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Monday, October 5, 2009

I’m Back

I’ve been away from the blogging community for a little while…reasons I won’t get into now, but a few from the community are aware of. I thank those who cared enough to inquire into my whereabouts. You find out a lot about a person when things get a little out of kilter in your life.

It’s absolutely astonishing, though. Blogging is very similar to Soap Operas. I haven’t really missed a thing! The bashing is still there. The ugliness. The vile comments made against others. What is wrong with people?

I realize I will NEVER be able to change people let alone politics, but it makes me sick to my stomach how people treat one another.

Our country is in a terrible mess. If unemployment were calculated correctly it would be an average of 17% nationwide. Our interest rates are low only because the Feds have the rate stuck rather than allowing the market to fluctuate naturally; or it would be double digits, also. We are in a war in Afghanistan that is failing and young men and women are dying daily. We have violence in just about every city, where our youth is killing one another—NOT with GUNS, but with boards and their fists! Our Congressmen and women are at one another’s throats, which then makes us go for the jugular of someone who has a differing opinion. Heath Care Reform is still a mess. The possibility of Cap and Trade could tax us into poverty. Fellow Countrymen far and wide are losing their homes and not able to feed their families. Not to mention people are experiencing serious health issues on a daily basis that terrify them to the point where they don’t even confide in their closest friends or family members. They bare the brunt of their terror— ALONE.

Yet what are we doing in the blogging community and mass media? Writing smearing, disgusting comments, when we COULD be trying to figure out a way to work together to fix our country, which has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Our Representatives are liars, cheats and thieves. Yes, all three, because where you find one, the other two are sure to follow. They need voted OUT! We need to band together as a Nation and get the bums out of office. We need honorable people representing us. Men and women who are willing and able to do the RIGHT thing.

Just as we need honorable people in the blogging community. Our journalists have let us down. True media has died. So, we need bloggers to give us reliable information. And we need them to do that in an honorable, respectable manner.

I am still a Conservative, that hasn’t changed. I am still disenfranchised. I still do NOT like the avenue that Obama and the Democrats have turned us onto. But I will NOT turn ugly and dishonorable over it. I will NOT defame. I will NOT be disgusting and vile. Not even to Obama. I will probably write a joke or two—tastefully, however; because that is MY belief.

In short, I am back. I have learned a few things during my sudden, unexpected sabbatical. My lessons will probably be reflected in my writing. But you’ll have to wait a few days to see how that plays out.

For now, just know that I’m glad to be back and I hope you all will welcome me.


  1. Hi. I just stumbled across your site from some comments of yours on other bloggs.. and thought I’d tell you that you have a fantastic blog and how much I enjoyed reading it.

    I can understand that there are tons of things that are way more important than blogging
    I guess work comes before blogging. Grrrr… the trials of life. LOL
    Welcome back.

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  3. Welcome back to the blogosphere. For all it is, good and bad, it reflects what people think - and allows them to blow off a little steam.

  4. Our friend and colleague, Shaw Kenawe, has had a recurrence of cancer. This is her second bout in as many years. This year, Shaw has suffered other setbacks as well. Earlier this year, her sister passed away. And she worries about another family member who is gravely ill.

    On top of this run of bad luck, Shaw is also being harassed by a cyber-bully. I can think of nothing more hurtful … to be attacked at a time like this.

    Shaw and I exchanged several e-mails earlier today. With her knowledge and permission, I have put up this post, Stop the sadistic and sexist cyber-bullying now!.

    Please drop by and leave a kind word for Shaw. She is a good person who deserves our support.

  5. Pam, so glad you are back sweetie!! I really do think that we share the same brain waves! This post says everything I've been feeling too! Maybe I should just write....see Pam's post. LOL

    I've been trying to keep my head in politics but feeling the way I do, it's been difficult.

    What goes around as conservative now a days, is not the same conservative we believe in! It's become something irrational, vicious and arrogant. I am definitely not a liberal by any means, but I find myself distancing myself from all this other petty crap!!


  6. To Whome This May ConcernOctober 6, 2009 at 9:51 AM

    I am deeply sorry to hear this news about Shaw. I know what a hardship this terrible thing is.
    I sincerely wish her the best.

    I have been around the biospishere the past few days and I have read some awful things written by liberals about us conservatives..Today after reading these things, my thoughts are catalyzed by those hostile liberal comments I’ve read on some blogs and the insincere left-minded posts regarding conservatives who disagree with Obama and his ideas. I am glad to stand apart from you. You are an angry, insatiable bunch. You do the exact same things that you criticize others for, and then you go bonkers.

    We can stand on different sides of politics without being so hateful.

    Get over yourselves already, you people on the left. Everything is not about you. It is about America. I and other Americans are tired of your over-used, emotional, race-baiting nonsense.

    I have seen some pretty hostile conservatives, but right now the disappointment in Obama is catapulting the left into heights of total and complete confused anger. I say confused because they believed in him so much. Their scrambling to defend him is a requiem of their fear. Conservatives have always been able to criticize their own and do it regularly. Liberals can't and won't find fault in themselves

    That’s all.

  7. To Whom This May ConcernOctober 6, 2009 at 10:03 AM

    Jennifer said...
    "What goes around as conservative now a days, is not the same conservative we believe in! It's become something irrational, vicious and arrogant. I am definitely not a liberal by any means, but I find myself distancing myself from all this other petty crap!!"

    Well Jennifer, lets not put this blame on Conservatives ..
    I am a Conservative and I am very proud of it.

    I can VERY EASILY turn your comment around and say ..
    "What goes around as democrats now a days, is not the same democrats that I once knew some 10 years ago or so.

    The democrat pary was hijacked by the so called LIBERALS and the SO CALLED PROGRESSIVES and they are the most radical bunch of trouble makers that I know of.
    So please with ALL due respect please do not put the blame on US.
    I never wrote any of those thigs that I've seen floating around on Truths board or on Shaw's board.
    They themselves have written it and they themselves have baited us to comment about it. And that my friend is what you call "petty crap" If it is to stop, then a good start will be for them to stop it. If liberals want to end the storm of name calling ... A suggestion to them is to "grow up and stop it themselves...

    Thank you and may God Bless Shaw and keep her well.

  8. It is interesting how our vision changes as we are exposed to certain things. Yes I have seen some pretty hostile conservatives, but right now the disappointment in Obama is catapulting the left into heights of total and complete confused anger. I say confused because they believed in him so much. Their scrambling to defend him is a requiem of their fear. Conservatives have always been able to criticize their own and do it regularly. Liberals can't and won't find fault in themselves, it would be so self-loathing. Instead they grow more and more agitated with their own ignorance and try to cast the abstract name calling as a diversion because there is no good argument for them right now. How scary is that. All this they do because they are emotional children looking for answers where there are none, because liberalism is illogical no matter how you slice it. And the real pity is that whenever Obama's faults are brought out and brought to the Leftist's attention, they get up-tight and go on the attack against the messenger, with all barrels .
    Sorry if my rant was too long. This blog is great.

    As for the person that you all are talking about "Shaw" I don't know of her but I wish her all the best of luck and Gods speed to a fast recovery.

  9. I agree, May God Bless Shaw and keep her well. My heart broken over this.

    And now people I think it's time to stop chastising BluePittBull. He took down that post and it's time to move on to the topics that are so pressing here in America, the monstrously complicated Democratic bill that they call health-care reform.

  10. Missed you Pam! Glad you are back! I just about quit blogging myself due to all the incivility. I was tired of the bashing and getting nowhere with people. I'm still not as motivated as I once was. I hope to read more of your blog and that you don't go anywhere!

  11. Welcome back Pam, it's good to read you again. I look forward to your future posts .. Yours is one of my favorite blogs to follow.

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  13. Octo, why don't you stop me? You run your mouth alot with floral terms and fun word combos that mean absolutely nothing.

    My heart sincerely goes out to Shaw's dilemma. I hope that it works out.

    I had no idea that she was in such dire straits.

  14. Bluepittbull, your answer is because
    "Octo" like to start trouble. That's his/her middle name. This person is an instigator. Someone that dwells on causing grief to their fellow blogger that is not of the same liberal persuasion as they are.

    To him/her you meant nothing.

  15. Welcome back indeed.

  16. Professor: Welcome aboard. Thanks for the compliment.

    LL: I agree; blogging allows us an avenue to express ourselves and hopefully spread some truth; because THAT is important—truth, honor and justice.

    Octo: Yes, Shaw is a very compassionate, wonderful woman that has come to mean a lot to me. I am hopeful she will come through this with flying colors. Her courage and determination should be an inspiration to all of us.

    Jennifer: And I should write “See Jennifer’s post!” LOL. With all the negativity lately it’s no wonder so many of us are disheartened. Let’s hope we can bring some optimism and dignity back to blogging. The media sure as heck won’t!

  17. I have been around the biospishere the past few days and I have read some awful things written by liberals about us conservatives..Today after reading these things, my thoughts are catalyzed by those hostile liberal comments I’ve read on some blogs and the insincere left-minded posts regarding conservatives who disagree with Obama and his ideas.

    To Whom It May Concern: I’ve been around the blogosphere, too, and I’ve read some awful things written by Conservatives about Liberals. So, it goes BOTH ways. Neither party is innocent of that type of behavior and if you think one side is worse than another, then you are acting naive.

    Our country didn’t fall apart on January 20, 2009. It has been going downhill for years. We Americans have had our heads in the sand and haven’t been paying attention. We are to blame for the condition of our Country, because we have been electing the same clowns to office election after election. Now that the proverbial straw broke the camel’s back, we want to point the finger at ONE party, but that isn’t fair...they are BOTH AWFUL.

    I’m truly glad that many Americans have finally taken their heads out of the sand and are taking an interest in what’s going on. I am appalled, however, at the horrible vitriol that is taking place. We can’t blame one side. We also can NOT blame Truth and Shaw for these problems. THAT is just plain ridiculous.

    Truth writes satire, so let’s get that straight once and for all. I’m really tired of hearing how “hateful” and “evil” he is. No one forces anybody to read his blog and no one forces some of the Conservatives that go there to name-call and insult. So, again, it goes both ways.

    Shaw is NOT to blame for the current condition of our Country, either. She does NOT write hateful things. She may write about Beck, Limbaugh and Palin, but her posts aren’t hateful. No more hateful than anything I’ve written about Obama, Hillary, Pelosi or the Democrats.

    Just because people write differing opinions doesn’t make them wrong or evil. If that is the case, then I’m evil to the Liberals, because I don’t agree with Obama. I’m angered over the accusations that if I disagree with Obama I’m a racist. But here you are accusing the Left of “hate-speech” (my interpretation) because they speak out against Conservatives. What’s the difference? Only whom we speak out against or whom we support. We need to keep things in perspective here.

    As far as They themselves have written it and they themselves have baited us to comment about it. And that my friend is what you call "petty crap" If it is to stop, then a good start will be for them to stop it. If liberals want to end the storm of name calling ... A suggestion to them is to "grow up and stop it themselves...

    As far as baiting…how does a fish get caught? It opens it’s mouth.

    Maybe EVERYONE could take your suggestion, because Conservatives are just as GUILTY. There is just as much name-calling on the Right as there is on the Left.

    Just MY observation.

  18. Ken: Thank you. I think there are a lot on the Left that are enamored with Obama and that makes it difficult to see him clearly and to admit when he makes a mistake…can you say MAIN STREAM MEDIA? It would be great if more people, on both sides, could call a duck a duck when it quacks. There is no shame in being wrong. It’s those who see the TRUTH and admit it that have the most power.

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  20. Throwing Stones: Yes, Blue did the honorable thing and deleted the post. I think health care is EXTREMELY important. It seems just about everyone you talk to these days has a health issue or knows someone who is ill.

    James: I can empathize with you. During my short sabbatical I lost interest, too. I’m still not back into the full swing of things. I hope that will change, because I’m full of spunk and I’d hate to lose that because of some idiots that don’t know how to “play well with others”.

    Debonair: My dude! You were one of the first to follow my blog at its inception. It’s so nice you’re still here. It means a lot, thank you.

    Blue: I know you weren’t aware of Shaw’s situation and I also KNOW you are sorry.

    Carolina: If you have an issue with Octo, then please take it up with him on his site. My blog is NOT a venue for you or anyone else to bash another. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with my blogging policy. Thank you.

    Kat: Thank you! And for you, Welcome Aboard!

  21. Way to go> Fire away and don't hold back. Now, I better get back in bed before my son finds out I am poking around the blog sites. He is downstairs with my grand kids, after posting my blog for me.

    Welcome back.

  22. I'm new to the blogosphere and just feeling my way through it. I'm trying to use blogs like yours to find blogging friends and to join into the discussions that interest me.
    Thanks to the help of what Im Always Right said...
    And if this is all true and my research has shown that it is true then I would have to side with the conservatives here.
    However..like our old friend Rodney King said, 'Why can't we all just get along?

    LOL, Never happen!

  23. Ralph, I agree with you.

    By the way you have a very nice Blog.

    I'm also new at blogging.

  24. Oh Right, the lefties are being Sooo nice..
    This was on Truth101's blog TODAY!

    Grung_e_Gene said...

    Total bullshit from blogger Carolina Kat! Tax Problems? The Right be all in favor of Tax Resisters in the Obama Cabinet.

    Keeping More of Your Money is the whole Kit & Caboodle of the Right. And since all Taxes are theft, Geitner is morally free to resist an unlawful tax through whatever means possible. That's all Geitner did...

    Geitner's problem is that he is controlled by the Corporate Socialists who run the Punk Ass Bitch Republican Party and demand to have middle class taxpayers take their losses while they privatize their profits.

    As far as Polanski, he should be tried and when convicted face the punishment.

    Right Wing Cowardly Chicken Hawk Punk Ass Bitches like to claim they know morality but they only apply morality to Democrats and engage in Special Pleading for themselves.

    Just like they like to claim they support America... Punk Ass Bitch Conservatives only Support America when they are in charge and are using the power of the Federal Government to kill and steal.

