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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Domino Effect of our Banking System

As we know our Financial System took a major hit last year. Let’s take a little look see at how this played out, shall we…

The Community Reinvestment Act is a federal law that was passed in 1977 to “encourage” banks and savings associations to meet the needs of borrowers in ALL segments of their communities, which included low and moderate-income neighborhoods. Congress “felt” this law needed to be passed in order to prevent discrimination against low-income and minority borrowers.

There were Legislative changes made to the CRA over the years, but the most pertinent one, in my opinion, was the Federal Housing Enterprises Financial Safety and Soundness Act of 1992, which required Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to devote a percentage of their lending to support affordable housing. Basically this Act instructed Freddie and Fannie to divide its business into three categories: low and moderate-income, underserved, and special affordable. The goal was to increase home-ownership among minorities and the poor in rural and urban areas.

In November of 1999, a part of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 was repealed with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1993 which permitted commercial banks, investment banks and insurance companies to consolidate. While The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act was a Republican backed bill, President Clinton said he would veto it unless it contained verbiage that would ensure banks wouldn’t cut back on mortgages to low income and minority borrowers.

Due to pressure from the Clinton Administration, in 1999 Fannie began issuing subprime loans, which increased the number of minority and low income home owners. The expansion of “easy credit” to home buyers with lesser ability to pay it back and then bundling them as securities made the CEO’s of Fannie and Freddie and many others on Wall Street a lot of money, but also made our market quite unstable.

In 2000 Fannie Mae launched the American Dream Commitment, a ten year pledge to provide $2 trillion dollars in low-income and minority home financing. By March 2003 Fannie and their lending partners had fulfilled over half of their goal. Other lending partners included: Bank of America; Bank One Corporation; Charter One Bank; Countrywide Financial Corporation; Doral Financial Corporation; First Horizon Home Loan Corporation; Fleet Boston Bank; Huntington Mortgage Company; Irwin Mortgage; J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.; and Standard Mortgage Corporation and they were “applauded” for surpassing the halfway mark so quickly. Together they led the market in narrowing the homeownership gaps, increasing the availability of affordable housing and serving Americans of color and low-income.

The 2000 plan included $420 billion to help minority home financing but in 2002 it was increased to $700 billion in an “effort” to help “advance” the Bush Administration’s minority homeownership proposals. Fannie also met or exceeded HUD’s affordable goals for 9 consecutive years which included 52% of their business derived from low-income families; 33% derived from underserved families; and over 21% derived from very low-income families.

Fannie and Freddie loaned at first because they were pressured from HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) who was under pressure from Congress. With repeal of part of the Glass-Steagall Act it gave financial institutions and insurance companies free reign without any over-sight to basically sell debt onto our market, and make large bonuses to boot, and now we Taxpayers are left holding the tab. In my opinion, the CRA and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act were two big factors in the downfall of our financial system.

I am in NO way suggesting that any bank, investment company or insurance company discriminate due to skin color or ethnicity; however, I do NOT condone giving anyone a home loan, a credit card or a car loan if they are NOT able to pay it back. The desire to increase home ownership in low-income and minority neighborhoods is a noble cause, but it may not be a feasible one, considering the outcome of many of these “loans”. I believe everyone should have a place to live—a home; but I do NOT believe everyone is ENTITLED to OWN a house. The two are completely separate from one another.

I believe if Congress hadn’t pressured HUD and HUD hadn’t pressured the banking institutions and if the CRA wasn’t abused AND if Gramm-Leach-Bliley hadn’t repealed part of Glass-Steagall we wouldn’t be sitting with this current banking mess. There is enough blame to go around, but I think it all began with Congress wanting to give something that wasn’t earned, i.e. the CRA.

A person must “earn” a good credit score, regardless of skin color or ethnicity. Neither of which can be used against you on a credit application, by the way. HOWEVER your lack of a job; adequate funds; time with your employer; and past credit history MOST certainly do and those issues are NOT discriminatory. It’s time we stood on the facts and stopped being afraid of being called “prejudiced” when the FACTS prove otherwise; because as we can see, the results can be devastating.

I also don’t think that Government should be involved in every aspect of our lives, BUT over-sight IS important in certain areas, especially when large sums of money are involved. These Institutions, like AIG and JP Morgan should’ve had some kind of Clearing House. As it stands they did not and they got away with Billions.

And last, but certainly NOT least, when we Taxpayers bailed-out all these lame companies that placed us in this precarious situation there should’ve been stipulations on OUR money. It should NOT have been handed to them willy-nilly. As it stands we don’t know where it went and we don’t know why these banks aren’t lending. They SHOULD be lending and we should demand that they follow some rules. However, those decisions don’t seem to be up to us, although it’s our money.

Hopefully our Representatives on The Hill have LEARNED something! And they will begin to institute some REAL change. Change that will stop the corruption, not just on Wall Street and in Banking and Insurance Institutions, but in Congress, as well.

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  1. I agree. Loans were made, that should not have been made.

    It certainly does come down to these companies knowing their decisions were backed by the fed and thus took a bigger gamble than they otherwise would have.

    The government was to trusting with our tax dollars, when they backed these programs. To little regulation. To much greed on the part of these corporations.

    I'm tired of liberals blaming only Bush. This problem actually goes well before even the Clinton administration.

    I'm tired of the conservatives blaming Obama. It is his problem now, but not his fault. It is dishonest and a little nasty to expect Obama to fix things that have been building up over decades and the control of both parties.

    I'm ok with giving a hand up, not a hand out. These professionals in the banking business, know the difference and abused the system to build their own profits.

    The worst seems to be over, yet I'm not convinced of that.

    The stock market is up. These banks are back on financially steady ground, yet they are not sharing that with American citizens. The credit market is still frozen. Why? If these banks are showing profits again.

    Capitalism is making money, while filling the needs of the society. Seems corporations have forgotten the second part.

    Yes, I totally believe in corporate responsibility to the society they do business in.

    Government failed us, and business took advantage of government negligence.

  2. Pamela,
    Good to see a new post from you!

    Well written. I am NOT happy with how the bailouts happened, nor with who it actually bailed out in the long run (i.e., bailing out Wall Street but letting Main Street Fail) which is honestly, as you've shown here, a bipartisan failure.

    All too often we've made sure to defend the rights of the corporations, (which were never given protections under the constitution as entities, btw, those protections are for the citizens themselves) and forgot about those that make up this country. We are supposed to be a country of people, not of corporations and conglomerates.

    As for some of the fair lending to poorer parts, some of that was good. All too often, banks would "red line" poorer parts of town; they would artificially raise rates for anyone from that area of town regardless of their own personal credit score because it was a poor part of town. So a minority that had actually done what they were suppposed to couldn't buy a home in their own area and get a good rate that they would get somewhere else.

  3. Every president inherits a tangle of problems from his predecessor. War and recession, natural disaster and foreign crises. Obama and his company of crooks and liars knew that going in. It's time that he stopped blaming Bush for everything including the price of Beluga caviar.
    And does something except play the blame game.
    This man has never done anything at all BUT complain about Bush. Just like all the other liberals on these boards..
    A lot of us saw this coming: a community organizer (what's that?), an ACORN activist, a state senator (voting, Present!), and a U.S. Senator, who spent most of his time running for the presidency. We have become an 'American Idol' culture, and we deserve what we get. Or, more accurately, we deserve what, those of you who voted for him, have given us.
    And it is showing in his ratings dropping like a rock every week.
    The big drop in support is because he promised to make everything better and he hasn’t. Most people don’t know or care about the specifics of what he is doing, they just know that he hasn’t fixed the economy, or made health care cheaper and so on...

  4. Good points made:

    "Due to pressure from the Clinton Administration, in 1999 Fannie began issuing subprime loans.... made our market quite unstable."

    especially on how over-regulation, and direct government commands to have its agencies encourage banks to do bad things, caused this problem.


    James said: "Well written. I am NOT happy with how the bailouts happened"

    I can't recall the last time I ran into someone, on either the Left or Right, who favored the bailouts.

    And for others, it is quite honest and not nasty at all to expect Obama to at least try to fix things, rather than to try to make problems worse. Excusing him for not bothering is like excusing him for failure.

  5. He is trying, you just disagree with his decisions. Try keeping it real.

  6. Its a typical Left Wing knee jerk reaction to automatically assume their political opponents are willing to stoop to the same sleazy tactics that the Left itself frequently employs to will be turned back upon them. They believe in the Right Wing Hate machine, because they themselves are a part of a Left Wing Hate machine. In their petty minds it only stands to logic that the hate is mutual. The right thinks the left is just wrong; while the left thinks the right is evil.

    The left must blame somebody. The hate is coming from democrats refusing to listen to CUT TAXES, INCREASE JOBS, STOP WASTE SPENDING, FREEZE GOVERNMENT WAGES UNTIL THE DEFICIT IS DOWN, KILL THE NEW HEALTH CARE BILL, NO CAP AND TRADE, AND WAIT AND LET GOD TAKE CARE OF GLOBAL WARMING. In other words, democrats need to just go home and think about what they are doing, because we do NOT want democrats taking over our government. Do we need to repeat that? I'm sure we will, because democrats are still stuck on blaming somebody.

