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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Congratulations Scott Brown

Scott Brown is now Senator-elect of Massachusetts. I am glad that he won this election because it breaks the Democrats filibuster-proof majority, of which I’m not fond of either party possessing. I say this not as a Conservative, but as an American, because I believe a filibuster used to impede or force a decision only serves to hurt the American people. We don’t need any more impediments nor do we want anything forced upon us. We are in desperate need of REAL progress--from BOTH parties.

In short, Congratulations, Scott Brown. I hope you are a noble man for the people of Massachusetts, a righteous man for the American people, but above all, an honorable man for America.


  1. Does anyone remember the Dems a few years ago complaining about "single party rule"? I guess to them, it is a good idea.

  2. Hi Pamela,
    It's kind of like Super Sunday when people who don't ordinarily follow football become enthused about the game.
    If I believed there was an honest effort by the administration to reform healthcare and that 60 votes was the only way that could happen I'd have been excited too.I don't believe that's the case however so my interest has been limited to hoping Coakley would win due to the sudden rabid support of Brown by two Republican coworkers, one of whom insists we are still on the gold standard and when I point out his error was told "Then why do we have Fort Knox if there's no gold standard?".

  3. We now have a porn star Senator. A Birther racist. He will fit in nicely with the other Republican racists and America haters.

  4. Dmarks: I think each party always thinks THEIR idea is a good idea, that’s why BALANCE is NECESSARY!

    Oso: Oh MY! The gold standard! Really? It’s terribly sad when people are so…well…uninformed.

    I’m afraid that with a filibuster we, the people, won’t get true REFORM. I think it’s extremely important that BOTH parties participate in this health care issue. I realize that the Republicans haven’t been much help lately. But maybe now that the filibuster has been broken they will step up and do the right thing. After all, that’s what’s best for America.

  5. Pam,
    It's kind of funny, this coworker.We were having sort of a political discussion and he said I should go back where I came from if I didn't like the way we do things here.

    I told him the Bering Straits are cold this time of year.He didn't get that one either.Real rocket scientist!

  6. Tom: I don’t consider Cosmopolitan a “porn” magazine, and he was only 22 at the time. I think we’ve all done things at 22 that we wouldn’t do at 42 or 52. I wasn’t aware that he was a “Birther”. If that’s true, he needs to stop that rhetoric like right now as he’s a Senator (elect) and has to set an example, not just for Massachusetts, but for America.

    I also don’t think racists and American haters are limited to Republicans. There is enough hatred, racism and anger to go around. Which is quite sad.

  7. Oso: You should go in to work wearing an Ushanka and see if he notices!

  8. Tom, I hate to inform you that it is the Democrats who are racist. Obama himself played the race card every chance he had. It was the Democrats who fought against the equal rights amendment. Also, say what you want, but the Democratic party has the biggest number of perverts and low life's that ever came down the pike. Also, It is Obama and his administration that are the real American haters.

    Now this:

    A word of warning: All patriots had better stay alert at all times between now and 2012. The far left "Progressives" in Congress, (those in both parties; yes, the Republicans also have "Progressives" in their ranks), are getting desperate. Like cornered rats, there is no telling what they might do.

    With Scott Brown's win, we have only won a battle, not the war. Lets keep watching each others back.

  9. Pamela; I am one who firmly believes that Obama should make his official long form birth certificate public. If that makes me a "Birther", so be it, but as an American citizen and a supporter of the Constitution, I believe that I, along with others who feel as I do, have a RIGHT to know if Obama IS constitutionally eligible to hold the office of president, why is that wrong?

    He has never produced a valid long form birth certificate nor was he properly vetted by the House Democrats. There are many things that you, I and many other Americans would be required to produce a valid birth certificate, and we could not get away with refusing to do so, like Obama is doing not only with his birth certificate, but all of his records, such as school and college records that would prove his eligibility.

    Either we have a Constitution to be followed by all or we don't. Either we are a nation of laws or we are not. If our Constitution is no longer enforced then we have already lost our Nation.

  10. Reverend: We had our share of immoral candidates, so let’s not get carried away here. I think each candidate should stand on his/her own merits just as each Congressman and woman should be judged on his/her own merits and character. We can’t lump them together or paint them all with one broad brush. We, as Conservatives, don’t like it when the Left does it to us, so it’s NOT fair to do it to the Left.

    There are also enough “racist” comments to go around, too. We could write a book and there will be Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats and Liberals all listed within the pages. Racism isn’t confined to one party, one gender or even one race.

    I think it’s important to watch EVERYONE in Congress as that is OUR job because they work for US. This is a bipartisan issue and America needs to wake up to THAT fact and soon.

  11. Mr. Brown went further. He doubts Obama's parents were even married (see youtube for the video) which of course, means he is calling President Obama a bastard child.
    According to Republican mouthpieces, Cosmo is porn because it has full frontal nudity.
    Where are your figures Rev.? Certainly those figures are not current.

  12. Hey Rev.
    He has produced his birth certificate, and every official in Hawaii from the records clerk to the Governor has certified the truth and fact of the document.
    I suppose that's not good enough for you. Do you also believe in black helicopters and UFO's?

  13. Pam,
    I had to look Ushanka up. LOL!
    great idea I may have to do that.

  14. Rev,
    Please.A little reality,sir.Obama avoided the subject of race diligently.He willingly threw a real Reverend under the bus so as to appear non-threatening.

    He went out of his way to avoid what you call the race card.You invalidate any argument you make by parroting the ridiculous birth certificate lie.

    It's been verified on numerous occasion.

    The ISSUES. Confront him on the issues.Toothless financial reform.Healthcare package overwhelmingly benefiting the health insurance industry.Failing foreign policy initiatives.Poorly structured job creation efforts.

    Birth certificates? race card? America hater?

    that's like wingnuts on the left who claimed Bush planned Katrina to give Halliburon rebuilding contracts or that 9/11 was an inside job.

  15. Reverend: I do wonder why his college records are sealed. Palin's records are open and they were scrutinized and scoffed at. I also took issue with the medical records. Biden, McCain and Palin all gave entire medical histories, but Obama gave a letter from his doctor. I thought that was wrong. It should be the same straight down the line. As far as Obama’s birth certificate is concerned; was Palin, McCain and Biden asked to produce theirs? Are other Presidents asked to show theirs? I ask these questions because I don't know. If they were asked and did produce them, then it's only right that Obama do the same. I am a believer in doing the right thing.

    Tom: I didn’t hear about Brown accusing Obama's parents of not being married either! I stand by my earlier statement that it needs to stop.

    And just for the record, I read Cosmopolitan, they do NOT show full frontal nudity. Burt Reynolds was a centerfold in 1972, when I was 12 and I was “allowed” to "look" at him because his "privates" were strategically covered. Scott Brown was nude, no doubt, but his "privates" were not showing as his hand was in the way. Also, Cosmopolitan magazine can be purchased while standing in-line at Target and Wal-mart and has NO plastic around it like other adult nudie magazines.

  16. Agreed Pamela! And yes, Hell froze over in Mass tonight :-)

  17. While there's a lot here, I don't have time to address most of it. (Must sleep.) But a quickie about the filibuster end of things...

    "The filibuster was supposed to prevent the tyranny of the majority, but instead we have tyranny of the minority." Twitter / Eddie Scorzafava

    Let's hope EVERY dang bill doesn't require 60 votes for the next three years (& perhaps beyond)...

  18. A word of warning: All patriots had better stay alert at all times between now and 2012.

    Just because someone has a different ideological standpoint on politics doesn't make them less of a 'patriot'.