  25. Truths About Liberals
    1. Always expect the worst from a liberal and you will never be surprised.

    2. Never try to reason with a liberal. They disregard any evidence that conflicts with their beliefs.

    3. You can always tell what liberals are up to by what they accuse you of doing.

    4. Liberals don't debate, they argue.

    5. The only standards liberals have are double standards.

    6. Liberals feel, conservatives think.

    7. Whenever you don't understand a liberal's motives, just look for the money.

    8. Liberals cannot be embarrassed. They lack the gene to blush.

    9. The Liberal creed is, "Do as I say, not as I do.

    10. Liberals get older, but they never get smarter.

    11. There are no honest liberals. If they were honest -- especially to themselves -- they would not be liberal.

    12. A liberal's business is nobody's business, but everyone's business is a liberal's business.

    13. Liberals have an inflated sense of self-worth. They are like house flies that criticize the air-worthiness of a Stealth fighter. (Sarah, Palin, George W. Bush, ad infinitum are morons.)

    14. Liberals lack a sixth sense that is standard equipment in conservatives -- common sense.

  26. I'd check back in to see if the lunacy had continued... and if the lunatics known as conservitives were still at it.
    Yep...Right wing fringer heads are still exploding...lol...
    I'm just sitting back with my Starbucks enjoying reading the wingnuts' comments and happily imagining their pointy little heads imploding this morning. What a great start to my weekend.
    I knew that these knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, Birchers and Birthers were going to spin this. You conservatives gotta stop watching Rush and beck so much... your heads are filled with lies and imaginations.
    Until the jealous bastards on the right known as conservatives start realizing that their behavior is irrational and mean spirited; at that Americans by and large are smart enough to realize it, the GOP will forever be the minority party. We don't need leadership that pooh poohs America at every turn, or deep down hopes for the demise of our great nation all because the guy that they didnt vote for won. You douchebags should be ashamed of your ignorance! I'm going to give you some advice. Don't hold your breath waiting for President Obama to fail. He's going to get most of his agenda through congress. You will soon see just how intelligent he is when we get an insurance reform bill with a public option! Like it our not, you are just going to have to suck it up, the fact is that our President was just awarded one of the most prestigious awards in the world. You are all incapable of evaluating anything Obama does, or the democratic party. Your twisted little "rushbot" steel trap minds can only process negative statements, which you vomit back on politico and anywhere else you can find.

    Since you and your pathetic stars and bars vision for the country was dismissed in the last election, you just keep on as though the GOP did not run our country into the ditch, as though your steaming piles of dung are not having to be cleaned up by all of us.

    The prize is but one reminder of how relieved the world is to be rid of the GOP mind set!.

    Obama has faced the worst piles of elephant dung laid by the GOP since FDR walked into a similar mess in 1932, yet your limp-wristed, childish, and ineffective taunts are as impotent as most of the tough talking gun toting neocon boobs who call Obama a "socialist". So you all can take your pathetic theories and stick it where the sun don’t shine.
    And lets face it, had Bush won you Wingnuts would be beside your self with joy.

  27. Is there a full moon out there tonight?

  28. And here's a new one found on TRUTH SHALL RULE'S blog recently.
    October 11, 2009 8:48 AM

    Grung_e_Gene said...
    “you are a Typical Republican, i.e. A Punk Ass Bitch.”

  29. I’m Always Right: First let me say that I do not appreciate your starting your comment with “Although you meant well.” Please refrain from the condescension, I’m not an idiot. I wasn’t trying to “mean well”. For the record, I MEAN what I say and say what I MEAN. There are NO false pretenses HERE. I do NOT “suck up” to Liberals “just to be friends” or because it is the “in thing to do” or whatever other silly excuse some Conservatives can think up. I AM friends with some Liberals simply because that is what I WANT to do. I believe I have made that clear in previous blogs and comments and my position hasn’t changed and no amount of “quotes” is going to change my mind.

    I am most curious, however, as to where the Conservative quotes are. There are NASTY ones from Conservatives over at Truth’s blog, but you seem to have missed those while copying and pasting. The name-calling isn’t limited. As I’ve stated on numerous occasions, it goes BOTH ways. The quotes you DID post are taken out of context and I feel that is unfair. If you are going to show examples, then I feel the very least you could’ve done is post ALL comments so people like Ralph can see all the facts.

    I’m not sure why so many Conservatives are so obsessed with Truth’s blog. If it is loathed so much, why go there? If I dislike something, I avoid it. Whatever the reason, and you are entitled to it, in the future please refrain from airing your grievances about Truth’s blog or any other blog here on my site—as my blogging policy states. Thank you.

  30. Reverend: Thanks for stopping by. I hope your children aren’t too hard on you, my friend, because your words are always well thought out and come from your heart.

    Ralph: You are new, as per your admission, so may I suggest a little MORE investigative work, because BOTH sides can be vicious.

    Carolina: See the responses above and familiarize yourself with MY blogging policy as I will NOT tolerate this type behavior in the future. My patience is wearing very thin.

    Little Ole Me: I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make or what qualifies YOU as an expert. But I believe your list could encompass many individuals in general. If you feel the need to psychoanalyze people maybe you should get a psychology degree and write a book, I hear one can earn a lot of money with books these days.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. According to a very old African legend, there were horse-like creatures that roamed the earth many eons ago, half of them all white and the other half all black.

    The white equines drank sweet running water but tasted only bitter grass; whilst the all black equines ate sweet grass but drank only foul-tasting water.

    Neither would share with the other, and they argued and argued ... and argued and argued ... until, one day, their Creator came down to Earth and intervened.

    Their Creator turned all of the equines into black-and-white-striped creatures. Since they could no longer tell each other apart, the equines drank the sweet-running water and ate the sweet-tasting grass without any further argument. Henceforth, they became known as “zebras.”

    A rather instructive legend, I think. Please be gracious guests and honor Pamela by being civil and peaceful ... as she has requested so many times.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Nap Queen: Again, and boy am I TIRED of repeating myself…there are lunatics on BOTH sides. Have you not read anything in this comment section? Here I am defending the Left and you come on and hand them ammunition on a silver platter with all your insults and mud-slinging! Not to mention I do NOT approve of foul language; so please familiarize yourself with my blogging policy, that way there will be no confusion in the future, thank you.

    I appreciate your admiration and approval of Obama; but I do not share your sentiments. But just because I do not approve of his policies doesn’t mean I’m mean-spirited or even jealous. It just means I don’t agree. Even if he gets “most of his agenda through Congress”, as you predict, doesn’t mean it will be for the betterment of our Nation. Whether it will be good or bad remains to be seen.

    As far as the Nobel Peace Prize is concerned, well let’s just say that I do not give it much credence. Arafat received it and so did Gore... I’ll leave it at that.

  35. RAA: No, there isn’t a full moon. Just people who REFUSE to be courteous and follow my blogging policy. I’m at a total loss as to why some are so discourteous when I have NEVER given anyone any reason to act this way towards me.

  36. Carolina: You must’ve been in a hurry and missed these comments from Conservatives.

    (******) said...
    Ghost Dansing..You are not only a conspiracy theorist but you are also nuts.

    (******) said...

    The filth that you posted only signifies how stupid, ignorant, vulgar, and uncouth you are . ..

    I can only assume you grew up in the gutter and that your parents were absent when you needed their help.

    I can only assume that this is the kind of filthy mouthed MORONS that are attracted to the Obama administration.

    (*****) I left off the real identities because UNLIKE you, I do not want to besmirch anyone. If someone wants the FACTS, they will go to Truth’s blog and read it for themselves. There are NASTY Conservatives AND Liberals. BOTH can be vicious; vile and disgusting. Neither side is innocent of this. But it’s people like YOU who want to spin it one-sided, kind of like the MSM.

    I strongly suggest you STOP coming to MY blog and posting this garbage because I am tired of it and I will dump your tirades into the trash can from now on.

  37. Grung E Gene: Yes, I suppose when I defended your “quotes” by saying they were taken out of context I should be “pitied” because you, sir, ARE RUDE and do NOT deserve my kindness. Please do NOT visit my blog again.

  38. Octo: What a terrific story! Too bad so many people try so hard to be one or the other. Thank you for your kindness.

    Listen to Me: If you can find a way to get people to “listen” give ME your secret! I seem to attract these people like flies! Thank you for visiting and I hope you’ll come back again.

  39. Hey gang, I think that enough is enough already.
    Pam's blog is not a dumping ground for the Filthy garbage that comes off of Truth101's blog so lets cut it out already.
    If he's allows it then go there to complain not here. I'll even give you the directions to his blog..


    That should make it easy for you..
    I don't think that she deserves this crap just because it's available.
    Pam, I think that you should use your delete key more often.

  40. I'm with you "Anonymous". I'm sick of the uncivilized, name calling and the insults and sarcasm directed at people that try to carry on a civilized discussion and a civilized blog..
    Is there no end to this lunacy?

  41. Pamela: “ Listen to Me: If you can find a way to get people to “listen” give ME your secret!

    If I had that power of persuasion over people, a mighty cephalopod I would be, but I am just a meek and humble mud-squiggle with no such power.

    Although we may not have power over others, we at least have some power over ourselves, especially over the choices we make. Sometimes it is good just to take a break and avoid the stuff that drags us down, by having some
    healthy and wholesome fun.

    One does not hear angry voices over the sounds of surf breaking upon a shore.

  42. Anonymous and Wordsmith: I thank you BOTH for your support. I appreciate it immensely.

  43. W.E. Newcomb: Your comment has been deleted. If you wish to post here in the future, please familiarize yourself with my blogging policy. It states that I will NOT tolerate the type of garbage you posted. Please refrain in the future or post elsewhere, thank you.

  44. Pamela D. Hart said...

    Carolina: You must’ve been in a hurry and missed these comments from Conservatives.

    But Pamela, the big difference is that what Carolina said and pointed out to all of us was TRUE. So why try to hide it? Is it not reminiscent of what lefties do when confronted by the truth! They attack ! They name call. The bleeding heart liberal lefties coming out in vehement and vicious response.
    Deleting MY posts do not change the fact that the lefties are the villains here.

  45. I actually agree with the above poster, the lefties are trouble makers. When righties agree with lefties that certain people(s) are just trouble makers, decency breaks out. When righties and lefties disagree that’s when the lefties get vicious and the name-calling begins.
    The Lefties are nice when you are in agreement with them.. Otherwise... look out!
    But it's time for us all to come together for the good of America.

    America is in trouble right now and she needs us to be united not divided.
    Politicians, law enforcement people, and us citizens must work together to heal our deep problems.

  46. Greetings from Australia. Tis quite a nice blog that you have going here. Just a few words of mine please.
    So Obama won the Nobel Peace prise, does this mean that that certain Obama critics who saw a problem with Hammas's and Bill Ayer's and Farrakan's endorsement of Obama were, in fact, right? Well. If the DNC said so, it must be right. I mean Pelosi says they're NAZI's; Grayson says they kill people; Carter says they're racists. BTW, I just heard last night that Joe Wilson was right about Obama's lying on health rights for illegal aliens. Either Obama was lying or he needs to give his law degree back because the courts have already spoken. If there's a social benefit of any kind in this country, it applies to residents regardless their citizenship. And since the President is in the process of surrendering to the Taliban right now, I'm not real sure what "Hope and "Change" really means..
    How anyone takes this line seriously is beyond me. Is it not Obama that put Iranian (Hamas/Hezbullah sponsoring) despots in front of murdered pro democracy protesters? Is it not Obama that talks of the Taliban having a say in the future of Afghanistan against the wishing of the population there? Is it not Obama that ignores humans right for the sake of political correctness and acceptance amongst the world's despots? If anyone is endangering your country, it is the people currently in power. Despots and terrorists the world over a in glee at the current administration. Human rights is not on the agenda anymore. The Democrats are so trite and tiresome,

  47. The DNC has become irrelevant. The whole world knows that the Nobel Peace Prize and Barack Obama were made laughingstocks this morning. When I heard the news all I could do was laugh. And laugh. I heard Gibbs was busy elevating the political discourse this morning as well. Sorry little pink pig- your boss is a JOKE.

  48. W.E. Newcomb: How can something be true if it’s only HALF the information? Wouldn’t THAT be considered HIDING something? If Carolina Kat’s information is so accurate, then why not post ALL the comments, even the Conservative ones? THAT would be the FAIR thing to do. That way people would have ALL the FACTS and then could make a fair judgment.

    You are new here, so you don’t know the history of my bog. Check out this blog post and THEN tell me how civil the Right is. During this post, which is only ONE example from MY blog, there are others, I had to delete numerous comments from the Right because they were so NASTY. Also, the Right began the uncivil attacks and ignored my repeated requests to cease!

    My point AGAIN is that rudeness and incivility is NOT limited to party lines. And I am NOT going to argue this topic anymore. There is proof aplenty in many of my blog’s comment sections if you wish to do some research.

  49. Sarah G: I post on Liberal sites and so do fellow bloggers—followers from my blog, and we don’t seem to have any problems. I believe it’s because we are CIVIL and RESPECTFUL and we are treated in kind.

    But you are definitely CORRECT, we do need to unite for the sake of America. Our nation is in jeopardy; people are losing their jobs, health care; homes, some can’t even feed their family! The bickering over who is more rude is just ridiculous and immature. If we worried more about our OWN actions and acted better ourselves then maybe, just maybe this world would be a better place.

  50. Sionn K: Welcome from Australia. Yes, we are in a pickle here in America, aren’t we? I suppose those in other countries are looking at us asking, “What are they doing?” Many of us here are asking the same question, I’m afraid.

    The Nobel Peace Prize, in my opinion, holds no credence. I’m working on a blog post right now about that, maybe you’ll stop back and read it.

    2 Cents: There is no reason to call Gibbs names. I’m not a big fan of his, either, because I think there are others more qualified to be the Press Secretary. However, I’ll not stoop to tactics such as yours. Grow up THEN come back.

  51. Well, I am a proud REPUBLICAN and a proud American. I was brought up to expect to be rewarded for hard work and achievement. The awarding of this prize to BHO flies in the face of the work ethic ethic and everything this country was built on.

    I won't stand still and let these liberals who worship Obama tear my country down.
    The prize only shows how crooked the left really is. I guess the Nobel panel overlooked Obamas failed efforts for peace in Poland, Honduras, and Israel.
    Suddenly dissent is treason. Democrats have short memories.

