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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reid’s Health Care Propaganda

Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, has revealed his Health Care Plan and received a passing vote to continue the health care debate. His bill exceeded Pelosi’s 1,990 page monstrosity by 84 pages. One would THINK that with all the complaints about how HUGE and CONVOLUTED these bills are, maybe, JUST maybe, Reid would’ve shortened his a bit. But NO, he made his LONGER. Maybe his bill is a symbol of sorts; you know, kinda like a sports car to insecure men.

The first Health Care Bill, HR 3200 and Pelosi’s bill, HR 3962 were both horrible. The ONLY good thing about Pelosi’s bill is it disallowed pre-existing conditions. Other than that…well, you can use it in your fireplace, that’s where I believe it belongs and how much I believe it will help the American people.

I haven’t read Reid’s bill, yet. But, I’ll bet it’s pretty darn close to the other two. I can’t imagine Reid has much more vision than Pelosi. And these bills are written by pretty much the same people after all. What really makes me angry is this Health Care debacle isn’t about HEALTH or CARE. It’s about THEM and THEIR next election. My suspicion was proven to me when former President Clinton went to Capitol Hill and spoke to Democratic Senators on November 10th. He reiterated what the Obama Administration has been saying about it being more important to pass a bill even if it’s not perfect.

Clinton told Senate Democrats, “Just pass the bill, even if it’s not exactly what you want. When you try and fail, the other guys write history.”
Clinton told reporters after the meeting, “It's not important to be perfect here. It's important to act, to move, to start the ball rolling. There will be amendments to this effort, whatever they pass, next year and the year after and the year after, and there should be. It's a big, complicated, organic thing. But the worst thing to do is nothing."

Basically what Clinton means is pass the bill, even if it’s wrong. It doesn’t matter if you don’t give the American People a GOOD bill. It’s ALL about winning. It’s ALL about writing history as the Majority Senators and get “that ball rolling”! THAT to Clinton AND to Obama, Reid and Pelosi is MORE important than HEALTH and CARE!

Clinton also said, “I think it is good politics to pass this and to pass this as soon as they can. But I think the most important thing is it is the right thing for America. The worst thing to do is nothing.”

Of course they want to pass this “as soon as possible”. If they wait, it will be flushed down the toilet where it belongs! The longer these bills are out there, the more the public learns the TRUTH. The truth is, this is NOT about HEALTH and CARE.

Health Care is about the American People and we would have Tort-reform; Fraud and waste would be addressed NOW not in bills waiting to get passed that need to form yet MORE government agencies that NEED even MORE tax money; We would be able to purchase insurance across state lines; We would be able to take our insurance from one employer to another; We would NOT have ENORMOUS out of pocket expenses for costly life saving treatments…NONE of these bills save us from THAT AND THAT is what FORCES people into bankruptcy; Illegals WOULD be addressed with STRAIGHT talk without fear of the next election and Illegals would NOT be covered. PERIOD; There would be STRAIGHT talk about abortions, too, AND compromise, because OUR country is divided on the issue and we DO have rape, incest and situations where the mother’s life is in danger and THOSE issues ARE of grave importance; We would NOT have billions of cuts to our Medicare; We would NOT force the American people to buy insurance or GO TO JAIL; We would not be PENALZING the American people because they have “Cadillac Insurance Plans”; We would NOT force companies to cover employees if they can NOT afford it thus forcing them out of business; WE would NOT force the American People to pay for even MORE government bureaucracies to enforce even more mandates and taxes which will cost even more lost jobs and Americans to lose even more hard earned money.

Health Care would address the issues that Americans ARE facing. NOT impose yet more mandates, taxes and government jobs and programs. How does yet another Government official help an American that doesn’t have health care? It doesn’t. But, following the fraud money train of 64 billion a year in Medicare could help give hundreds of thousands of Americans coverage. No one, I repeat, NO ONE in Congress addresses the Medicare Fraud Train. Why is that? Is it because the tracks will lead to THEM perhaps? Are their pockets lined with some of THAT fraud? I’m beginning to suspect that it is. Or else they would be following it and STOPPING it. And if not, WHY the hell would we pay for yet another government department to stop fraud and abuse in a NEW health care plan? THAT is ridiculous! Wake up America!!

Clinton says we won’t have the “perfect bill”. I ask, WHY NOT? We are paying millions of dollars EVERY year, just in salaries, mind you, for the brain trusts on Capitol Hill. With all those “intelligent” people and all that money, not only should we have the Perfect Bill, but it should be written in GOLD!