  7. To The Malcontent:
    You are right on. I remember G.W. Bush warning Congress back around 2003-4 that they had better do something about the housing bubble because we were headed for disaster. And every time the Republican members of Congress tried to introduce legislation that would have prevented the mess we are in now, the Democrats kept blocking it. Also, if you remember, it was ACORN you pressured Congress to allow banks to make unsecured mortgage loans to illegal immigrants, which then senator Obama urged the Senate to do. During all that time Obama, along with Sen. Chris Dodd were raking in huge sums of money from AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the form of campaign funds. Meanwhile, over on the House side, we had Rep. Barney Frank blocking any House Republican legislation that would have prevented the collapse, why? Because during the whole mess, and while he was telling the American people that everything was fine, he was carrying on a homosexual love affair with a high up member of Fannie Mae.

    Bush's Biggest fault in all of this was authorizing the TARP FUNDS. I am sick and tired of listening to Obama and the liberals blame Bush for everything. I believe all of this was planned and Obama and the leftist traitors in Congress knew exactly what they were doing.

  8. At the end, Pamela said: "Hopefully our Representatives on The Hill have LEARNED something!"

    According to Michael Moore who answered questions at the screening of his most recent movie a month or two ago, Congress has not lifted a finger to restore any of the mentioned regulations.

    And before someone engages in mindless Bush/GOP bashing, remember, this is not a right-wing problem: the leftists have controlled Congress for a few years now.

  9. As Pamela has pointed out, there is more than enough blame for both political parties on this one.

    And as dmarks noted, not much in the area of re-regulation has come forward to help prevent the same thing from happening again in the future.

    As for Malcontent, the practice of presidents blaming their predecessors for the ills that they face, is a time honored tradition.

    Presidents of both parties do it, have done it, and will continue to do it. I had hoped Obama would be different, but alas, he is following in the footsteps of Ronald Reagan who in the campaign for the mid-term elections of 1982, was pretty active in blaming Former President Jimmy Carter for our last great recession.

    Mind you, I am not using Reagans non acceptance of responsibility for the recession of the early 80's to justify Obama not taking ownership.

    I am merely pointing out the fact that Obama and the Democrats are not the only political party guilty of this type of obfuscation.

  10. Malcontent might want to go to demwit.blogspot.com and read her list of Obama accomplishments thus far. Why can't you be fair and realize the economy needs a chance to grow and that won't happen over night. I like what Tom says also, but wouldn't you agree Bush handed out billions that disappeared into thin air as opposed to Obamas LOANS which are getting paid back as we speak.

  11. Sue,

    Yes, and that's just some of the domestic money that disappeared.

    Billions of dollars in CASH (stacked neatly on pallets - enough to fill a warehouse) ) was shipped to Iraq to be used for all sorts of things - simply disappeared?

    Billions went to service companies like Haliburton to supply and feed our troops. Not only were the overcharges (investigated by the Senate) outrageous, but our troops got sick on the food and water supplied, got electrocuted by the showers that were built, and the list goes on.

    Billions of dollars were just wasted, or literally lost(?).

    This was one of the issues that McCain got so upset about. The billions of wasted and missing dollars during the Bush administration.

    The original TARP bill President Bush said we had to have, or our economy would crash, was only 4 pages long. It was rewritten, but we all know now how flimsy the controls were in that bill.

    However all this money was wasted, or lost, it was in the hands of corporations that were responsible for its distribution. Given to them by the Bush administration.

  12. Sue said...
    Malcontent might want to go to demwit.blogspot.com and read her list of Obama accomplishments thus far. Why can't you be fair and realize the economy needs a chance to grow and that won't happen over night. I like what Tom says also, but wouldn't you agree Bush handed out billions that disappeared into thin air as opposed to Obamas LOANS which are getting paid back as we speak.

    Here come the insane dems. It's the charge of the blight brigade.
    Thanks SOOO very much Sue, you proved my point much better than I intended to.
    Barack Obama has NOT accomplished anything! Nothing! Nada!

    In fact the argument that Obama hasn't accomplished anything may be the only thing that both parties are in agreement in America. So you don’t have to send me to some NITWIT blogger to prove that to me. I can send you to 1,000 bloggers who will tell you the complete opposite. In fact I’ll prove it ti you right now..
    Obama is still stuck in Iraq, hasn't closed Guantánamo, is getting deeper into Afghanistan, hasn't accomplished health-care reform or slowed the rise in unemployment. His promises of bipartisanship are a like the punch line of a late night TV show joke. . And there's still no peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. What a failure! What a fool he and his band of thieves and Czars are. What kind of fools do they take you for... OR TAKE YOU FOR! Is this the hopie and the changie you were looking for?
    But befoe you go off and call me the name that you are famous for doing, lets count the weays and I’ll bring in the facts. The facts that you and even your cronies can’t dispute. Because they ARE FACTS! Consider this record of NON-Accomplishments. :
    A week before he was sworn in, Obama jammed part two of the bank bailout down the throat of his own party — a $350 billion accomplishment.

  13. Continued
    Two days after he was sworn in, Obama banned the use of "harsh interrogation" and ordered the closing of Guantánamo. Yes, "harsh interrogation" Does that include cutting off someone;s HEAD? I think not.
    And shortly afterwords, Obama signed the stimulus bill — a $787 billion accomplishment.
    Ten days after that, Obama formally announced America's withdrawal from Iraq. I must have been asleep because I can’t remember that happening.
    In April and June, Obama forced Chrysler and GM into bankruptcy.
    In June, Obama reset the tone of our relations with the entire Arab world with a single speech — an accomplishment that the Bush administration failed to achieve, maybe the famous BOW accomplished that.
    Also in June, Obama unveiled the "Cash for Clunkers" program, a "socialist" giveaway that reanimated the corpse of our car industry — leading the way was all the foreign made cars. And what a freaken waste that was, People that weren’t able to accord new cars put themselves further in hock to buy a new one and we just threw all those older cars out even thought they were still in good shape
    I haven't even mentioned the bias appointment of that unqualified Sonia Sotomayor because she was a liberal minority. , the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the order to release the torture memos, Obama's push for charter schools, his $288 billion tax cut, or the end of Bush's war on medical marijuana.
    And the high rate of UN-employment.
    And how about appointing a hard-ass like General Stanley McChrystal to head up our military forces in Afghanistan, despite McChrystal's dubious involvement in the cover-up of Pat Tillman's death. And then waiting 75 days to answer his request for more troops while the troops there were getting slaughtered because we were under represented!
    Noticing a pattern yet?
    Oh, and one more thing: President Obama is now a month or two from accomplishing the awesome and seemingly impossible task that eluded mighty presidents like FDR, LBJ, and Hill and Bill Clinton — health-care reform. The path of Socialism continues.
    And yes he accomplished the release of the captain and crew from the 14 and 16 year old Somali Pirates. When the Navy Seals FIRED against Obama’s orders, but Obama was right there to take the credit for it.
    And now he and his FREAKEN Son of A Bitch Attorney General are going to bring the most notorious TERRORIST, to New York City and screw up the City and the country with that stupid decision.
    And please don’t let me for get my Pet Peeve of the week Court Marshaling the Navy seals For doing what I would want them to do!

  14. This monster captured four Blackwater contractors by ambushing them and then and killed them. But they didn’t just kill them.. Their bodies were mutilated and burned, then dragged through the streets and hung from a bridge over the Euphrates River.
    Yes for give a guy that performed the most vicious and hideous thigh in the way they EXECUTED Americans.
    Did you know that the al-Qaeda employee handbook says the first thing to do if you're detained by American forces is to allege detainee abuse. So this is nothing new. We've seen repeated cases of this since the whole conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have began. But in this case yes, our guys did give this dipstick a Fat Lip. These are heroes who are putting their lives on the line trying to track down terrorists who want to kill Americans. If one guy gets socked in the mouth, I'm sorry, thats too freaken bad... that's the price of being a terrorist, that's just the way that it goes. And God Bless Them.
    And didn’t Obama throw our friends, the Israelis, under the bus..., just a week or so after throwing our friends, the Polish under the bus along with his “Typical White Grandmother” who harbored some regrettable prejudices. Along with Rev. Wright who he never heard make those racist remarks in 20 years.
    Blame it on the Internet, on partisan politics, on the economic crash, on the war or Fox News or George Bush, or Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh but our patients is growing week — and it is starting to stink. All this and giving speeches to unions and doing self-promotion on Letterman etc like he’s still running for office. And he still has time for throwing parties with my money all over the country. So my Liberal friends, if you are not happy watching the Obama “I hate America” dances and bows? And the cutesy Mumm, Mumm, Mumm Barack Hussein song.... Stay tuned the Czars are coming out with a new song. And I’ll bet it will win an award . So we have a man who had accomplished nothing by his late forties except self-promotion, and community organizing, and people are surprised he hasn't accomplished anything in the last ten- eleven months. A man that said, and I quote “I didn't know ACORN was getting a lot of money” Humm, Mumm, Mumm, Mumm Barack Hussein

  15. wow malcontent, all I did was make a simple statement of truth and you are foaming at the mouth! All I said was Bushes money disappeared and Obamas is being paid back, simple truth. Demwit is a great blog and she puts a ton of time into her posts and backs everything up with facts that are checked and double checked. So you are not being fair once again, just a raving maniac who clearly HATES libs and Obama. Sorry Pamela.