    Me wanting to see every American have real, affordable access to healthcare does not make me Anti American, nor does it make me less of a 'patriot' than anyone else.

    Me wanting to see all this greatness and freedom we talk about become a reality for the millions of people in our country who are still marginalized and systemically abused does not make me Anti American, nor does it make me less of a 'patriot' than anyone else.

    Somehow people have this idea that we need to go back to the way things were 200 years ago, when everything was supposedly perfect. Right. With blacks counted under your possessions on your tax bill, and laws allowing you to beat your disenfranchised wife. And further, they believe that any intimation that maybe things STILL aren't perfect here is some kind of unpatriotic, unAmerican sentiment.


    The world we live in is not the world of 1776. We're considerably more enlightened and societally speaking, more civilized than we were then. But that doesn't mean that there are no more issues to confront, or that we just stop progressing.

    And to identify and work to resolve the problems that continue to exist IS patriotic, and American, despite the screams to the contrary with which the fearful fill the air.a

  19. "I told him the Bering Straits are cold this time of year."

    After all this global warming, that's quite amazing!

  20. Most Rev said: "Obama himself played the race card every chance he had. "

    I can't for the life of me recall Obama having played the race card. Come to think of it, he might have once or twice a while ago.

    A lot less current than Limbaugh's hours-long racial/racists rants on Obama and Haiti in the past week.

  21. Also, about McCain's birth. He was foreign born, but Congress (bipartisan) acted a while ago to clear that up.

  22. Brown's winning will create a economic recovery. Pelosi and Reid can not shove their policies down Americas throat. ( if you Noticed I left Obama out he is a empty suit ). Sadly this Conservative victory could lead to the man child being re-elected , but for the sake of millions of hurting families I can accept 4 extra years of a powerless Obama.

  23. No. Not all is lost for the Libs, BUT it will be much SLOWER as it should be.


    Health REFORM.....NOT.......CONTROL.... may still be on the burner.

    Energy is important but it must be nuclear and Natural gas.

    ENOUGH of BIG Washington.

    Get the message Congress or we will vote your sorry ass's OUT in November.
    An you better hear that also Mr. Obama!

  24. "The filibuster was supposed to prevent the tyranny of the majority, but instead we have tyranny of the minority”

    Respac: But if there is NO majority there is no tyranny on either side, yes?

    Satyavati: I don’t believe you are un-American or unpatriotic because you desire those things for America and Americans. I want health care reform, too, but believe the current bills coming out of the House and Senate are not in the best interest of the people. I’m hoping our Representatives will work on them now that the filibuster is broken and we’ll receive a better bill, one that will be ACTUAL health care reform--not insurance reform.

    Dmarks: Isn’t it Climate Change now? Get your verbiage correct! And buy an Ushanka, seems we need them even in Florida these days!

  25. Brown will say whatever he thinks needs to be said to get applause.

    He's a consumate politician. I congratulate him.

  26. Viperdog: Your comment was great...UNTIL...your last sentence. We do NOT call ANYONE jerks here.

  27. Can we say it now? It was NOT Kennedy's seat, it was the peoples seat and now it's Scott Brown's seat..

    With Brown's win, and all it promises for the future of throwing out these thugs, commies, pedophiles and racists, I feel thankful for Barack Hussein Obama. He was a cloaked candidate, but as POTUS he made his socialism, racism, anti-Americanism plain to see. And Americans have just now begun to fight back!

    Thank you, Mr. Obama. There's the door

  28. Viperdog: I wrote a post on that exact issue. It's called: "They're OUR Seats". I really like what Scott Brown said about the "People's Seat"!

    Your other comment was fine except for the last sentence.

  29. Yes Pam, Congratulation to Massachusetts, this time they got it right.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your dedication and sacrifices are inspirations to me. You are truly our patriots and saviors.
    WE MUST stop this maniac Obama from dragging down our wonderful America.
    And to all these liberal's who just don't and won't get it. You better thank your lucky star that we Conservatives will not give in to your anti American agenda. We are sick and tired of Obama and his arrogance .. As we are about Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi as well. They are the next to go down.
    The Obama administration is doomed. For the first time in my life, I am proud of Massachusetts!
    You people who supported the people voted for Van Jones and Janet Napolitana and turbo Tim Geitner, and Ram Emanuel.. Do You Hear Us NOW?

  30. Thank you Pamela, and I'm sorry about that line in my previous post that you didn't like.
    But thank you for allowing me to say my say. Today is a great day and a victory for America
    Obama's progressive agenda just hit the slow lane.
    The “Silent Majority” has spoken. Obama's views and ideology have been rebuked. The sooner he and his ilk accepts this fact, the sooner we can all work together and straighten out this country.

    We’ve had enough of his “Hope and Change”, in fact we had more than enough!
    You are a great American Pamela and a great and loyal conservative.
    Thanks for your blog and your work.

  31. hello my friend..We got Massachusetts..one step at a time !!:)

  32. You Lib's just don't get it do ya? There's a new game in town, Brown is taking a page right out of the Obama playbook. Run as one type of candidate and after winning your seat govern from a position as far away from your candidacy as possible. During Brown's term there will not be one vote on anthing close to abortion rights and conservatives have another vote against any bloated & unpopular social program Obama trys to ram through congress. HUGE win for conservatives..

  33. Great post Pamela nd her republican commenter's as well. Mr. Transparency works with the wrong people everyday, and now it's come back to bite him in his ass. .

    So don't you libs go lecturing us about Republicans.

    Obama is the guiltiest of them all.

  34. What a classy guy you Republicans have elected. A guy that during his acceptance speech, begged for a man for his daughters. A man who calls the President a bastard child. A man who runs against the health bill, but like all hypocrite Republicans, has no ideas, or alternatives to the problem.
    You want the majority back? What are you going to do with it? Republicans have already bankrupted the country with their 10 trillion dollar debt.
    President Obama is still working under Bush's budget, which has more than a 1.5 trillion dollar debt.
    What did Republicans do about health care in the last 30 years? NOTHING!
    Lately, the country has been calling the Republican party, the do nothing party. The Republican has been the do nothing (except bankrupt America) party for decades.
    As the crowd last night cheered "41 - 41 -41" the love they cheered with from their hearts, loving the idea that over 40 million Americans just lost the possibility to have access to health care. That's caring for America?
    Republicans have wanted to destroy America for decades, and have been successful.
    Congratulation, aren't you proud.
    Now we can get back to hearing the racist Republican leader Rush tell us what the Republicans will do next.
    I'll bet the party at the Republican "family" sex sect house was great last night. A real orgy of adulteress sex, which, of course, they will not only support each other for, but cover up for each other.
    Mr. Brown will fit in nicely with the current Republican party of sexual hypocrites and America haters.

  35. Tom: That’s seems very unfair. I’m a Conservative who happens to vote Republican. I have values, no orgies in my household and I believe every politician should be held accountable when dishonorable, including President Bill Clinton who not only cheated on his wife, but also, since we’re splitting hairs, perjured himself while president. Bad character is not limited to party lines, gender or race.

    The ONLY reason I’m happy about this break in the Democrat’s majority is because the current health care bills in both the house and the senate is because I don’t believe either one are in the best interest of the American people. I DO think health care reform is necessary, however, higher taxes for the middle class, cuts in Medicare, mandates and waiting 4 years for coverage are not good ideas. Not to mention these bills don’t cover all Americans and the out of pocket expenses will still leave Americans with $10k per year in debt should they have catastrophic illnesses which will still cause them to file medical bankruptcies. BOTH of those were supposedly two primary issues with Democrats of WHY we NEED health care reform and neither have been addressed properly.

