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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Congress Wrote Themselves Out of Health Care Coverage

Over the last year the Dems have pushed for health care reform. Ramming thru two thousand page bills which haven’t been read nor understood but telling the American people that they are GREAT! Not only that, they want the American people to accept these bogus bills, but they, as in Congress, aren’t willing to give up their Mercedes health care plan and sign up for the plan they want to implement for the country. Hmm, kinda hypocritical if you ask me.

We also had to listen as Nancy Pelosi told us we had to pass the bill before we could find out what was in the bill! WHAT!? I mean WHO in their right mind would sign a contract THEN read it? Not any sane person on the planet! Well, it seems HER rationale has come back to haunt her.

According to the Congressional Research Service the new bill may “remove members of Congress and Congressional staff” from their current coverage, in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, before any alternatives are available.

I’m not a nasty person nor do I seek revenge. But I’ll tell you what, I’m hoping for JUSTICE right about now. And that justice would be that this little “error” can’t be corrected and congress is FORCED to accept the bill they hail as the be all end all health care bill. They work for us therefore they should have to accept the same health care plan that they implement for Americans. Period.

h/t NY Times


  1. So, does this mean that Nancy Pegosie will have to pay for her own cosmetic surgery, or will this will be the first thing they correct because you know these self serving, arrogant,idiots in the Congress aren't going to do without their perks?

  2. I guess Congressman Boehner will have to pay for his own skin bleaching to remove that fake tan.

  3. doesn't Nancy look great for a 70 yr old woman?? :-) She can afford her out of pocket expenses, so can Boner for his bleaching, LOL

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  5. If the Congresscritters have to sign onto the new health care bill, I'd have no problem with that at all.

    That's a positive for this legislation.

  6. It would be a wonderful thing, if they don't have it fixed quietly right after the 2010 election. I'm guessing they'll slip it into a bill that no politician could ever say no to, maybe when they get a 3,000 page bill.

  7. O ye of little faith, that is the Congress you are speaking of. Have no fear, they will find a way to exempt themselves permanently, that is the only thing they are good at, screwing the folks they work for.

  8. Most: Yes. As Nancy Pelosi demonstrates, too many in Congress are in the mode of "Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you". They take so much, give so little.

  9. They work for us therefore they should have to accept the same health care plan that they implement for Americans. Period. ..u go girl!

  10. Perks for members of congress should be no better or worse than those the average working man and women receive from their private sector jobs.

    And there is absolutely no justification for members of congress to enjoy the retirement benefits and continued perks after they leave office, especially after they leave office.

    Let them contribute to a 401K to build their retirement like the rest of America has to do.

  11. Sue said...
    doesn't Nancy look great for a 70 yr old woman?


    Man, I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis.

  12. Dang. I came here hoping to start an argument and Rev. Gregori says something I can't argue against.

  13. dmarks,
    Absolutely right on the money with that.They take so much,give so little.

  14. Rational: "Perks for members of congress should be no better or worse than those the average working man and women receive from their private sector jobs."

    They should be less, really. Let them get these perks from private sector job. Let their time in Congress be temporary.

    And if they can't make ends meet on Social Security when they retire, well, whose fault is that? They run the program!

  15. dmarks - You said "They should be less, really. Let them get these perks from private sector job. Let their time in Congress be temporary."

    Well I don't disagree. What I believe is that while serving in congress they should receive the same basic perks they would receive if working in the private sector. I.E., their salary, private insurance which they pay for,a 401K plan which they contribute to (no government match),term life insurance which they purchase as you and I do.

    And they should provide for their own transportation, except when on legitimate government business. Ans this doesn't mean to and from work.

    And when they get fired... they lose all the above just like when you get fired from a private sector job.

    And by the way I am a firm believer in term limits although I know this is a constitutional issue.

    It is time to vote the bums out... republicans/republicrats and democrats/demicans alike.

  16. Furthermore they should buy their own booze. If they're working on their cirrhosis I don't want it to be on my dime. When the time comes that they need treatment for that—Obamacare to the rescue.



  17. I see your point, but with the money Members of Congress make and the top-notch health plans I'm sure they have, the healthcare bill as it is and will be amended will probably not have had an effect on them anyway. Which is another problem in its own right, but digress.

    I am one of the admitted few who believes our country will be better off with the healthcare bill than without it. Our government was already spending ridiculous amounts on healthcare while average Americans were forced to shell out more and more money to insurance companies. I realize the healthcare bill is a tough pill to swallow, but at least it won't choke us like the path we were on would have.

    I realize not everyone agrees with me, and am open to any discussion. Check out my blog Young Politics for more.

  18. Barack Obama will go down as if not the finest, one of the five finest presidents our great Nation ever had.

    His patience in dealing with the obstructionist, corporate shills from both parties is legendary in scope and effectiveness.

    His beautiful wife, First lady Michelle Obama, will bring the gift of goos health to millions of our children who suffer chronic obesity and bullying from insensitive louts.

    Peace will come to the middle east. Palestinian will feast at the same table with Israeli.

    Our economy will begin to grow at supersonic speed and the bipartisan debt reduction commission's recommendations under President Obama's guidance will usher in a new era of government responsibility.

    I haven't been to Mt. Rushmore since I was 8 years old but I'm planning my next trip in a few short years. Right after President Obama's bust is at the front, with the eyes of the other great presidents sculted to gaze upon him. The greatest president ever!

    May God bless President Obama and may God bless America!

  19. 101: Wow. I'm guessing you'd put on a beret and blue dress if Obama asked it of you. :)

    But seriously.... No, I can't be serious with the love-in comment. I will say that the history still needs written. Although your predictions and pose-colored view is certainly entertaining.