  16. Sue Said!!

    So you are not being fair once again, just a raving maniac who clearly HATES libs and Obama. Sorry Pamela

    You got that right ... as you and your Hero Truth do to Conservatives!

    Thank you Pam..

  17. Malcontent please calm down, you remind me of myself last year when I would get hysterical while visiting conservative blogs that slammed liberals and the president. I don't hate you and I don't hate conservatives, I just find your message totally wrong for America, thats all. Merry Christmas and PEACE to you!

    I have evolved

  18. I am both honored and humbled that malcontent recognizes me for the true hero I am.

    As for the post Pamela, I do have some experience with lending. Easy money is too irresistable to pass up. Banks were far too quick to loan and overloan to people that couldn't pay because they knew they could bundle these loans together and sell them before the poop hit the fan. They got their money. The bundlers that resold these things as safe investments got theirs.

    There are plenty of tricks to help deadbeats get financed. A good solution to this would be to make the banks keep the loans they made. It would be good for us with good credit anyway knowing the price of reposession and foreclosures wouldn't add to the cost of our loans.

  19. Sue you seem to sing a MUCH different tune on Trughtie boy''s blog when you pat Truthie boy on his back every time he make one of his INSIDIOUS remarks about Righties" or "FNen Righties" AND as you say "Slamming the President " when the President was George Bush, so don't play your sanctimonious sweet little games on me. I don't and won't buy your horse manure at Christmas time or at anytime.

    And as for you Truthless one.

    you may not fool YES I said fool with my American rights and liberties by blaming George Bush for everything this IDIOT in CHIEF does to my country's guarantees of equal opportunity and equal justice under the law." I guess the operative words there are "my"- conservatives care about how things effect THEM... but couldn't care less about anyone else's rights being tread upon. Their "rights" are simply a tool to be used when it's useful.

    Next time out of the box, try posting a thought on a topic you know something about, rather than simply repeating what you have been told.

    And Sue if you find MY message wrong for America, why not re-evaluate the message's written over at the Lib blogs where you hang out like at Truth's and Shaw's where they can't write even ONE blog with out insulting another Republican every day!!!!!

    Good luck to you and other fine folks out there who call themselves conservatives or republicans. And as for you Liberals... hope you find some decency some day.. And possibly not pass those ugly bills in the middle of the night when they are not read by the full Congress or Senate.

    PS I work for my money and I will NOT give it away to lazy BUMS who won't!

    Have a Happy Haunakka, and a Merry Christmas

  20. Thank you Mal for saying what had to be said.
    winning a war of words with a Liberal/Commie/Democrat/Socialists has never been easy, but YOU have expressed yourself in the most articulate way. I applaud you for your post above.
    And that you for your years of serving our country.
    When dealing with a Liberal, one has to understand, that Everything they believe in and that comes out of their mouths is a LIE, or a cop-out.
    Whatever the cause, idea or activism they believe in and support is really about HATE.
    Global warming is about hating industry and industrialists-
    Healthcare is about sticking it to rich white people as you see in every post on that ridiculous blog called "TRUTH SHALL RULE"
    You are right and they are brainwashed. One of them writes this CRAP and the next one not only believes it but swears by it. And those who do not agree with it are racists!
    Have you noticed that liberals cannot finish a sentence and they can never directly answer a question----they will dance around it, or bring in George Bush or Richard Nixon, but never Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton or LBJ, but will never answer it directly.
    Just like SUE called your EXCELLENT and so very true original post a rant. I guess that it's true, that ignorance IS bliss. And at least Sue is consistent in her ignorance.

  21. Great post Mal, I hope that Pam has the guts to keep it and not delete it..
    Like this one..
    Truth wrote a blog about Sarah Palin and said: "The idiots that want to screw you, we'll keep screwing America."

    And Sue said...

    Truth, you speak the truth and do it so well! Loved this!

  22. I Care About America said...
    "Great post Mal, I hope that Pam has the guts to keep it and not delete it."

    And I agree. Pam, you should be happy to have such an excellent poster on your blog.
    I hope everyone is as inspired by the posts written by The Malcontent as I am. I feel that he is an inspiration to all clear thinking Americans and I thank him for speaking up. He is the most prolific poster that I have read in a long time.

    As I read through some of the blogs I see on the internet, I am absolutely horrified to read some of the anti American's who are the same page as Obama. They are so full of his KOOLAIDE that they are drunk with Marxist propaganda. This President is one huuuuuuge disappointment and the liberals will rather just sit there and accept whatever he says and does that admit he's a FAILURE.
    But us Conservatives Prize our Liberties and our Rights to stand by and let his take it away. I think we've given Obama long enough to show us where his loyalties are. And all I can say for sure is where his loyalties AREN'T.
    And one last thought.. about Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize... so did Yasser Arafat.

    Pamela, thank you for you wonderful blog and for allowing us to speak our minds.

  23. I'm done arguing with close-minded people. You will never see yourselves for what you are and will always blame liberals for what your party has destroyed. So therefore I bid you a pleasant good by and have a blessed Merry Christmas!

  24. You know I don't consider myself a staunch conservative although I politically affiliated with the republican party, however I am pro CHOICE, but as I read through this thread, and really I did read it all, and you know what...I found the comments written by Sue to be absolutely hilarious...I mean really, quite comical, and I just wanted to let you know that your gross oversimplification of a misconstrued idea is perpetuating the exponential decline of an esoteric belief system while exacerbating the situation by posting things like this, which had me at a loss as to pick a proper noun to describe what this is. I suppose it's just a giant anti-American way brainwash your fellow American citizens. You might want to find a palm tree, y'know.. some shade. Get out the sun. Its making you dizzy.
    Only rational minds accept rational thought.
    Therefore, when dealing with irrational people, remember resting on correctness isn't enough, you have to point out the flaws in their own thinking. Most stay loyal to the cause; while (rare) others, like rats on a sinking ship, will abandon their now unraveled thread of liberal philosophy, and seek more solid thought. There is only one way to be right, but millions of ways to be wrong.
    Liberals, if you listen, will inadvertently clue you in on where they got lost or were led astray. If you are trying to lead them back (hopefully, that is your goal) figure out that wrong turn, and bring them back the way they came. What it boils down to is close-mindedness and a touch of ignorance frankly. If people would only open up their liberal slanted minds and see what Mr. Obama as and is doing to this country, maybe we still can save her.
    What Mr. Malcontent said in his posts are so true and his facts are perfectly accurate. I was a really great post...im not surprised and I figured there will be all kinds of libs screeching and crying about it and I was correct when I read Sue’s “Closed Minded” comment.
    It fascinates me how much you dimlibbers (dim-witted liberals of every shade and hue - be they demlibs, progressives or so-called moderates) and your fellow drones spew the words racist and racism without having any appreciable comprehension how racially charged you are. If you want to talk about racism then talk about the vile history of the Democratic Party which was spawned from racism and has promoted it ever since its birth. Pointing out their lies with facts gets them very angry! Just look at the reaction that came from Sue. That’s when the name calling and veiled threats begin. Look at how many names Pelosi called us when we protested against their communist takeover. Then there was Obama calling us tea baggers when he spoke in front of the House for Health Care take over. Those are the people the libs blindly follow like idiots to the slaughter, just as the administration is blindly obeying Soros, SEIU, and other communist leaders. But, as the more and more people become aware of the facts, the less control they are going to have. Of course, it will take years to overcome all the damage they have already done.

  25. Great post SarahG, But I think Miss Sue would not agree with your assessment. Although I do.

    Earth to the Messiah, you better add the grease paint, the bozo shoes, and bulbous nose and remove all doubts that you are a clown.
    But we are witnessing another hater of America showing his weakness in front of the world.

    Guess the day they taught America is the world's number one power and proponent of democracy, he decided to stay in the boys room with William Ayers and smoke pot.

  26. I graciously agreed with Mal that I am a hero. I also took a swipe at deadbeats getting loans that drive up the costs of responsible borrowers.

    Yet you on the right refuse to remove your blinders. You offer no solutions. You only wish to attack progressive lovers of America like Sue and I so you can get your cyber pats from each other.