    So, if Brown’s win will take our Reps back to the drawing board to get US Americans REAL reform on health care, then I’m all for it. Because I believe we DESERVE better than we’re now getting. I think we DESERVE the PERFECT bill! With 100 Brain Trusts in the Senate we should settle for nothing less! What the heck are we paying them for if they can’t deliver what we want? What the heck are OUR tax dollars doing if we don’t get what we rightfully deserve? Why should big business, unions, pharma and lobbyists make out like bandits and we Americans get the short end of the stick? Tell me THAT!?

  36. Golly, what a happy bunch of cons, here... (Can't wait until Brown starts voting, disappoints the folks who see him as tea party material, and y'all start howling for his head.)

    Pam: I don't believe in divided & balanced government, where the political parties are concerned. If Democrats (or Republicans) win the most seats, &/or both the presidency & congress, so be it. (I'd prefer it be the folks with whom I more closely agree, but... 8>) I believe it does all even out in the end, but I see no virtue in gridlock.

    As far as the filibuster, there is almost always a majority (& thus a minority), whether it be filibuster proof or not. One of the reasons I'm not all that worried is that for all the wild celebrations on one side, and hand-wringing & gnashing of teeth on the other, the Democratic majority in the Senate went from 60-40 to 59-41. While it makes a difference filibuster-wise, it is still one of the bigger majorities in US history. And honestly, I believe it would hurt the Republicans and go against/(and create) Senate precident for Republicans to go to that filibuster well too often.

    On one hand, the American public will quickly tire of (& electorally punish) a Republican party that uses the filibuster to block everything the Democrats try to do. And on the other, by demanding that everything the Democrats try to do receive 60 votes to pass, the Republicans are insuring that they will be subject to the same rules when they regain the majority, making 60 votes the new 51 simple majority.

    While some may applaud such a result, the result will be that only the most milquetoast, incremental legislation will ever see the light of day. (Like the flat tax, or major changes to the size & scope of the federal government? Good luck.) Unless you can get 60 votes, it'll never happen. Very little will, bad or good.

    Requiring a super-majority was meant to add an extra check on the majority ramming through the most egregious legislation. It was never meant to take the place of the simple majority required to pass all legislation. The extent to which the Republican party uses the naked trucker as vote #41 to block all legislation is the extent to which they become a tyranny of the minority, enforcing their views at the expense of the American people.

  37. repsac3 said...

    Golly, what a happy bunch of cons, here... (Can't wait until Brown starts voting, disappoints the folks who see him as tea party material, and y'all start howling for his head.)

    You are confused Sir, we are talking about Scott Brown, NOT Barack Obama.. LMAO

  38. Check his record, Joe... He's not a conservative. (Many say he's to the left of that RINO Dede Scozzafava.) He's certainly not a proud Republican, judging by the number of time he avoided using that term during his campaign, and even during his acceptance speech last night.

    All indications suggest he's a "republican" in the mold of Snowe & Collins--which doesn't bother me any, since they're darn near the only ones from the GOP who stand any chance of voting for a liberal proposal, but given the number of RINO hunts the baggers talk about going on, I'd imagine that the election of the Naked Trucker isn't the good news that so many cons and tea party types are claiming it is today.

    Like I said, as far as I'm concerned the push to move this country a little further leftward isn't much affected by the difference between 60 and 59. I'm disappointed, but I'm not down. Sometimes it's two steps forward & one step back, but the whole of US history has been away from less rights and freedom of opportunity to more rights and freedom of opportunity, and the election of one Republican Senator from Mass is barely even a pebble in the road of of that progress.

  39. In my humble, correct, opinion, President BO was a significant part of Coakley's loss in Massachusetts.

    When he went to stump for her, he made some of the dumbest statements he could possibly make, none of which were perceived as support for her.

    After she spent ten minutes demonizing Wall Street, the Bush administration and "special interests," Obama followed her to the stage and preached to the crowd about how bad it is to demonize others, which he said was going on in "...Massachusetts today."

    Yep...right in front of their eyes.

    He also admitted to knowing nothing about Scott Brown. How do you go to support someone and know nothing about their opponent?

    What a bunch of dipsticks they are.

  40. Pamela,

    The deep depravity practiced by the "family" Republicans at the "H" house (defined by Republican members as a religious fraternity for Republicans) where adulteress affairs were going on in one room, at the same time prayer meetings were going on in another room, and these members lied and covered up for each other, is so much more a disgusting event than a BJ in the White House, that it is you who is unfair to compare the two events. It's not splitting hairs, it's like comparing splitting a hair, to splitting a ham.

    To think that just because Mr. Brown has been elected means we will now get a perfect health care bill, is either an overemotional reaction on your part, or delusional. You know there is no such thing as a perfect piece of legislation.

    Again, where are Republican ideas on how to solve this problem? Tort reform, buying insurance from another State, ect., that the Republicans have offered are reasonable, which is why they put them out there, but those ideas even if installed (I would be for those ideas) would not solve any problem. It cannot be ignored that Republicans refused to enter into this debate a year ago. Irresponsible leadership. The last health care bill offered by Republican leader Boehner(sp) was a 4 page document-no plan-no figures-nothing.

    I fail to see it is unfair to rehash negotiations on the bill, when Republicans refused to enter the debate a year ago. Let the bill fail and let Republicans answer for why they refused to debate the issue as a minority party should.

    The American people are still for health insurance reform, they are just against this bill, as am I. The Republicans are saying today, that this election means Americans do not want health insurance reform, they are wrong, they are lying.

    The pharma mess was Bush's prescription pharma bill, which all agree should be changed. It was his bill that caused the "donut hole" coverage. It was the lack and refusal of Republicans to regulate that gave pharm huge profits.

    The Constitution calls for a simple majority senate vote to pass legislation. It was Republicans who passed the 60 vote rule on financial bills only. Then later it was the Republicans who 26 times used that rule to pass all kinds of legislation. But if Democrats tried to use it to pass health reform, the Republicans would be screaming bloody murder. What hypocrites.

    Get rid of ALL lobbyist! Great idea. Good luck with that. The conservative Supreme Court has decided they are pursuing their free speech right.

    The idea that Brown's election is going to solve all problems, is a delusional dream. The idea that it means the end of Democratic Congressional rule, is a delusion. And you know better on both counts.

    I thought you were not allowing visitors on your blog to be called a jerk? I guess it's ok for some, but not others?

    Troll (to me) does not just mean someone without a blog. It is the actions. Like demarks sending "corrupted" messages to my email trying to damage my computer. Of course now that I have taken off comment moderation, he does not send any messages. I guess he does not want the bloggers to see how nasty he is.

  41. Sorry Mr/Ms.Repsac3 but I'm confused in what you are saying here.
    Are you accusing ME of that post only because someone posted it on MY blog?

    Or are you accusing the person that posted it on my blog?

    In any case, I think you need to get out in the fresh air more often or are you confined in some sort of an institution?
    I would hope that you are not accusing me, because if you are... well then we have a problem here.

  42. To the extent that I was unclear, I'm sorry, Joe's A.

    I was "accusing" the person who posted that comment here under the handle "In my humble," -- and the person who posted it there as Joe, IF he was the same person. (If not, he's just a victim of a trolls plagerism.)

    Because I read it quickly the first time, I did at first assume that the "Joe" who posted that comment on your blog was you--and therefore figured it was you who also posted it here--but on second look, it obviously was not you in the first case, & more'n'likely not you in the second, either.

    As for the rest, I wouldn't put you down for being a troll based on your earlier comment, or even your more recent one. You have a point of view that differs from my own, but discussing such things is in part what this place is about. The "fresh air/institution" bit made little sense and was unnecessary, besides, but on the scale of nasty comments that tend to get posted 'round here, it barely registered a blip.

