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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Thank you for all you’ve done.

For the sacrifices you made so that I didn’t have to make any.

Thank you for sleeping on the hard ground so that I could sleep in my warm bed.

Thank you for eating out of a nappy sack so I could eat at my kitchen table.

Thank you for wearing the same clothes, day after day, so I could wear clean clothing.

Thank you for staring at a picture of your loved one so that I could hold mine.

Thank you for reading letters from family and friends so that I could talk to mine.

Thank you, Dear Veteran, for your courage and honor.

Thank you for defending our Country so that I could live within her freely and safely.

For that I will always be grateful.


  1. Thank you to all our Veterans and there families for all they have given to our country.
    Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your sense of duty, and thank you for always standing tall. God Bless you all, you are our heroes, all the men and women who are serving and those who have served in the past.

    And on another note * thank you Glenn Beck for all your work in helping to force the resignation of Van Jones, and now Anita Dunn, you have done a great service to your country.

  2. I for one, take alot of pride in All Veteran Holidays! Veterans Day is Special to me because it brings All branches of the Military together! I wish that all the people in this Country, would wake-up and smell the coffee!! Unless a family has a family member in the Military, they don't even have a clue about the sacrifices Soldiers make for the Freedom of this great Country!!
    I can still see the blood, hear the screams, the total devastation and personal loss!! No one enjoys going to war or having a loved one going either. But we do it and we don’t regent doing it. We do it for the love of our country. For those who fought for it, God Bless you all. Especially those guys in the 5th Infantry Regiment of the 25th Infantry Division, Vietnam 1966

  3. As we celebrate this Veterans Day to honor our country's heroes and pay respect to their service and sacrifice, it's difficult not to get caught up with the emotions and controversy surrounding the recent massacre at Fort Hood Army base in Texas. What happened was indeed a tragedy and the families and loved ones of those killed or injured will have many challenging days ahead. My heartfelt condolences go out to all of them.
    On this Veterans Day twe pay homage to all who gave the ultimate sacrifice defending the rights and freedom of this great nation.
    May God Bless all those who paid the ultimate price so that we can voice our opinions today .
    And thank you to every Vet past and present for your service. No words will ever be enough, no honor too great, for what you have done.

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  5. This Was a Wonderful Tribute Pam, Thank You for It.

  6. This link is primarily about the Fort Hood massacre, but it is also a personal recollection from a father who went to Fort Hood years ago to see his daughter before she deployed to the first Gulf war.

  7. Well, I did not come here intending to be disagreeable, but isn't it money which makes a lot of those things possible? I mean, there are people without warm beds, clean clothes and kitchen tables... they're referred to as "homeless".

    Also, people who aren't soldiers have been known to make sacrifices.

    I DON'T have a loved one to hold - if you're talking about a husband or a wife, a boyfried or a girlfriend (wife/girlfriend in my case). I didn't know our solders were fighting to give me one. Where is she? Do I need to go somewhere to pick her up?

    I understand the sentiment but not the words.

    On another note * Screw Glenn Beck and the TV and Radio programs he uses to tear down our President (who is the commander and chief of our armed forces).

  8. w-dervish said...
    "Well, I did not come here intending to be disagreeable"

    Let's face it, YOU are always a DISAGREEABLE Liberal You change every subject to spew your leftwing BS into it. Every conversation that you get into changes into your spin job.

    Every time I think that I’ve heard them all. Someone like you comes along to show that there is someone worse.
    You belong to that bunch of crazies, loons, moon-bats, and wackos on the Left that posts just to hear themselves talk about us conservatives, as if we have never done anything right. When you praise the likes of the most despicable president the USA has ever had. For example, the thing that Obamas Attorney general Eric Holder the stooge of Obama who may have made the worst decision by a U.S. president in history. - In my opinion it It certainly is. It sends a signal to terrorists everywhere in the world to attack civilians. This administration is justifying the its decisions on the grounds that because the 9/11 attackers targeted civilians they should be tried as civilians. This makes no sense unless you are a Democrat who believes that the “holy war” that Islamic jihadists have formally declared on us is no different from the acts of isolated individuals who have decided to break the law. Obama and crew has throw in the towel in the war against radical Islam and people like YOU find nothing wrong in that decision.. You people are pathetic. This entire justice charade for Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is to put the Bush administration and the United States on trial by proxy, and that alone is pathetic. A plague on the lot of you . Eric Holder and leftist attorneys have just opened the door wide for Islamic terrorists to proceed with further attacks on American soil. Now that they no longer need fear being treated like terrorists .... and will have access to our courts .... they have an invitation to select their next target.. How can they give this CREEP a civilian trial, if this is not a WAR crime than what is?

    You have th nerve to say “On another note * Screw Glenn Beck and the TV and Radio programs he uses to tear down our President (who is the commander and chief of our armed forces).”

