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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Democrats Bogus Job Creation Plan

It appears the Obama Administration wants to spend millions more for “Job Creation”. According to Rep. Betty Sutton, D-Ohio the $787 Billion Dollar Stimulus Bill boosted our employment but “did it in a way that was not as highly visible as a lot of people would like.”

So let me get this straight. We spent $787 Billion dollars BUT we can NOT see the jobs it created. Unemployment is at 10.2%-- 17% if you count the people who have given up looking and those who have fallen off the radar… tell me again how the Stimulus BOOSTED jobs, Betty!

But wait, I may be jumping on Betty prematurely. Because she also said, “It did so in somewhat of a scattershot approach — a job here and a job there, trickled out over time. Far too many Americans are without a job, and far too many more are worried about what tomorrow is going to bring.”

Nope, I was NOT premature. A trickled job here and a trickled job there does NOT help when we have MILLIONS out of work! And with the way things look, hundreds of thousands more could lose their jobs!

Help is on the way though! Harry Reid HAS a plan! Yep, our Dear Harry wants to spend $600 Million dollars to SAVE jobs! Isn’t he a nice guy? Now I’m just being mean. Sorry.

Reid’s plan is a work-share program for all 50 states which will provide federal aid (or should we call it unemployment) to employees who accept less hours so that their employer can hire more employees thus averting layoffs. This approach Reid says will “save taxpayers money by keeping people on payrolls and off unemployment benefits.”

WHAT?! Wait, let me read THAT again. Save Tax Payers Money. We’re going to spend $600 Million dollars to enact this program but Reid says tax payers are saving money…um…am I brain dead? How the hell do tax payers SAVE money when Reid is spending $600 Million dollars of OUR money to get this program off the gosh darn ground? Saving tax payer money, I would think, and I’m not a Rocket Scientist, would be NOT implementing programs that require TAX PAYER MONEY in the fist place.

This program is sweet though, isn’t it? You only have to work half the time but get a full paycheck. It’s another entitlement program. Whatever happened to allowing businesses to do what THEY feel is best for their company? You know free will and all. If I were a business owner there is NO WAY I’d take one dime from the Feds. Federal money comes with strings. Just look at AIG. The next thing these small business owners will face is the Pay Czar telling them how much to pay their employees. Not a good plan. But then again, what Government program ever TRULY is? (Please don’t tell me SS; it’s soon to be bankrupt.)

I realize we are in a huge mess, however, just because the Democrats are in trouble of losing seats in 2010 does NOT give them the right to start another spending spree to try and save their butts. They OWE Americans a fiscally honorable plan. I’m tired of watching our budget go from red to blood red second after second. And I really don’t want to hear how it’s Bush’s fault, either. THAT ONE is REALLY old. This IS Obama’s economy NOW. It’s Obama’s war and it’s Obama’s unemployment. BUT he needs to start getting involved and stop with the stupid celebrity interviews and TV ads. I want a Leader who actually LEADS. So far that’s not what I’ve seen.


  1. I don't think anyone actually knows how to create jobs in a country that has been leaking jobs to other countries for the last 10 years or more.
    The CCC camp approach worked in the 1920s but I don't think that's the answer today.
    I wish they would stop focusing on creating jobs and work on creating a positive environment that would entice a return of companies and their jobs to the US. Of course, that would be stepping on China's toes and we now owe them a lot of money. Still, I am not completely pessimistic - I do see evidence of smaller, more specialized companies opening here and there. Washington is mostly ineffective but I doubt that has much to do with who's running the show - seems Washington has been mostly ineffective for a long time.

  2. Rocky: So, true on “who’s running the show in Washington”. I’ve been disenfranchised for awhile now.

    I’m with you on finding a way to encourage companies to stay here in America. Maybe they could use some of the “stimulus” money to entice companies to come back. Do you know that Levi’s aren’t “Made in America” anymore!? I was astonished when I heard that! (I know where have I been!)

    Just yesterday I was thinking about how great it would be if we had companies that manufactured again. Imagine how many people we could put to work then! But is it possible with so many people wanting living wages, benefits, vacations, sick days and many being organized as unions. It ends up costing a lot of money and then the cost of the “item” is so much more than say importing it from China.

    Anyone have anything to add or maybe correct me on there? Because I’m not a manufacturing expert.

  3. AARRGGGGHHHHHH... That is so patently ridiculous I can't even begin to respond without going off the deep end... sigh...

  4. Pamela said: "But is it possible with so many people wanting living wages, benefits, vacations, sick days and many being organized as unions. It ends up costing a lot of money and then the cost of the “item” is so much more than say importing it from China."

    Let me ask you Pamela. Why wouldn't we all want a job with all the things you mentioned? We are fortunate to live in a Country that has encouraged this. I feel badly for the workers of other countries that don't. I believe it's criminal for our manufacturing jobs to go to countries that abuse and exploit. That doesn't mean we should abuse and exploit also.

    Our workers have bit the bullet many times. When will CEO's start biting the bullet?

    Your problem is with a system that encourages cheap price over quality at the expense of the American Worker.

    Many foreign manufacturers are not subject to child labor laws. I don't believe for ine second that Nike sneakers would be priced any higher if they were made here in AMerica by workers making 12 to 16 bucks and hour with benefits than they are now being made in Indonesia by workers, many of them children, for a dollar or two a day.

    There is nothing wrong with protectionism. I think it's damn patriotic to protect the jobs like yours and your husbands from unfair foreign competition.

  5. Truth: I think you misunderstood what I meant or maybe I didn't write it properly.

    I absolutely do NOT agree with how the workers of some of those other countries are treated. And I DO feel that our workers deserve decent wages, etc. I was just wondering how we could become a manufacturing country again when we need to offer those things, which do drive up the cost, whereas places like China can produce it a lot cheaper.

  6. I had an interesting experience the other day; I am a woman who hates to shop, so I rarely go to the mall but I found myself with some time to waste and ended up in one of the higher end type stores and I was shocked!
    I thought I'd go look for a sweater and there was nothing but cheap, inferior garments throughout the store. We are now in a position that I remember Eastern Bloc countries being in back in the 70s.
    When I was in the Czech Republic back then, these were the type of clothes I saw over there!
    I came home and started knitting...

  7. "just because the Democrats are in trouble of losing seats in 2010 does NOT give them the right to start another spending spree to try and save their butts."

    Is that any different than Republicans running on cries of "No New Taxes" or "Take the No Tax Pledge" pandering to American voters while they spent us into a now 12 trillion dollar debt?

    President Obama's FIRST budget will be submitted in the next few weeks.

    That's right, President Obama is still operating on President Bush's budget.

    I get tired of hearing the blame game also, but it is unfair to say this is Obama's fault. It is a fact to say it is now his problem, left to him by a previous administration, in fact many previous administrations.

    This now, 12 trillion dollar debt, has been building for 30 years. Of course, Republicans were in the White House for 21 of those 30 years.

    We should be helping the workers around the World raise their wages and living standards, not lowering ours.

  8. Lets see, Pam just found out that Levi's are now being made overseas (that happened a few years ago...did you notice a price change?)

    Carhartt, the largest manufacturer of workwear in the US is now totally made overseas as of last year...did their price drop on anything? Nope.

    Nike's are made overseas and New Balance are made in the USA...which ones are cheaper?

    New Balance is!

    Why? Well, look at advertising, sponsorships, and all of that...

    When Nike pays a college $3 million dollars and gives their teams all this merchandise does that really mean people will go out and buy their stuff or is it an ego trip for Nike...

    Did you ever notice that the brands that sell to major retailers and also have their own outlet stores do not seem to carry the same stuff that they sell to retailers in their outlet stores?

