we will continue to be mediocre.

    p.s.: Your blog is boring and lame.

  68. Oh, btw, if you ever want our dogs to have a play-date, I'm sure mine could use a snack.

  69. How, exactly, is someone who believes in tolerance a "hate monger". I think you are describing yourself. Clearly you are a racist. I didn't use the word in my last post out of respect for Pamela. However, I also believe I have a right to defend myself when I am attacked. Calling someone a hate monger is really over the top. Especially when there is no evidence to support your ridiculous accusation.

    That you'd actually want your dog to kill another dog, I believe that shows what kind of a person you are. I use a image of one of my dogs as my profile picture because I love my animals. You obviously don't give a damn about yours, since by encouraging it to hurt another animal you'd be risking having it put down by the authorities.

    Even if a "joke", I think this gives a illuminating insight into your hateful psyche.

    BTW I don't care what you think about my blog, so you can shut the hell up about it. Your harassment isn't going to change my behavior in the least.

  70. Oh, I've finally brought out the very small, weak, impotent beast in w-dervish. It's really funny if you think about it.

    Trust me champ, if you talked to me this way in public, things would be a little different, but I don't think you possess the mental fortitude. That said, it's not a direct threat, but an illustration of your false bravado brought on by the perceived empowerment of the world wide web. You know you wouldn't talk this way in real life, but I would. Perhaps it is time for you to understand my weak constitutioned friend, that the days of misinformation and quasi-intellectuallism of the vastly uninformed is numbered. The days of visceral and cold retribution against the liars like you are coming.

    In essence: Don't write checks your fragile ego can't cash.

  71. A lot of words that amount to nothing. Should I take your post as a threat indicating that you intend to track me down and beat the stuffing out of me? Not a direct threat?? What "visceral and cold retribution" should I be worried about?

    You are correct that I wouldn't say anything I've written to your face. I try to avoid confronting a-holes in person. Primarily because it would be pointless. Physical violence doesn't prove anything. Just because you could probably beat me up doesn't make you right and me wrong.

    Fragile ego? That must be you again. Otherwise, considering how bored you are, why is it that you keep responding? With every post it seems you are getting angrier and angrier and becoming increasingly incoherent.

    I don't know if it is more funny, or more sad. In any case, I'm the one who is getting bored -- with your continued personal attacks.

  72. (In response to a previous post of BPB's that I initially missed) I never said, nor do I believe that all Republicans are racist. I just said that you're a racist, which, IMO is pretty obvious. So, you're attacking me for a generalization I never made, yet it's OK for you to make one of your own by declaring Progressives and Liberals to be "swine"?

    I am a fairly large consumer of news, so I hardly think I'm ignorant of current events. You came to this conclusion based on the fact that my opinion regarding current events differs from yours?

  73. Stop calling me a racist unless you have some proof, which you don't. You started this entire conversation by attacking my opinion with an intellectually lazy comment which revolved around a racist vice principal who made a bad choice and should be fired.

    Calling me a racist because I support the boys' rights to wear the flag of our country in our country is even more intellectually lazy, but that seems par for the course with you. And "your blog".

  74. That isn't even close to what actually happened. I did not use the "R" word until you accused my ass of being Palestinian loving (which, now that I think about it, also sounds homophobic). Another piece of the puzzle was when you voiced your opposition to diversity training. Or perhaps you are just opposed to diversity in general, I wasn't clear on that.

    Talk about being "intellectually lazy", you're reaching a lot of conclusions for which I see no facts. Why do the Hispanic students need a "lesson in patriotism to THIS country"? Since when is celebrating your heritage unpatriotic? My guess is that they love America just as much as the White flag T-shirt wearing students.

    Their problem wasn't with flag T-shirts in general (or with the America flag); it was with the students they perceived were deliberately trying to provoke and disrespect them.

    Obviously you don't get it because you just don't care about anyone else's perspective but your own. I think people can disagree on this subject and it doesn't make either side necessarily racist. Of course you'd like it if Pamela thought I was calling her a racist, which is why you're making this intellectually dishonest argument.

    Also, I don't know what makes the Principal a racist. Maybe I'm wrong, but I assumed the guy is White. You can say he was being overly PC (a term Conservatives invented to make it seem like there was something wrong with being pro-diversity and against misogyny) but concluding that he's a racist is simply ridiculous.

    Also, why the heck should someone who has apologized be fired?! (I believe this is further proof of how full of hate you are. Someone apologizes and you can't accept their apology and move on).

    BTW, I never came out pro-Palestinian or anti-Israeli. That's an intellectually lazy conclusion you reached bashed on my condemnation of the recent flotilla killings. People have the right to protest if they do so peacefully. The protesters did not have guns, the Israeli military did (whether or not they were otherwise "armed" is under dispute).

    In any case, I think the Israeli military had the upper hand, and it was their responsibility to see that no deaths occurred.

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. I'm done discussing with you. You just admitted you knew nothing about the vice principal.

  77. That's a cop-out. You said I "needed to Stop calling [you] a racist unless you have some proof, which you don't". I gave you my proof (your own words), and you've got NO reply.

    Except to say that I can't comment because I don't have enough info. And encourage me to kill myself, which everyone who checked the box indicating that they wanted follow up comments sent to their email address knows.

    I read the Libertarian blog Pamela linked to. I read the local news story. I think I read enough to be able to formulate an informed opinion.

    So... I guess you win the argument? That is, if ad hominem attacks (and lots of them), threats against me and my pet, plus wishing I were dead equal winning. In your mind they probably do.

    BTW, the VP's name is Daniel Galli, which doesn't sound Hispanic to me. The article does not say, although if he were Hispanic I think the article would have mentioned it. Don't racists usually side with members of their own race?

  78. The five teens were sitting at a table outside Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, Calif., on Wednesday morning when Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez asked two of them to remove their American flag bandannas, one of their parents told FoxNews.com. The boys complied, but were asked to accompany Rodriguez to the principal's office. - From Fox News.

    Wrong again poochie...

  79. What's the fascination with five junior tea baggers dudes?

    A hot chick running for governor in S. Carolina is putting out man.

  80. Far as I can tell, that psycho Sanford can't be trusted since he's been lying to the people of SC and his family for a while now.

  81. My mistake. You must be overjoyed. Daniel Galli is one of the student's names. I read the story closely the first time, but when you insisted that the VP was a racist I went back and quickly skimmed it... and made a mistake. I guess I'll have to drink that antifreeze now.

    I went back and read it again, and see that the VP's name is not given. But I guess you're right -- with a last name of Rodriguez (according to the fair and balanced Fox News) -- that's proof enough that he's a racist.

    BTW the Fox News story says the decision to send the boys home was made by "administrators". Meaning it wasn't entirely the racist VP's call. The Principal's name is Nick Boden (I'm positive). Is he a racist Hispanic?

    For the record, I stand by what I've written on my blog.

  82. For the record: W-dervishes blog might as well have been cntl-c, cntl-v from Olbermann.


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