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Monday, September 17, 2007

Legislatively Lame

I‘ve decided that instead of being Politically Correct, I’m going to be Legislatively Lame. I’m sick and tired of labels, excuses and trying to remember the “correct” word and phrase for everything I say.

Could someone tell me why a person would want to be labeled manic? A vegan? A survivor of such-and-such abuse? Co-dependent? Why do people want to hand their power over to someone or something else? Where is accountability? Responsibility? Biting the bullet? Owning up to it? Those days are long gone, I'm afraid.

I’m teaching my children that we all have free-will and with that gift comes choices. The wrong choice can produce unpleasant consequences. When my son says, "It's not fair," I say, "You're right, it's not. It's life and you better get used to it." I don't want my sons to grow up wimpy. I want them to be men. Our society has emasculated our men. We want our men to talk about their feelings, cry, be emotional and wishy-washy. I want my man strong, confident and not be afraid to belt someone in the nose if the situation calls for it!

Men and women are different. We think, talk and act uniquely. It's our genetic makeup; you can't change us! And why would you want to? For Political Correctness? Now that's a crock. Why can't we call a spade a spade? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, why do I have to call it a waterfowl? It's a damn duck! If someone has white skin then the person is white. If someone has black skin then the person is black. What is the problem with this? If a woman is a blonde and there are blonde jokes being told and she doesn't like them, why can't she just walk away? Or how about just laughing--they are funny. No, we have to scream emotional abuse and harassment and hire a lawyer. We have become a nation of cry-baby-finger-pointers.

Our insurance rates on vehicles and healthcare are sky-high. Why is that? It's not just the lawyers, either. A person can choose not to sue. If it's true negligence, then I'm all for suing. However, if I place a hot cup of coffee between my legs while I'm driving and get burned, I am not going to sue the coffee house. It was my own stupid fault. Judges need to start throwing ridiculous cases out of the court room. However, until we get judges with backbones, we have to accommodate everyone least we offend their nationality, race, hair color, or work ethic--or lack thereof.

Because if we offend someone they will become depressed and bedridden and have to under go therapy...and my goodness we better give them money so they can lie around and cry about their lot in life, because it would go against their right to pursue happiness if we told them to deal with it...life isn't fair!

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