  27. I can't help it, I'm back and this time in total shock and awe! point out to me exactly what I said Sarah that is so incredibly funny, and are you saying I brought race into the thread?? Where might I ask?? As I have stated before, which you blinded neocons have overlooked, Bushs billions went flying to the wind, FACT. Obamas billions are LOANS being paid back, FACT. And then I spoke of a blog with Obamas accomplishments, FACT. THATS ALL I SAID and Malcontent FLIPPED OUT ON ME!!! You neocons have a very good way of twisting the story so liberals can come back and flip out on you then you cry. OMG, you people are SICK!!!

  28. Truth101, If your solution is to do what mr. Obama suggests then we all are doomed.
    Most of us know that Obama’s speech the other night about the Afghan war, was a conplete useless one. If we follow his plan and it looks as if we will, then we may as well just hoist up the ehite flag reigh now and save a lot of American lives. We already know that 30,000 troops is being sent to Afghanistan as part of a surge. About 10,000 less than General Mcchrystal asked for, but I think its better than nothing. It apparently worked in Iraq, so the same thought is that it will work in Afghanistan. But it won't.. As long as we don’t read Miranda Rights to Terrorist in the Battlefield, I think on the whole that Mcchrystal’s decision is a good one. But Mr. Obama saw fir to under cut his suggestion.. What bug’s me the most on this decision is that it took the Big O about 3 or 4 weeks to decide to do anything at all. His speech that night was purely a political one, as his polls dip below the 50% mark, he is trying to show his wisdom about this decision and claim credit for a plan he didn’t even come up with. His lack of experience is clearly showing as the American public has lost faith in his ability to lead and his bone-headed policies that are at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue.
    The main point is that Obama is going to lay out some sort of exit strategy for the Afghan war. Apparently he has some plan to pull the troops out if benchmarks aren’t made by the Afghan military. Anyone remember that before the election, that the Big O was going to pull out the troops from Iraq because it was Bush’s war. Remember how their were nightly newscast on how bad Bush managed Iraq and he was basically demonized for it. And even when the Surge worked in Iraq, Bush never got credit for it. And poof, Obama gets elected and everything is just peachy in Iraq, at least in the news story line.
    The fact is that war is never peachy, and war is not predictable.

  29. Continued:

    War is bloody hell and to have a President trying to make the Afghan war a political one is just disgusting. Anyone remember the Vietnam war and how politics effected the outcome? To have an exit strategy while the war is still being fought is a very bad idea. Sure we want the troops home, we want peace in Iraq and Afghanistan, but to set up a supposed date to bring the troops home, the enemy is going to be content to stay in their well stocked caves to wait the US Military out. And then we will once again have an unstable Afghanistan that is one country away from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
    I realize that Afghanistan is the worst place in the world to possibly have a war. From the Romans to the Russians, many countries have tried and failed at taking the country. It’s a killing field and what we definitely don’t need is Obama dictating policy to the troops. Let the Generals and MIlitary do what they do best and leave politics out of the equation. Sadly I fear that will not be the case.
    What I would love to see is for THE PRESIDENT, not a politician, come out and say that we are going to Afghanistan to kick some ass and take names. That we are going to hunt every terrorist down and KILL them and send them straight to Allah. That there will be no civilian trials for Terrorist. There will be no compromise with the Taliban. There will be no micromanagement of a foreign war. That as a country, we need to pull together and support our troops.
    Of course this is not what is going to happen. Call this a rant, call it what ever you want, but facts are facts and the only post that I see here that makes any sense at all it the one by Mr. Malcontent. The rest of them are just ranting rederick. It seems as if the liberals here aresiding with the Terrorists.
    I can’t quite figure out if Liberals really believe this, or if this is some holy high road they take to make themselves feel better, or to try and show the “nice terrorists“, that we get it. We are the cause of 9-11, the Ft. Hood Massacre, and any other terrorist activity that befalls our nation. Come on, wake up! These terrorists hate us. The first gulf war was not the cause of 9-11, and our current military involvement in their country isn’t the cause either. Their extremist religious belief and hatred is a good place to start. Yes, we are in economic crisis, and wars cost billions of dollars, but the safety of our country is at stake.
    Now, quit yer bitchin' and get back to work.

  30. I don't know what your treatise had to do with the banking system submarine guy.
    Pamela deleted me once before for straying from the topic.

    When she see fit to post about Obama's plans for the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan I'll be glad to straighten you and your right wing cohorts out. I would invite you to my place but Pamela has rules about shameless self promotion also. But I am sure you've been there under one of your many monikers anyway.

    Many bankers are evil.

  31. submandave you can be a speach maker for me anytime..

    And Sue, are you reaaly Sue or are you that nut job Lynne that flies from blog to blog insulting us, as you say " blinded neocons".

    How I love that word "neocons"..
    What's the difference between "conservative" and "neoconservative"? Who are the "neocons," anyway?

    “Neocon” means a lot of things. On foreign policy it has come to mean pro-Israel, anti-Cremlin, anti-terrorist, pro-freedom (in the sense of aiding opponents of our enemies) and if needed unilateral US action.
    The term “neoconservatism” was coined by and adopted by former liberals who felt like they had been “mugged” by Islamic fascism.

    Led by the late Irving Kristol, they remained liberal on social issues and had no problems at all with the growth of the federal government or with big spending.

    “Neoconservatives” was a poor choice of a label for what essentially were hawkish liberals. They had much more in common with LBJ than with Ronald Reagan.
    The self absorbed and arrogant self righteous elitists Liberals just love to throw around terms and names that they don’t even know the true meaning of. But they THINK it means something bad thus they love to use these terms.
    Thus they can sit on their butts do nothing and whine about how everyone else is doing it wrong with out ever having to do the hard work of coming up with real world solutions to real world problems.
    This is the ideology of the liberal mentality who doesn’t accept any responsibilities to anything but their own egos. And love the government to do everything for them.
    Anyway, I think that we should just ignore this pain in the behind Sue and get to the real issues of importance. After all this is Pam’s Blog and for Sue to come here as Pam’s guest and call people who are conservatives AS PAM is these names is very disrespectful..
    The group of us who are so thoroughly disgusted and tired of being politically correct and tired of hearing the whiners (liberals) cry about their hurt feelings. Get over it people! We have a leader who is leading us in the wrong direction. It’s the people like Pamela and a group of savvy citizen bloggers who love America and don’t wish to see her brought down into third worldism.

    We need to get energy independence ASAP in order to cut our dependencies to the cesspool which is the Middle East.
    I think the talk about Obama being the demise of the U.S. as a superpower are greatly exaggerated—If we can turn back the Democrats in 2010 and turn them out Obama in 2012, we will be just fine. The Democrats themselves, excluding the extremist idiots such as Sue etc, want to get rid of this Idiot in Chief as well. If the U.S. is to flourish, liberalism must end. America must gravitate towards Conservative Republican (GOP) policies. Catholic/Judeo-Christian faith & morals are values upon which our society, species, civilization, and country should be based. We can not continue to kowtow to the Muslims .

  32. Truth said, I would invite you to my place but Pamela has rules about shameless self promotion also. But I am sure you've been there under one of your many monikers anyway.

    No thank you, I already read it and I'd rather not.
    And I don't use any other monikers.

  33. You should really give it a try Subman, it's quite an experience ..

  34. They told me not to accuse you because you would just deny it submarine guy.

    I like what you say about getting off our dependence on foreingn energy sources Mal. Perhaps there is some liberal in you after all.

    Evil, predatory bankers must be punished.

  35. Say what you want to, but if it weren’t for our conservative voices like Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh, we would probably have no clue what he was up too because they’d hide it. We cant let them pass this insane healthcare bill. They are only trying to silence the voices that are speaking out against them. And by passing these bills unread in the middle of the night, is nothing else but MARXISM..
    Partisan Politics have been reduced to being a distraction while the Socialist drag us into their net.
    In every speech that Obama gives, he attacks the private sector.
    Who Obama really, but a rookie in the political big leagues.
    Yet millions of Americans continue to support this Leftist. If it weren’t real, it would be a great plot for a dark comedy, but this is real and I’m not laughing.
    All this and...Still no jobs.
    By the way, please not my new blog address for those who wish to discuss any issues with me


  36. I agree with you mal...Was it me, or did BO seem a little upset during the 60 min interview last night? For once, they were asking him interesting questions (Afghanistan, economy, etc.) and he just did not seem to like it. Yea, the banks are at fault, but BO is making them into this huge boogie man, when in fact it was the banks, the politicians that pushed lending to unqualified parties and the people that took loans that they could not afford. Victimizing big businesses and capitalism, and not holding ALL the parties accountable for the mess will not get us anywhere. BO is doing right now exactly what got us in this mess to begin with: borrowing and spending money that he does not have. His job approval is diving, wait until next year, when higher taxes and/or inflation kick in.

  37. The "FAT CAT" bankers, the cop who acted stupidly, the physicians who will cut your feet off just to collect the fees, the coal companies he is gonna bankrupt ... not much in the way of encouragement from our Kenyan-born president.
    Not nearly the fat cats you and your "fashionable" wife with her $500.00 sneakers, have turned out to be, with your million-dollar dates, lavish weekly parties and monthly foreign dream vacations.