  52. Amen, God bless you Mr. Life's Just A Bowl Of Cherries . I'm with you.
    I am a proud REPUBLICAN and a proud American also.
    I am a proud White American with republican beliefs and they call me a Domestic Terrorist.
    And guess what? I am also proud of President Bush.

  53. Bowl of Cherries: Sounds like you and I were raised the same way. Thank you for stopping by.

    Doesn’t Make Sense: I too am a Proud American. I am not happy that some discontents have called US nasty names, but I will not jeopardize MY integrity by lowering myself to their level. I can still debate without resorting to such tactics.

  54. To Whom This May Concern, there is no "democrat party". It does not exist. If you're talking about the Democratic party being "hijacked" by Liberals and Progressives... I WISH you were right. If that were true why the hell are we kowtowing to the wishes of the blue dogs and futily attempting to reach a "bi-partisan" bill -- one no Republican will vote for??

    Sorry Ken Taylor, it is your rant that is illogical no matter how you slice it. Didn't make any sense what-so-ever.

    Pamela D. Hart says "I think there are a lot on the Left that are enamored with Obama and that makes it difficult to see him clearly and to admit when he makes a mistake".

    What about the recent protests against the Afgan war and in favor of Gay rights? I don't see any liberals failing to criticise. Contrary to what Ken Taylor and you are claiming -- it is clear to me that the opposite is true. Where was the criticism of Bush when he was in office??

  55. w-dervish said...
    Where was the criticism of Bush when he was in office??


  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. "Rude and Arrogant Ass" I was responding to a comment which suggested there was currently no criticism by the left of President Obama. When I asked where was the criticism of bush when he was in office... I meant BY THE RIGHT. That certainly was NOT "all over the place". It was non-existant.

    Little Ole Me, Sarah Palin IS a moron. How else would you describe a person, when asked what news publications they read, says "all of them", but then can't name one?

    Just my 2 cents, you thinking that this makes the US and Obama "laughingstocks" -- that, IMO, is just pathetic. The rest of the world was sick of our arrogant foreign policy (and the war crimes we were committing) under GWB. The "whole world" approves of the new direction in which the Obama Administration has moved foreign policy. That's why he got the award.

    Bowl of Cherries, I'm all in favor of tearing YOUR country down. Because I do NOT agree with your vision of what MY country should be.

    When GWB was busy tearing MY country down those of us on the left were screaming for impeachment. Even though he committed WAR CRIMES he remained. You can scream all you want but your cries will accomplish little because you got NOTHING except BS claims of "socialism".

    Makes No Sense Guy, NOBODY is suggesting you are a "domestic terrorist" but you. Play the victim all you want, nobody's buying it.

    You're PROUD of a president who ran up the debt, crashed our economy, and committed war crimes in our name?? I don't get it. You are right about one thing though -- everything you've said MAKES NO SENSE.

  58. W-Dervish: I was critical of Bush. There were things he did that I did not like. Also, Glenn Beck was the first talk show host to speak out against Bush. The Left likes to bash Beck because he’s bringing out facts about ACORN and Van-Jones, but doesn’t want to give him any credit for bashing Bush. Why is THAT?

    Janet Napolitano DID suggest that Conservatives were Domestic Terrorists.

    From Homeland Security Report:

    Threats from white supremacist and violent antigovernment groups during 2009 have been largely rhetorical and have not indicated plans to carry out violent acts. Nevertheless, the consequences of a prolonged economic downturn - including real estate foreclosures, unemployment, and an inability to obtain credit — could create a fertile recruiting environment for rightwing extremists and even result in confrontations between such groups and government authorities similar to those in the past.” [Note that these "confrontations" are not named, but later in the report the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing is mentioned.]
    Rightwing extremists have capitalized on the election of the first African American president, and are focusing their efforts to recruit new members, mobilize existing supporters, and broaden their scope and appeal through propaganda, but they have not yet turned to attack planning.

    And this:

    The possible passage of new restrictions on firearms and the return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks.

    The report says NOTHING about left-wing now does it? Maybe Napolitano is racist against the Right? Heck, I can use that word…racist…it’s been thrown around so much lately it doesn’t seem to mean much anymore!

    YES, Bush DID leave Obama with a deficit. BUT, Obama tripled the darn thing! YES, Bush STARTED the bailouts. BUT, Obama CONTINUED them! Now, I’m going to ask this AGAIN…WHY is it okay that Obama tripled the deficit? WHY is it okay that Obama continued the bailouts?

    If it’s NOT okay for Bush then it should NOT be okay for Obama. I did NOT like it when Bush did it and I do NOT like it NOW. At least I’m consistent!

  59. RAA: Our Representatives are pathetic. They are dishonorable. I don’t trust any one of them. They are supposed to represent US, yet they take money from special interest groups and lobbyists and worry about their next election. Their position is NOT supposed to be a career but it is. They have benefits many Americans will NEVER see in their lifetime i.e. pensions, big salaries, vacation time, cars, free lunches, HEALTH CARE that should be offered to ALL Americans, yet it’s NOT. Why is THAT plan not being offered to Americans? We’re paying for it! I’m so angry at Congress I can’t even express it in words! They want to give us some cheap ass Chevy Plan when they have a Rolls Royce Policy on OUR dime! What is wrong with us that we are allowing them to get away with this garbage!? EVERY single incumbent BETTER get voted out on the next election! Too bad we can’t take away their pensions. Oh, the revenge would be so sweet if we could do THAT! Make them actually WORK for a living.

  60. This is blatently unfair that all the Righties come to Pamela's blog to complain about me. They are cowardly exploiting my fear of Pamela so I won't hit them with my usual combination of wit and above their heads intelligence.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. Sorry Listen to Me guy. Coming here to tell on Shaw to Pamela will only make Shaw meaner to you.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Listen to Me....I know there are those that cannot understand how conservatives like Pam and I can actually go to Shaw's and have debates and discussions, but I promise you it is possible. When you go to a blog that you know has differing opinions it is very important to discuss the subject of the post with intelligent though provoking comments. Going to Shaw's blog and repeating the same tired rhetoric that everyone has heard time and again, is going to get a negative response from her and I don't blame her one bit. If someone came to my blog and ranted and raved about me being a racist because I am a conservative, I would act the same way. There are many of us that go to Shaws (Dmarks, Jim, Pam, Gordon, Patrick, myself) and we get along just fine. It's all in the approach and the attitude that you have going over there.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. I am going to say this ONE LAST time. This is NOT a bashing Shaw blog. The next person that comes on here and types just ONE negative word against Shaw will be deleted. Some of you people ACT ridiculous and are so rude. I have repeatedly asked for you to PLEASE stay on topic; but you can’t seem to be respectful of anyone. I’m DONE with the niceties. If you don’t like my blog and who I associate with—then go to a different blog! It’s a pretty simple solution!

  67. May I take a brief moment to address your comment. It seems like your point is not getting across.
    Pam, I guess it's because all these people value your blog and they feel it's a good place to get their point across.
    Your statements your commentary point was truly noted. I agree with you people abuse other people on their blogs and post whatever they please, on or off topic, it don’t seem to make a difference. Especially when they post under 'anonymous'. ... I try to respond in a way that is respectful yet gets my point across. ... People that are funny and good story tellers and they get a lot of responses from doing so. Some people just have to do whatever they want to, it makes no difference what you request or how much you protest against it. I doubt very much is your requests are going to validated.
    But I wish you luck

  68. Don't be mad Pamela. Look at it this way. Remember when forced bussing was protested and riots broke out. Mothers cried. people warned of fights. Segregationists raised their fists.

    What you have here is voluntary bussing. Conservatives come here to bash liberals without having to worry about addding to a libs hit count. Libs come here to bash conservatives because we know there are conservatives here that will read our bashes. People get to tell on me to Pamela.

    You have achieved Pamela D.Hart, what no other, from Martin Luther King Jr. to LBJ, to Nixon, to Reagan, to George Wallace, to Bill Clinton, to Al Sharpton, to Jesse Jackson, to Madonna, to Barack Obama have failed. Integration.

    I withdraw my outrage at not being this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner. It is you Pamela, that have achieved a far greater thing than any of us could have dared dream would become reality. You should be the winner of the next ten Nobel Peace Prizes.

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. Pam, what you are experiencing are Trolls. Flamers. Meanies. Vicious. Not Nice. Unkind. Rude. Inconsiderate. Nasty. Whining. Bitching. Moaning. And just plain old Bastards.
    I have found that even the most non-controversial blogs, like this one, is the target of the mean spirited posters and commenters who just have to say nasty things when they can, for whatever reason they want to revel in.
    It often begins with mean comments on your posts. They can start off as just “not nice” and if they don’t get a response, or they do, the comments can become more aggressive. The mean blogger may actually write their mean attitude about you and your blog on their blog. Many of these mean people encourage others to feel the same way as they do, thus seeking validation for their mean spirits. And trust me, they find them. People are always willing to go along with negative energy. It often feels like negative energy attracts more negative energy faster and easier, than positive attracts positive.

    Fortunately, mean spirits don’t last very long. Unless they have a lot of energy and motivation behind them, they tend to fizzle out. Most mean spirited folks get their thrills by just making nasty comments and the occasional mean blog post.
    In any case, I agree with Pamela . This is probably the most consistently well-written, even handed blogs I visit. And of course, I agree with what you have just posted Pamela.

  71. That’s it folks. It’s over. Stick a fork in us. We’re done, the liberal PC police have won.
    If you are a liberal blogger, then anything goes. If you are a conservative bloggers, then of course you’re a racist, a bigot, and a liar. The king of the racists Al Sharpen is a hero and all the conservative talk show hosts are not only wrong but labeled to be anti Americans because they DARED to disagree with the current administration's policies.
    This country, the country I grew up in, the country I defended as a soldier, has ceased to exist. The United States of America has lost its collective fucking mind. I may as well pack my shit and go live in a hut somewhere, just to escape the wanton stupidity that our society has degenerated into.

    Our kids go to school more hours per year than any other kids in the known universe, and yet millions of undereducated dolts “graduate” every year unable to read a job application but able to recite the Obama Mmmm Mmmm Mmmmm song. People love to bitch about the notion our kids should go to school year round, even though they already spend more time in school, ostensibly, than kids in other countries; meanwhile, Miss Teen South Carolina’s babblefest about not being able to find anything on a map shows us how effective our educational system is.

    Our kids can’t play outside at recess because they might get hurt and the parents will sue. Our kids don’t get any gym classes because they might get hurt and the parents will sue, or if they do get to do some sport-like event they all get a participation trophy because everyone has to be a winner. Meanwhile gubmint-provided skool lunch now consists of sugar-frosted Ritalin, Mountain Dew, and ice cream sandwiches.

    And of course, our schools are filled with underpaid, overworked teachers doing what they can with what little they are given, and I applaud their efforts, but the administrators who run these institutions are so enamored of red tape and bureaucratic bullshit and political-correctitude namby pamby nice-nice pattycake fear of getting sued that you get shit like 6-year olds getting 45-day reform-school suspensions for bringing their Cub Scout eating utensil to school because it’s construed as a weapon. This same school district in Newark, Delaware tried to expel a fifth grader for bringing a serrated knife to school with a birthday cake.

    Assholes, the lot of them.

    And now we have a 17-year old Eagle Scout in Troy, New York who has been forced out of school for at least 20 days for having a 2-inch pocket knife locked in his car. Matt Whalen, a senior at Lansingburgh High School, isn’t just an Eagle Scout, either. He’s also a soldier in the United States Army who recently completed his initial 10 weeks of basic training and is trying to get into West Point.
    Whalen follows the Boy Scout motto and is always prepared, stocking his car with a sleeping bag, water, a ready-to-eat meal, and the pocket knife, which was given to him by his grandfather, a police chief in a nearby town no less. Hard to imagine a cop giving his grandson an illegal knife, no?

    But Lansingburgh High has a zero-tolerance policy and bureaucrats can’t ever see mitigating circumstances to any rules unless it suits their agenda, so when school officials discovered that Whalen kept his knife locked in his car, he says, they suspended him for five days, and then tacked on an additional 15 days arbitrarily after a “hearing”.
    Glenn Beck is a lair because HE and HE alone had the guts to expose a communist by the name of Van Jones being an adviser the the president of the United States.
    Rush Linbaugh was denied the right to buy a Football team because of his right to speak out about something that he believed.
    But the Football leauge is rampant with some of the CREEPIEST THUGS in America. But that's alright as long as they keep a conservative like Rush down.. No matter what a Charlatan like Al Sharpton says.
    Yes people we are done!

  72. Pamela D. said... I was critical of Bush. There were things he did that I did not like.

    I was referring to organized protests, not individual people "not liking" various bush policies. There were organized protests during bush's administration, but they were held by the Left. I don't recall any protests from the Right while bush was in office. I remember the Right stating that we needed to stand by our president and our troops or be labeled treasonous.

    OK, Conservatives did protest the Wall Street bailout, although that was during bush's final months in office. Prior to that the Right was behind him 99.9 percent.

    Pamela D. said... Napolitano DID suggest that Conservatives were Domestic Terrorists.

    No she didn't. Unless you're suggesting someone can't be a conservative without being a white supremacist and/or belonging to a violent antigovernment group. Are YOU a white supremacist and/or do you belong to a violent antigovernment group? You must be if you think that report is referring to ALL conservatives.

    Pamela D. said... The report says NOTHING about left-wing does it?

    There were TWO reports.

    From CNN Politics.com: The Obama administration in January issued a warning about left-wing extremists. Both reports were initiated during the administration of President Bush.

    Pamela D. said... racist has been thrown around so much it doesn't mean much anymore!

    Disagree with Obama for any reason and your a racist -- you're correct, that is the spin the Right is attempting to use to deflect attention away from the racists in their party. Instead of disowning them as they should, they use them -- the same as they use the religious extremists (homophobes). There are racists in your party and they are embraced by the party leadership. The Left points to the racism and implores you to do something about it, and you deny it and counter-attack by falsely claiming that the Left is labeling any policy disagreement "racism".

    Referring to President Obama as "Your massa on his new plantation", saying he is in favor of "white slavery", portraying him as an African witch doctor or a monkey isn't racist?? We know the code words, and we know the difference between policy disagreements and racism -- these are example of RACISM.