    I was only accusing you if you were guilty. If, as I suspect, you ain't, there's no need to be gettin' the dander up... If we're going to have any sort of problem, it ought to be over something a more substantial, at least.

  43. Tom: First and foremost, I deleted that “jerk” comment as soon as I read it! I’m sorry you saw it, I was hoping you hadn’t.

    Second, I have NO idea what “depraved” activity you are talking about as far as an entire House of Republicans being involved in so I’ll have to do some research on the subject. I thought you were referring to Ensign, Vitter and others who have “cheated” on their wives. I apologize for the miscommunication.

    I am in NO way emotional or delusional. I don’t believe Brown’s “win” is going to make everything a Conservative/ Republican Utopia, far from it. I only know that Brown said he’s not going to vote on the health bill in its current state. That gives me hope because as I said, I don’t think it’s a good bill. I also didn’t say that Brown’s win meant a “perfect” bill. I said we DESERVE the perfect bill. And why not? What the heck are we paying for? A crap bill? Why should we “settle”? I believe we DESERVE the BEST! I said this BEFORE Brown, by the way.

    Alone, tort-reform and insurance portability won’t dent our problem, but combined with the other Republican ideas, they would help. I think it’s important to note that I’m for placing ALL ideas on the table, not just Democrat, not just Republican. It seems, though, that Democrats want to scoff at the Republican’s ideas rather than implement them into their bill. I don’t think that’s fair.

  44. Let us not get to excited over the Brown win.

    He is basically a moderate Republican from a very liberal state.

    I voted for Brown because, as my son said, "he is the right person at the right time to stop the horrendously flawed health reform legislation the democrats are trying to shove down our throats from becoming law."

    Other than that, and the fact he recognizes the seat he will occupy is the peoples seat, we will have to wait and see.

    He may tun out to be more liberal than anyone thought he might be..

  45. Rational Nation USA said...

    Let us not get to excited over the Brown win.

    He is basically a moderate Republican from a very liberal state.
    Well, I AM VERY EXCITED about his win.And I thank the people of Mass. for finally seeing the light. Hopefully this could be the start of something big..

    He may tun out to be more liberal than anyone thought he might be.

    Oh, I doubt the VERY much, there is less of a chance of that then Obama, keeping any of his promises.

  46. Malcontent - I hope you tremendous excitement turns out to be justified, I really do.

    Check out Browns voting record in the Mass. State house.

    Check is comments on his chat with Obama yesterday, and really listen to them.

    It may just turn out my son is right and the voters of Massachusetts picked the lesser of two evils.

    Only time will tell, but I know Massachusetts politicians and this may be a short lived euphoria.

    In this case I truly hope I am wrong and he turns out to be more conservative than his record in Mass. state government indicates he will be.

    Bottom line is he is a da*n sight better than Coakley is and that in the end is why he got my vote.

  47. Rational Nation USA I feel as Malcontent does, already the Libs are digging up dirt... TYPICAL LIBERAL TACTIC . Whet Scott Brown did 25 years ago don't mean a flea's behind to me.
    How come the Libs didn't care what Ted Kennedy did 20 years ago?
    And about his chat with Obama! What did you expect anyone to say to the President one day after an election? Come on and get real!!!
    Talk about three blind mice!
    Pelosi,Reid, and Obama have been pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people for over a year now and the liberal's follow the leader just like the three blind mice.
    Only a moron like Pelosi would laugh about Obama's telling lies in his campaign about transparency, she laughs because she lies about as bad as Obama! To make a statement that the administration has been the most transparent ever? Lady are you on crack! LMAO, how about that!
    And how about those democrat senators that have been bought and paid to vote for this healthcare bill. They know it will not lower cost, it will raise cost for everyone, it will cut medicare for seniors and it will not provide insurance for thousands of others. If this trash bill pass, I will boo Mr. liar Obama every time he praise it. Ignoring the repubs and the Majority of Americans who do not want this bill, makes him the fool he appears to be.
    It's time Obama, Reid and Pelosi are stopped from SABOTAGING the country and the American people. They refuse to listen to the will of the people, and we refuse to be turned into a socialist nation. At least I DO!

  48. BRAVO TO what Cincinnati Rick said.
    Thank You Rick, I could not have said it better. (Or as well)
    The lib blogs as the blog you have mentioned are so scared of Mr. Brown that they are as you said digging up all the old dirt that they can find. i.e. in Sarah Palin's case.
    Mr. Scott Brown is the new hero of the republican party and the libs will try every trick in the book to destroy him as they already know threat he's the new threat to them. But it ain't going to work in his case. He's much to strong and to smart for that crap. And to Mr. Obama, you have made your bed, now your going to have to pay the price.
    The American people have woken up. Deal with it.

  49. Obamamation and Cincinnati Rick said it all. They both stole my thunder, so
    I'll just say Amen..

  50. Most of the country has been focused on the special election in Massachusetts and the effects that this will have on the agenda put forward last year after Mr. Obama's ascension to the office of President of the United States. Without a doubt it will have a chilling effect on that agenda, though signals from the White House emanating from David Axlerod are that Mr. Obama will continue to push ahead, regardless of the outcome of yesterday's election.

    To date, the largest victory Mr. Obama has achieved is to frame the argument over the government seizure of health care as "health care reform". This has been characterized as akin to Stalin's collectivization of agriculture in the 1920's as "agricultural reform" (remember that millions starved). Ed Driscoll comments, "That effort to bring hope and change to the Kulaks succeeded in what President Obama described as his goal of “spreading the wealth around,” though not, perhaps, in precisely a way that the local (de)population appreciated."

    Obama promised transparency and pragmatic good government, but delivered closed-door meetings and outrageous special-interest payoffs. This made people angry. If Republicans promise honesty and less-intrusive government, but go back to their old ways, the likelihood that the Tea Party will become a full-fledged third party is much greater. Are the Republicans smart enough to realize this? I don’t know. The Democrats weren’t smart enough to look at Virginia and New Jersey and realize that what they were doing was a mistake that would backfire."

    rapidly cascading energy prices and expanding regulations. In addition, companies now face mandatory audits for their impact on global warming. Thus, jobs have been streaming out of the state and into those that are far friendlier. So, it has become much easier to move to Texas--or if necessary, China.

    The third item on Mr. Obama's agenda is to grant a pardon every illegal alien presently in the United States. Following that, immediate citizenship. He desires to do this as the Democratic Party see's these instant citizens (some 15-20 million people) as instant members of the progressive party. That would permanently tilt the balance of power toward the Democratic Party. However taking this radical step has it's perils, especially in times of recession, such as exist now. It could trigger a huge turning ground swell of opposition by people who feel doubly threatened, first by the government's new tax levies, and secondly by "new" citizens taking jobs.

  51. It looks to me as if they found the things that either compare or make Bush look bad (although he did that just fine on his own from time to time as does Obama) and then left out the things that don't or make Obama look good.

    It's interesting nonetheless to see for instance that the president has made hundreds of trips on Air Force One and Marine One, basically averaging to once a day over the course of the year with the two combined...That is a lot of money right off the bat there that could have been saved, as we know most presidents look for reasons to joyride as much as they can get away with too on those things.

    They're only human. I guess who wouldn't? And of course they have to travel securely.

    I know all president's do it, but maybe it's time they don't since the country is obviously bankrupt.

    And instead of blaming everyone else for being here in the first place, by him still doing the same things other presidents did, he will just take us to the same place.... no?

    Looks from this little list from "SEE B. S." like Obama's just doing more of the same shit and then some.