    My biggest competitor makes goods in India (...now Pakistan, and soon Bangladesh) at they keep their price at 50 cents less a shirt than my price....but they give discounts to certain big boys, they then also flood the market with cheap goods that they sell for a loss, and now they are paying retailers not to advertise my brand on their websites...

    So, I am expected to play the same game....but I won't because that game benefits no one...so I will development a totally different game....

    Ever wonder what happens to all the merchandise that is not sold after Christmas goes to? It is packed up and stored...for next year or forever...

    You should see the warehouses filled with clothing that will never see the light of day again...

    Its massive...

    THAT is why we have to make stuff overseas, to cover the cost of manufacturers being everything to everybody, making things in every possible color and size, and then having to eat the cost of poor management and poor decision making.

    If you look, Washington has spent less than half of the stimulus money...well less than half.

    We have basically spent what we have to pay for local projects that local governments couldn't pay for.

    The fed is bascially propping up banks and state and local governments with the stimulus money...

    I have been saying since way back in 2008...anyone that can layout a business plan for a new start up then the government should give them $150,000 interest free...

    Just throw the money out there without all the hoops to jump through...

    You would create more jobs that way. I know 5 or 6 start ups that have a great chance of being successful if they could get the funding...but banks won't touch them because they are too risky and venture capitalists want a 200% return for their investment.

    So, these companies struggle.

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  10. I agree with your findings and numbers. They are factual. Pamela A person really has a hard time proving any of that hog wash Obama gives us is going to work.. It won't.. This recession will linger on for a long time.. no matter what BS we hear from this administration.. . It looks good on paper, but does not hold water in the real world. Our country is in areal mess and hopefully this president will be working on the change so many wanted when they voted him into office. But I doubt it.. I think things will get worse before they get better..
    But if you would ask me for my prediction, I'd say that we won't have a REAL recovery until wew get Obama and his cronies out of office.

    I call it.. "The Audacity of Dopes!"
    And I blogged about it the other day myself.

  11. Okay, let's get this straight. Previously the Obama regime stated that with the Porkulus bill being passed that unemployment would peak at 8%. Porkulus I passed, and now we're being told unemployment at 10%. Hmmm, sounds as fishy and full of BS as "we've already saved or created 150,000 jobs" while we've lost over 2 million on the moron's watch. Maybe Obama should quit lying about the unemployment rate and get back to "saving or creating 600,000 jobs this summer".....what a dufus we have elected!

    And they promised us unemployment would reach as much as 8.8% without that stimulus package! That really worked well!

    Now we're supposed to turn over health care to these same geniuses?
    Mr. Obama, Quit Blaming Bush And Take Responsibility For The Mess You Created! And enough with these Dinners already!!!!! We saw enough of Michelle's fancy dresses and her $2500.00 shoes.
    In my house when things are tough, we eat Hamburgers not Lobsters.

  12. Point well taken about substituting hamburger for lobster Saint. Please join me ib demanding government adopt the same strategy. First by leaving Iraq and Afghanistan. WE can't afford to police the world in these trying times. Second, as TAO pointed out, stop sending stimulus money to local governments too damn cheap and stupid to finance their own local projects with local tax dollars.
    Then let's put an end to corporate welfare through no bid contracts to Haliburton and the like.

  13. The Obama Administration can talk about saving jobs until they are blue in the face. They can tell us they created a million new jobs – no wait, why not tell us it’s five million, it doesn’t matter what the number is, the numbers are all phony and the books are cooked.. We know it and they know that we know it.

    Moral of the story is I suppose it’s simply a matter of time when all of us will be working for the government, with our government health care, driving to work in our government designed and issued car, with our suits tailored by the government, and eating lunch at the government cafeteria and taking that afternoon dump in the toilet.

  14. Gee...MY FILE you make our future sound so much like being in the military....

  15. Still bashing Obama! Some things never change.

  16. Understandably the TARP and the Economic Stimulus plans caused considerable resentment, and understandably so. How and why we got ourselves into this mess is beyond the subject of this post. But I will say that both were needed to prevent a total meltdown of the national and world economies. How they were implemented is where things went wrong. Here is WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO with respect to economic stimulus policy:

    Rule Number 1 – When one hands over hundreds of billions of dollars to banks, tell them how and where the funds are to be applied; don’t leave it up to the banks to decide for themselves. The purpose of the funds was to unlock frozen credit markets. Why this did not happen? The banks used the money to improve their balance sheets when they SHOULD have been making commercial loans.

    Rule Number 2 – When one hands over taxpayers’ money to banks, make sure the banks get out of the lobbying business. Damn stupid to allow banks to funnel K Street funds to congressional representative to further advance their influence at a time when they should be considered discredited and disgraced by their own misdeeds.

    Rule Number 3 – No bonuses or wage increases until all public money has been paid back. This is hubris in the extreme and a prime example of how corrupt the diversified financial system has become.

    Rule Number 4 – Many professionals undergo some form of accreditation or licensing: doctors, lawyers, real estate brokers, financial planners, insurance salesmen, etc. Why not bankers who are entrusted with managing public and private money! One problem with Wall Street: The same thieves and scoundrels who were responsible for the last bubble get recycled back into the system. If you mismanage money, no more license, no more job!

    Rule Number 5 – Community banks play a larger role in distributing commercial loans to local businesses than big banks. Why were these overlooked and NOT included under TARP?

    Rule Number 6 – If a bank is too big to fail; it is too big to exist. The regulatory system started during the Great Depression and dismantled in 1999 needs to be restored and the Glass-Steagall Act reinstated.

  17. Let me embellish my point about Rule Number 4. The arrogant scoundrels who were responsible for the subprime credit default crisis that brought down AIG are the SAME arrogant scoundrels who were responsible for the Junk Bond crisis 25 years ago. Why the hell are they still working on Wall Street? That is my point.

    Perhaps I neglected to leave a summary statement. If these rules were followed from the beginning, we would not need now a jobs bill. In other words, much of the stimulus funds were not spent as effectively as they should have ... and not backed with tougher rules.

    A rhetorical question: If all speed zones were suddenly eliminated, and drivers were allowed to zoom 100 mph past schools, churches, and residential areas, would you allow this? I should think you would want tougher regulations to keep thieves and scoundrels from wrecking our financial system every 10 to 20 years.

  18. The president of the united states has about a 50/50 chance on not making America look stupid when he meets world leaders, Michelle Obama has about a 100% chance of making America look stupid after her veterans day, daybout with an aqua blue coat and her ammo belt/bustier, just stunning! They have classes that teach royal families how to behave maybe its time we get one for Barry and the gang.
    Obama is a disgrace!!! I have never had such a loathing for any president as I do obama. Who ever elected this idiot should be deported!!! Hope and change........... Hows that working for you 59 million that are unemployed?

    PS Pam, I'll vote for you...

  19. Where did the 59 million figure come from Debbie?

  20. TRUTH 101 said...
    Where did the 59 million figure come from Debbie?

    Google it you will see it.

    "59 million workers are estimated to join the ranks of the unemployed, according to Zoellick, in his speech opening the World Bank's annual meeting."

  21. Personally, I am curious to know what is being smoked by the loons in Congress when they get behind closed doors.

    Want to encourage companies to stay in the U.S.? Lower taxes and get rid of corrupt unions.

  22. YES! we do have bigger fish to fry! WASHINGTON, DC – 11/30/09 – The couple that crashed a State Dinner at the White House
    Tareq and Michaele Salahi,had ties to the American Task Force on Palestine, and they first met Barack Obama in 1997. Washington has confirmed.
    But not only that: ATFP President Ziad Asali is an America-basher who blamed 9/11 on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Asali was a lead U.S. official to PLO terrorist Yassir Arafat's funeral in 2004.
    who may have been there posing as a team from Bravo TV, (the husband-wife team has been auditioning for a role on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Washington D.C.”), so Bravo should either hire them as resourceful, or more likely turn over all correspondence to the Secret Service under threat of abetting potential terrorists and revoking Bravo’s FCC license – if the network was involved in the set-up.