    Pamela D. said... Also, Glenn Beck … speaks out against Bush. The Left bashs Beck because he's bringing out facts about ACORN & Van Jones, but doesn't want to give him any credit for bashing Bush.

    That's nonsense. Glenn Beck says whatever he thinks will get him the highest ratings. The Republicans knew it was safe to pretend to oppose bailing out Wall Street because they knew passage was guaranteed. We've done it before -- remember the S&L bailouts under Reagan? Wall Street is where a majority of the funding for BOTH parties comes from. There was no way this bill WASN'T going to get passed.

    The Republican "opposition" provided Beck with the cover he needed to attack bush. Which he had to do, because he couldn't go after Obama for the stimulus AND the Wall Street bailout without placing any blame on bush (because, if you recall, the plan to bailout Wall Street "was immediately backed by President George W. Bush and negotiations began with leaders in the U.S. Congress to draft appropriate legislation").

    Glenn Beck is a disingenuous fraud who has presented nothing but lies and spin regarding ACORN or Van Jones.

  73. Pamela D. said... YES, Bush DID leave Obama with a deficit. BUT, Obama tripled the darn thing! YES, Bush STARTED the bailouts. BUT, Obama CONTINUED them! Now, I'm going to ask this AGAIN -- WHY is it okay that Obama tripled the deficit? WHY is it okay that Obama continued the bailouts? If it's NOT okay for Bush then it should NOT be okay for Obama. I did NOT like it when Bush did it and I do NOT like it NOW. At least I'm consistent!

    The first bailout was of Wall Street, which I opposed. And disagreed with then Senator Obama who voted for it. The second "bailout" was actually designed to stimulate the economy after the financial collapse presided over by bush. Or, are you proposing that we should have done nothing because you'd prefer that we were now in a depression?

    The stimulus is a ONE TIME and necessary expenditure. Future deficits will be less. Secondly, Obama did not "triple the deficit" (even for just this year). If you recall bush never counted as part of his budgets any of money spent on his illegal wars. That money was appropriated in a "supplemental" request. The Obama budget dispenses with the accounting tricks bush used.

    Other than you being wrong regarding Obama's "tripling" of the deficit, I agree that the projected deficits are still way to high, although I'm sure you'd disagree with what I believe some of the obvious solutions to the problem should be: massive cuts to the military budget, increase taxes on the wealthy and corporations to pre-Reagan levels, massive cuts to corporate welfare, go after wealthy tax dodgers (individuals and corporations). If we did those things I think we could balance the budget and increase spending on social programs.

    My Rant said... Glenn Beck is a liar because HE and HE alone had the guts to expose a communist by the name of Van Jones being an adviser to the president of the US? Rush Limbaugh was denied the right to buy a Football team because of his right to speak out about something that he believed.

    Van Jones has disavowed any connection to Communism. Van Jones has made statements which confirm his capitalist beliefs (Glenn Beck continues his Van Jones communist distortion). Beck was mad that Van Jones' former organization was urging advisors to drop him after he falsely claimed that President Obama is a racist. Van Jones should NOT have stepped down. He did NOTHING wrong.

    Rush was denied the "right" to buy a football team because of his racist comments. You can believe in racism all you want -- it doesn't mean other people don't have the right to disagree with you, or say they don't want to enter into a business arrangement with you because of your racist views.

  74. w-dervish said...

    "Van Jones has disavowed any connection to Communism."

    LOL, and we should believe that freak?

    Yeah right. Like I believe Barack Obama or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    You sound like a complete Idiot, a typical liberal.

  75. I have a little bit of news for you Mr. or Ms. w-dervish. You need to go back to school, I think that you may have been asleep during one of your lessons.
    You can never get into Hot Water when you are telling the truth, as Rush did.
    Lying about Racism is not only Vile, it is counterproductive in the long run even from a Commieqr (my semantically correct usage for the "terminological inexactitude" "liberal" or "leftist" or "progressive".

    Please see MY blog for the rest of this lesson.

    I don't want to tie up Pan's blog schooling you.

  76. Obambi and the Diwali CrowdOctober 17, 2009 at 6:31 PM

    This coming Saturday, Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists, here in America and around the world, will celebrate this holiday by lighting Diyas, or lamps, which symbolize the victory of light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance,'' Obama said on the occasion, adding, ''And while this is a time of rejoicing, it's also a time for reflection, when we remember those who are less fortunate and renew our commitment to reach out to those in need.''

    The Diwali ceremony shared the platform with another event where Obama signed an executive order re-establishing the President’s advisory committee and White House initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. By hosting both events together, the U.S President, who is clearly comfortable being a composite of American, Asia-Pacific, and African cultures, brought together an unusual coalition in the White House East Room of Asian-Americans, Indian-Americans, and Pacific Islanders. All three groups have much in common as successful minorities but seldom work together.


  77. Truth, It's a shame that you demean American citizens that are concerned that Progressives are trying to destroy the American way of life. I'm sure that 100% of Progressives belong to the 47% of Americans that don't pay taxes! You're trying to change the American way of life from working hard & getting ahead to sitting on my ass & getting a hand out from the 53% of Americans that do pay taxes!
    Progressives are "Freeloaders!"
    Go crawl back under your bridge and scare small children and Republicans, along w/the Whiny "Progressives" who infest the reply sections of these board and who clearly agree w/you 100%....

  78. Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson and Al "Tawana Brawley, Crown Heights and that incident in NYC that killed several in a Jewish owned clothing store" I guess to you Libs, the Sharpton's of this world are A-OK ..
    And because Rush is a Conservative, he *must* be wring!
    Can you tell us from which institutions these "so called" reverends obtained their Doctor of Divinity degrees? And why they aren't preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ instead of shaking down businesses? Oh, and did I mention the good "Revrund" Jack-snnn also has at least one child by a mistress?

    But don't get confused by the facts, As usual, Rush is right.

    Good job, American leftist's. Keep it up. Keep it up. Bailouts, printing money, high taxes, income redistribution, more theft “from the rich” and more free money to the people who’ve already proven they can’t and won’t contribute, more tyranny for American commerce, surrender abroad, free national health care, free housing, free cars, all of it.

  79. Proof of conservative truthfulness and liberal duplicity in all matters is clearly found in the current matters of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

    They say that Beck fabricates his stories. They have never provided any evidence of this. They would have us believe that our God on Earth dismissed a key lieutenant, Van Jones, on Beck’s mere hearsay; that the head of Obama’s tax funded propaganda arm, the National Endowment of the Arts, was terminated solely because of Beck’s unfounded accusations; and that Obama’s powerful terror network, ACORN, was defunded and defrocked just because Beck, a mere mortal, conjured up fake video footage. Does anyone believe a deity would condone such mistreatment of himself if there was no substance to Beck’s show?

    They allege that Rush made two inflammatory insensitive statements on race. All the MSM broadcast these allegations.

    But none gave specifics. The statements could not be found or verified. Rush announced that he will force every teleprompt reader who joined in the charges to apologize on air or face suit. Yesterday, Rick Sanchez of CNN, one of the first and most vocal accuser, went on air to admit the charges cannot be verified, the statements cannot be found, and that he apologizes for the unsubstantiated claims by his network. The others will soon follow CNN’s lead.

    One second’s reflection by even a day old retarded mongoloid would lead him to the conclusion that leftists have been duped and are mentally defective for clinging to their beliefs of moral and intellectual superiority.
    It's truly an Obamanation

  80. We were warned during the primaries and the general election and far too many people ignored all those warning signs, or they wouldn't have voted for him!!
    I expected him to screw up the United states, but I never thought he'd do it so fast.
    We're stuck with him, and we are stuck with his dumb choice of the Supreme Court Sotomayor who is clearly a racist , let's hope that's the last thing he does that we get stuck with!! I"m keeping my fingers crossed - even though he's acting as I expected.
    in a short time he has lied and continues to lie ... degrades American people that do not agree with HIS politics ,,,,, is Spitting on TRUE Americans by allowing his Congress Sidekicks to belittle the mass majority of those same Americans by calling them Nazis and Terrorist ..... the same people that are overseas putting their lives on the line. the same Americans that are paying more then their fair share in taxes .. he has coddled our known adversaries and has BEEN SO presidential by telling the American people to SHUT UP and calling police officers who might I add also risk their lives every day ,,,, STUPID ... OH Yes I am so impressed ... NOT
    - I hope his agenda fails!
    But if his agenda is successful, I'll be much more than just worried.

  81. Dewymoon said it best..

    "We were warned during the primaries and the general election and far too many people ignored all those warning signs, or they wouldn't have voted for him!!"

    They were too interested in making History by voting for the 1st Black president. The result was disastrous.... Well folks you got what you wished for. Now we all are stuck with him.

    God save us.

  82. JD's Handsome Son said... Rush made two inflammatory insensitive statements on race [which] cannot be verified.

    Top 10 Racist Limbaugh Quotes - verified with sources, scroll down for youtube video of Rush making racist comments.

    As it relates to his buying the football team, the two racist comments are:

    RL: "Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it". (source: Hey Rush, when it comes to sports ... shhh! by Mike Freeman, CBS NEWS.com 1/22/2007)

    RL: "I think the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. They’re interested in black coaches and black quarterbacks doing well. I think there’s a little hope invested in McNabb and he got a lot of credit for the performance of his team that he really didn’t deserve". (source: Rise of the Anti-Machine by John Powers, LA Weekly 10/16/2003)

    What Was I Thinking? said... They were too interested in making History by voting for the 1st Black president. The result was disastrous...

    I don't know what's going through your head, but to me this sounds racist. Nobody could have possibly voted for him because they thought he was the best canidate -- he must have been elected because he was black! What if I said that people didn't vote for John McCain because he's old? And senile. He did select a moron as his running mate. BTW it was the last guy's presidency that was disasterous. The new guy is cleaning up his mess!

  83. w-dervish,
    Thank you for pointing out what everyone here really means!!!.
    It sounds to me that you are either a Mind Reader, a Psychiatrist or a BS Artist. As you think you know what everyone either is thinking or what they should be thinking.
    don't you think that everyone is entitled to their OWN opinion?

  84. w-dervish Said:"He did select a moron as his running mate. BTW it was the last guy's presidency that was disasterous. The new guy is cleaning up his mess!"

    Oh silly me, I thought that he was making his own mess, but of course "Obama inherited it"

    And talking about "select a moron as his running mate"
    where has Joe Biden been lately, he seems always become AWOL when things heat up.

    So The sooner we can send Obama and the rest of his his freak show back to Chicago, the better for the country.He's incompetent and an embarrassment.He's accomplished nothing but split the country.He's proving to be the nightmare I thought he would be, and then some.
    Have a very pleasant weekend.
    And please put away that Crystal Ball, it seems to be broken.

  85. Pamela, the 14th Annual Sea Bean and Beachcombing Symposium was yesterday. I was thinking of you and brought back some samples.

    The lecture was fascinating, a talk about ocean currents and their impact upon such things as the Air France crash off the coast of Brazil, the amassing of plastics and human trash in various oceanic zones, and the impact of climate change on fisheries and food supply. More substance than I expected.

  86. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA MMM!MMM!MMM!October 19, 2009 at 1:28 PM

    Thank you w-dervish .. We're all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.
    The fact that no one understands you doesn't mean you're an artist.
    I don't know what your problem is, but I'll bet it's hard to pronounce.
    Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental

  87. I am not a marine but I come from a family of marines . I don’t believe we should have to wait for someone to tell us when to shoot or attack, or wait 100 days to send in more troops to save the lives of the troops that are already there. I thought war was killing so why aren’t we? I love my country and I love the military protecting it, but damn it let our boys and girls do their job and get them home. stop spending our freaken money overseas, when all its doing is putting our asses farther into trouble. one big thing that would help our country out a lot is get out of debt, 2nd we seriously need to quit putting our noses into other countries businesses, as far as im concerned screw what they do, its not us. please anyone correct me if im wrong, I don’t know everything and honestly I don’t want to a point. but this apologizing to every Arab and dictator’s crap has to stop, more ppl need to speak up. It just seriously pisses me off!!!!

  88. Good provocative blog, well thought out.

  89. Why doesn't that conservative PIG Lou Dobbs just move on over to Fox and get it over with? Dobbs does his best to emulate Glenn Beck and attacks another White House "czar" for quoting Mao-tse Tung, taking Anita Dunn's words out of context just as Beck did. They are all full of crap and we know it.
    All of these Rightwingnuts are so full of hate it’s just a disgrace to America.

  90. PowderGirl:

    Funny you should mention Lou Dobbs. I was listening to Beck in my car yesterday and he had on John Stossel who has just joined the Glenn Beck team. Beck asked him how do we define conservative and Stossel said he doesn't agree with Lou Dobbs' rants on immigration and Beck agreed saying immigrants are good for the country. Couple days before that Beck said the GOP is in bed with Big Business and I myself have been harping on this at my own blog with not much agreement from my fellow bloggers. Beck's a little tricky to figure out. He was just as hard on Bush but I don't think liberals like it that the shoe is on the other foot now.

  91. I would tell Comrade Obama to lay of the attacks on Fox and news people like Lou Dobbs.
    Are we going to Boycott every one who disagrees with our Dear Leader?

  92. Some of you have disagreed with my friend WD's comment about Rush Limbaugh's race baiting quotes. I think it was the nice What Was I Thinking Lady that said we are entitled to our opinions. That's true. You're not entitled to your own facts however. If Rush's race baiting is fine with you so be it.

    Another commented on sending more Troops to Afghanistan. I've posted on this several times. If you're not willing to raise the taxes necessary to fund your programs, you have no right to demand them. Tough talk and fist banging are useless theater. The only rightie I can think of that said he would go along with more taxes to pay for this was Tom The Redhunter. I suggest everyone learn from Tom's example of integrity.

  93. TRUTH 101 seems to think that HE is the end all of judging other peoples comments here. And HE is preaching to us about integrity.

    Integrity? You have the NERVE to tell others about Integrity?
    You who address people as “Righties and clowns ” You call people such vile names only because they are republicans but you address a Street Thug like Plaxico Burris as Mister! You call educated people such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck deluded and deranged and yet you call our dear magic Negro the Great Hope for America!
    You call republican’s bigots. Homophobes and idiots. And yet you think Van Jones is qualified to be a president’s adviser!
    You sir should be the very last one on this blog to preach as you seem to think you qualify for.