  52. I think it’s very unwise for Republicans/Conservatives to get all “cocky”. Just because Brown won doesn’t mean the Repubs have learned any lessons. This is one small victory, but we still have a lot of work to do to prove we are the “fiscally responsible party” and the “party of smaller government”. We need to overcome past mistakes and put our noses to the grind stone. I’m deeply disappointed with the Republican party and Brown’s win hasn’t changed my outlook.

  53. Pam said:"Brown’s win hasn’t changed my outlook."

    It has given us the help we needed in defeating Health Shmear

  54. Joe A: Yes, it does help us with “Health Scare”, and for that I am grateful. However, Brown’s not a true-red Conservative. Like Rational Nation said, look at his record. And let’s not forget that the Republicans have screwed up big time the last time they got all “full of themselves”. We can NOT make the same mistake again…let’s hope they learned from their mistakes and get down to the business of The People!

  55. Pam - Thank you, you said it straight and true. Republicans have tanked before and they will tank again unless they learn from their past mistakes.

    The party must move to a truly consistent and principled platform and agenda. Not holding my breath based on some of the comments made here.

  56. Scott Brown electrified the conservative base in a way that was really needed. That I know as a fact as I saw it with my own eyes. I happened to be working the phone banks when the news leaked that he was going to run. The amount of volunteers doubled that weekend and money poured in. That happened because of him, and because it was very important to defeat the democratic candidate. . His win was not because of the bad campaign “cocky” ran That may have played a part, but the real reason but mainly because of Obama . He needed to excite the base, and believe me, he did. Scott had the added advantage of having a reputation of being a "independent" who took on the establishment in the very entrenched Republican Party.

    Loyalty is admiral quality; one that many people today lack. But if we look back into recent history, we need to go no further than President Bush to see where blind loyalty gets you. President Bush stood by Donald Rumsfeld far longer than he should have. Rumsfeld's day being an effective leader had long since passed. Bush stood by him to his determent, keeping him on was part of the reason that the republicans got their clocks cleaned in midterm elections in 2006. Rumsfeld tried and failed to fight the Iraq war on the cheap. When it comes to war, you are all in; Go big or go home. It cannot be done halfway. The planning of the aftermath was done so poorly and the Bush presidency never recovered. But I feel the party is very united now and that we can easily beat Our current Dear Leader..

    You Libs are on the run now...

  57. Keep up the FIGHT Pamela, Keep the FAITH. We have yet begun to fight!

    The liberals are falling all over themselves, they don't know which end is up. We've got em on the run!

    Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, John Kerry, can you HEAR us now?

    Tea Party Patriots rule! Let the REVOLUTION begin!
    Happy Days Are Here AGAIN! Must have been "W's" Fault!
    Everything the Libs touch turns to dirt - and I'm being polite - great site. Thanks.

  58. Ya gotta laugh you ass off at the Dems today, they found something to demonize Scott Brown with. A 20 or 25 year old magazine cover. Well boo hoo. And who the hell cares? We kicked the crap out of their candidate and they are looking under the rocks to find anything to use to spin this great victory with. They are bomb-barding their useless little blog with pictures the way they slandered George Bush ... Bur don’t dare and post a negative picture of Our Dear leader of his Fat Assed Wife or they will go bunkers.
    The back door deals and arrogance of political elites like Barack Obama was
    the problem. The two things people wanted most were transparency and truth. We got absolutely zilch on those two counts. We got more of the same and the walls have grown higher and thicker as the liars, thieves and crooks behind them cower for protection. The historians will dissect what went wrong for years to come. Obamacare never had much public support -- 36% or so and why are the Democrats surprised? ObamaCARE is not and never was about health care . It was about his Socialist agenda to bankrupt America. Let's hope we can start now. But I doubt it, to get real health care and not ObaMao's power grab nonsense of the Progressive
    Obama did not listen to the people and his Obama Listening Tour was an insulting attempt to ignore his supporters who indicated they wanted Single Payer and get them to advance his propaganda instead. No transparency in spite of promises to do reform on C-Span, secret deals which seemed to reward big donors with big profits, pork and earmarks to get the Senate to 60 votes for something most Americans saw as not helpful to them and likely to raise premium costs and cut long term care and some Medicare services (all true). The decision makers and movers and shakers were tied to lobbyists and big money contributions (look at the money shoveled to Baucus who excluded everyone from deliberations except big donors) ...This was a sick and revolting waste of a great opportunity for real change. Rahm should be fired, and Daschle and Baucus sent out to pasture. The Dems shot themselves in the foot. How could they not have seen this coming.?Arrogance + incompetence = Obama.

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. I could care less about Brown's naked pics. What decent looking guy hasn't posed naked for eager ladies?

    Enjoy your few days of hollow victory my right leaning friends. Brown knows he will have to vote progressive if he wants to keep his seat in 2012. FOX News is running out of jobs for washed up conservatives so he will have nowhere to go.

  61. TOM - my good friend. I am the mother of two daughters. I've seen this kind of banter between fathers and daughters for years. Maybe the setting wasn't ideal, but I think he was caught up in the excitement of the moment. In the scheme of things and on a scale of 1 to 10, I think this ranks about a minus 25 in importance.

    As far as his posing nude - compared to Levi he's a good looking hunk, so why not? This does not a pervert make.

  62. If it's of so little importance, then why choose it out of all the issues I commented about. or all the issues anyone commented about?

  63. Thanks for the link Pamela. It wasn't much help though. It is a review by a conservative opinion writer, of the CBO report, of a Republican health insurance plan. It did not mention which plan that is, or if it sanctioned by the Republican leadership.

    The review did say that the CBO stated that the Republican plan would only insure 3 million of 50 million uninsured. That's hardly a good effort to attack the problem.

    A big part of the problem is the insured paying for the high medical bills of the uninsured. It would be cheaper to pay for the insurance premiums of the uninsured, not to mention that if they had access to a doctor, they would have less expensive treatment bills to begin with.

    It stated that the Republican plan would cut premium costs for small business by 3-8%. That is not only a lot less than the Democratic plan, but would not be enough savings for a small business to offer health insurance to its employees, or be able to afford hiring another employee.

    The CBO also says that tort reform is only 2-4% of the problem. Again, not enough to put a dent in the problem.

    These are ideas that should be part of a larger package. Any ideas that get close to attacking even 20%, or 50%, or more of the problem? I would call a plan that addresses less that 5% of the problem, a weak plan. Certainly not ideas that should be the lead, or priority of a plan.

    If we can't come up with a plan that at least gets close to attacking 25% of the problem, then we should just keep what we have.

    I haven't found a direct quote from Mr. Brown about what he supports for solving this problem. I won't assume he agrees with his fellow Republicans just because he would vote against the Democratic plan.

  64. Pamela,

    Greetings from Conservative Firestorm! I have been reading this long list of comments you have here, and stumbled upon one that was written by a "Firestar", and that name is somehow linked to MY blog site.

    Um, "Firestar" is not one of mine. I have no idea who it is. This is bothersome, to say the least.

    Granted, I am pleased that it links back to me, but it really isn't me. Hmm.

    I wondered why you referred to me as "Firestar" when you commented on my Glenn Beck posting at Conservative Firestorm. Now I understand.

    Anyhoos, please know I am following your blog and have added you to our Most Dangerous Blog List on CF. You earned it!

  65. Donald: THAT is troublesome, to say the least. In any event, I'm glad I found you and vice-versa! Thank you for the link and I returned the honor! Welcome aboard!