Congress hands us crap and we accept it saying “Thank you” with smiles on our faces! THAT is NOT acceptable. We DESERVE the PERFECT BILL and we should NOT settle for anything less. We are their bosses! We pay them! They WORK for US. If THEY can NOT deliver the best damn bill, then we need to find people who WILL!

Why, as Americans, have we become complacent? Why have we just accepted that our Representatives are liars, thieves and cheats? It is NOT acceptable! Why have so many Americans declared that “it’s just the way it is” Or “there’s nothing we can do about it”?

For all you complacent Americans, don’t vote anymore— Stay home. But those of you who believe that we DESERVE more; we DESERVE better; let’s TELL Congress NO! WE WON’T SETTLE ANYMORE! And let’s vote this bill OUT! And make them work on a bill until it is PERFECT! That IS their job after all.

And how about no more 300 million dollar bribes tied up in Medicaid bows. There are 500 million dollars worth of cuts to Medicare in this bill, but we are going to give Louisiana 300 million in Medicaid aid, and for what? So people can STAY in poverty? Yeah, that works. Let’s not bombard them with education or job skills! Ah, no, Reid wants to give them money to stay poor. Goodness knows how well handing people money has helped them out of poverty for the last 50 years. Again, WAKE UP AMERICA!

I am one angry American. I want a REAL Health Care Bill, not some pet project plan that is actually a spending spree filled with more taxes, more government jobs and more payoffs to Senators. I want what is BEST for our Country and her People. I want EVERYONE to read this bill and see what is hidden inside. READ what it TRULY IS. Please, people, READ it and see the TRUTH.

We need to stop these out of control Bureaucrats NOW. We DESERVE better; We DESERVE so much more. If WE don’t stand up to them, who will?


  1. Lies on top of deceit on top of fraud. Realize this: the whole mess of ''healthcare reform'' we are seeing plotted here is far worse than the financial crisis brought about largely by loans forcibly issued that couldn't be repaid

    Isn't there some way that we can get this lamebrain out of office NOW! I mean, after all, enough is Enough!
    The saddest part of all is that people actually think Maobama CARES what they think of him, now that he's already fooled the sheep into electing him. The approval rate of this program down to 38%, and still the ramrodding continues. But wait...Harry Reid said over the weekend that the American people want this. (But I guess they were the people that he paid off) The more people learn about this guy and his thugs..the more his support drops.

    Good post Pam.

  2. Obama launched a full-court press yesterday for the Senate to pass his Government-run health care plan before the end of the year.
    That means Obama and the Democrats are planning to rush through their massive plan to put government in charge of your health care in just four weeks
    Obama sold his soul to the far left and he’ll never have a working majority. Only 20 percent of Americans are liberal, and he has blown off the 80 percent that want fiscal responsibility and common sense solutions instead of pie in the sky liberal flaky Utopian gobbledygook. He has not for one minute shown his so call pragmatic side, and he won’t until he sees his numbers drop lower than bushes, which any one with half a brain can see they are on the fast track right now.
    It’s funny how wrong this guy always is. He lies, misleads, and is constantly doing things that are questionable in the ways of ethics and yet he is our president. And if you ask a supporter they will believe everything he says. The AP has run so many fact checks on him it crazy all the lies that he has told. From his health care lies and half truths to the war on the media and yet still he has almost 50% approval rating. The liberal sphere of living still remains strong but as came out yesterday, Conservatism is spreading and growing around the nation and will be for a long time.

  3. Mary Landrieu the Senator from Louisiana who took a 300 million dollar bribe from Dirty Harry to buy her vote in favor of moving the bill forward, has confirmed she is a domestic enemy of our constitutionally limited system of government because she is supporting discussion which proposes how Congress may tax, spend and regulate the personal health care needs of the people in the various states, when the people of the united States have not authorized a power to Congress to tax for, spend on and regulate their health care needs.
    She and everybody who votes for this shameful and UNCONSTITUTIONAL piece of garbage should be brought up on charges and tried for TREASON against the United States.
    Seems to me this country should wake up, saddle up, and by ANY MEANS necessary take back what has been bought and sold by the crooks in Washington.
    And I mean up to and maybe including armed resistance. Bought and paid for.. This is truly one of the most sickening display's of corruption. She knows that her vote today nearly ensures passage now.. She's counting on her constituency being ignorant.
    What a lowlife piece of crap she is. She needs to be punished for her violation of her oath of office! Ever heard of that famous phrase "You get what you pay for?" How dare Congress stand up and say this is the best we can come up with? This is not leadership. This is flat out insanity!

  4. The others have said it much better than I, but I will add what really scares me are comments by people like Waxman, who see this bill as just a starting point! THEY WANT TO BUILD ON IT!!!

