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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving-What it Means to Me

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. The fourth of July being my most favorite; because without freedom I can’t very well celebrate the others. So, today I would like to express why I am appreciative.

First and foremost I am very grateful for my family. I am blessed with a very supportive and loving husband. He has been in my life for over 28 years and I truly appreciate him, even though I don’t always show or tell him so. He knows me better than anyone and loves me in spite of all his insight! I am indebted to him for bestowing me with two beautiful sons, who are the sunlight in my days and the joy in my heart. I never really understood unconditional love or the saying “I will die for you” until the day I looked into their eyes. I WILL die for my sons without hesitation. I have sacrificed for them since the day they were born to ensure they will be ready for adulthood and I do NOT regret one moment. It has been an honor being their Mom and I will always be proud of them and I will love them with all my heart…forever. They are THE two MOST perfect things I have EVER done in my life and I’m POSITIVE I will never do anything so perfect again.

I would like to say that I am blessed with awesome parents. They have been there for me in so many ways and I can’t thank them enough. They lead by example by loving and respecting one another which swells my heart with such happiness. I am always proud to introduce them to my peers and I’m honored when they introduce me to someone from their very large circle of friends because I know how respected they are in their community. I realize they are aware of how much I appreciate them, but I won’t stop demonstrating how very deserving they are of all the love, respect and adoration I feel.

I have a few health related issues; however, I am lucky they are not life threatening. Still, they have made my life difficult, but I’m a strong person who refuses to allow these “issues” to stop me from enjoying my life and those I love. I’m grateful I am strong, purposeful, determined and optimistic. I believe that we all have lessons to learn and this is another one of mine. I haven’t quite mastered it yet, but I’m hopeful the answer won’t be long in coming. Hope is what keeps me going…especially when I’m having a very bad day. I’m thankful for Hope. It’s a blessing unto itself. And just for the record: No one should ever take good health for granted. It’s extremely precious. No amount of money will ever buy one good health. It can purchase medication or something to aid in a recovery, but it will NEVER buy one into healthfulness. If you are lucky enough to be healthy, say “thank you” every single day and MEAN it.

I’m also thankful this year for the new friends that I made. Friends are cherished gifts. I say gifts, because they are given to us sometimes for no apparent reason yet they come when we need them the most. This is why we should feel appreciative and recognize we are worthy. Friends should be treasured, too, because a true friend is rare. So, when one is bestowed upon you, thank whatever higher power you believe in and know that you must’ve done something admirable.

I’m thankful I can read, write, do mathematics, and converse with people, even strangers, in a respectable manner. Heck, I’m grateful I HAVE manners! I’m appreciative I have the ability to feel proud but not arrogant; to feel compassion without pity; and sympathy while remaining true to myself.

And last but not least, I’m thankful for our great and glorious Country. Though we face many difficulties right now, I believe we Americans will prevail. We are unique people— Strong and courageous; loving and benevolent; intelligent and innovative. And with all our strengths, we will persevere and come through our darkest times stronger than ever. I thank my fellow Americans for their unwavering faith in our Constitution, our Military and in each other.

Happy Thanksgiving! May yours be blessed with everything that makes YOU happy.


  1. Thank you and beautifully said,Pamela. We must do everything we can to preserve our way of life and pray those who are laying theirs on the line for us - the men and women of our military.
    We must stand together, and we will not waiver to protect our freedoms. May God continue to richly bless and protect our beloved Country. It has definitely been a tough year for us all, but sometime through our most trying times and the tragedies in our lives, we grow the most. And we remember how precious family and friends really are.
    A Happy, Peaceful, and Safe Thanksgiving to you Pam and to everybody else that may be reading this. And God bless America

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Pamela.

    Thank you for all your words of encouragement. You are a treasure.

  3. This is the BEST blog I have ever seen on any Political blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same to you.
    And thank you for reminding us that we're really all in this together. We should count our blessings that we live in a country where we can come on a forum like this and freely express how we feel

    Yes! While I disagree with the Left I do not hate them or wish them harm. We are all Americans after all! Happy Thanksgiving to you all even you (Progressives/Liberals)!
    I'm a veteran. I always put my country before my own personal views.

  4. No Hope, And Too Much ChangeNovember 26, 2009 at 12:17 PM

    President Obama took time today to pardon this year's lucky turkey,

    We're no longer a Christian nation." - President Barack Obama, June 2007
    America has been arrogant. - President Barack Obama
    After 9/11, America didn't always live up to her ideals.- President Barack Obama
    You might say that America is a Muslim nation."- President Barack Obama, Egypt 2009

    Thinking about these and other statements made by the man who wears the title of president. I keep wondering what country he believes he's president of.
    It’s rather ironic that Obama would have patriotic
    things to say about our country, while he’s trying disparately to “fundamentally transform the United States of
    America” in all that he does and by surrounding himself with people that promote Marxist philosophy to help him. He doesn’t support war, so why should we think he supports our troops fighting that war, and as far as our “security” is concerned, if he was really concerned about that he would accept the guilty pleas of the 9/ll…

  5. Thank you, ma'am.
    I wish you and yours and all of your readers a blessed Thanksgiving.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Pamela!

    There is hope.

    Only those who have lost their belief in it, deny it.

    Being a negative person, is a quick way to lose ones hope.

    Assigning your hopes and dreams to another person (or leader) is a mistake.

    It's easy to blame others when your hopes and dreams are not fulfilled, but is that their fault?

    Many of the things I have hoped for, did not and will not come true.

    I hope, yours do.

  7. Is there one brave soul willing to try my famous sweet noodle recipe? Happy Thanksgiving, fellow creatures above and below he waves.

  8. What a wonderful blog you have here Pamela, I'm so glad that I found it.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all, even the liberals, who, even though they are misguided, blissfully ignorant, and in love with a socialistic nanny state, are still Americans. So as we sit down to chow down,so when the libs open up their yaps to eat their turkey, have fun with this "fact" sheet. Obama's approval of the economy, and his health care bill is in negative territory..

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I am thankful that idiot liberal schools don't teach about Thomas Jefferson anymore. Rather paint our founders to be "Racist slave owning white men"
    I’m thankful for Obama getting on his knees and bowing, apologizing to the whole freaken world so that maybe, just maybe they will like us and not crash Airplanes into our buildings and not kill us anymore. Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all even you Marxist’s Turkeys..

  12. Lovely, lovely post Pam. What a blessing it is to live life with a grateful heart.

    Many, many blessings to you & your precious family this Thanksgiving!


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