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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Caption This!

I always see these Caption posts and thought I’d give it a try. If it works out well and readers have fun, I’ll do them more frequently.

The winner will be chosen by my family and me, and in the case of a tie, will be broken by my mom or dad. I’ll announce the winner in a separate blog post.

Here goes...

Caption this...

Picture compliments of: NY Daily News


  1. "No, this is how the Andy Griffith Show theme song goes. . . ."

  2. Our preference would be to get a shelter dog, but, obviously, a lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me.

  3. "OK, you can take my picture...but don't be using it for a 'Caption This contest"....

  4. One moment please.....yeesh, this cough drop is sour.

  5. "One moment, please. The teleprompter is down."

  6. "Yeah, Boehner can kiss my a**. And this is how he should pucker up."


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