    Don't believe it? Google it!

  23. So Debbie expects Obama to do something about the 59 million people IN THE WORLD who will join the ranks of the unemployed?

    Personally Debbie I just want him to focus on the unemployed in the United States..

    But then again you closet one world government communists are never happy!

    But at least you could get your facts straight and quit with the stupid lies and misquotes of facts as if the rest of the is stupid and will believe anything that your little specialness will type....

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  25. TAO said...

    So Debbie expects Obama to do something about the 59 million people IN THE WORLD who will join the ranks of the unemployed?

    Personally Debbie I just want him to focus on the unemployed in the United States..

    But then again you closet one world government communists are never happy!

    But at least you could get your facts straight and quit with the stupid lies and misquotes of facts as if the rest of the is stupid and will believe anything that your little specialness will type....


    Personally! I DO want him to focus on the unemployed in the United States..

    And I think that Debbie has more SPINE then a liberal PUNK like YOU will ever have!

    Talk about "stupid lies and misquotes" You and your Liberal friends asswipes are the Kings of IT!
    You really think that your a big man talking down to a young lady, while you hide behind the internet don't you. Well I think you are a POS.
    At least SHE handled herself like a lady, she didn't call you names as you did to her. You little rabid punk bastard!

  26. Ah, Skepdick, and I was just wondering where all the trolls went!

    I see by your profile that you just started work/blogging this month!

    Congratulations! You are doing a fine job!

  27. No matter what, and no matter how long you are blogging.. ... You are still a shithead.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Thank you Skepdick for defending my position from the assine Mr TAO.
    But I really don't need any help defending my own position especially from a babbling incoherent wimp like him.

    As you so rightly said, I never insulted anyone here or said anything that could even be interpreted as an insult. Yet Mr. TAO saw fit to call me the things that he did.

    I won't bother or even stoop to his level to answer him. He sounds like an Babbling Incoherent Old, Grouchy, and ANGRY retired Fool that has nothing else to do but spend his day and get his Jollies off by making comments on blogs, and insulting people that don’t agree with him. He's not worth it or my time. People like him disgust me.

  30. So, Debbie, where did you come up with the 59 million unemployed number from...

    The US Dept of Labor Statistics came up with 15.1 million unemployed as of 10/31/09?

    If you and all your fun loving trolls want to be taken seriously then get your facts straight before you go around and clog up the internet with your garbage...


  31. Sounds like someone knocking, but he can't get in!
    Ain't Karma great.

  32. Thats not karma honey....

    Thats your own stupidity coming around and biting you in the ass...

    I just want my comment out there so you can dance around it while everyone realizes how stupid you are...

    Keep dancing....

  33. That's why I love coming over to Pam's blog, she attracts such upstanding Americans like ANON...

    I just want to know if all of you with the same IP address all inhabit the same body or is this computer in a dorm room/jail cell?

  34. The current OFFICIAL unemployment rate is 10.2% (15.7 million).

    Adult men – 10.7 %
    Adult women – 8.1%
    White – 9.5%
    Blacks – 15.7%
    Teens – 27.6%
    Hispanics – 13.1%
    Asians – 7.5%

    Unofficial unemployment: (also known as U-6 - Alternative measures of labor under-utilization):
    Part-time employed – 9.3 million
    Marginally attached – 2.4 million

    Total unemployed, part-time, and marginally attached: 27.4 million

    Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (November 6, 2009).

    So there! You have accurate information, a footnote, and a link to the original source. Any more axes to grind?

  35. I have never listened to or watched an Obama speech but I did last night.. It sounded like he decided he had to pretend to be a moderate for a few minutes because he is losing America. He is a liar and nothing he says has any credibility whatsoever. The rest of the world knows this. The Afghans made a mental note that they had better kiss some Taliban butts quick, because the Americans will be leaving soon (July, 2011 to be precise per General Teleprompter). Mr. Tough Guy look didn't work.., I bet that the Al Qaeda leaders watching couldn’t stop laughing.

    Semper Fi !

  36. Hey Octopussy, put this in your pipe and smoke it, you and your cohorts seem to be smoking something...
    "The unemployment rate could easily hit 11% by early next year," said Charles Biderman, chief executive of TrimTabs.

  37. Mr. Skepdick: It’s obvious you did NOT read my blogging policy, please take a moment and do so. Please state your opinion in a respectful manner because attacking others here on MY blog will get you deleted in the future. Thank you for your time.

    Tao: Debbie is NOT a troll. She has contributed to my blog for quite some time, but has been away for a little while. Please be respectful to her in the future. Sometimes when we write it doesn't come out like we intended, and I’m sure she didn’t mean Obama was responsible for the unemployment of the whole world.

    Rights Mind: I am concerned with unemployment, also and believe it will go higher. HOWEVER, I do NOT like the way you addressed MY commenter. Octopussy is NOT his name; Octopus is. Please be courteous of MY readers. I will not tolerate ignorance here, as you would know if you would have familiarized yourself with my blogging policy. Please take a moment to do so, thank you.

  38. RM, I am well aware of the looming unemployment issue, having posted consecutive articles on the subject here and here.

    What I do not fathom is your wanton, unprovoked ad hominem attack and rudeness for NO REASON AT ALL. You disrespect Pamela when you violate her blog poicy which clearly states: I expect everyone to be respectful and civil to one another.

  39. And Pam, if TAO calls me "HONEY" one more time, you will see what disrespect really meANS

  40. TAO, you make think that you are cute, but I don’t.. In fact you're really making my blood boil.
    If you wish to disrespect Pam’s blog and her re4quest to be respectful of other commenters then you better cut out the cuteness.

    As for Obama’s speech last night, either Hussien is mentally challenged or bluffing about the pullout date. Why would he give the enemy our pull out date? What is to say that the Taliban won't take a sabbatical for 18 months ? Our troops have been betrayed once again by a Democratic president who hasn't the heart or will for victory. Oh I forgot, we are not allowed to use that word “victery”

  41. Debbie,

    You are so cute, you knowingly and willfully distorted the unemployment figures...

    "Victery" you say? Why not ask that when the last administration pulled back from allowing the military to go after Osama when they had him cornered in Bora Bora?

    Why not ask about 'victery' when the last administration retired the general who asked for 450,000 troops for the invasion of Iraq...

    When we send in 500,000 in Desert Storm I to kick the Iraqi's out of Kuwait, which is a land min two thirds smaller than Iraq...

    ...so we go in with 150,000...

    So now we find out that the Bush Administration was making plans as early as 2001 for the invasion of Iraq....then why didn't we have the equiptment our troops needed when the invasion started?

    That's not respecting the troops is it?

    I am sure that you saw no reason to say anything then did you?

    I didn't think so....

    If Pam doesn't want me to post here again all she has to do is email me and I won't....

    Your blood is boiling because you are so busy spinning the truth...

    Quit spinning and you will find that life is not as bad as you want to pretend it is....

  42. Debbie: I didn’t watch Obama last night. I have Obama-Tube-Overload. However, I did hear the gist of his speech. I’m not sure I understand why he would give a 2011 “pull-out” date when we don’t know if the war will be over then and if we will have won.

    My thoughts are he is sending the troops because it appeases the Right and the 2011 date is when he will be getting ready to campaign for his 2nd term so he will appease the Left by bringing our troops home. That would be a win-win in political terms, for him, anyway. But I’m not a “Military Expert”, so I could be totally off base. I just hope this isn’t a political decision on his part and we’re fighting to “WIN”. But we know that wars have been fought for less than honorable reasons.