  94. Truth101, you sound like a typical whiny liberal. Why don't you take responsibility for your own life and your own posts and stop telling others what to say and how to say it..
    It'll be a rainy day in Hell before I'd take any advice from the likes of you.

  95. You say that "righties" and "clowns" are vile Brother Toljuh. Then you call our President a "magic negroe."

    For your information also, I achieved a higher level of education than Rush Limbaugh.

    Now go listen to Rush and Glen so you and the nice "Listen to Me" person wil know what to say tomorrow. Oops. LTM said he/she wasn't going to take my advice.

    Rush will miss you.

  96. TRUTH 101 said...
    For your information also, I achieved a higher level of education than Rush Limbaugh.


  97. Ha! Good one Truth.... And you *Almost* had me convinced!
    So your are more educated than Rush Limgaugh is! Wow, that was a real jaw-dropper. You certainly had ME fooled. I was really impressed to hear that. But then again Angela Davis was well educated also.. Even though the majority of university faculties are overwhelmingly liberal, I think the biggest threat the Left has is clear thinking! But sometimes one has to suck up to the idiot that is grading your papers.
    If you are that well educated, then why do you still have that liberal philosophy?
    You Liberals are if nothing else very hypocritical.
    Especially you. I read your blog and I have to say that you are the biggest name caller on the blogisphere. And don't come around with your "It's satire" BS.
    I haven't read one blog of yours where you fail to call republicans name in your posts.
    Well sir, as someone in YOU liberal camp has said so clearly, "Your Chickens coming home to roost" And it makes me glad. Mr. Obama's days as president are counting down, and his ratings are as well.

    But Truth101, you and your ilk can call me and my fellow Conservatives anything you wish to as you already do.. As a Conservative, I have been labeled closed-minded, harsh, intolerant, and I’m sure many, many other things behind my back. The thing is, that’s standard fare. We’re called racist, homophobic, misogynist ogres on a regular basis. A lot of times worse. What makes us so hate-able? Is it because we love our country so much that we don’t want to stand by and drink the koolaide so blindly that a socialist and communism president hands us?
    But it’s ok, Truthie boy, you can throw anything you have at me, I understand why liberals. Like you act the way you do. Who doesn’t want free stuff? “Equality”? It sounds so pretty. Help the downtrodden. Make everyone equal. Everyone should be taken care of. Screw the“rich”. Rich people don’t mind paying for your health care. Obama will provide you with everything you need... After all. Bush single-handedly destroyed the world, and now Obamessiah will save us. Yeah right! You go ahead and buy that commie garbage.

    But I do really feel that there is hope for you yet, even liberal's grow up.. (Sometimes).

  98. I'm also fed up with these Liberal hypocritesOctober 24, 2009 at 10:33 AM

    TRUTH 101 said...

    Hah! Those pansy Connecticut republicans have nothing on my local republican party. If they want a primer in dirty tricks I'll put them in touch with a real asshole.

    I'm dumbfounded by how often those on the left that claim the republicans are the name callers.. Hey Truth, stop acting like a fool, stop the name-calling , and act like a educated person. Or is that asking to much of you?

  99. TRUTH 101 said...
    Some of you have disagreed with my friend WD's comment about Rush Limbaugh's race baiting quotes. I think it was the nice What Was I Thinking Lady that said we are entitled to our opinions. That's true. You're not entitled to your own facts however. If Rush's race baiting is fine with you so be it.

    Why Truth101, how nice of you. I didn't think you cared!

  100. Why do some people find this name calling necessary? I have never stooped to that here at my blog. Both Shaw and Truth have a habit of doing this kind of thing on a regular basis, Thus the reason why I stopped visiting both of these vile blogs.. It's obviously that they really feel the need to do it. Name calling demeans us all. Why they can't write a blog without doing this is beyond me.

    It only hampers their post and makes the contents sound juvenile, and BTW, although Shaw is highly guilty of this, she’s the first one to delete your comment if she don’t like it.
    If I posted this message on her blog, it would be gone in 10 seconds.

  101. Greeting Pam. This is my first visit to your marvelous blog. I love the give and take of your commenter's here. I as a republican appreciate the intellectual comments of your conservative posters as well as the stupidity of the liberal ones.
    I truly believe Obama is deliberately and ruthlessly advancing a ‘secret agenda’ to bankrupt our country and dramatically expand government control over all aspects of our daily lives. They view this effort in sweeping terms, and cast a successful Obama presidency as the destruction of the United States as it was conceived by our founders and developed over the past 200 years.

    The rejection of the Fox News network and the attack on some of the of conservative media and pundits such as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, makes me suspect of this even more.
    I’m anxious to hear your’s and your readers response.. And how long do you think it will be before I’m call a racist and other names...But that’s ok, it goes with the territory.

  102. TRUTH 101 said...
    For your information also, I achieved a higher level of education than Rush Limbaugh.

    I personally think thats a load of BS... After reading Your hateful blog with your hateful thoughts I doubt if you even completed elementary school. Rush could teach you a thing or two, but I think your more of an Al Sharpton follower.

  103. It is because of the Christian love I feel for the nice What Was I Thinking Lady, the sweet Mary Mary and the rest of you that I do my best to turn your deluded and hateful ideals into positive, kind,gentle pro America ones.

    It's because I care about every one of you that I want all of you covered under a comprehensive universal health insurance program.

    Don't let the satire fool you Brother Toldjah. I am serious about you and everyone else enjoying the security of universal health insurance. I'm serious about our Nation paying it's bills. While I think Rush and Glen are nothing but propaganda spreaders that found a way to immensely profit from the willing ears of deluded fools that want to listen to their nonsense and are not to be taken seriously; I do think those that hang on their every word as if it's coming from Christ Himself is a serious problem for our Nation.

  104. I just wanted to THANK Rush Limbaugh for taking Barry O’Bammie out to the woodshed and whipping some ass!
    Yeah right Shaw, and truth, keep thinking that the American people are stupid enough to buy into Rush Limbaugh being the reason they're losing jobs while incompetent CEO's are getting bailouts:
    Put aside the fact that while he was in office, liberals almost never wished for President Bush to succeed. Because it's been the leftwing strategy to take the focus off the Democrat-controlled Congress and President's responsibility for this economic mess we're in and put it on longtime GOP radio host Rush Limbaugh ever since he dared to make the comment that he hoped Obama's policies "failed". However, as Barry Obammis's approval ratings continue to slide and cracks in the armor of Democrat solidarity begin the show, the idea of the GOP being down for the count continues to make a mockery of itself.
    Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi’s popularity has fallen to a new low for the year, with 60 percent of likely voters now viewing her unfavorably according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Friday. Seizing the offensive in his ongoing war of words with the Obama administration, Rush Limbaugh challenged Obama to appear on his program “without a Teleprompter” for a straightforward debate on issues important to the American people.
    And why won’t Barry O’Bamie go on the most popular conservative radio talk show to debate any issues? Because it’s better for him and cowardly of him to play it safe and diss Rush Limbaugh from afar, while having George Stephanopoulos, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and the rest of the idiots in the liberal press continue to kiss your ass while placating your socialist agenda to the American public. While he goes on his ass kissing friends shows like Letterman and Leno. And sends out his Michele ma belle to do it for him.
    And BTW, it snowed in the South yesterday! WHAT? Snow in the South? Where is Al Gore when we need him?

  105. I personally think that the people like Shaw and Truth101 ar afraid of Rush and Glenn. They are fearful that the truth might bring down their hero OBamba The truth shall st us free, hopfuly st us free of OBamba. The first time I heard Glenn Beck was about four years ago on Saturday morning. I was amazed at how entertaining he was, and how informative he was. I began to listen to him regularly. His show grew and soon he had a TV show. His TV show was quite good, but being on Headline News never had high ratings. Since his move to FOX his ratings have sky rocketed.

    The reasons for his success are many. Lets look at some of the things that set him apart:

    1. He is a doer.
    Other media personalities talk all day long. Glenn challenges his viewers and listeners to get involved. It's not about Glenn it's about us.

    2. Personality
    The perfect blend of strange humor and righteous indignation. Glenn will one moment be stuffing his mouth with candy on camera, and the next confronting the head of the communist U.S.A. party face to face.

    3. He covers the stories that nobody else will touch
    He does not take marching orders from the good old boys in the main stream media. He exposed cash for clunkers. He went after ACORN. And lets not forget it was he that took down Van Jones

  106. Just a Concerned AmericanOctober 25, 2009 at 10:53 AM

    Thank goodness for Glenn Beck. I give him the majority of the credit for the conservative grassroots movement that we enjoy today.
    I am a huge fan of Rush Limbaugh. I give him all of the credit for establishing the alternative media and making it possible for people like Glenn to be heard.
    I hope Obama is not successful also!
    Remember when Rush Limbaugh had the unmitigated gall to suggest that Donovan McNabb was being over-hyped because America too desperately wanted to see a successful black quarterback? Remember the liberal outrage over what was, in actuality, simply a man's opinion about an athletic figure?

    Remember when Congressman Joe Wilson had the audacity to shout "You lie!" after Obama... well... lied about health care coverage for illegals during a congressional address? Keep in mind, this was after Obama had just finished calling his critics liars in about a dozen different ways... What a "bigot" that Joe Wilson must be!

    Remember when Travis the Chimp went bananas, mauled his owner's friend and had to be shot down in the street? You know, that was a day before the infamous, "hateful," "racist" NY Post cartoon:
    Which, apparently, had nothing to do with the fact that a chimp had actually been shot dead in the streets days earlier. No, no. The chimp was clearly a Klansman's caricature of Obama... though, Obama didn't write the stimulus plan, and he is in no way mentioned or referenced anywhere in the cartoon...

    If you don't remember these things, maybe you at least remember the resulting outrage feigned by liberals? From a virgin perspective, one might assume from these instances that the Left merely has a low threshold for intolerance. Right?


    Remember when a gay judge went behind the scenes of a beauty pageant to call Miss California, a "dumb bitch" because she didn't agree with his definition of marriage? Perhaps you remember the hit teams put out to spread lies and smear Miss Prejean?

    Maybe you remember when liberal blogs were abuzz with lies that Sarah Palin's youngest child was actually here daughter's?

    More recently, leftist media outlets decided to fabricate racist quotes and attribute them to Rush Limbaugh so as to ruin his bid for the St. Louis Rams.

    There are many, many more examples of blatant liberal lies - but the Left recently added another notch to their fib belt. Did you know that according to the Liberal lies, 30 GOP senators "voted to defend gang rape?"

  107. They did vote to defend gang rape and it was despicable Unconcerned American.

    And I also notice you're now posting under several monikers here now that you finally figured out everyone was on to you.

  108. Top Ten Liberia Pick-Up Lines.

    10. Is that a condom in your pocket, or are you just happy I’m with NAMBLA?

    9. Come with me to the janitor’s closet, son; I want to show you my tool.

    8. You remind me of a dreamy 15-year-old I once knew.

    7. Are you 16? You look so delicious I’d swear you were 15.

    6. Bring a condom. I’ll show you how safe your school can be.

    5. Did I ever tell you how interesting it is to be queerly raised from kindergarten?

    4. I’d like to subvert you after class, son.

    3. Fisting gets a bad rap. It’s just my way of exploring you closely.

    2. Hey, kid. Wanna hit? It’ll free your mind, and open your pants for me.

    1. Say hello to my little friend. It’ll put a smile on your face for two years.

  109. Speaking out in defense of our country rather than defending thugs, murderers, and terrorists. Why are we even allowing them to surrender on the battlefield?? So that we can take them to Gitmo and then let them go? Why don't we Kill them !! But read them their rights first, of course

  110. Here we go again, the Dems, once again are trying to destroy our country and you jerkoffs blame the messenger. Rush and Glenn are not the Enemy stupid.

    Obama and his Crooked Clan are ruining this country. All you morons who are citing long ago history regarding the CIA, are imbeciles. We were attacked and Americans were killed. I hope you don't all have family at the next ground Zero then I want you to praise Obama and his lackies.. Let the Taliban behead your family and friends and then let's hear your pathetic whine.....your just another example that the the US got to rich to quick and a generation of alienated spoiled brats emerged to poison our country..i.e. boomers. Unfortunately the rest of us will have to pay the price....

  111. BTW, for all of those people suggesting that Rush just let this go, you are off your rockers.. And if are a Conservative you only think you are a Conservative, you are not, you maybe a pee-pants RINO at best.

  112. QueenOfHearts said...
    And if are a Conservative you only think you are a Conservative, you are not, you maybe a pee-pants RINO at best.

    A person posting under "fake" names with no proile/blog is a pee-pants Troll, at best.

  113. This comment has been removed by the author.

  114. Pamela D. Hart said...

    QueenOfHearts said...
    And if are a Conservative you only think you are a Conservative, you are not, you maybe a pee-pants RINO at best.
    A person posting under "fake" names with no proile/blog is a pee-pants Troll, at best..

    Truth101 seemed to get great pleasure out of that! Well, Simple Minds, Simple Pleasure!

    Troll or not, Fake name or not, Profile or not, Blog or not.
    What he or she said was correct and they make a good point.
    Another asinine remark from another brain drained liberal!
    And just because that Republican *HATER* Truth101 made a silly, childish, asinine (resembling an ass), extremely or utterly foolish, joke about it. It is still true.
    Like it or not!

    I’m sorry Pam I just couldn’t resist myself for posting this comment. I realize that you don’t like that sort of thing but! When it comes to debating a post written by this (person) I can not hold myself back. He makes my blood boil as do all anti Americans. I will do my best to avoid mocking and lampooning the liberals in the future. Criticizing Omama or his policies or even Islam is forbidden on their blogs. Whenever I have done so on their blogs, they get deleted . And DESTROYING their lies is my pleasure.

  115. TRUTH 101 said... They did vote to defend gang rape and it was despicable Unconcerned American.

    From Republicans for Rape.org: "With three out of four Senate Republicans voting in favor of rape, we can be sure that rape is a Republican value".