  66. TRUTH 101 said...

    Enjoy your few days of hollow victory my right leaning friends.

    hollow victory? LMAO

  67. Truth calls Scott Brown's victory "Hollow"?

    Well, Mr. Truth, Think about this:...First Virginia, then New Jersey... and now ....in of all places Massachusetts, we go what you guys called. "Ted Seat" LOL!!! And you call that "Hollow" GOTTA LOVE IT!!!! What sweet change to see the seat that has done so much harm and damage to this country over the last 30-40 years go to someone who will stop some of Teds un-excellent adventures, who tried to force feed this country his evil socialist immoral agenda!
    Fine Truth101 you stay with that one...
    While I thank the rest of the country for waking up and Speaking out. And as far as experience, after a few months in the senate he will have as much experience as the buffoon you elected as president!!.

  68. Hollow Victory Or Not!!!Hopefully this Hollow Victory will scare enough Democrats in congress to jump ship on the 2000+ page bill of corporate appeasement and congressional bribery that they are trying to sell as Health Care Reform.
    I think voters in Mass. are sending a message and it has hit home.

  69. Let the Democratic politicians' resignations begin in earnest...

    Who's next?

    Harry Reid?

    Or does he want to be tossed out via the ballot box?

  70. Many new names in here today? It appears the marxist comrades are all in their holes licking their wounds. I am a proud American today. Those who want to continue bashing the Tea Party movement do it at their own peril and ignorance. Even though many will not acknowledge their outright support for the Tea Partiers, they secretly are happy that America has such patriots to stand up and say enough is enough. It has given them the incentive to stand for themselves against the tyranny of government corruption and abuse. The independents, republicans and conservative democrats have spoken again. We will continue our push to eradicate the lefist agenda of the marxist, socialist entrenched in the democrat party. Hopefully the black community will soon realize that their elected progressives (marxist) are not for their interest, but are for the dismantling of the greatest country in the world. This year they will have an opportunity to vote these American haters out of office and show the rest of America that they are Americans first before party and/or race.

  71. The posts here by the Repubs, are arguments not facts.

  72. Lynne said...
    "The posts here by the Repubs, are arguments not facts."

    You want facts Lynn, I'll give you facts!

    He capitulated to congress.

    He allowed Nancy Pelosi, andHarry Reid to take the lead, when he should have been the leader.

    He didn’t play hardball after getting beaned early in the game.

    He failed to fight the way he promised.

    He took over the auto industry.

    He took over private banks.

    He took over private investment firms.

    He has funded unions with tax payer money.

    He has funded Acorn with taxpayer money.

    Acorn is giving taxpayer money away to pimps with 13 Guatemalan child prostitutes in the basement.

    He has surrounded himself with communists dictators (Czar's) with a penchant for eugenics.

    He is trying to take over the DNS of the Internet(Cybersecurity Act of 2009).

    He is trying to take over all medical care.

    He has spent more tax money than any person in the history of the human race.

    He is still fighting two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    He is in literal collusion with every outlet of media, save one.

    He is inciting race warfare.

    He is inciting class warfare.

    He is calling our Veteran's, Founding Father's, Libertarians, and Conservative's - Terrorists (DHS).

    He started a war with Fox News.

    He is trying to tax the very air you breathe with cap and trade.

    He still has not dissolved Fannie and Freddie, or the Community Reinvestment Act- the reason for the housing, stock, bond, and dollar collapse.

    He is giving Muslim terrorists at war with US the Rights of the US Citizens that the terrorist just tried to exterminate.

    He is trying to destroy this Country so he can rebuild it in a progressive/liberal/socialist/communist utopia.

    There is one problem. His plan only works in Countries where the population isn't armed.

    He has shut down our missile defense projects. Eliminating the primary purpose for the existence of government.

    He has told our spies not to defend us.

    He has told our Navy Seals and Marines that if you defend us, you will be punished.
    Obama has said he fundamentally wants to change America, the people who voted for him wanted him to fundamentally change the way Washington does business. Those people weren't listening then, preferring to hear what they wanted to hear although Obama never minced his words. Now, all I can say is, you got what you deserved, but thanks a lot for dragging me into it.

  73. A piece of advice to Scott Brown: Take the whip to the horse man, and don’t ever let up. The tide has turned my friends.. the dems will get their butts kicked, from here on out..
    PS... one last thought.. If Obama inherited Bush.. Obama also inherited Martha Coakley!

  74. Do you hear that rumbling noise in the background gaining volume is the people who voted for Obama bitching and moaning and complaining! ... It's the people remembering the Obama "Transparency" pledge... And the Pelosi/Reid accusations against the Republicans as being the "Culture of corruption". You can not get away with fooling thee American public for too long.. yes, there are those that fell head over heels for this "snake oil salesman's" song and dance.

    I doubt "the people" will make the mistake of believing Democrats again, for a long, long time.

    It's time Reid and Pelosi are stopped from SABOTAGING the country and the American people. Vote Obama and these people out of office. Obama lied about enforcing bipartisan and transparency. This healthcare bill represents a small number of people. Most people like the health insurance they have and do not trust, nor want this plan.

    The Democratic senators that bought and paid to vote for this healthcare bill had better think about what happened in Mass. They may be next!.

  75. I remember BHO along with Nancy Pelosi, along with the Main Slime media, ridiculing the tea party movement as a childish temper tantrum. He held up his hand as if holding a teabag, saying "I've seen them out there with their little teabags." Do you think for once, since Tuesday night, anyone on that side has tasted the crow even in the slightest?
    This was not just a win for the GOP. Last I hear 22% of democrats voted for Brown. It was a clear victory for conservatism, the Tea Party movement and the American people.
    Obama is going to get bolder and act like a bigger thug than he already has.

    Did you hear his tone when he talked about taxing the banks the other day?

    He was madder than hell and that is the real Obama.

  76. And lets not forget that He campaigned personally for Martha Coakley just as he did for losing candidates in New Jersey and Virginia—and for the third time in a row his personal appeals fell flat. He fell flat because people are tired of all the shuck and jive talk. He might be "light-skinned without that negro dialect", (Harry Reid's comment) but he can't do anything but talk! And that's only if he has a teleprompter!

    This is what you get with affirmative action... people who can wow a crowd, but are never expected to deliver

  77. Good comment Frank.. And let us not forget that while everyone is focused on Brown's historic win, Obama is attacking American banks. Weakening them. Which will further weaken the American economy.

  78. Make up your mind about Obama and banks Debbie. Is he attacking them or enriching them with bailout money?

    I'm all for having my cake and eating it to sweetheart. I do it in moderation though in case more eager ladies want to pay for pics of me scantily clothed.

    Clean up your argument so I don't have to argue against both sides.

    Bush came to Illinois to campaign for a losing congressional candidate. I remeber Reagan coming here to campaign for opponents of Senator Durbin. Why do you have a problem with republicans or Democrats supporting their party members Frank? You're another one trying to obsfucate an issue into something it is not.

    You people must understand that while you can fool your deluded right wing friends, you cannot fool Truth 101.

  79. Listen Truth101 Pal, Don't call me "Sweet Heart", and I won't call you "Pal"

    And Don't address ME as "You people"

  80. Truth: I missed that endearment when reading your comment to Debbie.

    You never called me Sweetheart!