    I'd better stop before I get myself laughing too hard.

  20. Truth: They can’t put Obama on Mt. Rushmore, there are too many men there already and you Liberals DEMAND diversity so it has to be a woman. It’s a tossup right now between Palin and Bachman.

  21. Truth - LMAO

    Not even I would claim to have such reverence for one of the Greatest American modern day Presidents, Ronald Reagan.

    But you made me laugh, (and of course I realize you not serious) and that is good.

    Thanks for starting my day off on a humorous note.

    And Pam makes a very good point.

  22. You could put him on Mt. Rushmore, just get rid of Washington. I'm sure he'd be all in on that one.

  23. Pam LOL! You forgot to put ;-) after Palin and Bachmanns names!

    RN, Reagan??? you forgot your ;-) too!

    Truth, you speak the truth about our president, he is doing a fabulous job! :-))

  24. Washington was always ready to put Country ahead of Himself. He would gladly give up his spot on Mt. Rushmore for a president as fabulous as Obama. He was wise and humble. Much like my friend Sue.

  25. And that's the BIG difference. Washington was willing to put the country ahead of himself. Obama isn't and I'm sure he would gladly rip the face of Washington off of the mountain for his own. Maybe we could make a nearby statue of his wife's arms.

  26. Judge said: "His beautiful wife, First lady Michelle Obama, will bring the gift of goos health to millions of our children ..."

    Goose health is nothing to honk about.

  27. At least you didn't make a lame joke about "goose stepping" Dmarks. I guess I'll have to wait for Malcontent to come back for that one.

  28. Just remember that freedom is free....or...wait...that's not right.

    Don't worry, he'll be here after your personal affront to his superior intellect. Along with the 60 or so other zombies that parrot talking points and offer nothing else.

  29. With all due respect, 16 words taken from a long speech by Fox don't give you the context, but that's not my point. The point is that the Democrats never claimed this bill was being or ending at all, but rather that it was a severe compromise with Republicans who none the less refused to compromise and refused to offer any alternative.

    In fact Congress isn't forced to do anything since the bill doesn't require them or you or me to give up our current coverage.

    Yes, the bill is long but most ill conceived legislation errs on the side of being too short and allowing too many unintended consequences so all in all, I don't see that you've made any point whatsoever since there isn't one, except for that tired old "you liberals" trope and that tired old irrational Obama hate and that tired old John Birch BS and a few other tired old things I'm too polite to mention.

    Nobody's medical insurance pays for elective cosmetic surgery, by the way and a little more honesty here would go a long way - although it may cut down on your support from the peanut gallery.

  30. I don't see any irrational Obama hate in Miss Hart's post. I don't see her referring to you liberals either. She does refer to Democrats in Congress but it doesn't sound hateful at all. She even said she wasn't vengeful but was honest enough to say she hoped the Congresscritters couldn't keep their fancy health plan. It would serve them right/IMO.

  31. This Congress does seem to take so much from us but yet give up very little themseves, if at all.

    I am looking for a little justice too, especially since they shoved this health care bill down our throats.

    This Congress needs to start thinking about we the people and stop being a bunch of selfish pigs.

  32. You folks did catch the fact that it's a proposal from a Republican, Charles Grassley, that's the major reason for this ambiguity surrounding the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program in the health care reform law that Pam writes about, right? (Sure, he blames it on unnamed "others," but the truth is there for all to see...) Guess we won't be putting him on Mount Rushmore...

    From the NYTimes piece Pam references in her post: The provision governing members of Congress can be traced to the Senate Finance Committee. When the panel was working on the legislation last September, Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa, proposed an amendment to require that elected federal officials and all federal employees buy coverage through an exchange, “rather than using the traditional Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.”

    A scaled-back version of the amendment, applying to members of Congress and their aides, was accepted in the committee without objection.

    “The whole point is to make sure political leaders live under the laws they pass for everyone else,” Mr. Grassley said Tuesday. “In this case, after the committee completed its work, the coverage provision was redrafted by others, and that’s where mistakes were made. Congress can and should act to correct the mistakes.”

    Just kidding, of course... I'm all for requiring lawmakers to be subject to the laws they pass (and thus think Grassley was right), and agree that their federal benefits should be no better than the ones the rest of us receive. (Glad to see they voted down the pay raise, at least...)

  33. Pamela said: "you Liberals DEMAND diversity so it has to be a woman"

    In other words, blatantly sexist or racist quota policies that choose based on skin color or gender instead of on ability.


    When Capt. Fogg commented on "John Birch BS" here, he might have been mistakenly commenting about something someone else said on another's blog. His comment was in fact the first here to have anything to do with the John Birch society.

  34. Judge said:

    "At least you didn't make a lame joke about "goose stepping" Dmarks. I guess I'll have to wait for Malcontent to come back for that one."

    I might have to take a gander over at his blog to see if he says anything.

  35. THe President was in my hometown yesterday and spoke brilliantly on the need for real Wall Street reform now. He took the obstructionist, Wall St. pandering republicans to task for holding up debate on this issue of grave importance to our Nation. The crowd was SRO. Every television in the area was tuned in to hear the President.

    There were a few tea party activists protesting. One of them had a sign that said "Freedom isn't free. Lower taxes now!" I guess the price of freedom was too high for her.

    Maine St. was lined all the way out of town, 48 blocks, with well wishers.

    I thank President Obama for making time to visit Middle America and hear our concerns. He will truly go down as one of the greatest Presidents ever!


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