    I wonder when will Obama blame the Fat Cat Congressmen and Senators like his buddy Chilie Rangel who made and broke the rules that resulted in the banking policies?
    Plenty of change, but not sign hope in sight.

  38. It seems like black mail works in the Obama camp.
    Ben Nelson says he'll back health care bill, giving Democrats enough votes for passage Of This Crap Sandwich Bill. What an absolute joke. The worst type of whore imaginable. BEN NELSON Sold his vote and abandoned his integrity.
    This is the new America.. dirty and scummy, with a bunch of thugs in charge of the white house. The white house is now run like a school yard basketball game.

  39. It wasn't White House thugs who caused the violence at health care town hall meetings this Summer.

    McCain sold out to Bush on his "no torture" principles. Imagine that, a politician that sells out his principles.

    Dick Army and Newt start and back a political movement, fine, but they try and sell the idea that it was a grass roots peoples movement, with no political ties. They spent months getting corporate donations to finance the group, and then claim it was all individual donations.

    Instead of talking issues, they talk birth certificates, racism, and shout Hitler.

    They claim the right to bring their weapons to a public meeting, ignoring common sense, safety, civility, and common decency.

    Bring a gun to church?! To express the right that you can. What classless nonsense. Trailer trash irrationality.

    Rights are not absolute, either by law, or more important, rational human behavior.

  40. Mal, made some excellent points. They are being BLACKMAILED and they don't have the guts to stand by their principles. They are all a despicable bunch of whores in the Senate. There is not one in that bunch that would not sell his mother for a price. We the People have spoken and have been ignored by these scum ball democrats in the Senate. They all stink.

  41. Tom said...

    It wasn't White House thugs who caused the violence at health care town hall meetings this Summer.

    McCain sold out to Bush on his "no torture" principles. Imagine that, a politician that sells out his principles.

    Are you an Idiot or just stupid. Or is that an Oxymoron.

    Wake up Moron, it's Obama's show now.

    Stop blaming every one in History!

  42. the liberals will fall on their pencils to pass another entitlement program but will not lift a finger to rescind the Iraq War Resolution. Democrats...all bullshit..all the time...bottom line

  43. People like Ben Nelson are exactly why I have such a low regard for all politicians. He was against the Health Care Reform bill until they offered up all the pork for his State of Nebraska. What he did, and all politicians do it, is to whore out his vote for the best deal he could get for his State. I wouldn't give you 50 cents for every politician I know anything about. They are all the scum of the Earth. The Democrats will no doubt get thier precious Health Care Reform Bill passed and they will gloat over it like it's the greatest thing they have ever done for America. What in fact they are in the process of doing is destroying America and our whole way of life. Eventually those that support this move, and those that even denounce me for having the opinion I have of the Health Care Reform Bill, are going to find out exactly how bad of a process this is going to be for them and the country. I'm afraid then it will be way too late. Once you produce a turd, it will no doubt stink.

  44. It's not blaming to point out facts that show Dem's aren't the only ones who sell out their principles.

    The fact that you think Dem's are the only ones, just shows how stupid and brainwashed you are with your boaring party hack talking points.

    People who refuse to look at History, learn from mistakes, understand what not to do again, are the dumbest of the whole lot.

    Congratulations, you are one of the dumbest of the lot.

  45. Tom said:..Congratulations, you are one of the dumbest of the lot.

    Great come back Tom.. Is that really the best you can do?

  46. I know, you just love the lowest kind of communication. You enjoy spewing your hate.

    I have never spoken with you before, yet, you chose to address me by swearing at me, insulting me, and calling me names.

    It's impossible that you could be offended, if I address you in the same manner.

    Unless of course, you are a hypocrite.

    Which it seems is one of your traits; since you condemn Democrats for doing the same kind of things you praise Republicans for.

    Which only shows your lack of intelligence, that you have to repeat party talking points whether they make sense, or not, instead of coming up with a coherent thought of your own.

    Enjoy your hate.

  47. Given the intensity I am seeing on this site and others for this issue, I must admit I cannot see how us common folks can ever win. We have people that represent us like this asshole Ben Nelson that sold his soul, and America's future down the toilet.. just to support his Marxist Leader.
    We have two faced jackasses like Joe Lieberman that will go anywhere the sun shines.
    So how are we to ever even think of winning this thing.
    There are no decent words in the English language to describe you self serving, lower than reptiles, scum.
    You have betrayed your country, your constituents and your own families.
    This is what happens when you make conflicting promises to different interest groups/voters that can never simultaneously be followed. It means that, somewhere along the line, you’re going to have to go against the wishes of the people that you lied to in favor of keeping a false promise made to another. Some say you have to make such promises to appeal to both the “base’ and the “moderates,” but I believe there are ways around that and still able to be elected. Don't think we're not keeping score. I hope you do run again so that we can send you crashing down in flaming defeat!

  48. A Christmas wish to all and even the Liberals... We are still all Americans, so let me wish you all a Happy Holiday, what ever your Holiday may be.
    Both the liberals and the Islamofascists have an ingrained and indoctrinated belief in being victims of US oppression. They use this "humiliation" of them and other whiny groups to justify any attacks on the Great Satan. Thus, they treat global terrorism as a joke.

    The liberal self-loathing and their entitlement style of thinking wherein they are "OWED" and their taking for granted all the prosperity, security, stability, and opportunities of the US, while damning each one of us who disagrees with them, shows them to be the true fascists and the enemy in our midst. To the spineless and apologetic politically correct leftists, America is the problem in the world! This is ironic since WE are the place where millions from around the world are welcomed to the most open, diverse, and prosperous nation on earth. Yet you liberals will seize any opportunity to curse it and castigate us!
    But in the spirit of the Holiday season that is upon us, let me say this to the liberals, who, even though they are misguided, blissfully ignorant, and in love with a socialistic nanny state. We are still all Americans, so have a Happy Holiday, what ever your Holiday may be.

  49. One of the reasons we are in these wars and this financial mess, is because we forgot the lesson of History.
    We have made these mistakes before. If we forget again, we might not survive.
    Scream loud the mistakes of the idiots that brought us here.
    Maybe future leaders will learn and develop better approaches to the same problems.
    People who think learning from History and past mistakes is a bad idea, is why we are in this mess.
    Bush was the only President in History to have an MBA, yet it seems he could not do simple Math and balance a budget.
    Leaders from Marco Polo to Churchill have tried to tame the warlords of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East, and all have failed.
    So we keep trying, and as the saying goes, it's insane.

  50. I feel sorry for you. I pity you. So full of hate, and during Christmas week.

    You have been posting your garbage at several blogs in the last hour, all different names, all anonymous.

    An angry coward.

    I pray you find some inner peace, before you hurt someone.

  51. Tom: I deleted the so-called "JCollins" comment, among a couple others, because they are just plain rude and I'm in the "Holiday Spirit" and not up for a bunch of trolling BS right now; way too busy wrapping my kids' gifts and such.

    I don't pity people who are hate-filled, I just don't have time for them nor do I want them on my blog.

  52. Pamela said:
    "I don't pity people who are hate-filled, I just don't have time for them nor do I want them on my blog."

    Very well said! I think you speak for the majority of America Pam. I don't know what it was they they wrote, but I don't pity them either. I think it's because they are SO frustrated... as I am, it has made me so mad and frustrated I just wanted to voice how disgusted I am so I wrote an article this morning for my blog. ...
    Congress is supposed to represent the best interests of their constituents, not that of special interest groups or those trying to convert ours to a socialistic society. The bill that was passed by the senate was done so through the biggest BRIBERY scandal ever and nobody is held accountable for it. This bill will only help only those who elect not to help themselves.
    Something has gone terribly wrong with this country and it has gotten much worst since the election of Barack Obama. What's taken place in the year since Obama won the presidency has turned out to be one of the most dramatic political about-faces in our history. And we have gone south since day one.
    I don’t know what's it going to take for people to understand, politicians don't give a damn about the American people! These arguments over "becoming a socialist society" and "tax increases" and the ability to make our own choices are a fact and people better wake up ans smell the fact that it is already here.. We the people bailed out wall street for God's sake. We've spent billions upon billions on bailing out big business, yet people really think the real concern over this crap sandwich called health care reform, higher taxes or freedom to choose? Each member of the house received a half million dollars and each senate member a million dollars in payola from lobbyists and the health care industry. It's time the people vote out all of these useless, weak and greedy bastards who refuse to get off their asses and think about what the people really want.