    Tao: I am pretty upset knowing we “had” bin Laden in our “grasp” but didn’t do anything. How many times is this now? The first Bush could’ve had him, Clinton could’ve had him and now we’ve learned that GW could’ve had him…what’s going on!? Does bin Laden have US in HIS pocket? There is something so NOT right here or would it be there…

  43. Pam,

    Its real simple, Osama is part of the royal family of saudi...

    Family and tribes are VERY important in Saudi Arabia.

    If we capture Osama then there will be BIG issues with and in Saudi...

    our special relationship with saudi will end and the saudi family will split....

    That's why we have never caught the guy...

    Now, if obama was smart he should not have picked 2011 as an end date...because then he will either have to campaign on the fact that he broke his promise or worse....

    He has painted himself in a bad corner and I cannot believe that he did something that stupid...

    Unless the world is actually going to end in 2012 :)

  44. TAO said...
    ...Now, if obama was smart he should not have picked 2011 as an end date...because then he will either have to campaign on the fact that he broke his promise or worse....

    He has painted himself in a bad corner and I cannot believe that he did something that stupid...
    TAO said...
    ...Now, if obama was smart he should not have picked 2011 as an end date!!!!!
    Well DUH!

  45. Woah, Tao, It's your ridiculous assumptions that make your arguments so asinine.

    I just read a string of your previous comments. For someone who seems constantly on Obama’s side you tend to omit a lot of facts as you blame other for doing. As well as your snide comments to Debbie etc.
    *Cough* um....I am afraid you are a bit...well let’s say UNINFORMED.
    Clinton was offered Osama bin Laden from Sudan, but he turned down the offer saying, "At the time, 1996, he didn’t have a basis on which to hold him.
    But that wasn't true. Because in 1996 he had already been named as an co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing by prosecutors in New York.. Wouldn't ignoring Bin Laden then have going him the opportunity for the the East African U.S. embassy bombings in 1998 and USS Cole attack in 2000? AND gave Bin Laden time to plan up a 9/11 part 2 attack on the World Trade Center, Pentagon etc!!!!
    Clinton had 8 years and 3 terrorist acts to get him and he didn't.
    Clinton was once again lying to the American people and disgracing himself, as usual.

  46. Pam this blog is terrific. You really nailed it whaen you said
    It’s Obama’s war and it’s Obama’s unemployment. BUT he needs to start getting involved and stop with the stupid celebrity interviews and TV ads. I want a Leader who actually LEADS. So far that’s not what I’ve seen".

    Obama has no absolutely no understanding of what the military is, how it functions, why it functions, how military operations are planned, coordinated and evaluated or anything else about the military.
    Barack Obama needs to demonstrate he is committed to winning the war in Afghanistan, and he clearly isn’t.
    I would listen to the Generals on the ground in Afghanistan and do what they suggest. But then again, I don’t believe that Obama really wants to win this war. This is war not date night, you can't take months to make decisions. Thats the reason why he as a General with experience in the field. But, you are not allowed to disagree with Mr. BO. So what do we have? We have a guy that knows nothing about what he’s doing and won’t listen to his advisers that do know about it and that has the experience. He doe’s not really want America to win this war. By sending more troops is what a president of the United States should do and not prolong the decision, like he has. Most important, when you are at war, you do not want the enemy to hear of any time table on withdrawal. There he has played into their hands of the enemy once again.
    He relies almost exclusively on rhetoric, his incomprehension of the War on Terror is very troubling and ignoring the difficult realities of a dangerous world, and thus he is unfit to be the President of this Great Nation.
    Our brave men and women of our military have been waiting 90 days for re inforcements. And this is what our commander in chief gives them. Just 70% if what the commanding General asked for. And a promise to retreat 18 months from now no matter what progress they achieve.
    The Taliban must be celebrating on the roof tops after learning that they just have to wait a mere 18 months before we cut and run from Afghanistan and leave them to run a muck!.

    The question is: can our great troops succeed in the field, even when headed by a narcissist who in his heart does not believe in what they’re doing?

    Also his priorities are all screwed up... he may want to focus on health care and cap and trade, but the American people have other priorities such as WINNING the war and JOBS.

    In my opinion Obama’s speech was lack-lustering, he showed absolutely no enthusiasm and that showed in the Cadets falling asleep.. He sounded to me like a waffling dithering boob. And was less a “Call to Arms” and more like a act of “Desertion”
    I guess that Obama feels he is doing his part for Alla by putting our kids in a no-win country to be killed off by his friends?

  47. Frankly, I wish the White House would give as much attention to our situation in Afghanistan as they do to Fox News. Those kids who are fighting over there were only ten or eleven years old when 9/11 happened. They are trained to be killers and to fight, not to talk. That's Obama's job. So if it's talking that Obama wants, then get our kids the hell out of harms way first and then let him orate to his heart's content.
    The President needs to take a long walk with his Portuguese water dog , leave his cell phone with Michele, put his party planner on hold, and think. Because if he's making the wrong decision on this one,people are going to die if he don't RE-think this one..
    Marines aren't diplomats, they are fighters.

  48. Why does everyone waste so much time hating. It's all such negative energy. We should save our hatred to deal with the right wing extremists.

  49. Napqueen: I've found that hatred toward anyone is a waste of time.

  50. I for one was not at all impressed with President Obama’s speech on Afghanistan. It had all the ramblings and the nuances, promises and feel of a campaign speech. Never before has a speech by a President felt so false and so unimpressive.. .. It would have appeared that Obama did not need to convince the cadets at West Point, the American people, our allies, our enemies, Republicans, Democrats or Independents. The President needed to convince himself of his own rhetoric.

    The fact of the matter is that Obama’s speech was political in front of a military audience. If his goal was to muster the troops like a Commander & Chief is supposed to do, he failed. Once again, instead of a Commander & Chief, Obama was the Campaigner & Chief.

    Never before has a speech by Barack Obama felt as false as his Tuesday address announcing America’s new strategy for Afghanistan. It seemed like a campaign speech combined with Bush rhetoric — and left both dreamers and realists feeling distraught.

  51. Skep: I read your exact comment elsewhere, and I think it was better in the original German

    (I think it was linked into a bunch of major news services, too)

  52. Pamela: I don't mind hatred of actual extremists. But too many label anyone different from their own view as "extremist", using the term without any regard to meaning.

  53. dmarks said...

    Skep: I read your exact comment elsewhere, and I think it was better in the original German

    (I think it was linked into a bunch of major news services, too)

    SO WHAT?

    dmarks said...

    Pamela: I don't mind hatred of actual extremists. But too many label anyone different from their own view as "extremist", using the term without any regard to meaning.


  54. 2009 will be known as “the year of truth”

    The Obama administration and the Democrat party are finally exposed as the crooks, lairs and criminals that they are.

    The country was sick and tired of the scandals that plagued politics and took the socialists at their word that they would clean it up. Guess what, they didn’t. In fact it only got worse.

    Then the “One” got up in front of the masses in a carefully crafted message of “Hope and Change” and all we got was “Change that we would never hope for”. But 2009, in spite of the crap legislation being forced down our throats, have offered a glimpse of change that we did not expect. First was the beginning of the downfall of the “House of ACORN”. We received that hope from a “grassroots” type effort of “citizen journalist” that did the job that the mainstream media failed, or blatantly refused to do.

    The ACORN sting videos were a refreshingly effective effort to expose a criminal enterprise that has plagued this country in the guise of “helping the poor and downtrodden” by voting scandals, electioneering and abuse of non-profit status to further hide their dirty deeds.

    The other Hope of change came from an illegal hacker that single handedly brought the massive fraud of “Global Warming” to its knees and have the alarmist scurrying for anything positive to keep their efforts afloat ahead of the Copenhagen summit.

