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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sometimes Honesty isn’t the Best Policy

How about a story that doesn’t pertain to politics and who said what nasty thing about whom? A story about a little boy, his pet and how his mother had to decide if telling a little white lie was the best course of action.

Preservation of Innocence is just that kind of story. Based on my son, Austin, his pet hamster, Raptar, and me, his mom.



  1. Personally, I think you did right, he'll learn soon enough about death.

  2. There are times when a little white lie is better than a big black truth.
    ..even hamsters know that!

  3. Pam I have to tell you, I had a lump in my throat throughout the whole story!! Teary eyed too!

    You did the right thing Pam. I was thinking before I got to the end how hamsters have short lives and the next time it happened at least Austin would be there with his little Buddy!

  4. Bitter-sweet story. You did the right thing and it brings back a few memories from when my girls were about Austin's age.

    We had a hairless rat that was so ugly only it's mother could love it. Except we did too - I mean really, really loved it. The poor little thing didn't live but a couple of months. After it (?) died,the three of us moped around for weeks. The girls didn't want to see their friends and I was just as depressed.

    These little critters just don't live very long and it's always a heartbreaking time whether they have or don't have hair.

  5. NFO: I think I did the right thing, too. They aren't young and innocent for long, are they?

    BB: It's not often that a little white lie is better, but in this case, it was.

    Sue: After Raptar died, Austin said, "I can't go through that again." He still doesn't want another hamster, and he worries constantly about Kommit. I tell him to worry about "today". He's a lot like me, although I've gotten much better about the "worrying" thing.

    Leslie: I had mice when I was younger, and I even loved them! Animals DO get into our hearts (example will be in my next story about Kommit and my dad!). It hurts like hell when they die, but I wouldn't trade it because they bring us so much joy.

  6. Great story. And I agree you did the right thing.

    Our son had a pet European button quail that he kept in a cage in his room and in a short time had trained "Joey" to sit on his chest and peck at bird food.

    Poor Joey fell into his water cup one day (these birds are very small) and caught a bad cold. We tried to save him, but failed.

    My son was inconsolable (only 7 years old at the time) and if I could have done what you did for your son to save him that heartache, I would have not hesitated.

    Your story brought back memories of my son and his unfortunate friend, "Joey."

  7. I Liked this Story when I First Read it, Pamela. I Got Distracted and didn't Comment, yet now that I'm Back, I Remember Reading it and want to Say Thanks for Sharing it.


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