  53. "The Malcontent" speaks the truth and I must agree with him.
    The real story here for sure. this clown from Nebraska who sold his soul to the Devil.
    I am heartsick now and I weep for my country and I can only imagine how heartsick I'm going to be for years to come. The democrats that supported this monstrosity deserve what's coming to them. The only problem is that you and I will be getting it as well. There are no adequate words to express the depth of my contempt and disgust with Democratic Congressmen and Senators .
    It's time for some hard truth folks...This entire Obama administration from Obama himself to Pelosi, Reid, and the rest are nothing less than a LYING BUNCH OF THUGS!
    America's downfall was not from an invasion of a foreign army! America was lost by a bunch of bleeding heart jackass's who wanted everything to be "Fair" and "Equal" and to "share our wealth" to every lazy street bum and people who want, want, and want.. Without giving two seconds of thought to the consequences of their votes, or the people that work for a living.

  54. My Dear Tom:
    Good tidings of comfort and joy from me and from Harry Reid too.

    I haven’t posted anything here in awhile. It’s not that new outrages aren’t being committed by the Obama administration daily—but there are others who chronicle it better and have a wider audience. There isn’t much that I have to add.
    The Senate Majority Leader has decided that the last few days before Christmas are the opportune moment for a narrow majority of Democrats to stuff ObamaCare, a bill so reckless that it has to be rammed through on a partisan vote on Christmas eve.
    I did not start out as total foes of Obama. It was the repeated observance of the missing emotional connection that led me to dig deeper, but our observations took a lot of time and blogosphere research, proved that he is a incompetent socialist idiot.

    You can keep throwing your haymakers at the political garbage collectors. In this three ring circus of clownish leftists it is permissible to hit below the belt, they don't have balls, so no worrys. Okay Bambi. We'll try your health insurance care for the next four years while you try our new one. In the spirit of this time of year. Comrade Barack and the socialist-democrats have just declared our beloved Constitution to be null and void. The question now is... just what are are we prepared to do about it?
    Citizenry to Zero: "Guess what? -- most of us have great (or better than that death care monstrosity you want to impose on us) insurance too, and we want to keep it. And we want to be able to keep or buy great health insurance into our future, even into our old age. And we also want our children to be able to get great health insurance, and our grandchildren.

    "Why don't you and your socialist fellow-travelers in the Senate and House turn-in your great health insurance and sign-on to this monstrosity you want to shove down the citizenry's throats?

    "All you socialists are just like the pigs in George Orwell's "Animal Farm" -- all animals are equal but some are more equal than others. Yep, that's the dems in the US Congress."
    I wish this is the last nightmare that you give us. As much as you may think he is, he is not the Messiah, he is a SOCIALIST politician, narrowing in on a dictatorship. This is a Change Nobody Believes In.
    As a country, WE ARE FINISHED.

  55. It really is time to take our country back.

    I don’t think it’s as simple as showing up at the polls in 2010. I think it’s about getting organized in preparation of the 2010 November elections.

    Ideally it would be excellent to have a uniform agenda available to select candidates running in every state, poised to remove incumbents. Maybe that should be the plan for 2012.

    In the meantime, I think we bloggers ought to be further educating each other on which candidates need our support.

    We Americans have talked for years about term-limits. It’s obvious that we can not leave the decision to set term-limits to politicians whose jobs would be abbreviated by such a thing.

    It’s time for us to make it happen, don’t you think? America’s future is under attack. The tea-parties have been a great start. But just look at how the demands of the American voters have been ignored in their results.

    Those politicians that WE elected to represent OUR views still voted for the mammoth and convoluted health care plan that we declared ourselves against.

    For the 2010 elections I think the two biggest items should be 1) getting rid of the most dangerous incumbents (i.e. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and others) and 2) talking term-limits to representatives who want our votes.

    I’m tired of hearing voters agree that politicians are simply crooked, as if we Americans are powerless to do anything about it. Maybe I’m being naïve. But shouldn’t we at least explore alternatives to helplessly watching our future implode?

    I know ALL politicians LIE. It’s the business of politics. But not all politicians are natural liars. Obama is a natural liar. Natural liars lie to themselves first, therefore in their minds, they are not telling a lie.
    Obama gave his speech at West Point the way a magician uses smoking mirrors. Except his tricks do not work for those of us who are paying attention and thinking critically.

    He’s the first anti-American president the White House has ever had. Therefore, he has a natural discomfort with simply sitting in the chair of the oval office and addressing the American public as his predecessors have effortlessly done before him.

    It’s like Satan standing at the altar of a church to address an audience.

    So for all of Obama’s idiot speeches he uses audiences as props, like the time he talked to a bunch of fake white-coats on the White House lawn, or in front of our military men and women in China??, or our young men at West Point.

  56. Reasons to Kill this Health Care Bill
    The cost of medical care will continue to rise, and insurance premiums for a family of four will rise an average of $1,000 a year -- meaning in 10 years, your family's insurance premium will be $10,000 more annually than it is right now.

    The Feds will require you to purchase insurance. If you refuse to buy the insurance, you'll have to pay penalties of up to 2% of your annual income to the IRS.

    This bill forces you to pay up to 8% of your income to private insurance corporations -- whether you want to or not.

    There will be massive restriction on a woman's right to choose, designed to trigger a challenge to Roe v. Wade in the Supreme Court.

    It will allow insurance companies to charge people who are older 300% more than others.

    Now there’s change you can believe in. The Democrats just lost the moral right to ask for the votes of anyone who believes in women’s rights and equal treatment before the law

  57. Tom said...
    “I agree. Loans were made, that should not have been made”, and so on and so on and on and on...

    There is one major reason for optimism that our Republic will survive Obama and his leftist friends. The Dimwits have been forced to tip their hand! No longer can they talk about 'moderation'. There are no moderate Dimwits. They have been exposed as the socialists most of us on this thread always believed they were. While it is true that a number of Dimwits in the House will be able to vote against Obama-care because their votes are not needed for passage of the final bill, never-the-less, a large number of Dimwits in the House (at least 218) will still have to go on record as supporting this Obama-care monstrosity. In addition, all Dimwits in the Senate will be needed to pass the final bill and Obama has already been exposed as the fond Marxist in Reverend Wright's dreams.

    And then Tom says “
    ”I'm tired of the conservatives blaming Obama.”
    Well excuse me Tom, after 8 long years of Bush in office and another years since he’s out of office you Libaturds have been and still are BLAMING BUSH for everything including the weather. So stop that like of BS, it’s not going to give your posts ant credibility what-so-ever!
    Bush is out, Obama is in, and a rightfully Democratic Congress is poised to pass a HealthCare package that will put us into a Great Depression II. I am sick of this bumbling Idiot raising my taxes and handing it to the slobs that are too lazy to get out of bed in the morning and go to work. Or to the Day Laboring Mexican on the corner who never paid a penny in taxes in his life but grabs the work from tax paying Americans and sends his money to “His Cuntry”
    So you can Blame Bush from now til Kingdom come and it still won’t give that socialist , bribing, lying, thief in the white house any excuse for his ineptness. And as for that Crap Sandwich of a HealthCare bill, I would wager that these bloated, overpaid, do nothings in Congress and in the Senate, still hasn’t read this bill! But as long as their FUHRER asked them to vote for it, they fall in line.
    I thought that Carter the anti-semite & bigot who never met a dictator he didn't cozy up to--especially Kim Jong Il and Castro was bad... But much like Obama, he has little good to say about America.

    So Tom, You said, “ I'm tired of the conservatives blaming Obama. It is his problem now, but not his fault.” I say Bull shit, it IS his fault. And it’s the fault of people like you who drink his Koolaide no matter what! And I’M TIRED OF YOU!

  58. Then don't learn from History, don't learn from mistakes, don't try to be better, just be the ignorant person that you are and keep blaming one man (Obama) for all that is wrong. Be happy in your delusion.

  59. Oh then I should be a dumb blockhead like you and blame Bush for everything that goes wrong with his MARXIST ideas and his CROOKED administration! I’m sick of SCHMUCKS like you and Obama coming up with excuses and blaming Bush for everything that has gone wrong.
    One has to understand that socialism has never worked, yet it doesn't implode over night. It took the United Soviet Socialist Republics 70+ years to finally implode. The whole endeavor was one anti-American excuse after another. And I am talking about the media in America.

    They blamed our constant military pressure on the fact that the Soviet economy could never seem to get its feet underneath it. Instead of building plowshares under a centrally controlled economy, they had to build swords to deal with the American Imperialist warmachine. Instead of cars, army trucks. Instead of refrigerators, Kalishikovs. Amazingly, with roughly the same population America did it all, and grew for many decades. No matter. They still insist socialism works.

    And with Obama and today’s leftists, they still think it works.

    This is the same crew that couldn't even manage the: Cash-4-Clunkers program; The $8,000/new home credit; H1N1 Vaccines, etc, etc, etc. Its always been the liberal way; blame somebody else, anybody else. Never take responsibility for your own life, let everything be out of your ability to control.
    Grow up Obama, Grow up!
    There is no doubt in your LITTLE mind that our Nobel winning President will allow his political advisers to tell our already proven generals how to conduct his war, and there is no doubt we will lose. Obama needs to step up and be a leader. He is the man now. Take responsibility and move forward. Or get the hell out of MY white house, before he gives the country away. But I don't know if he can man-up and admit he is wrong. I am not sure it is in his make up without a great deal of effort to humble himself. He’s much too busy kissing dictators ass’s and bowing down to them (when he’s not out partying) Please tell me one time when blame has actually solved a problem....one time!