  81. Look at what he (Obama) has done to damage our Republic!

    Look at what he has done to our children and grandchildren’s future, he has put us into debt to a COMMUNIST country! What are we doing to do when they want to be paid back.
    Funny how Obama is so worried about the banks and money when he and Michelle have turned the White House into Party Central USA:
    And so now he’s at war with the Banks. What happened to his war on Fox News, what happened to his war on Wall Street, what happened to his war on Healthcare?
    And why isn’t he at war with our real enemies, the Muslims who want to kill us. You know, for someone who is supposed to be so smart, he doesn't pick his enemies very well. By the way, if you watched the stock market yesterday, you saw that Banking stocks took a major hit following the Messiah's new rules imposed on the banks. Nice going Obama, Banks take a hit, banks stop what little lending to small businesses, banks end up going belly up. Its what Obama wants. Total collapse of our capitalist system. So like Hugo Chavez, Obama can take control of the banking system, and anyone that gets in his Socialist way.
    You liberals are a little economic illiterate. Obama is attacking the very sources you socialist need to pay for your cradle-to-grave welfare state, and you cheer. He twists the knife in the back of the US economy, and you cheer. Remember to smile when you ask "would you like fries with that” when you lose your job and reduced to working at McDonald’s. Think about it!

    Pamela, Truth can call YOU "sweetheart" all day long, but don't patronize me with his condescending little cutie remarks.
    I don't need that from him...

  82. Debbie said: but don't patronize me with his condescending little cutie remarks.
    I don't need that from him...

    Debbie, I really don’t think Truth meant it like that at all.

  83. It's a simple known tactic of the liberals to twist and spin .. "Know thy enemy". I do not speak for anyone but myself, I watch, read and listen to all progressive media. And research facts myself.

    If you go along with the BS garbage that some of these hateful liberals spew you're just being brainwashed & no worse than the liberals we rail against. There is no need to watch TV sit coms, some of the comments right here are silly enough.

    Since 9-11 my halo has gone missing and I'm really pissed off and in lotsa pain most of the time. And I will no longer sit back and let the liberals run all over me and my country..

    And I no longer give a shit about who's feelings I hurt, be it Muslims or Liberals.. I will not let anyone says horrible things about the people in the service that are protecting our safety. Be it the president or anyone else in his crummy administration.

  84. Debbie is more than welcome to call me "pal." WE need more friendship and less strife if we're going to pay the Chinese the money we owe tham thanks to Bush and Reagan's supply side economic theories.

    Pamela: it's not lack of affection that I have never addressed you as "sweetheart." It's fear of your husband. That guy looks pretty tough.

  85. The president is the Commander in Chief of those prtecting our safety LTM. When has he said anything bad about those he commands?

    And if it means anything to you pal, I don't care about someone having hurt feelings either if it means a plane doesn't get blown up.

  86. Pamela D. Hart said...
    Debbie, I really don’t think Truth meant it like that at all.

    You can’t be serious? I guess we just see things differently. He makes those snide remarks at Republicans all the time!
    Well, maybe you don't think so Pam, but I do.
    This was not the first time that he's made those snide condescending, and sarcastic remarks to me and to others that he has a difference of opinion with.

    I am NOT a "Deluded right winger" And neither are my friends.
    Condescending and sarcastic where exactly what they were.
    If a Republican said that about a liberal on your blog Pam, it would have been deleted wouldn't it?


    I am a bipartisan blogger and welcome ALL political views and I EXPECT everyone to be respectful and civil to one another. I will NOT tolerate any attacks or insults of any kind. If you choose to ignore this policy, your comment WILL be deleted without notice. I alone reserve the right to advertise on my blog and recommend or ban another blog. If you choose to ignore this rule, your comment WILL be deleted without notice. I would like for my readers to stay on topic. If I feel your comment doesn’t contribute to the topic at hand, I reserve the right to delete your comment without notice. I will not argue with anyone about my policy and I reserve the right to change it at any time. If you cannot abide by my blogging rules, then I suggest you post somewhere else.

    I have a question Pam.. Does the above policy also apply to Unmannerly, Name Calling,Liberal Clowns who insult and demean POLITE young ladies?
    Especially Proud Young American Ladies, who have so bravely and patriotically served in the United States Army who have sacrifice so much in their lives for you and me. Just wondering.

  88. Don't let his condescending comments bother you Deb, it’s his way of making brownie points with his liberal buddies over there in La La land. . But I appreciate you Deb and I thought that your post made a lot of sense...

  89. Debbie: Maybe you could go back and re-read the comments so can see that there are digs at the Liberal and Democrat parties from Republicans. They are NOT deleted. I delete the comments that attack people personally. For example there was one that referred to a commenter as “Hey jerk” and another that made fun of a person’s name.

    It’s quite obvious, if you read the comments, that I don’t just delete comments from Republicans.

  90. TRUTH 101 said...

    Make up your mind about Obama and banks Debbie. Is he attacking them or enriching them with bailout money?
    You people must understand that while you can fool your deluded right wing friends, you cannot fool Truth 101.

    As one of Debs "Deluded Right Wing Friends, I'd like to say that The King just wants more control of the Banks... And this is about as stupid as HIS health care bill... On second though nothing is that stupid..

  91. Obama wants banks to be careful with depositors money and that's bad Wordsmith?

    Gosh friend. You're like my pal Debbie. How can I argue when you take both sides of an issue?

  92. "I think it’s very unwise for Republicans/Conservatives to get all “cocky”.

    It's unwise, but I'm enjoying it none-the-less... A lot of the gloating & chest-thumping will subside when Brown starts voting and these happy happy people see that "changing the game" is a whole lot harder than they think...

    Things have been better and things have been worse, but neither political philosophy stays in control for very long, and thus much of the hyperbole about "the end of the nation as we know it" and fascism, socialism, naziism, revolution, etc is bunk, regardless of which side is muttering about it.

    We move a little to the left, we move a little to the right, and we pretty much remain where we are. (As I said above, I do happen to think that in the long view, we libs have gained more ground where increasing freedoms & liberties for everyday Americans is concerned, and that we'll continue to do so, but I've no doubt that folks on the right disagree... ...and that's fine, too.)

    I'm passionate about politics, but I've also come to realize that all the victories and losses are short-lived. Neither philosophy is taking over... The political pendulum is like that line about FL weather; If you don't like it, just wait a little while, and you will. The sun and rain dances we do prolly help a bit, but there's always going to be another "crushing" defeat, followed by another "game changing" victory. And neither thumping one's chest or crying in one's beer is going to affect either one.

    "Let me call you sweetheart, I'm in love with you..."

  93. How dare you insult my friend you big smelly anonymous butt! A pox on you at once. Mrs. Hart should delete you without hesitation! You only live to insult those that don't agree with you! You are a commie pinko that voted for Obama and Carter! You belong in Gitmo which is why Obama should leave it open because you belong there!

  94. Wordsmith,

    How do you conclude the administration wants control of the banks?

    Almost all of the equity exchanged is (non-voting)preferred stock.
    Have you seen any change of CEO's?
    Have you seen proprietary trading change ? Large amounts of loans suddenly going to the private sector?

    No you haven't because there is absolutely no control of the govt over the banks.

    It's the other way around, Wall St controls the govt.

    Tail isn't wagging the dog.

  95. Stocks have had their worst showing since they began their recovery last March. The market also is seeing the kind of volatility that dominated the market's long slide — the Dow has had triple-digit moves in five straight days for the first time since December 2008.

    The stock market suffered its worst setback in more than 10 months as investors rejected Obama's plans to restrict big banks and earnings reports that just weren't good enough.

    The Dow Jones industrial average had its fourth big drop in five trading days Friday, sliding 217 points. The worst fall came over the past three days, when the Dow lost 552 points, or 5.2 percent. All the major indexes fell more than 2 percent Friday.

    Hows that for a FUN week ?