    Obama has thrown his hat into the ring by announcing (after the hoax was exposed) that he would travel to the summit and pledge America’s participation of cutting carbon emissions by 17% of 2005 levels. This is a desperate ploy to lend credibility to the organization that is going to die (they just don’t know it yet) by having the great orator pack his teleprompter and give the speech of his socialist life.

    There is one other “Nobel Prize” winner that just announced that he would NOT be attending the summit after high priced advanced ticket sales – Al Gore. I guess he could stand the thought of all the “heat” he would get if he attended! Oh yeah I also forgot to mention his Oscars.

    If you think that the UN scandal “Oil for money” scheme was big, this scandal has eclipsed that one by Trillions of dollars.

    To top off the above scandals we cannot forget the following 2009 Democrat corruption:

    1) Democrat mayor from Baltimore found guilty of perjury and corruption.
    2) Ex Democrat Representative William “Cold Cash” Jefferson found guilty.
    3) Democratic Mayor of Birmingham convicted of bribery and corruption.
    4) Democrat Mayor of Detroit convicted of perjury.
    5) John Murtha under investigation by Senate Ethics Committee.

    I could go on and on with the list, but you get the picture. 2010 will be a banner year for “booting out” incumbents of the democratic party in an effort to clean house and instill politicians that will listen to constituents instead of treating us as crap. THIS is why Republicans/Independents need to regain control in 2010! This country will not survive 3 more years of Democratic control!!!

    We have had enough of those hypocrites who blames Bush for all the bad and gives zero credit for any of the the good?

  55. Skepdick: At last, an original comment. The earlier one from you was cut and pasted from a German newspaper, and you did not attribute it at all.

    Lynne: If you are the same Lynne who foams at the mouth and "hates" politicians, then you are probably at the top of that list.

  56. Just look at that little shit with his nose up in the air.
    It's not his race, it's his policies, his inexperience, his total disrespect for the military, his dislike of America and his disdain from just about everyone not in his little Chicago circle. And it doesn't help that the MSM elevated him to the status of messiah, in their eyes anyway. It's not ALWAYS about race you know.
    I guess he can't see the forest for the trees. Racial harmony has deteriorated at least 50% in this country since Obama has become president. His policies are the reason so many are out of work and his policies are the reason racial harmony is on the downturn. Blacks, not all blacks, but many blacks apparently think that now they can justify the hate they feel for whites, although many marry whites, Asians and Hispanics.

    I am 45 years old. I had many black friends when I was young. My friends were just every day people like us.

    Younger blacks today carry a hate in them for the injustices of 200 years ago. For crying out loud, get over it already. Stop living in the past.

    You have the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Farrakhan etc. inciting the hate so they can live large without really working.

    Then of course we once again have the Black Panthers hate group who are just the black version of the KKK

  57. Demark, Who cares what you think? and whats more Who even cares about your lame and simple opinions about anything. I sure don't. The ignorance of your comments says it all.

  58. Skepdick: I CARE. Considering it's MY blog, that says it ALL.

  59. Pamela D. Hart said...
    Skepdick: I CARE. Considering it's MY blog, that says it ALL.

    Yes, it DOES say it all. It says that you'd rather have these FREAKEN lib's running a muck all over YOUR blog. Talking down to people that have an opposing view and allowing them to say what they want to..
    MY problem with this PUNK was NOT what he said to me, but the manner in the w3ay HE and his fellow PUNKS spoke to Debbie.
    I have seen a growing number of liberal's posting here at this blog and if that's what you want, you got it,it's fine with me Pamella, You got what you asked for, I'll go and you can have these abusive bastards insulting nice people like Debbie

    I won't stand around and read it and take it.

    I hope you and your friends are happy with that kind of crap...
    Thank you for your Limited time.

  60. Skep said: "The ignorance of your comments says it all."

    Quite clear, as it is your ignorance. You apparently haven't read them. Do you have anything to add besides temper tantrums?

  61. Hi Skepdick and a couple others. Or should I say the same guy from the same eastern state that posts under multiple monikers. I miss at TSR. At least my statcounter did. I got an email asking where you'd gone from them. I figured you would be here at Pamela's. Everybody come's to Pamela's.

  62. Bogus Jobs is right!! It's all in the Obamanomics. Either someone in the White House is mathematically challenged or they are… see this is why we need to focus more on subjects like math and science in school and not sex ed and gay rights and singing songs to praise Obama…
    They are all imaginary. There is no such thing as a “saved” job.
    More than ten percent of the jobs the Obama administration has claimed were "created or saved" by the $787 billion stimulus package are doubtful or imaginary, according to reports from the Associated Press. America is fully aware he lies about saving jobs.

    And on another note to Mr. Truth101.

    I have visited your blog and I can fully understand why your "statcounter" has gone down. Why would anyone want to read that nonsensical trash?

  63. I thought I saw a headline that Obama's Tuesday address will talk about job creation, and I thought he did that last Tuesday but they mean THIS Tuesday, so when did Obama get a weekly TV show?

  64. Obama gave his speech at West Point the way a magician uses smoke and mirrors. Except his tricks do not work for those of us who are paying attention and thinking critically.

    He’s the first anti-American president the White House has ever had. Therefore, he has a natural discomfort with simply sitting in the chair of the oval office and addressing the American public as his predecessors have effortlessly done before him.

    It’s like Satan standing at the altar of a church to address an audience.

    So for all of Obama’s idiot speeches he uses audiences as props, but this time even the young cadets couldn’t even stay awake to be polite. They knew in their hearts that their Commander in Cheat was a big farce.

  65. Statcounter was just wondering hy a guy that visited 40 to 70 times a day would suddenly stop. Perhaps the good folks at Statcounter were worried something bad may have happened. I worry about my fellow bloggers also. I hope you're in good health Kody. I also hope that President Obama's jobs program guarentees good employment for you for years to come my good man.

    Best wishes and success to you and your blog.

  66. So there we have it Obama is Satan. Honestly, I'd not heard that one before.

  67. dmarks said...

    So there we have it Obama is Satan. Honestly, I'd not heard that one before.

    Well you live and learn.

  68. Sorry to break it to you liberals.
    Another month under President Obama, another 11,000 jobs lost, pushing the total Obama jobs deficit to 7.6 million. One day after the White House jobs summit admitted that the President's policies -- including the massive $787 billion stimulus enacted last spring -- are not working to create jobs, the Department of Labor's monthly jobs report added the exclamation point.

    Barack Obama promised that if elected he would create 3.5 million jobs by the end of 2010 through new economic policies, beginning with the enactment of a massive economic stimulus package. So far in his term in office, employment has dropped by about 3.3 million jobs, while the unemployment rate remains at 10 percent

    The very last thing we are seeing is transparency that was promised. Lets hurry, no time to discuss or read it…. the sky is falling and we must do something now.. don’t read it, it will take too much time… sign it now”. This makes no sense to sensible men and women, whether Democratic or Republican or anyone else. The real
    message is that if this is pushed through and is the expensive( all studies show it will cost more) you, dear senator or congressman will N O T be re-elected. Isn’t it time for a little long term planning, Mr politician?

    Do you or anybody else out there think that the President or congress will be on the health plan they want to stick is with? The answer is, of course NO! National health care will get worse by the day if its enacted, because by then we won’t be able to get away from it. Theses only one sensible answer to our problems, and that is SECESSION from the Union. Its no longer a union of states, its a dictatorship from Washington DC!!!
    If you want to know whether of not the proposed health plan is good for the American public, ask why congress is exempt for it. why doesn’t Obama simply expand congress’s health care program to include all Americans? who is he trying to fool? The same ones who voted for him?
    So dmarks Obama may very well be Satan!
    Pamella is right! It’s amazing that our representatives can lie to us like this

  69. Perhaps there are some naive unemployed folks who are still looking to Obama's "jobs summit" for help. If so, I have 4 words for you..