    Obama was elected to make difficult decisions..the kinds of decisions that he assured us would lead to solutions to the Bush-created problems..if only we would elect him. Now, nearly one year into his presidency all we get is an ongoing litenany of blame. Casting blame solves nothing.

    Before you dismiss me and my message as Bush loving, I'd be the first to agree Bush made mistakes. However his mistakes were because he actually did something, i.e. made decisions - even if they were wrong. What about Obama?

    I think what we are getting is what Obama and his minions know...they don't know much about problem solutions, but they do know quite a bit about whining, crying foul, and deflecting attention away from the critical issues and onto where they want the sheepish media and their fawning supporters to focus.

    The dems claimed for 8 years they'd do a better job. Well, dems, the proverbial dog chasing the bus has caught the bus - now what is the dog going to do? Curious minds are anxiously awaiting your brilliant counsel!
    Socialism doesn't work, and its all George Bush's fault. This BS will go on for another 70 years!

  60. Sorry folks, although I am a democrat myself and I did vote for Obama, I am getting tried of his excuses and I do not like the path that he is leading us on. I would have to agree with the professor. Obama wants transparency, through discussion and openness, except with those who question him. I agree, i'm sick of Obama coming up with excuses and blaming Bush for everything.

    I am afraid that I wasted my vote for Mr. Obama. Eventually he must take responsibility for his actions and stop using false information on jobs, the recovery and security. Using Bush as a scapegoat is getting to be a joke and it's getting old.

  61. I'm really liking the back and forth discussion going on here--GREAT points!!


    I am NOT liking the name-calling.

    So, how about we stop that. No one is stupid here, at least NOT to me. We can debate without insults.


  62. You ASSume that I am pro Obama. I am not. Of course you would know that if you bothered to read my blog, or stop ASSuming that what I wrote means I am pro Obama, it does not. I have written that I was against any bailout, that includes Bush's bailout.I have written that I think this health care bill is bad law. But you can't get past that block in your head that only allows you to blindly push Republican talking points. I enjoy a discussion of the issues, but not with those so closed minded and lacking in critical thinking skills. You really should get to know the positions of a person, before you just lump them in your single thought process. A rational discussion cannot be had with such an irrational person as you.

  63. Citizens were ignorant and looked the other way just so they could vote in the first African-American President. But, its a shame since he is nothing like Martin Luther King Jr. And, I believe Martin Luther King Jr., if still living today, would be ashamed of people who voted for Obama based on his skin color while ignoring all of his Anti-American beliefs. Obama is remaking America and in a very bad way.

  64. You have been trying to fill my blog with your hate filled swear words of Christmas joy.

    Sorry I spoiled your fun folks, but none of them were published, I now use comment moderation.

    It's sad you are so full of hate, especially during Christmas week, but hey, why would that be any different than any other week you spew your hate.

  65. Sorry about the name calling Pam. I guess I just got frustrated and carried away.
    I also apologize to Tom.
    I hope Americans pull together soon and wake the %^&& up soon and boot this JOKE of a President out. We need a real leader NOT this socalist.
    You liberals aren't happy unless you can interject the race card at each and every obstacle that comes your way.
    Was it race when the democrats called President Bush a liar? Where was your outrage then?

    Did you miss the part where Obama called the Republicans Liars and Nancy Pelosi call us domestic terrorists!
    I commend Joe Wilson for calling Obama a liar because he was the only one there to tell it like it is. Too bad the rest were too cowardly to back him up.
    Obama's color is of no matter but his socialist agenda is. I love my country and want it to continue to be governed under the laws of the constitution. Illegal aliens are not citizens and are not entitled to be supported by my taxes. The health care plan proposed does not directly give to illegals but by not requiring any proof of citizenship they will be signing up if this passes.The proposed bill has many loopholes that can't be tolerated.

    Please stop being so blind.

  66. Tom said...
    "You have been trying to fill my blog with your hate filled swear words of Christmas joy."

    Was that comment intended towards ME?

    If it was I resent your implication. And I take back my apology in my post above.

  67. Dear Ms.Pamela Heart:

    It is no secret that Conservatives have been called many names by the left and the uninformed. The favorites are "Nazi," "fascist," "racist," "bigot," "alarmist," "neo-con," "mysogonist," "homophobic": you name it, we've been called it. I take those names in stride knowing full well that the historical knowledge necessary to use big words like "Nazi" and "fascist" are beyond the mental capabilities of 97.4% of libs. When they put down their coloring books and crayons, and turn off Air America or The Teletubbies, they tend to whine and whine and whine, get in touch with their feelings, eat tofu, and yell "it's not fair!" for hours on end. After all that hard work, they don't have a lot of time left to read and think and analyze -- not that they'd have the inclination to that in the first place, of course.

    Real conservatives, conservatives who believe in the libertarian tenets of the Founding Fathers, believe that we the people must be protected from government. Hence, our Constitution has ten enumerated amendments that do just that: put limits on what the government cannot do to it's citizens. The Bill of Rights*, therefore, should prevent the government from interfering in my life, as long as I am law-abiding and I do not interfere with someone else's rights. Those same rights should should be granted to businesses, as well. For example. I am a smoker. I smoke cigarettes and cigars. Yes, yes, I know. They are bad for me. They cause cancer, heart disease, and storms on Jupiter. Thanks for your concern, now mind your own business. It is my choice to do this, regardless of whether it is stupid or not. That, in essence, is the heart of what America is should be. I choose to smoke. In 1998, when the former Administration (in a move that would make Tony Soprano proud) began extorting money from the tobacco companies -- legal, highly regulated, tax-paying businesses -- I told anyone who would listen that if this blackmail was allowed to happen, anything the liberals wanted to regulate was fair game: fatty burgers, french fries, coffee, donuts. Because, of course, as we are all well aware, liberals know better than we do about what's good for us. "Choice" is something liberals will give you only if it's their choice. It's OK to give the "choice" to kill unborn babies, but don't you f&^^%%#@en dare light that cigarette! Predictably, I was called an "alarmist," among other things, and I was told that it was us, the eeeeeevvvvil right-wingers, who wanted to control the lives of Americans. As I've written before, liberals may have the monopoly on stupidity, but they don't have a grasp on irony.

    Thank you for your time. And have a marvelous day.

  68. Great job with your socialist remake of America Dems Mr. Obama, it looks like 2010 will be your "waterloo".

  69. I'd like to pose a question to the self-righteous liberals 'representing' us, in the US Senate . They obviously don't represent us since they're ramrodding crap through the White House against popular opinion, but I digress.
    This is a question about ObamaReidKennedyCare.

    Let's say a crack whore gets knocked up and now wants an abortion.
    She has been a regular user of all sorts of chemicals for years, including booze, illicit narcotics, and Salem Menthols. The odds that this woman will calf out any semblance of a normal, healthy child are what, the same as Obamm-bamm sucking up to her Congressman

    If by chance that kid does make it full term without ending up in the toilet first, it will probably come out as some brain-dead, deformed mass of flesh that has absolutely no chance of self-sufficiency let alone survival, for more than a few days or maybe even a few minutes.

    The whore is on welfare, has been for years, so she damn well doesn't have any private insurance, nor will she, so she will be one of the many "poor, unemployed, helpless, downtrodden, held back by The Man, blah blah blah" enrollees of ObamaReidKennedyCare.

  70. During the presidential campaign Obama promised that there would be transparency unlike the previous administrations. President BO promised to have the health care debate aired on C-Span. Well, that never happened. Obama LIED!!! This administration has been about as transparent as a 40 foot high brick wall charged to keep the enemy out. What the Democrats are masquerading as "reform" is the biggest piece of garbage in history. Obamacare will do great harm to our citizens and our country. The truth is that health care costs will skyrocket under Obamacare instead of the Democrats claims that it lowers health care costs. Obamacare will change the status quo and for the worse.
    Change Nobody Believes In:

    And tidings of comfort and joy from Harry Reid too. The Senate Majority Leader has decided that the last few days before Christmas are the opportune moment for a narrow majority of Democrats to stuff ObamaCare through the Senate to meet an arbitrary White House deadline. Barring some extraordinary reversal, it now seems as if they have the 60 votes they need to jump off this cliff, with one-seventh of the economy in tow.
    Mr. Obama promised a new era of transparent good government, yet on Saturday morning Mr. Reid threw out the 2,100-page bill that the world's greatest deliberative body spent just 17 days debating and replaced it with a new "manager's amendment" that was stapled together in covert partisan negotiations. Democrats are barely even bothering to pretend to care what's in it, not that any Senator had the chance to digest it in the 38 hours before the first cloture vote at 1 a.m. this morning. After procedural motions that allow for no amendments, the final vote could come at 9 p.m. on December 24.
    Voting on abortion as the taxpayer'bill is bad enough, but passing it on Christmas Eve as we celebrate the birth of our Savior is a big slap in the face to every Christian in our nation. Get these people our of office!
    Again the President giving us the finger.