  116. Bowl of Cherries: I was angry with Queen of Hearts, because I consider MYSELF a Conservative and I do NOT appreciate a TROLL suggesting that “I” am a Rhino.

    I understand your frustration over the Liberal’s point of view. And that is why CIVIL debate is important. My disappoint over what Obama is doing has grown. His new “National Emergency” with the Swine Flu, in my opinion, is just a guise to get government MORE involved so that they can use it as an avenue to push through Nationalized Health Care.

  117. Now Pamala, here is a typical asinine Liberal Troll. That needs a lobotomy

  118. Life's Just A Bowl Of Cherries said... Now Pamala, here is a typical asinine Liberal Troll. That needs a lobotomy aw-dervish.

    I was not trolling. I was agreeing with Truth101's comment about Republican senators voting against an anti-rape bill. Maybe if I had that lobotomy you recommend I wouldn't be asking such questions. Is that why you got yours?

  119. Bowl of Cherries: I consider Trolls posters that do not have profiles or blogs. W-Dervish has both. His blog is also listed on my Blogroll; because I like his blog and his contribution to the debate at hand. I find him not only intellectual but also a man who stands by his principles. Even though they don’t agree with mine, he has morals and ethics and values them. I find that admirable in a person.

  120. Pamela D. Hart said...

    Bowl of Cherries: I consider Trolls posters that do not have profiles or blogs. W-Dervish has both

    I realize that Pam, But I consider Trolls posters people that only wish to be contradictorily or abusive.
    As this one has been in the past.

  121. I think I've deleted at most three comments since reviving the Truth 101 moniker Cherry Guy. And they were for vulgar laced tirades against other posters at my site. To my knowlege, you've never posted a comment at my site. And I challenge you to find any proof that I ever deleted anyone for having an opinion different from my own.

  122. Hi Pam, as you can see, I'm back from my short hiatus. And jsut in time to chime in here on a important topic. I see that my "Old Friend" Truth is in the heat of a blogging war as usual.

    Challenging and boldly taking a stand from his accusers. Hi Pam, as you can see, I'm back from my short hiatus. And just in time to chime in here on a important topic. I see that my "Old Friend" Truth is in the heat of a blogging war as usual. Well ain’t that special! That just puts a tingle up my spine to see that someone is actually on his case. But I excuse him only because I know that he suffers from a rare psychiatric disorder.
    Internet trolls are differentiated from people who you know and dislike. Internet trolls can be abusive, annoying or just a pain in the ass as Truthie is. Truthie has made it his regular daily routine to call me names and to harass me. He has persistently used my name when attacking others. But that ok, I can handle myself, even with a sleezeball like him. I know how to hit back.
    Anyway it’s good to come back and see that nothing has changed.

  123. Does this mean your order to right wing bloggers not to visit my site is rescinded nice Right is Right lady? Can they visit Bluepitbull's as well?

  124. TRUTH 101 said...

    Does this mean your order to right wing bloggers not to visit my site is rescinded nice Right is Right lady? Can they visit Bluepitbull's as well?


  125. Your kind and gentleness rivals even my own RIR.

  126. TRUTH 101 said...
    Your kind and gentleness rivals even my own RIR.

    MY Pleasure, the key word there is "RIVALS"
    BTW,was it fun to ridicule me when I was gone? Well I'm back!
    People's intelligence, abilities, and character or lack of it shows when they painfully attempt to, make fun of people when they are not around to defend themselves.

    You asked if “My order to right wing bloggers not to visit you site is rescinded”

    Sorry, to disagree, but I don’t give “Orders” That is reserved for the Obambi team.

    See ya around the blogs..

  127. Can I tell Bluepitbull there were no orders from you RIR? All those followers that left him must have gotten their orders from somebody else I guess.

    As long as we're on friendly rival terms, can I call you "Kathleen" again RIR?

  128. I realize that Pam, But I consider Trolls posters people that only wish to be contradictorily or abusive. As this one has been in the past.

    Bowl of Cherries: W-Dervish has not been abusive with me. I expect him to have differing views as he is a Liberal and I am a Conservative, but don’t feel he is inconsistent. As I said, I’ve found him to be quite staunch in his beliefs, even if I don’t agree with them.

    RIR: Welcome back. Sometimes a hiatus is just what one needs. Yes, nothing much has changed…

    Truth, along with me and my blog, have been dragged into yet another war of words. It seems no matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to get bloggers to understand that my blog is not the catch all for complaints, insults, tirades and just plain ignorance.

    Maybe one day bloggers will understand that I’m REALLY serious when I say I WANT internet civility; my blog is not a place to ban or recommend other blogs; I REALLY am a courteous person; I’m NOT going to stop visiting Liberal blogs; I’m NOT going to ban Liberals from my blog.

    Until then, I suppose I will continue to be vigilant and keep up the good fight.

  129. The majority of Americans do not want healthcare forced on them, especially the public option. We don't trust our Government not as long as Obama, Pelosi, and Ried are in power..

  130. Welcome back Ms. Right. I missed your strong and excellent opinions.
    These liberals are hilarious. You are absolutely right on target about those liberal bloggers.
    You absolutely cannot fathom someone questioning the infallible leader and his band of nit-wits. Someone please defend Pelosi or Reid's voting records. These people are a disgrace to our country. It doesn't matter what your opinion is...we live in a nation of laws outlined in the Constitution. Either abide by the laws or dissolve the Constitution...you can't have both. Government funded healthcare is unconstitutional and a deliberate attempt to redistribute the wealth through taxes and entitlement programs. We know how wonderfully those have worked so far. It's the same with Cap and Trade. More raping of the hard-working Americans to pay for the benefits of the very people that the left has driven into poverty and oppression over the last 40 years. Read an objective history book please. Entitlement programs create dependents. Period. What happens when the government runs out of other people's money to take? This is no longer a battle between Republicans and Democrats. It is a battle between the tax-payers and the tax-eaters who are enabled by their paternal figure, the federal government. If you think for one second that any of the members of Congress or the POTUS give one wit about what happens to you or your life, you are a fool and are too far gone to come back. It's truly a sad reality that we are living in. Keep fighting amongst yourselves...the bourgeoisie will grow and so will the proletariat (guess which group we all get thrown into)...and the R's and D's can continue to fight about gay rights and abortion and health care while America crumbles. .

  131. Conservative said: "More raping of the hard-working Americans to pay for the benefits of the very people that the left has driven into poverty and oppression over the last 40 years"

    It is the wealthiest that have have gotten wealthier while the rest of has seen our real wages stagnate Conservative.

    Unless I misjudged you for a middle class guy like me and you're really a rich guy that got hosed by being in Madoff's ponzi scheme. If that's the case, I feel bad for you dude. I wish our government had done more to protect you when it found out about the ponzi scheme but couldn't because funding and resources for agencies that investigate and shut down ponzi schemes was cut under Bush II.

    Tough lucky buddy.

  132. Libs are stupid , as you know, I use common sense as a guide. Others tend to watch and regurgitate news even while the news contradicts what they can see with their own eyes. The following paragraphs are an issue-by-issue guide to why democrap libs are stupid. And we don’t need Rush or Glenn to tell us why
    HOW MANY TIMES am I gonna read the same story written by another writer telling me about how racism still exists in America as evidenced by more blacks in poverty than whites. This is a global theme. Anywhere on the planet where blacks and whites co-exist, blacks are worse off than whites. Further, if you name a country with a black majority population and black-run government, it’s probably about a third-world shithole. If you name me a majority white country with a white dominated government, they are probably at least not third-world. What does it mean? I don’t know. Think about the countries people move away from and the countries people move in to. What comes to mind? Don’t be afraid to say it!!
    And how about Illegal Aliens - “Illegal”, get it? Congress made the laws, now they don’t like them? Libs complain about companies that ship jobs to other countries and yet they want to ship other countries’ workers to our jobs by just granting amnesty to anyone who can run across a river or hang out on an expired student visa (like all 911 hijackers)... Duh!
    Since mostly libs get abortions, it probably has positive effect. In fact, we should be able to abort libs ‘til the 300th trimester. (That’s ‘til 100 years old for you libs attempting the math) BUT .. SMART people do not find themselves needing abortions. You require an abortion if you’ve been dumb, like a lib. How in the hell can you support abortions while opposing the death penalty? Hussein even voted to guarantee babies who survive abortions do NOT get medical attention.
    They got caught with their pants down on “Global Warming” so they are changing the name to “global climate change”, because it’s NOT getting warmer. It could get warmer, but there’s no way humans can control it. They want Carbon Dioxide to be declared a pollutant so they can regulate it ….. WE EXHALE CO2. They used to teach that shit in 3rd grade. You won’t find a Hussein supporter who knows this. Also libs think “Greenhouse Gases” are bad. Greenhouse gases actually prevent the planet from being a frozen ball of nothing floating around in space with no life on it. If the gases go away, we die. DAMN, they’re dumb! Actually trying to control the global climate!!! You can’t get any dumber than that. ibs think W’s policies made Islamic whackos hate the USA . I wonder why Islamic whackos killed anyone of any other religion for 800 years before the USA existed. Nowadays, just being black is good enough. Hussein will be walking into the White House with a work history that arguably makes him less qualified than 99 other senators and without a single accomplishment to his name

  133. Oh how my blood is boiling!!!
    This administration is disgraceful. The entire Obama administration and his agenda is nothing but a load of horse turds. Tax cheats, radicals and leftists dominate his administration which says plenty about the one himself!
    I do not wonder which side Obama and Holder are on. They're clearly on the side of the Black Panthers! Not prosecuting those thugs for blocking polls and intimidating voters PROVES it.
    This is the final lesson on why the Democrats are unfit to lead this country. It is high time that they are never re-elected to any position higher than dog catcher. Republicans and Independents, we have to vote next time out. Get rid of every democrat in every office in this country.

    You have to wonder about an President who treats Iran and N. Korea better than he does Israel. Does anyone think the lousy stinking Terrorist that was behind Pan Am 103 would have been allowed to go home if Bush was in charge!
    The thing that really gets me on this is the bleeding heart liberals argument that the U.S. is somehow violating the Geneva Convention. The Geneva Convention as passed in 1949 only applied to uniformed combatants: Members of ANY other militias and members of other volunteer corps, non-unformed combatants, do not qualify. Any argument claiming the Geneva Convention protects how these terrorists are treated is without merit. Why are we attacking good Americans fighting a war against terrorists who do not give the same expected courtesies to Americans, when they kidnap them? Beheading Americans posted on online videos seems to cause far less outcry from the liberals and the media then verbally threatening terrorist prisoners with harm that never actually befalls them. We are fighting those who have no desire to follow the rules or laws of civilized nations and then we expect those on the front lines of the war on terror to fight blindfolded with both hands tied behind their back! How backwards is that?!?!?!
    AND THIS NITWIT WANTS TO CLOSE Gitmo and set these ANIMALS free!

  134. Julie: I am upset over the terrorist situation and the War on Terror as well. The Gitmo situation is beyond ridiculous. The Left cheered when Obama signed the Executive Order to close the detention center; BUT they had NO plan on where the detainees were going to go! There are NO countries that want these beasts! And here we are, less than 2 months to go and still NO plan and NO countries to take them. I fear we will be stuck with them in the United States! I don’t want them in my back yard…as good ole Murtha SAID he’d take ‘em! I live in Pa!

    But I MUST be honest. It’s not just the Democrats that displease me. I’m quite unhappy with the Republicans, too. Congress is a mess! I think we need to clean house and vote all incumbents OUT! We need good, honorable representatives in Congress. Out with the OLD and in with the NEW!

  135. I think Glenn Beck is one of the most important voices of our time. But when he occasionally goes into that emotionally overwrought schtick, but thats alright. As long as he has these leftwing jerks talking about him, it means that he is hitting a home run.
    And by the way, ever since Obama has been at war with Fox, Glenn's ratings have gone through the roof.

    Obama and his administration really needs to get over themselves...Whether the grumbling is about Republicans on Fox or bloggers in general there's a word for what the president and his aides are doing. That word is "whining." And nothing -- no attack by Glenn Beck, no blogger busting about Afghanistan, or Guantanamo, or Healthcare, -- does more damage to Obama's credibility or authority than the sense that a popular president is becoming the whiner-in-chief.

    You liberal bloggers are a joke. And a you are a shame to America's that love this contry.

  136. I Ain't Got No Blog said... What does it mean? I don't know.

    It means you're a bigot and you know it. Instead of "I don't know" I was expecting an exclaimation of "white power!" after that rant.

    Pamela, the prisoners in Gitmo are not all "beasts". There are quite a few innocent people we have "detained" there for YEARS. YES it needs to be closed, but YES we're having a difficult time finding countries that will accept these people. It is absolutely shameful that the United States has gotten away with treating human beings this way!

    There are a number of Bush administration officials who should be in prison for this reason alone.

  137. You Liberals are outdoing the terrorists in cheer leading the downfall of the United States!

    For this nincompoop w-dervish to say:
    ”the prisoners in Gitmo are not all "beasts". There are quite a few innocent people we have "detained" there for YEARS.” Just goes to prove my point.
    These FREAKEN ANIMALS who have KILLED our boys and beheaded innocent people should be shot by a firing squad instead this CLOWN poster w-dervish calls for their release! They should be released in a BOX!

    A large number of ex-Guantanamo detainees who have been released gone back to terrorism and killing our troops, is that what you call INNOCENT?
    Oh how I loathe the Left. They support the enemy in the war on terror (directly by releasing and championing terrorists and indirectly through aid and comfort propaganda). These Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys surround us from every side. .


    That’s Just Great!....the next time our innocent citizens are standing in the rubble of a terrorists nuclear explosion... I know exactly who can we blame......

    ACLU, ACORN, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy, Reid, Obama, Hillary Clinton,
    Howard Dean, AlGore, and every other damn bleeding heart liberal like this clown.

  138. Hey NUMSKULL w-dervish Who said " There are a number of Bush administration officials who should be in prison for this reason alone."

    Get over your dumb self already... and stop blaming Bush.
    Blame the FREAKEN people that voted to go to war like John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton,, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Obama, Hillary Clinton,
    Howard Dean, Al Gore, John Edwards. I’m sure you knew that but you you so conveniently omitted it from your stupid leftist post.
    What a typical Liberal PUTZ you are.