    Don't Hold Your Breath!

  70. George Bush began his presidency, the one in 2000 where he did not receive a majority of the popular vote with a BUDGET SURPLUS!

    Had he just left everything alone we would be enjoying a budget SURPLUS of 4.56 TRILLION dollars right now...

    Well, every company he ever ran was ran into the ground he did the same with this country....

    Generals ask for 450,000 troops to invade Iraq and he gives them 150,000....which he does before he finishes the job in Afghanistan...

    Went on and on about creating an "ownership" society and we wake up today and find ourselves "Owned" by the big banks, Wall Street, and the Chinese....

    Basically that all boils down to we got a whole bunch of folks who post their stupidity about Obama all over this blog for no other reason than to COVER UP their own stupidity for voting for BUSH twice...

    Yep, this decade belongs to YOU! you all can make a mess of just about anything but not once have you ever been able to clean up after yourselves...

    The America we have today is YOUR creation! Welcome to your own mess!

  71. The Unemployment and businesses closing happened on the Obama watch. And not only than, but he has gone back on every campaign promise he made.
    He has lost all credibility with world leaders.
    He has disrupted the natural order of American business.
    He has created a national debt that the next five generations will not be able to pay off.
    He has borrowed us into more debt with China.
    He has shown weakness and ineptness with his foreign policy.
    He has excused a terrorist attack on American soil, as some sort of nervous breakdown.
    He has increased racial tension among a people that were looking to him to heal it. He has conned the American people by passing a bogus stimulus package that was nothing more than taxpayer funded repayment to the unions and others that supported his campaign.
    He has blocked by executive order all records that would substantiate his fictitious claims of eligibility to serve this office.
    He is going to send 30,000 more troops, of the requested 40,000 into hell itself to continue a war that he was supposed to end.
    He has spent and wasted more time on this this hideous health care bill than it deserves.
    And OH YES! He has become the King of making White House parties. (With Our Money).

    Anything to say about that Truthless?

  72. Only a MORON or a LIBERAL changes the subject bak to Bush, when you are talking about Obama!

    Don't change subject TAO. Obama has completely side-stepped the Constitution, has disregarded the American people, has been on a campaign to discredit and criticize America worldwide. He absolute has zero rating in my eyes.
    I know that all the libtards are going to going to whine and moan over this, but who gives a crap, I don't.
    Obama is proving to be a real a-hole. He doesn’t know shit if his Teleprompter broke he would be a babbling fool (oh he is anyway, isn’t he?)… I have also seen now that even with his Teleprompter he is also an idiot – the sadder part is that the majority of Americans and MSM don’t even question the lies he tells and the made up numbers and crap. It is too bad that the educational system in this country is so bad that they would chose a Marxist like this jerkoff to run the country like Marxism is good and capitalism is bad. It is too bad that the people that have come out of colleges now a days don’t even know why we are a Republic and what it means. They really have dumbed down society. The idiots that voted for this Marxist bastard won’t even admit that they made a terrible mistake.. . Look at how he is purposely dividing the Country for a Marxist Government to be creating Race warfare and Class Warfare… if you aren’t with his policies you are a racist, if you support Capitalism you don’t care about the poor. Give me a freakin break … Marxism and Socialism get rid of the middle class it has been proven again and again … but the stupid sheeple in this country can’t learn crap from history and support this ass and his leftists crooks and commies in the House and Senate. The only kind of Government that has ever really created wealth from nothing is the Capitalist/Republic… such morons. As Lincoln said never give a poor man a house he will never appreciate it make him build the house then he will know it’s value. Thomas Jefferson said I predict the Happiness of Americans until they let the Government take their labors (meaning fruit there of) in the name of taking care of them. FDR was a fuck up – Carter was a big freaken mistake and now we have this ass that is Carter on speed.
    And how about that dumbass speech he made about Afghanistan! Obama is such a clown. he puts nothing new on the table and has only embarrassed us internationally. Now with his new strategy he has made the most classic blunder of all blunders. That is, put a public time line on the military operation! Such a fool and moron. Does he not know that the bad guys now have a timeline by which to conduct operations? Does he not know that the bad guys will target specific groups within the new strategy? Such an inexperienced idiot. And let me correct you on one more thing. After 9/11 Bush was supported by just about EVERYONE, here and abroad. The only problem was that the Libs didn’t have the guts to see it through.

  73. The Malcontent...

    You are right, after 9/11 everyone did support America! Then from there Bush BLEW IT!

    Blew it so bad that the Republican Party can't win an election and is splintering its self into parts...

    You can spin facts anyway you want to and you can call liberals anything you want to but you and your kind BLEW IT!

  74. You are as dumb as the crop of Bush/Rummy suck up generals that ran these operations Mal. Remeber the success of Desert Storm. A clear mission and goal. Where to start and where to stop. Obama has to clean up not one occupation with no end thanks to Bush, but two. He had to give a deadline to everyone and I'm glad he did. Tell them we're tired of fighting your battles and paying your bills.

    I agree with you that it best we just leave Mal but apparently it isn't that easy my friend or President Obama would have signed the order already.

    But it does show the inner liberal in you Mal, that you want unending committment to the national welfare program the Iraq and Afghanistan occuaptions are. And add the welfare we're paying Pakistan for good measure buddy.

  75. TAO said...

    You can spin facts anyway you want to and you can call liberals anything you want to but you and your kind BLEW IT!

    Laughing my AS off, You are the spin-master and you're telling me that I cam spin it! Listen Jerkoff, You and your liberal cronies are so out of control with your unconditional love for this asshole Marxist that you can't see the whole country capsuling while this Idiot and his fat assed wife parties..

    Ah but he's a Black man so we can't say anything bad about him can we? Yes we can!

  76. This comment has been removed by the author.

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. Truthless, I’m going to ignore your calling me a LIBERAL! Only because I don’t want Pam to ask me not to return here again. And if I answer you as I want to, that's what will happen..

    As for Obama and his speech that was full of BS.. More empty words. Just watch his behavior, and tune the words out. He is going to Copenhagen
    soon. Watch what he does there about our joblessness. Watch what he does about health care reform--and watch our cash disappear into the gov. trough, never to be seen again. Watch when he gets around to amnesty--and our country disappears into a Mexican satellite.

    Watch as he destroys our country. Don't listen to the words, because they are only empty words..You cam believe it if you MUST. Believe and Follow. Not me. He can kiss my Ass
    I keep hearing how he has such a big job to fix everything George Bush screwed up. I keep thinking what the hell kind of mess is Sarah going to have to clean up after Obama.YES it is time for CHANGE...,Face...your beloved party is full of crooks..They should ALL be facing charges of TREASON.
    Obama and his flying monkeys have sold us out to the GLOBALIST IDIOTS that are controlling him and making him bend to their wishes! America has been overtaken by a group of offshore European bankers who are pushing the climate change fraud that will tax you for breathing and everything else you do! If Barry and his flying monkeys really cared about America and Americans they would stand up to the globalist vermin that are pulling their strings with corruption and payoffs!!! We have a little “boy” who has just found the meaning of the word “power” playing house in our “White House. But the most dangerous thing about this little boy…he was raised by socialists, communists and Islamists!

    They were his teachers and/or his mentors…and now he is following their teachings and their biddings to destroy America from within!