  96. So now, after a few months of a "recovering" stock market Obama declares jihad against banks, and the outcome will be another Stock Market crash!!!. Yes, stocks tanked Again on Yesterday (Friday), the third day in a row, as Obama’s plan to put more restrictions on banks. It was the market’s biggest three-day plunge since last March.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 216.9 points Yesterday alone.
    Jobs, Safety, and lowering the Deficit
    That's what the people want, that's what the country NEEDS!
    After all kinds of backroom deals and greasing of palms the cheating senators to get votes,raking in billions in tax revenue Obama and his cronies are now putting on a show for their stupider than I thought lefty supporters to make the Banks and wall street fall AGAIN! How's that recovery doing for ya folks?
    Perhaps the Marxists in Washington want the market to tank so they can take away what ever is left of your your 401K or IRA and your life's savings! Bad move Obama. You still don't get it. You have become a one-term president with a legacy thats in the toilet!
    When can we officially call Obama’s policies the kiss of death?

    So I ask you again my leftist Foes, How's Socialism working for you?

  97. Why don't you want the banks that got bailout money to pay it back Mal?

    And what stocks do you own. Bank stocks slipped a bit but I was off and watching al day. I slipped in and got 300 shares of one that had dropped. Silly old capitalist, opportunistic dog that I am.

    No doubt you were for the stimulus when it was during the Bush term. Now that Obama is in there and indeed, the market is up, my portfolio is upabout 17% since February, you're mad. I see a little Obama, Truth101 envy in you my friend.

  98. This comment has been removed by the author.

  99. Thanks a lot Mr. President! You are starting to REALLY scare me when things do not go your way! Keep your mouth shut and the financial industry will recover. We are at war with terrorist not the American dream of freedom.... I am sick of misinformed idiots that blame our financial mess on Wall St. What cop outs. The government forced their hands and created the mess in the first place... the same way they have regulated American Auto makers into the toilet bowl. Legalize Freedom! Politicians know very little about anything. How can Al Gore be an expert in Global warming... he does not even have a back ground in science. Barak you are no economist!

  100. Deep007: I was going to respond to your “rant” with a long response. Instead I will say this:

    You are a troll, don’t come back.

  101. The government forced Wall Streets hands by not regulating it Frank?

    While there is no doubt a few righties will line up to congratulate you for that piece of ridiculous information, it really only exposes how deluded and misinformed you are.

    Last I saw the "foreign" automakeres were subject to the same emissions and safety standard the domestic cars are. The auto bailout saved hundreds of thousands of jobs. You would rather the government did nothing but sit and watch all those jobs and two of our greatest companies sink without doing anything?

    Frank my friend: There aren't many industries that don't rely on the government for help. And they are the same people funding the republican party. You've been duped by corporate socialist pal.

    But if you'd rather remain in the dark so your reactionary right wing friends can give you a pat on the back, this is America. Pat away.

  102. You leftists have is you can't get past your arrogance. You can't campaign on the truth, so you obfuscate and lie to the electorate. Well, the people have caught on. Your words fall on deaf ears, and well they should.

    Ms. Coakly was no different. Elitism and arrogance are a turn off for regular folks. Even "normal" Democrats. Many of whom are now considered independents, along with disaffected Republicans, and libertarians.

    The unions were taken for granted as were democrats in Massachussetts. If they really were motivated to vote, they would have. It was thought that "Kennedy's" seat was somehow magic political elixer for voters.

    Arrogance, pure and simple, and
    the Kennedy stamp died with Teddy.

    Obama and the left are 0 for 3.
    A political hat trick for the winning side. And, don't look now but we're not finished, we've just started.

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. Half of Americans are on some sort of government health insurance plan LTM. At least you have the honesty to include them in you statement that most people are happy with their health plan. Otherwise your statement would be false Buddy.

    The Bush administration pushed the bank bailout LTM. Remember Paulson. Fatcat banker Bush hired to be Tresury secretary?

    No you don't but facts are obviously meaningless to you because of your glee at calling me a commie.

    And there is no doubt that you my old chum LTM scream the loudest about government not doing enough each time your car hits a pothole or another business moves offshore.

    But congratulations to you. Your pals will soon be sending you cyber pats for your deluded comment.

  105. AAAAGGGGHHH! Where's he go? He deleted his comment as soon as I posted my answer.

    That's just plain rude. I will no longer consider Listen To Me a friend.

  106. No,TruthLESS I didn't delete it, I wanted to correct some mistakes and misspelled words.

    If you REALLY think that Obama is not a Socialist they YOU have been DUPED yourself.
    I find it very funny that just about Every economist thinks that Obama IS a Socialist.

    If you think it's just fine and dandy for government to decide CEO salaries, to hire and fire CEOs, and pick the board of directors of private companies, THEN MAYBE YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

    If you think 32 czars appointed by Obama INCLUDING A FEW THAT ARE KNOW COMMUNIST AND EVEN ADMIT THAT THEY ARE advise the President and run the American economy by committee, even though few if any have ever run a business, and if you think it's OK to appoint a car czar who admits publicly he knows NOTHING about cars, YOU MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST
    If you support universal healthcare, even though a huge majority of Americans are happy with their present plan and government is the one that has screwed up healthcare in the first place with over-regulation even though government has run the U.S. postal service into bankruptcy and run Amtrak into bankruptcy. And takeover the banks, the Auto industry, Wall Street, and the public school system is a shambles and loses tens of billions per year and Medicare and Medicaid threaten to bankrupt the entire economy with their gigantic losses and government has run up a $5.3 trillion dollar unfunded liability just for pensions and free healthcare for government employees and you think government is the answer to cutting the costs of healthcare, THEN YOU TOO MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.
    And if you are in favor of bailouts of certain companies and certain industries who just happen to give you large campaign contributions, all with taxpayer money, and you don't even ask the permission of the taxpayers, and you don't or won't disclose who got the money or how much, and you don't even say please or thank you, even though it's our money paying for it all, and you never even bothered to read the 1,000-plus page bailout bill (delivered to you only hours before you voted yes), THEN YOU TOO MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.

    If you believe it's greedy for American taxpayers to want to keep more of their own money, but it's not greedy to demand that government confiscate other people's money and redistribute to you even though you didn't earn it, THEN YOU TOO MIGHT BE A SOCIALIST.
    And if you kiss up to that SOCIALIST that runs that Obama ass kissing blog as you do, THEN YOU TOO MIGHT BE A KOOLAIDE Drinker.

  107. Black Republican Woman: While I appreciate your opinion, the current topic has nothing to do with terrorists attacks. For those interested in reading an opinion on that subject, please visit Black Republican Woman’s blog here.

  108. That Truth guy is more laughs than a barrel of monkeys hes almost as funny as trying to convince anybody Air America's demise meant nothing about liberals in America.

    Question: If Hillary, Bill and all the liberals are on a sinking ship, who gets saved?

    Answer: We do.

  109. I'm sorry Pamela, I'll try to be on topic next time.

    I really and truly am sorry. I didn't mean any harm.

  110. Black Rep. Woman: There's no need to apologize! I have a difficult time keeping people on track here but I appreciated your comment and wanted to make sure it got some attention.

  111. Thank you Pam.. I pray then never realize just how out of touch they are. Ignorance is bliss and Obama and his sycophants are blissful ad naseum. Better for the rest of us they will never see the train the train the hits them come November.
    The stock market was ready to take off now that Brown won, but Obama’s anti-business announcement of new banking regulations spoiled the moment. His timing was calculated to prevent a market increase .. It seems that he loves to put his foot into the recovery, don't he!
    You have a Great Blog, by the way...

  112. New Wingnut Target: 'RINO' Scott Brown

    That didn't take long at all... Even I thought they'd give him a chance to get the pictures hung in his office, and perhaps cast a vote or two, first...


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