  139. By the way W-DERVISH , in case you do not know already, the Obama administration promised more than a month ago to release further information on what it said then were 62 of these “so called Innocent” Gitmo detainees that had returned to the fight and therefor are killing our soldiers all over again. .
    Sure Obama is their Messiah as well as yours. I’m sure he told them
    "You're all FREE! Your won't be charged! You don't even have to repent! Just go forth, and say nice things about ME, so everybody loves me! I will hold them to my bosom!"
    I want to cry every time I see those pictures of the WTC on fire and the people jumping out of the windows to their certain death . Then I get MAD AS HELL! And then I read a post by this freakazoid w-dervish, who calls people ‘racists’ because they are GOOD Americans who only want our country to be kept safe for these animals that are call insurgents! And he says that they are innocent and should be freed!
    I wonder if he lives in the corn fields of Iowa where they never even heard of the World Trade Center. If he lived in New York City and actually knew people that were MURDERED as I do, he might think differently. They are the most barbaric murderers imaginable and Obama wants to read them their rights.. RIDICULOUS

  140. W-Dervish: I will correct myself then. The ones who are GUILTY are BEASTS. I stand my ground on this because I can NOT get the image of INNOCENT human beings jumping to their deaths from the Twin Towers to die on the pavement 80 stories below rather than burn to death. What do you call “people” who forced innocent human beings to make that type of decision?

    I agree that the detainees should not have had to wait years for justice. And by justice, I am speaking of JUSTICE for the Americans who lost their lives and the families of those Americans. I think we should’ve dealt with those detainees a long time ago. Our tax dollars are being used to keep them and that doesn’t sit well with me. This is one of the reasons I was NOT happy with the Bush Administration. The detainees should’ve had an expedient trial and when found guilty, been put to death immediately.

    But they are there and haven’t been dealt with. So, therein lies our conundrum. Your opinion is that Gitmo should be closed. Mine is it should NOT be closed. I believe we will have to respectfully agree to disagree or we will be at this forever, because I KNOW I will NOT change my mind and I don’t expect you to change yours.

  141. I've offered may times to let the "beasts" come to one of our Illinois high security prisons that were built but never opened. Send em here.

  142. Truth: That’s very generous of you. How do other Illinoisians feel about that?

    Or how about this question. Would you have one of these detainees sit down at your dinner table?

    I know I would NOT. Evil is evil and I steer as far away from it as possible. I place these “beasts” in the same category as rapists and child-molesters.

  143. It's my opinion and I'll stick too it.October 28, 2009 at 5:08 PM

    Pamela D. Hart said...
    "I agree that the detainees should not have had to wait years for justice. And by justice, I am speaking of JUSTICE for the Americans who lost their lives and the families of those Americans. "

    I don't want to give them ANY justice!

    I'll give them the same chance they gave those 3,000 people..NONE
    Let them go? Give them Justice? NEVER!
    I say screw the bastards, I say Kill the bastards.

    I say anyone one that want to give them anything should trade places with the people that jumped off those flaming towers.

  144. w-dervish You are Freaking unbelievable!!!

  145. I'm "freaking unbelievable" because I believe that IF people are innocent they should be set free??? By the way it is not me making these claims, it is former Bush administration official and Republican Lawrence Wilkerson. He is the guy making the claim that innocent people are in gitmo (see the article I linked to earlier).

    So, if there are innocent people there -- and it is not me claiming that there are -- you're arguing they should be put to death??

    Excuse me, but I find your blood lust "freaking unbelievable", and it makes ME mad as hell that fellow American citizens DON'T GIVE A DAMN if innocent people are put to death. You want revenge so badly that you don't care if innocent people are inprisoned for years or murdered -- if they are Muslim that's good enough for you.

    As for those who "returned" to the battlefield -- (1) isn't it the bush administration's fault if someone who was actually guilty was released? (2) isn't it the bush administration's fault if someone who had not been engaged in terrorism beforehand was released and then became a terrorist? Wouldn't you be mad if you were innocent and held for years, released and then found your friends and family (who, like you were not involved in terrorism) were killed by the US?

    "Listen to me", none of the people you listed voted to go to war. bush said, "Approving this resolution does not mean that the military action is imminent or unavoidable. This resolution will tell the United Nations, and all nations, that America speaks with one voice".

    Senator Hillary Clinton, New York Democrat, said passage of the resolution made diplomatic success at the UN "more likely, and, therefore, war less likely".

    From "Americans for informed Democracy/Setting the Record Straight" ... The resolution was not a "war vote" because, at the time, the administration repeatedly claimed that Bush had not made the decision to use force. Rather, Congress voted for diplomacy.

  146. w-dervish said...
    I'm "freaking unbelievable" because I believe that IF people are innocent they should be set free???



  147. It’s My Opinion: I don’t appreciate YOUR rude comment. That was totally out of line. You OBVIOUSLY didn’t comprehend my comment. So go back and reread. And in the future do NOT come here and wish ill on me or anyone else that posts here.

    W-Dervish: I have heard that there are supposedly innocents held at Gitmo. I find it hard to believe that these “people” who were captured on battle fields and training camps are innocent though. However, if our intelligence officials say they are innocent, well, they know a lot more than me. And I agree if they are innocent, they should be set free, but NOT on our soil. Send them back to their own countries. They are not Citizens of the United States and we have enough illegals to contend with.

    I have also heard the claims that say “some” innocent men held turn to terrorists once released. The claim doesn’t say “all”, so it’s not iron clad. Just like not all poor kids who grow up without fathers don’t end up in gangs.

    You asked: Is it Bush’s fault that released innocent men from Gitmo go back to deceased families? I suppose you could say that. He was the sitting President at that time. So should we also blame Bush for the American Military lives that were lost, too? And how about now? Any lives lost now that Obama is President, is he responsible for them? Should we then charge our Presidents with murder?

    Mistakes were made. We know that. Our intelligence is not perfect. But to blame Bush forever is just futile. The Obama Administration is going to make mistakes, too. When that happens are we supposed to treat him the way the Left has treated Bush all these years?

  148. w-dervish said...
    I'm "freaking unbelievable" because I believe that IF people are innocent they should be set free???

    Oh Really? You act as if know all about it and are well informed? Let's add a dose of reality:
    If YOU want to coddle these jihadis and let them go, I suggest that YOU move to an Arab nation because thats where YOU belong. Or maybe you can let a few of these "alleged" terrorists move in at your house..

    I think everyone who believes the terrorist should be released from Gitmo should take one or two of them home. ... Let the liberals experience what one of they are trained to do. If we would let the troops and our intelligence dept. do their job every one would be better off. ...
    These are dangerous predatory criminals and belong in a prison stock, or perhaps you could convince your liberal officials to send these murderers to Disney land.

  149. It's these "compassionate" liberal bleeding hearts like w-dervish, and Shaw that are keeping this war prolonged.
    We could have won this thing long ago if our troops didn't have their hands tied. We have the technology and the weapons to do it and od it quickly, if we let the people that are there do it as they want to..
    But Foolishness knows no bounds. Once these detainees hit American soil habeas corpus rights attach, ACLU rights attach and CAIR rights attach. We will have 200 of the most dangerous terrorists living in our neighborhoods. And that most likely would be peach cream with those "compassionate" liberal bleeding heart Obama kool-aid drinker, genuine knuckle head.

    When are these brain dead lefties going to see the light...– they are enemy combatants captured on the battlefield and should be handled by the military. Leave the Gitmo vacationers where they are.

  150. President Obama! If you want to honor the troops, or Show your respect do us all a favor Get off your A@#! and give the General what he has been asking for! It is time you Start acting like the Commander and Chief instead of the Campaigner and Chief! If you want a job that is all about the public attention , without any real responsibility Move to England and see if they will let you Be the King

  151. To the gullible liberal comments,
    On Obama's trip to *honor* the fallen Troops. Just like your gullible liberal comments on the Gitmo terrorist detainees.
    For a man (Obama) who has worked incessantly his lifelong to counter U.S. sovereignty, and since being in public office, to defeat sound U.S. military and defense measures, that he'd go about seeking out the bodies of deceased military as they were brought home -- only to go loiter over their bodies before they were 'allowed' to be taken home -- is purely disgusting.

    President or not, this is a ghoulish display by a ghoulish man, and trying to maintain cover of respectability under the Office of the Presidency does not fly with me.

  152. I am surprised it has taken this long for the dimwits to see he was bad news! When his name first hit the news and I knew he was going to run, I researched about him.

    One look at his voting record told me volumes!!!!!!! Any person with enough sense to go look at the record would know what a phony he is. All the other little nasty truths which oozed out later only solidified the fact he was one weird dude, with the wrong agenda for this country.

    I think it is time to strip off the last 100 or so years of stupidity shrouding the elements of The US Constitution anyway. It is time to give the power back to the people and eliminate the FED.

    I want simplicity back! I want the Government to stop embellishing the political realm with their stupid ideology as if they are the only ones who know the code or could possibly know the code.

    All we have to do is educate ourselves.

    I am a simple mind, a simple woman, with simple happiness and simple ideas. I want a simple freedom which goes along the lines of

    1)LEAVE MY FREEDOM ALONE-let me succeed
    2)LEAVE MY MONEY ALONE-let me succeed
    3)LEAVE MY GUNS ALONE-let me protect me
    4)LEAVE MY BELIEFS ALONE-let me think
    5)I don't need a nanny, and the world doesn't either.

    Now, can I squirt blood out of my eyes over the ridiculous nature of blind steeple? I sure want to!

    Just get out of my life, We don't need no stinken Marxist to tell us what to do and when to do it.

  153. Perhaps you and I have lived with this miracle we call America too long to be properly appreciative.
    As Ronald Reagan once said: "Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom, and then lost it, have never known it again." Thanks to Mr. Obama an his Liberal followers.

  154. Another entertaining post! Thanks w-dervish At first I thought you were joking but now I see you for what you are. I dumb ass koolaide drinking moron.
    I get my daily chuckles from these kinds of posts. Just loathing, behavior.

  155. Too many of the posters here are cowardly idiots and morons. Thy go under the guise of “Liberal’s” . Closing the prison at Gitmo Bay will NOT bring us any RESPECT. Why? Because the bulk of the world, especially the Muslim regions, do not WANT to respect us. They will simply find some other reason to hate us. They are jealous and angry that we actually did something about Saddam. They are a bunch of limp dicks who could not fight their way out of a wet paper sack. The UN has proven and demonstrated that it is completely useless in stopping genocide and oppression.
    Muslims have been hating us for decades. Remember, in 1979, the Iranian Ayatollah called us the "Great Satan".
    The Egyptian man many consider to be the "father" of modern Muslim terrorism got his "inspiration" after living in Colorado in 1949. When he came to America, he was a "secular" Muslim, but he returned to Egypt with a religious fervor and contempt for American culture.
    None of that will change by closing the Gitmo prison.
    I also find it interesting that many critics of the Iraq War say that we must do what is best for America and get out of Iraq. OK - use the same logic. Let's do what is BEST for AMERICA, not what is best for the rest of the world.
    Who cares what they think about us? Do you idiots honestly think that England, France, Russia, and China care what WE think about them? They make their decisions based on what is BEST for them, and they do not care what we think. And, neither should we!

    BTW - if what other people think is important, consider this: The overwhelming majority of the families who lost loved ones on 9/11/2001 OPPOSE the closing of the prison at Gitmo. If I was Obama, I would care about THEIR opinion long before I cared about the rest of the world!

  156. This comment has been removed by the author.

  157. Don't you find it mind-boggling that we conservatives are racists if we call Obama a socialist. Yet, they could compare Bush to Hitler.

    And you stupid OIbamacrats that will destroy the country! Hussein has added more debt to the US since he's been in office than W did it eight years!Hussein can't engage his brain before he engages his mouth, e.g.,Cops acted stupidly! Hussein can't even keep the Mexican drug dealers from killing a Border Patrol Agent on American soil,so how is he qualified to stop Iran from nuking Israel or North Korea from invading South Korea again? OH, sure, Hillary and I will just talk to them and they will behave! And W-DERVISH you are so typical of the Hussein supporters who is too dumb to know what is reality in the world! Why don't you volunteer to take a terrorist when Hussein closes down Gitmo?

    I just can't believe the arrogance and ignorance displayed by most of the liberal posters. Here Know Nothingism seems to be catching. Perhaps from the other blogs you have been contributing to.

  158. And still, while all of our right leaning friends demand justice and more Troops to Afghanistan, none of you are willing to pay for it or institute a draft to ensure enough manpower and resources are available to achieve your definition of victory.

    Is there not any among you that are willing to actually sacrifice a few more bucks a week even to pay for the occupations?

    If a reall plan were devised and taxes raised to pay for it, I would pay them without rancor. You people bang fists and call me or WD socialists or closet Muslims. Your fists are hollow people.

    Pamela: I know several prison guards. I trust they know how to handle unruly prisoners.

  159. Right is Right, I think I love you. You are always right on the money. You know even though most Americans voted for Obama. The American people are finally waking up and realizing what they really voted for is not what Obama is giving us. I am talking about the people that did vote for Obama. I can proudly say, "I did not vote for this Communist bunch in DC now and that is taking this country down farther yet." And Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. WHAT a JOKE!

  160. Truth: Thanks for the offer, but I can handle “unruly guests”, especially when they violate my blogging policy or refer to me as a “Token”.

    It never ceases to amaze me though. I have ALWAYS shown EVERY blogger the utmost respect, but I do not always receive the same in return.

  161. Sorry to Push Your Buttons, but you ARE a token republican.
    Just as the republicans have a few token black people at their conventions.

  162. psi bond said...

    Sorry to Push Your Buttons, but you ARE a token republican.
    Just as the republicans have a few token black people at their conventions.

    sorry to say it but he/she is right.

  163. psi bond and Beth: When I believe in something, I most certainly do NOT apologize for it.

  164. Pam, I am NEW to the blogosphere. However I am making some headway since I KNEW nothing about it a short time ago (or blogging for that matter). Nonetheless I'm another staunch right of the right conservative who isn't staying silent any longer. I have a vicious "warrior" mother bear attitude! I see these left wing nut jobs threatening the safety of my family...and those are fighting words to me! I am nice, until the time to not be nice, and then I’m a attack dog. .