  5. Not only will the bill cost trillions, but the bribery to get the votes will be costly as well. I'd feel sorry for the taxpayers - except the more D.C. screws the working taxpayers, the greater the backlash in 2010 will be. Just watch, in a year from now the Louisiana Prostitute Mary Landrieu will suddenly announce that she has decided not to seek re-election because she want’s to spend more time with her family or for whatever reason. The National Republican Committee have Senator Landrieu and Harry Reid thrown out of office and put in jail for bribery. She is a disgrace. Reid is a disgrace. And the entire Congress is a disgrace. First of all the money is not Harry Reid’s to give, especially without the American people's permission. I don't recall him asking anyone if we minded.

  6. Just when you think you’ve heard it all,
    Another name is slammed into a brick wall,
    Mary Landrieu also know as the $300 Million 'Louisiana Purchase, aka the Senator from Louisiana enters the picture and Harry Reid gives her a bag with 300 million buck in it to buy her vote on this thing called healthcare. Is it any wonder Osama Bin Laden can’t be found?
    With a criminals on the loose in our own Congress running around, Destroying evidence, burning bodies, again & again, and bribing each other. What a shame how are we to win a war when the real enemy is on our own side! A bumbling idiot like Harry Reid, who can't seem to keep his foot out of his mouth is running around the halls of Congress, buying vote right out in the open. The biggest thug in the country is the Senate Majority Leader who gives Obama his orders.
    This Anti-American liberal creature should thrown out of office and put right in jail..The people of the United States of America need to replace the entire House, Senate and President! God help us.

  7. As Obama's poll numbers continue to track south, the blue dogs will run from this poorly crafted legislation, and rightfully so.

    After 30 years, I might have to start watching Saturday Night Live again. They're doing a good job on Low-Bow-Mao.

  8. Great Blog Pamela, and the comments here are really good ones as well.

    Here is my 2 cents..
    Democrats posture as to the constitutionality of all their health care bills. Some say Congress has the power to mandate that every citizen obtain health care insurance through the “general welfare” clause. Clause??? The “promote the general welfare” language is in the Preamble and, thus, does not give Congress any additional powers (it has no “rights”) – it is a statement that “We the people” made for themselves and not for the government. Besides, if the “general welfare” notion were to be followed by Congress, no one would have a leg up on anyone else. In other words, Congress could not take from the rich and give to the “special interest welfare” groups.
    The leftie-liberal tinkering with healthcare, it’s finally been bastardized and weakened and slips to it’s knees, and those who intentionally weakened it, like Harry Reid will suffer for it.
    Screw socialism. to hell with communism. down with expanding governments and regulations that will literally tax us to death. hell, even the damn Chinese red menace know this is the solution. We must not let this miserable bill pass.

  9. Nice post, Pam. My concern w/ the 'bluedogs' is that they voted for cloture (@ the behest of their leader), but will be allowed to vote against it - so they can tell their constituents they didn't support it. BUT the Dems will still have enough votes (50) to pass the stupid thing.

    It there's anything to be done/said against this, the time is NOW!

  10. Here's my position on Obama, I dislike him and anything, and everything about him. His insistence on blaming his downfall on Bush and the Conservatives is getting to be boring.
    What I don't like about Obama is he has a very devious way of framing things presenting Republicans as obstructionists when half the country doesn't want this reform bill. He's basically appeasing his hardcore left-liberal base but presenting it as he just wants to do good by the American people. He knows what he's doing but his political language is so subtle the average person may not catch on.

    All this administration has done is engage in name-calling, and playing a petulant little spoiled child's game of "NO, you can't see it, it's MINE", as they attempt to keep their Marxist socialist agenda secret, and hidden from the public. Which is like trying to hide secrets in a house of glass and mirrors.
    If we’re able to stop Obama on this it will be his Waterloo. It will break him

  11. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! It's definitely been a tough year for us all..Sometime through our most trying times and the tragedies in our lives, we grow the most. And we remember how precious family and friends are.

  12. Pamela: There are at least three "show stoppers" in the health care plans. Inexcusable parts that must be removed:

    1) the public option. Why should the government be in the business of wasting money on giving healthcare to rich people?

    2) Tax money to promote and increase abortion. Thank you, Rep. Bart Stupak, for thinking of the lives of America's chidren and getting abortion out of the House bill. The Dems see the bill as a path to funneling corporate welfare to the abortion industry (the more children executed by them, the better)

    3) the "tax" and jail term threat part of it. Let each individual choose if and how to spend money on health insurance.


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