    And one of the worst things about this…there are plenty of American citizens in positions in our government who are helping him do it! America has elected the first Muslim/Marxist to the highest office in our land.
    Boy has this country sunk.. Look at what we have here. Ass-holes like Tiger Woods and Barack Obama being the future of America,

  79. Excellent comments Malcontent.
    When will these people wake up from their 11 month slumber and realize that Bush is GONE???.... I am generally reluctant to argue politics with a liberal because most of them are misinformed, and the others are absolutely brainwashed, and you never really get anywhere.
    Don’t you love it when they constantly make bring on the Bush Derangement Syndrome but never, ever use the equivalency and the comparison to the incompetent Jimmy Carter.
    But, sadly, you still won’t win because you are arguing with zombies not people. But, it’s amusing, so enjoy the fun, but you’ll never get anywhere. There’s no point in arguing with people who get their news, facts and information from Saturday Night Live.
    Your suggestion and sarcasm was a work of art. Great job, thanks.

  80. Yep, BUSH IS GONE...but his shit lingers...

    He bankrupted this country just like he did every company he ever ran in his life...

    Took him eight years to screw things up royal and you expect Obama to clean house in what 11 months?

    You all are like a bunch of FRAT BOYS...you throw your big parties that last for days then you wake up hung over and want to know why the hired help hasn't already cleaned up after your days of reckless abandon...

    We have kept your banks from collapsing and we got your financial system up and running again and we will finish what you left undone in Afghanistan, oh and in the mean time we will destabilize Iran and pass healthcare reform by the end of the year....

    When it comes to heavy lifting leave it to liberals...

  81. I find your candor and lack of substance well within the boundaries of the Right is Right lady's rules Mal. My congratulations to you for you obedience.

  82. TAO said...
    Yep, BUSH IS GONE...but his shit lingers..



  83. TRUTH 101 said...
    "I find your candor and lack of substance well within the boundaries of the Right is Right lady's rules Mal. My congratulations to you for you obedience."

    Hey dipshit. #1 who the hell is the Right is Right lady!

    And why should I give a flying ^%^&#?

    And thirdly talking about one's "obedience"
    You obedience to your broodha Tao is to be congratulated as well. You are an inspiration to all true Dimocrats everywhere.
    Thank you for you comment or should I say, Your Bag Of Bile!

    And by the way, have I told you lately that I really don't care what you think!
    And P.S. Pamela, I want you to know that this is My favorite blog, and that I came here to respond to your blog’s subject and I did, I was not the sanctimonious Bush Basher that attacked you commenters as did the Mental Midgets that attacked me personally. But be forewarned if and whenever these two COMRADES IN ARMS, these ignorant jackasse’s do, I will not hesitate to respond in kind.
    Look at them closely folks, read the crappy propaganda that they spread in promoting their chicken leftist cause. These are the “Progressives” that are lining up to Court Marshal our Brave Navy Seals!

  84. Tao: I voted for GW twice, but I don’t consider myself an idiot. I’m angry that he let us down by spending too much, however Congress did give him a helping hand; trying to pass an amnesty bill, which Congress wanted more than he did; he was the first to implement the bailouts and again Congress wanted that even more because we were told “our country as we knew it would collapse”... I’m thinking it’s still on the verge of that with record deficits and unemployment over 10% and it could very well go higher yet. The only thing that’s helping Middle Class Americans right now is that inflation hasn’t hit and interest rates are being held at bay.

    Obama came in and tripled the deficit and has continued the bailouts. I was against the spending then, and I’m against it now; I was against the bailouts then, I’m against them now. At least I’m consistent.

    The collapse of our Financial Market can be laid at the feet of Republicans AND Democrats, along with Wall Street AND Financial Institutions i.e. Fannie, Freddie, JP Morgan! However, NO ONE will take any blame for this mess and NO ONE is being held responsible for it, yet WE, the taxpayers, are being punished for it. THAT is WRONG and we ALL know it.

  85. The Malcontent wrote:

    Pam, I know that you try to be as fair to everybody here as you possibly can. But lets call a spade a spade and not bend over backwards to these Liberal bloggers who need to survive the harsh realities of this right-wing dominated blogosphere and the fact that Obama is failing miserably . There is no way out but to continue to Blame George Bush. Did I tell you that George Bush broke the Fan Belt on My Mother' in Laws 1995 Jeep Cherokee when he was running away from the draft!

    Oh, and BTW. After reading previous comment threads from the Comrades in Arms and their boogers of wisdom, I'm convinced now, more than ever that we are on a sinking ship with noway out.

    And btw Truthless one, could you and your Blame Busheep quit flaming my site. I don't send people over to that Kiddie Blog of yours to antagonize you so quit doing it to me. My site is intelligent debate about what is wrong with this country and your little smart ass “progressives” find it humorous. There is nothing humorous about our brave troops getting slaughtered by these little shits called MUSLIMS TERRORISTS, that Mr. Obama wishes to defend.

  86. This phony dunce is as full of crap as a Christmas goose!! He is a puppet of the communists and of George Soros. . Most of what he says are the words of others, not his! Mal. you're absolutely right in your assessment of him. Obama is failing miserably because no one wants Marxism and he will lose. The race card has been played way to many times and now has become a joke. Jimmy Carter the idiot that happened to be a one term president because he showed what a communist tries is a bigger joke to say anything.

    As Obama got elected so did Carter the MSM hiding facts, demonizing their opponents and propping them up on false hope. Obama can keep his change the Soviet Union failed over that ideology. The American people are waking up and are angry. I have never been prouder of my country than now as I watch the beginnings of a popular uprising, the likes of which have not been seen in over 200 years. Long Live our freedoms and the United States of America !
    Obama will always be the hero of the left because of their hatred of George Bush.
    As that old saying goes, “are you better off now then you were 4 years ago” Naw...

    Who is making decisions for America, certainly not obama!

    Obama said it was Eric Holders decision to hold the Terrorist trials in New York, and we know that’s bull-shit. The decision about deploying troops in Afghanistan was delayed 2 months for what? God only knows! The American people in their liberalism and compassion and trust and voted for a pig in a poke in 2008. They wanted so much to believe Barack Obama was somehow better and different from other ultra-leftists that they simply took him on faith.

    They ignored his anti-white writings in his books. They ignored his quiet acceptance of hysterical anti-American diatribes by his minister, Jeremiah Wright.

    They ignored his refusal to explain years at a time of his life as a student. They ignored his ultra-left record as a "community organizer,"

  87. Malcontent: I apologize because I reposted your comment and replaced the “magic” phrase with “Obama” because I find that phrase highly objectionable. It’s one of my “pet peeves”, of which you weren’t aware, but I wanted to make sure your comment was posted because I feel YOU contribute A LOT to my blog and the topics. I hope you understand. Thank you.

  88. Pam, First let me say thank you for your kind words.. And yes, I DO understand.. Understand yes, agree no, ( I find noting objectionable about that phrase) but that does not matter in the least. It’s your blog and I will adhere to your wishes.
    Once again thank your for what you said about contributing A LOT to your blog.

    I suppose the real question is will there ever be agreement among everybody on just what is satire and what is racism? The answer is not as long as liberals see playing the race card pays off to their political advantage. The problem here is that they have defined everything we say as being racist.
    But not to worry, If I had a dime for every name I've been called, I'd be a very wealthy man. Honestly, I am frankly sick and tired of hearing everything said by republicans being labeled racist. I frankly couldn't give a rat's backside what color Obama is, the fact remains that he is simply wrong for America.
    And while we are on the subject, why is it alright for the liberals such as Truth or Shaw to NAME CALL all day long on his/her blog about republicans, Sarah Palin, Rush, Glenn beck and all the rest. But when I or my fellow conservatives do likewise we are labeled racists? On your blog I will be more than happy to abide to your wishes. On my blog, will not be caught dead pandering to such hopeless groups as these PROGRESSIVE’S.