    Even you liberals should be ashamed!

  71. I fogot what the original post was about. Oh yes. Banking.

    Anyway, it was DEMOCRAT, Ben Nelson that put restrictions on taxpayer funding of abortion. Not a republican because the republicans were too busy obstructing any reform that might take profit away from their insurance company benefactors.

    Once again, TRUTH 101 is proven correct about one of the many things I've exposed about the rulers of the republican party. They don't want abortion illegal despite their panders to the religious zealots and phony moralists. It's what keeps them blinded to their true agenda and in the republican fold.

  72. PSI,

    Thanks for the Christmas message of HATE you left at my blog JERK.

    Get help before your anger hurts someone.

  73. Thanks for that post Truth101, I'm convinced once again, TRUTH 101 has proven to be an IDIOT.
    A brainwashed freaken Idiot.
    Comment by Libs are good for nothing but to get a few laughs from.

    Have fun with that you Village Idiot.

  74. Truth you can joke around and try to convince others that your “boy” in the white house knows his ass from his elbow, but the facts speak for themselves, and he don’t! The adults aren't in charge anymore and look what hope and change hath wrought!
    I was just watching the news today and they were talking about radical Islamists and when they take over a country's government, the country falls into economic ruin, murder and famine (like Darfur).
    The Obama team is not much different. There are very few adults on the team or people that act like true Americans and the cabal of change and hope artists (Emmanuel, Holder, Carville, Begala, Geithner, Obama himself etc.) have never run anything. They don't know what to do. They have sat on the outside of this country's day to day workings bitching about hope and change. And complaining about the mess that George Bush left, and frankly the country is sick and tired of that old song... But when it is their turn to run things, they don't have a clue and probably disable any adults they do have on staff. With crazy goals (like ruining an economy, raising spending, giving away health care, giving bailouts to companies that don't have customers like GM), they are dooming us to economic failure.
    They are pigs at the trough, it is all they know. Carter proved it. Hunker down America, support the companies that do things right (Ford didn't take a bailout). Be ready to be the adults when the storm is over. We're watching a White House fiddling with Rush Limbauge, and Glenn Beck and Fox News while Rome burns.

    I have become convinced that Obama has hit on a solution, if he would only carry through on it.

    Obama's fascination with tax cheats and crooks presents an opportunity for success, but it's too obvious, and perhaps that's why the Obama White House has missed it.
    As for this crap called “The Healthcare bill” Remember, Congress doesn't read things that are longer than a paper back drug Harry Potter book. These bozos have a free pass with a complete Dum-O-Crat majority in both houses and STILL these loosers can't find people experienced enough or honest enough to fill the positions. This ship sank the day Obama was sworn in. To say our republic is in peril for it's life is an understatement. You can't make thes crap up! It is almost as if they *want* our nation to fall.
    There is no way any self respecting democrat can look at this gigantic mess and claim the "change" the slick obama campaign promised has even the slightest chance of happening. Talk about the blind leading the blind!

    Democrats, you have to admit that this is super-wicked ugly and that the dude you voted for doesn't exist. It was a slick scam job and a lie! He doesn't have the experience needed to drive a garbage truck, much lead the United States of America! You have betrayed America with your vote.

  75. And another thing that I forgot to mention... Harry Reid intends for the Senate, in perpetuity, to be prohibited from every changing that regulation without a super-majority of the Senate agreeing to ignore that prohibition. And that includes the Abortion bill as well as the Death Panel regulations .
    Dingy Harry can’t lock up his minions forever, they will eventually go home for Christmas and the poop is really going to hit the fan.

    My prediction……whole new ballgame after the first of the year. There is still hope and Ben Nelson may have given us a bigger Christmas present than we realize.

    Truth, your blind support of this incompetent president is pathetic.

  76. You blind right wing fools dance when I say dance. And you don't even know it. I expose your republican leadership for the anti pro lifers they really are, and the Professor gives a treatise with all the right wings lies provised him about "death panels" and socialism Cheney and the gang gave him.

    Iwas entertained by the Darfur and famine thing Professor. You're deluded, yet funny. I appreciate that. The other guy, F.I. Bond was it? He's an ignoramous still unworthy of my attention.

  77. The Democrats WILL lose out in the end if it passes, they won't be able to blame Bush or anyone but themselves when the health care sucks if this passes.

    I am of the thinking that we have to sway just one Democrat to see the light. I have been writing to only my Democrat Senator. The Republicans are powerless at this point.

    Truth, you are disgusting.

  78. There is an old joke about a man and woman who meet in a bar. The man asks the attractive, young woman, "Would you have sex with me for one million dollars?"

    The woman was shocked by the question. Nevertheless, she thought for a moment and finally responded, somewhat reluctantly, in the affirmative. She was not the type to do that sort of thing, but money is always tight, and, after all, a million bucks is a million bucks, she reasoned.

    Then the man asked a second question. "Would you have sex with me for fifty bucks?"

    Tempted to slap him, the woman was even more shocked than she was by the first question. "Of COURSE NOT!" she insisted. "What kind of woman do you think I am?"

    The man replied calmly, "We've already established what kind of woman you are. Now, we are just haggling over the price."

    While intended for humor, the story points out an important observation about character. You either have it or you don't. Character can't be bought; not for any price.

    Elected officials go to Washington for, primarily, one reason. To do what is in the best interest of the nation within the boundaries of the Constitution. Now, each of them has their own interpretation of what is in the best interest of the country and what the Constitution has to say about that.

    There is a group of Democrats who like to call themselves "Blue Dog Democrats." They tell us that they are fiscally conservative and Constitutionally moderate. However, they've all been bought. They are like the young ... uh ... prostitute ... in our story. They have no character. They only have a higher price.

    Rush Limbaugh this week just flat out called them prostitutes. He said on his radio program, "Prostitution is now legal in Washington, D.C.," and went on to call out these "Senators of the evening." Rush is right.

    There are no fiscally conservative democrats. There are no blue dog democrats. There are only democrats. And democrats see as their function to insert government into every aspect of our daily lives that they can possibly get away with, and then to tax us for the "favor."

    I hope these democrats from the so called "red states" and from swing states are taken to the woodshed. They all deserve to be unemployed next year. Unfortunately, it has been my observation that many voters have a memory that is about as long as the evening news program.
    There are only two types of liberals -- the deceivers and the deceived.

    Whenever you don't understand a liberal's motives, just look for the money.
    This would be a good lesson for people like Truth101 and his motley crew to learn.

  79. Great post Mark.. I've made a few enemies on the blogisphere the last few days myself. But your post was right on the money. Great job.

  80. Pam, You have a great discussion going here.
    Unfortunately the United States will forever be changed with the passage of this idiocy called health care. But we must not give up. We must fight until we get this to this monstrosity overturned (if it's not too late).
    The Dem's took full advantage of the weak GOP leaders who believe they have "friends across the aisle".
    And played their GOP "friends" as SUCKERS. They are taking away our health benefits today and tomorrow it's going to be something else.
    We will no longer be a representative republic. Sure, we'll still have elections but they'll be more like staged elections.

  81. The 34 million people with no health insurance are wondering what health benefits are being taken away from them Mal. I'm wondering what they are also.

  82. TRUTH 101 said...

    The 34 million people with no health insurance are wondering what health benefits are being taken away from them Mal. I'm wondering what they are also.

    Well then..Just let our country go to hell in a handbasket and screw it.

  83. So much for transparency, unifying the country, and a new kind of politics. As I said and predicted during the primary campaign last year.
    Obama's meaning of transparency is out in the open bribery

  84. I Told Jah asked: "The 34 million people with no health insurance are wondering what health benefits are being taken away from them Mal"

    Well, how about housing, food, college, and transportation? The new health care plan makes criminals out of people who choose to spend money based on their own family priorities. It does this by exacting a nasty financial penalty on those who make hard choices which include not buying health insurance.

    That is one of the worst things about this bill: it puts as its top priotity beating up and robbing people who are in a hard place and can't afford health insurance.

    I hope this falls apart spectaculary when the first court case comes along.

  85. As a righty I figured you would be for everyone responsibly contributing to the health care system. Unless I misjudged you and the other righties here and you want public aid, welfare and bankruptcy to continue to be the health insirance providers to those without.

    Viva La Personal responsiblity dudes. Unless Obama is for it and then it sucks according to the righties.

  86. Truth said: "As a righty I figured you would be for everyone responsibly contributing to the health care system."

    Well, why not be honest about it, and all it a tax? And then it does not have to be separate from other taxation.

    But as it is now, it is a tax that falls mostly on the middle class, and probably some poor.

    Besides, when you look at it, forcing someone to waste money on a health insurance plan they do not need is not "contributing to the health care system", really.


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