  165. I never read liberal blogs, I never listen to the Rush Limbaugh lynch mob's.

    I felt that calling Rush a racist was a set up.. The whole point of accusing people of “racism” is that it immediately puts them on the defensive with a charge that is impossible to disprove.
    Since these left-wing morons have absolutely no evidence and were unable to prove he said these things (just made up in their heads), and especially since Rush was kicked off this NFL consortium because of it (hurts his future financial gain), then this should be a slam-dunk.

    This left-wing crap has to be stopped… is Rush supposed to deny every time a left-wing nutter goes after him? Then he’d be doing that 24/7.
    Most of the comments here sound like Letterman making such a horrible comment about Sarah Palins daughter. She was with her 14 year old daughter. He assumed that it was the daughter that got pregnant. Then we find out about his immoral activities.
    Hypocrite at best. People are allowed to make statements about a Conservative without knowing the true story. How many had Rush on to refute all the allegations.
    So much of this stuff is taken out of contest.
    Rush is a Conservative and that is why he is being chastised. How many of you have really heard his show or the comments he supposedly made and in its context.
    Just another example of the liberal MSM trying to destroy anyone with a conservative thought. MSM: “Proof? We don’t need no stinkin’ proof!”

    And then there’s the racist-baiters Al Sharpton and (Rev., LOL!)Jesse Jackson sticking their noses in this. Who the hell are these guys anyway?! They’re both just sh*t disturbers against anything involving “whites”. And no, I’m NOT a RACIST, just speaking the truth.
    If blacks agree with conservative whites then the blacks are of course lower than dirt and an ‘Uncle Tom’.

    If you’re a left-winger, you can say or do practically anything you want and not only get away with it, but avoid even the slightest of criticisms… even drugging and sodomizing a 13yr old girl is okay.
    When the left in the US can brand its political enemies racists without any evidence whatsoever – and they are doing this against the Tea Party attendees and anyone else who protests the current administration – then we have arrived at fascism.

    This is EXACTLY what happened in Germany in the 1920s and 30s when one group assailed another group with the politics of destruction. It is based on ridicule and dehumanization. Make your opponent look evil. Make your opponent seem as if they have no right to politic. Make them not matter.

    And then they won’t matter to a large swath of the population.

    How ironic that the country that helped topple the Nazis now has a political movement steeped in Goebbels’ tactics.

    And by the way, Anyone who has to call someone “dumbass” like Mr.W-Dervish to make his point can’t be firing on all cylinders, IMHO.

  166. I just read that post written by that thick-headed nincompoop Liberal Truth101
    Listen you thick-headed nincompoop. I am so sick of the Left being so pompous and asinine. Politicians in the U.S. didn't learn anything from the huge quagmire that the Soviet Union had with Afghanistan. What's worse is that the Soviets were better equipped and could commit more troops than we can. We never bothered to rebuild the military that Reagan had built up but Clinton distroyed, and now we're in worse shape than the Soviets were. Note to Obama and his socialists:
    During his appalling UN speech, Obama sounded like a high school kid making a feeble plea for global harmony.

    He said the concept of a balance of power is outdated and that no country should dominate another country.

  167. Didn't you get the Right is Right lady's memo Cat? You're not supposed to be visiting Truth Shall Rule. You must obey!

    She will thank you for it. Then you can post your thank you for noticing to her on your blog. Oh wait. You don't have a blog. You link to a phony Facebook page. Funny how many righties do that Cat. Makes one wonder if they're the same person.

  168. TRUTH 101 said...

    Didn't you get the Right is Right lady's memo Cat? You're not supposed to be visiting Truth Shall Rule. You must obey!
    She will thank you for it. Then you can post your thank you for noticing to her on your blog. Oh wait. You don't have a blog. You link to a phony Facebook page. Funny how many righties do that Cat. Makes one wonder if they're the same person.

    I think you are a bit PARANOID Mr. Truth, as you see, I DO have a blog, I just wasn't logged into it before.
    Perhaps Ms. Right is Right was Right about you after all!

  169. Obama is in bed with the same media and Democratic Party who wanted the U.S. to fail in Iraq. Obama is still in bed with the MSM who wants the U.S. to surrender in defeat in Afghanistan rather than properly securing this area of the Middle East in order to stop the breeding of terrorism as best we can. I believe that Obama is putting politics above both the safety of the lives of our soldiers and of the United States. Obama called the War in Afghanistan a "war of necessity" but as soon as he realizes that the obstacles are tougher than he thought, the Obamapussy wanes, hides, and is indecisive proving that he is a weak President.

    Put that in your hat Mr.Truth!

  170. When Cat and Thresa call for more taxes to pay for the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations I will ackowlege their sincerity. Till then Ladies, you are mere whiny children that want everything but either don't want, or have no clue that there is a price for everything.

    nice attempt at seguey Cat. I'm still not buying it.

  171. Mr. Truth101, There was a time in America when Liberals actually shared a commitment to individual freedom, to semi-limited government, tolerance, and the rule of law. They even went so far as believing that the legitimacy of government came from the consent of its citizens to be governed by them, not ruled by them. Indeed, liberals used to embrace a market economy based upon free trade, individual effort, and private property. That is, until the 60's radicals like Ayers, Obama, Dorhn, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, Van Jones, Anita Dunn, etc hijacked the DNC, with the help and money of Soros, and turned it into something short of the Politburo, with them in charge of course. Today, liberals are scornful of virtue, morals, religion, and tradition, while prizing inequality (us versus them, black versus white, middle class versus the elites), a centralization of power, religious intolerance, financial corruption, no freedom of speech, and fiscal mismanagement in waste, fraud, and abuse in Medicare for example), which they remedy by passing higher and higher taxes.

  172. Liberal Democrats have brainwashed Americans for the years through a campaign of class-envy and promised entitlements. Millions of Americans truly believe Uncle Sam is the only one that can protect them from the evil corporate Republicans. They cannot fathom the prospect of self-sufficiency or self-accountability.

    How many stories have read about some family from Arab countries getting off the boat on Monday and owning their own fruit stores, or convenience stores restaurant by Friday? Their kids excel in school. Arab children are flooding our schools, and our hospitals and taking away our jobs. America is the last country that offers anyone, from any background, the opportunity to succeed or fail on their own. They know this and they take advantage of the fact that we do nothing about it..

    I too am scared.

  173. At last we have a few people here that are not araid to say it like it is.
    This truth guy and his group of asswipes are so full of themselves that it isn't funny.
    Thank you Kat, Phil, Jody, Right, Blue,Bowl Of Cherries, Beth and Ken...

  174. Those of you liberal's who are looking for free handouts and longing for the government to run your health care need to get a reality check. Government always screws up whatever it's put in charge of and this government, if you allow it to, will screw things up royally. But I'm bored with ranting about this subject. I don't know how Glenn Beck and others continue on day after day, but God bless them for putting the truth out there!
    But According to several commentators on TV yesterday, they say that a Government run Health Care Bill WILL be passed one way or another over the objections of the people. And that it will eventually lead to a complete government takeover of the entire health care system.
    I hope that you libs will be happy then and when we will all be wearing a Scarlet Letter.

  175. W-Dervish: So you feel there are supposedly innocents held at Gitmo. Do you also think that 9-11 was a conspiracy? Do you also believe in the tooth fairy? You're 'right' to express your opinion but it doesn't negate my 'right' to express mine. Although I enjoy the laugh at your baseless attacks on the right. I think it is pretty mush a fruitless one. You my friend are full of shit. Frankly it bothers me to think I share a country with such people as you. I am a Christian & Conservative. That being said, I obviously do not agree with your position on many issues, such as gay marriage, abortion, and most entitlement programs. It’s just amazing how sick one can become when drinking the juice.

  176. Johnny Ringo: Hi & Welcome. I don’t want to rehash the Gitmo issue again. I have expressed myself and my opinion countless times regarding terrorists and 9/11. I even dedicated a post to 9/11, so you can read for yourself where I stand, which pretty much correlates with you and many others on the Right.

    Currently, however, I’m reading the new Pelosi Health Care Bill. YIKES! It’s a slow read, and there are some “interesting” tidbits in it, too. I’ll be posting a few of my thoughts once I get to a point where I have enough info for a full post. So, stand by, because it’ll get very “lively” around here once that hits!

  177. This comment has been removed by the author.

  178. Good Morning and Happy November Pam.
    I do admit reading that slime ball's blog now and then, but I refuse to lower myself and posting there. And I don't want to say what I have to say on yours. But I will answer "That Malicious Halfwit" that uses the name "Anonymous" on my own blog.

  179. The one that wrote:

    "Anonymous said...

    Clearly she can't argue her point and therefore simply avoids having to do that by deleting all opposing views. She's an idiot"

    She or He is the IDIOT, because Ms. Right Is Right can "ARGUE HER POINT"
    very well. It's the lame brains that write posts like this one who are the IDIOTS!

  180. RIR: Happy November to you, too. I read the silly comment from the anonymous troll. They are annoying. I understand your reluctance to post at Truth’s and respect your decision. I hope you will respect mine to post there.

    Professor: I left my response to the “Anonymous Person” at Truth’s place, where the comment originated. In the future please respond on the blog where the comment was generated, or do as RIR did and write a post about it on your own blog, thank you.

  181. Absolutely Pam, I was not trying to be rude. I can assure you that it won't happen again.
    I'm already visualizing the duct tape over my mouth.

    But please know that I have a positive attitude about my destructive habits.

  182. Professor: I don’t believe duct tape is necessary. I also don’t think you have destructive habits. I’m just trying to keep my blog MINE and not use it as a “catch all” for other blogs. This has been an ongoing venture, I hope you understand.

  183. TAO said...

    Actually, Pam,

    She did delete my very first comment on her blog...

    It was a kneejerk response because I did not write anything mean or vicious...

    Must have scared her to death..

    Pamela D. Hart said...

    Then I stand corrected.

    Don't stand corrected Pam, TAO DID post a Very annoying, objectionable, offensive and obnoxious post one time maybe 6 months ago and just like YOUR notice on YOUR blog..
    I will not hesitate to use the TRASH CAN for any comments that violate my policy.

    "Scared ME to death" Tao?

    LOL... from a lightweight freak like you? Hardly!

    I'd just rather have NOTHING to do with you ...

  184. I don't blame you for being scared of TAO RiR. He can be a scary guy. I've admitted many times that I'm afraid of Pamela D. Hart.

  185. Pammie~ I'm sorry you've had a hard time lately, enough to set you back from blogging. I'm glad you're back, though!

    One observation I'd like to make, if I may: it seems the more you implore people to 'be civil,' the more incivility it draws. Then, THAT becomes the topic.

    I'm just sayin'...

  186. Susannah: Thank you. And your suggestions are always welcome! You are probably correct in your observation. I guess I need a new plan, eh? Because I truly hate the nastiness.

  187. Let me start off with a brief DISCLAIMER: I am about to give a white, male perspective on race. I can’t give a non-white, or non-male perspective because I am neither of those things.
    OK, look, sometimes the best way, in fact the ONLY way to kick off a discussion like this is to just “let it fly,” or “come right out with it,” as they say. Alright, let me jump right in here with a list of just a few of the things that bother me about the current state of race-relations in America;

    Yes, it bothers me that in most locales "urban" (a/k/a/ “predominantly black”) school districts get the lion’s share of the school funding, apparently as a reward for garnering the lowest test scores and graduation rates. I mean it MUST BE a “reward” because we all know that when those same “failing schools” turn over from predominantly black to predominantly Asian (as a number have in places like the South Bronx and parts of California), those same “failing schools,” with the same teachers, the same books and the same old dirty walls, suddenly see test scores rise and drop-out rates fall and THAT is often followed up with budget cuts, so that other or “newly failing schools” can get rewarded with more cash for failures.

    In nearby New Jersey, over 50% of that state’s school revenues (funded primarily by property taxes) go to just 31 of the state’s 568 districts. Those “lucky 31” are, of course all “urban” school districts. So, while failing school districts like Atlantic City’s and Newark’s get 800% and 600% return on their property tax dollar (that’s $8 for every $1 and $6 for every $1), respectively back in education dollars, suburban communities, like Mendham average a paltry 4% And yes, it bothers me greatly that when covering the incredibly rare white-on-black violent crime, the races of both victim and suspects are routinely published, while the races of those involved in the far more common black-on-white violent crime are rarely, if EVER published. It leads one to erroneously believe that one of those kinds of crimes is somehow “worse than” the other. And YES, again THAT bothers me.

  188. CONTINURD.It also bothers me a great deal that when blacks do poorly on various standardized exams that’s called “disparate impact,” and is alleged to be “proof of discrimination,” But when blacks comprise 65% of the MTA or 80% of the NBA that’s called “a racial achievement.”

    Worse yet, is having to hear some of the inane rationales some blacks give for their doing poorer (on average) than other groups on such exams, such as “Blacks are more social than whites and don’t have as much time for studying,” OR “Blacks value things differently than whites.” These are sickening excuses, because those things described are individual/personal failings, known as “lack of discipline” and “lack of focus.” They are NOT ethnic or GROUP traits, they are individual flaws or failings and it’s an affront to all blacks who DO NOT possess those failings and YES, that bothers the hell out of me!

    It also bothers me that Police Departments across the country automatically file virtually all white-on-black violent crimes as a “hate crimes,” while only labeling black-on-white crimes as “hate crimes” when the evidence is both overwhelming and undeniable.

    That is an absurd double standard, especially in light of the fact that, each year, approximately 1.2 million violent crimes involving blacks and whites occur nationwide. In just over 90 percent of those cases, according to U.S. Justice Department figures, the perpetrators are black and the victims are white. Violent white felons choose black victims for fewer than 3 percent of their attacks, whereas violent black felons choose white victims about 56 percent of the time. Statistically, the "average" African American is an astonishing 56 times more likely to attack a white than vice versa.

    And YES...that last god-damned statistic bothers the living SHIT OUT OF ME!!!
    Obama is the most racially polarizing politician since George Wallace. The white vote shifted dramatically against the Dems. On the other hand, what did they expect after Van Jones, ACORN, and the rest of Dear Leader's fellow "community organizers"?


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