  89. No, Negro isn't a racist term. Not at all. Nothing is more pathetic that someone who cannot laugh at themselves.
    Anyone who yells racism over political satire is a sorry soul, whether black or white.
    The term "Barack the Magic Negro" was first used by a liberal reporter in, I believe, the Los Angeles Times to describe a putative Black American folk archetype, look it up.
    Liberals appear to be able to laugh heartily when it suits their purpose in ridiculing their political opponents, but then turnaround to pretend outrage whenever the mockery is directed at them when that suits their purpose. The SNL skits of McCain/Palin/Bush and the Al Sharpton parody in "Barack the Magic Negro" have been equally hilarious. No one could be so dour and humorless as to think otherwise. While they may own the media, liberals do not have the exclusive copyright on political humor and satire. Look at how the all but destroyed Sarah Palin with their "so called" satire.. In fact, because it is so much fun to make the liberals squawk and apparently so easy to do as this incident has shown, it guarantees that they can expect to be on the receiving end of a lot of political humor over the coming years. So they had better get used to it. It would help, however, if they could develop the ability to laugh at themselves. Democrats are all about skin color and other superficialities to divide people into groups whose votes can be bought with pandering. Absolutely no one can claim with a straight face that if Obama were completely white or even appeared white, he would have been elected with his callow inexperience and dreadful associations with Marxist and criminal mentors.

    Pam, if you wish to edit or delete my use of the term you have a problem with, by all means go right ahead, but I had to use it as I saw fit to. Sorry if I offended YOU, I didn’t mean to. I call it as I see it.

  90. Tell us Dear Leader, shall we fight in the air, shall we fight on the ground, shall we fight in the fields, shall we fight in the hills — for 18 months. Or should we start packing for home right now!.
    I don't buy the president's explanation. I just can't believe he thought long and hard on this to come up with a B.S.surge. Something else is going on, and I can't help but think the president really wants to influence Pakistan or prevent some sort of catastrophe there.
    If we should ever win this war in Afghanistan, it will be DESPITE the elitist snob that we have in the White House today.

  91. Truth101 and your pal TAO, your both getting BOOOORRRING.
    But REJOICE, rejoice, rejoice! HALLELUJAH! Bush is out, Obama is in, and a rightfully Democratic Congress is poised to pass a comprehensive stimulus package that will pull us out of the Great Depression II and put the Bush years behind us once and for all! It's as if the entire world has wheezed a sigh of relief. For the first time in my life, I am proud of my country.
    Think about it. You lost your job. They've foreclosed on your home. You have nothing left in your pockets but a couple bucks and a handful of condoms. So you go downtown and pick up a 2-dollar whore to help you forget your troubles. The hooker gives your money to her pimp, who uses it to buy some bling at the pawn shop. The pawnbroker spends his money on some more expensive hookers, who are freelancing to pay their tuition at Berkeley. Their Gender Studies professym makes a down payment on a new hybrid car. The car dealership buys more hybrid cars from the manufacturer to meet the rising demand. Auto workers get a little extra in their paychecks. Once you subtract taxes and union dues, they have just enough left to go downtown a pick up a 2-dollar whore. The cycle begins anew.

    Trickle-down Obamanomics are a failed philosophy, as the current state of our economy has shown. Surely its time to forget Bush and rename this disaster "Blame The Praised One". The age of change is truly upon us, and it just ain’t looking too good. .Change we can believe in? Only liberals are dumb enough to believe in that crap.

  92. I find it incredibly funny how all of Pam's righties demand we forget Bush. I don't blame them.

  93. I finally figured out that Obama's best talent is to demonstrate to the world just how stupid the American voters were to have elected such an inept, stupid, arrogant, ignorant, childish and totally clueless monkey to be President of the United States.
    I am getting so tired of this idiot-in-chief,that I don't even want to write about him any longer.

    Obama's allegiance is to an internationalist agenda and I have idea who is pulling his strings and it's nobody but GEORGE SOROS. It's an alliance with the devil.. It is chilling to see our military roll over and play dead because a Islamic ass kisser has told someone to make the US military irreverent.

  94. We Must Have New Political Leadership With Pro American Policies Now!

    America Can We Do What Needs To Be Done To Save The USA From It's Ongoing Self Inflicted Inept and Eroneous Policies and Mismanagement, That Will Lead Us Into Total Bankruptcy, Chaos, and Oblivion?

    We Must Completely Change Our Governments Out Of Whack, Obviously Anti-American Economic, Energy, and Trade Policies, Which Are Also Obviously, Completely Unfair, and Out Of Balance,

    In Favour To The Worst Human and Animal Rights Abusers, China, and To The All Too Wealthy and Powerful Middle East Oil Countries, That Support The Groups That Are Against Us!

    What's Going To Happen In The Years To Come, If We Keep Pouring All Of Our $$$ Into Those Countries Banks, While We Are Not Taking In Anywhere Near The Amount Of $$$ That We Are Filling Up Their Banks With!

    At The Same Time Our Biggest Banks Keep Going Bankrupt and We Have To Keep Bailing Them Out With All Of Our Tax $$$.

    We Must Vote In Politicians Who Are Going To Stop and Change All Of The Policies That Continue To Keep Us In This Loser Position Amongst, China, Japan, Russia, and The Wealthy Middle East Oil Countries!

    We Need To Stop The Madness Of Purposely Destroying America With Our Stupid and Moronic Economic, Trade, and Energy Policies!

    While Those Other Nations Mentioned Above Are Getting Super Wealthy and Super Powerful; Economically, Politically, and Militarily, At Our Expense, While We Keep Going Down, Down, Down!

    We Must Put In New Leadership That We Can Count On To Make The Needed Policy Changes!

    Ron Paul Was The Only Recent Candidate That Was Actually Talking About These Kind Of Policy Changes Mentioned Here!

    Maybe We Should Vote Him Into High Office, So That More Politicians Like Him Will Start To Emerge On A Wider Scale, When It's Shown That, That's The Kind Of Politicians We'll Be Voting For, From Now On!

    Vote Center and Center Right, Because The Left Has Too Many Left Leaning Issues To Cater To!

    If You're To The Left Or Liberal Politically, We Need You Too, and You Should
    Consider Moving To The Center Politically In These Tough Times!

    We Are Not About Promoting Any Phony RINO Conservatives Like The Previous
    Administration Was. They Sold This Country Out Big Time In So Many Different Ways,

    Just Like The Clintons Did Too, By Getting The Ball Rolling Onto Massive Trade
    Imbalances With China and Japan, When They Held The Office!

    Go Center and Go Right Politically, and vote For Serious, No Nonsense, and Honest Politicians, That Have Integrity, and That Will Serve The People, and Not Just The Big Corporations interests!

    We Need Politicians Like Ron Paul!

    He Ran As A Republican. I am an Independent Conservative and Would Have Been Glad With Him In High Political Office, Or As President.

    Because His Political Views Are In The Center, Right Of Center, and Were About Making The Policy Changes Needed To Reverse The Past and Current Policies, That Have and Continue To Bankrupt America!

    Lets Finally Start To Wake Up and Save America Before It's Too Late!

  95. Uh, "trickled" jobs is what the last guy was offering. Trickle down economics is a right wing philosophy. I don't get it how you can believe that President Obama could have turned things around after 8 years of bogus "trickle down" economics that greatly benefited the wealthy. So, exactly HOW is this President Obama's economy now, after just one year? This is the BUSH RECESSION.

    You may believe that holding the person responsible who actually caused this mess to be "really old"... I stongly disagree. Just because bush and the Republican majority are gone doesn't mean were're not still suffering the consequences from their incompentence -- or, more accurately, theivery.

    PDH said... How the hell do tax payers SAVE money when Reid is spending $600 Million dollars of OUR money...

    It saves money because it costs less than if these people lost their jobs and started receiving unemployment, which they are owed, as they paid into the unemployment insurance program.

    It's unemployment INSURANCE, not an "entitlement".

    PDH said... wondering how we could become a manufacturing country again when we need to offer those things, which do drive up the cost...



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