Blog Policy and Rules

The Oracular Opinion is a bipartisan venue where all political views are welcome and civility is expected. Insults and attacks of any kind will not be tolerated. If you chose to ignore this policy your comment will be deleted without notice or explanation. Pamela D. Hart reserves the right to advertise, recommend or ban other blogs and no one is permitted to cut and paste, copy and/or write the comments and/or topics from another blog in the comment section of The Oracular Opinion without permission from Pamela. If you choose to ignore this policy your comment will be deleted without notice and/or explanation. It is expected that you stay on-topic and Pamela reserves the right to delete any comments that, in her opinion, steer the discussion off course, consequently she reserves the right to do this without explanation and/or notice. Pamela reserves the right to ban anyone at anytime without notice and/or explanation from The Oracular Opinion. For those who like to throw around “censorship” be advised that The Oracular Opinion is not subjected to the terms outlined in the Bill of Rights due to the fact that The Oracular Opinion is owned and operated by Pamela D. Hart therefore The Oracular Opinion is exempt from The Freedom of Speech provisions in the Bill of Rights.

One final note: Pamela D. Hart considers The Oracular Opinion her private domain and as long as you conduct yourself in a civil manner and follow the rules established herein you will always be welcome. Remember, just because you are hidden behind a computer screen doesn’t mean you should hide your dignity.

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