    Well I say SCREW Eric Holder and his Boss who is trying to tear down Glenn Beck and the rest of the people that want to tear down the COMMUNISTS that YOUR Dear Leader and the rest of these sniveling, simpering cowards, without the courage puts into MY White House, and uses them as his advisers. These communists can all go to hell and rot there. This administration just continues to show it's idiocy..as well as their VERY questionable belief in America.. Reality shows you and the liberals that think like you for what you are. Keep it up keep thinking like the halfwit your are. And that goes for the other three stooges!.What a bunch of complainers you and your ilk are. Are you people really Americans? It shames me that people outside the USA can read this. Al Qaeda must be laughing their asses off. Your comments must boost their moral sky high. Our military and Veterans would be ashamed of you. Is this what we fight for? Better start digging your holes to hide in and grabbing your white flags now before the bad ‘ol terrorist show up. Disgusting!

  9. Kudos to Glenn Beck! Obama is a racist. He is also a narcissist. He thinks way to much of himself. Thank God for people like Beck who can and will speak for many of us who have no voice anymore, i.e. conservatives. If you don't like what Beck says tune in to CNN and MSNBC. You can then get your fill of the syruppy wonderfulness of your president . Yuk! You go Glenn! By the way, a lot of us conservatives can spell versus some liberals who put mouth in gear before brain.
    All the radical liberals on these boards like Shaw for example, who never fails to miss the chance of calling Glenn Beck names and posting negative blogs about him.. who are blindly spewing hate towards Beck and Fox News is disgusting. I personally believe Obama is a racist, just as his supreme court justice Sotomayor is. Look at the facts and actually read for yourself instead of blindly listening to ABCthe All Barack Channel, MSNBC, and CNN, who all think people who dont agree with Obama are evil. Just look where he's taking this country and ask yourself if we really need to be in all this debt and run by a socialist govt. Last time I checked we aren't Russia.

    Yes, Obama a racist, I thought this was common knowledge. I am astounded that people are arguing this. He is just a typical black man. Ya it sounds racist if I say it, but when he calls his grandmother a typical white woman than its not. hummmmmm.

  10. I hope the dirty bastards all rot in Hell instead if being on trail in New York.
    All the radical liberals on this board like w-dervish ..who are blindly spewing hate towards republicans are sicko's.

  11. So mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Guantanamo Bay detainees will be sent to New York to face trial in a civilian federal court, and five other suspects will be sent to military commissions, an Obama administration official said .
    Isn't this the most ludicrous thing you have ever freaking heard?
    First of all, this was an act of war, not simply a criminal act. Even if found guilty, taxpayer dollars will be spent to feed, clothe, house, entertain, educate and provide health care for these monsters for the rest of their miserable lives.

    Could it be that this is a move by Obama to (tongue firmly in cheek) prevent the tragic deaths of his brave Muslim brothers?
    To liberals, terrorism is a law enforcement issue.
    It's a political move, no doubt to embarrass the Bush administration, at the expense of National Security.
    Shows how stupid one has to be to be a liberal.

  12. I look forward to the day they grease all these flea-ridden scumsuckers. They should be hung by their beards

  13. Anonymous said... I look forward to the day they grease all these flea-ridden scumsuckers. They should be hung by their beards.

    It was "Mary Mary Quite Contrary" that left this comment in response to my Veteran's Day post. I don't know why it's Anonymous here. Anyway, I'm wondering if we shouldn't "grease" the guy who sent more than 4000 of our brave men and women to their deaths in 2 illegal wars. You don't even need to include the 1 million estimated Iraqi deaths and the total is higher than the number of people who died on 9/11. George W. bush and KSM are both mass murdering terrorists.

    KSM is tortured and GWB gets away scott-free! He's currently giving speechs and replenishing the coffers (his words). This guy is out of office and people are still being killed in the wars he started. And on our military bases. GWB absolutely bears some of the responsibility for the Fort Hood tradegy.

    It isn't right that he is a free man. I leave it to God to judge this sorry excuse for a human being, but if there is any justice in the afterlife I believe he will certainly burn in hell.

  14. w-dervish said...
    KSM is tortured and GWB gets away scott-free!



  15. I doubt if our Veterans and serving soldiers care if it's a military trial, or a civilian trial. They will be put to death. I doubt the public cares either, as long as justice is served, and these killers get their punishment.


    What's with the question mark? I though I was extremely clear that YES I think they are comparable. They're both murdering terrorists.

    Except George bush is a LOT worse. He set in motion events which lead to the deaths of over 200 times more people than KSM. Maybe we should throw GWB in prison for 7+ years, waterboard him 183 times, then put him on trial with the death sentence on the table.

    I'm against the death penalty, but I think an exception would be appropriate for GWB. Life in prison would be OK with me, but I'd be worried about a future Republican President pardoning him.

  17. I second that and add my prayers and G_d's blessings.

  18. LOL, Most Rev. Gregori, you crack me up. But I second your emothion. And God Bless you.

    w-dervish whay don't you pick up your toys and go back to the sandbox!

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