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Friday, April 2, 2010

If I Hear One More Stupid Politician—I’m Going To Lose My Mind!

During a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Thursday, March 29, 2009, Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA4) met with Admiral Robert Willard, Commander of the U.S. Pacific Command to discuss shifting 5,000 troops from Okinawa to Guam.

Mr. Johnson had concerns that the small island of Guam, being only 212 square miles, wouldn’t be able to accommodate the additional troops and their families. It’s true that an island that small might have a problem with the additional people considering it’s already strained on resources, like water and drainage systems. But Representative Johnson wasn’t worried about those; he was more concerned with the island tipping and capsizing.

Yes, you read that correctly. He feared that the island would TIP and CAPSIZE.

Congressman Johnson told Admiral Willard, “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.”

Admiral Willard replied, “We don’t anticipate that. The Guam population, I think, currently about 175,000, and again, with 8,000 marines and their families, it’s an addition of about 25,000 more into the population.”

A spokesperson for Mr. Johnson issued this statement:

"I wasn’t suggesting that the island of Guam would literally tip over," said Johnson. "I was using a metaphor to say that with the addition of 8,000 Marines and their dependents – an additional 80,000 people during peak construction to the port on the tiny island with a population of 180,000 – could be a tipping point which would adversely affect the island’s fragile ecosystem and over burden its already overstressed infrastructure.
"Having traveled to Guam last year, I saw firsthand how this beautiful – but vulnerable island – is already overburdened, and I was simply voicing my concerns that the addition of that many people could tip the delicate balance and do harm to Guam."

Sounds reasonable, or does it? A metaphor is an analogy between two objects or ideas. I think Mr. Johnson meant he was using a “hyperbole”, which is rhetorical verbiage used for exaggeration to create a strong impression, but not meant to be taken literally. At $174,000 a year salary, on the tax payers’ dime, shouldn’t we EXPECT him to be able to at least look up the square miles of Guam, instead of asking the Admiral, on his tax payer provided computer with tax payer provided internet service? And what about general knowledge of geography and the English language? Shouldn’t our Officials be competent enough in those areas? My 12 year old knows islands don’t TIP AND CAPSIZE. He also knows the difference between a metaphor and a hyperbole—the latter would be the title of my post.

If Mr. Johnson is apprehensive of an island tipping and capsizing, why isn’t he worried about Manhattan, Staten and Ellis Islands? After all, Manhattan is only 23 sq miles and has a population of 1.6 million people. If all those people aren’t strategically placed, it could TIP, or worse even CAPSIZE! For Pete’s sake someone write an ordinance to keep those people strategically coordinated! Someone tell me how the heck did they prevent Ellis Island, which is only 58.38 acres, from tipping and capsizing between 1892 and 1954 when 12 million immigrants passed through?

It’s very difficult for me to imagine that Mr. Johnson wasn’t serious by watching the video and it’s frustrating as heck to know that we are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to maintain these “brain trusts”. I know, I know, they are ELECTED. I get it. But it doesn’t make me feel any less frustrated because Hank Johnson isn’t the only one who has said something really…um…unintelligent.

This is a PERFECT example of WHY the American people NEED to educate themselves BEFORE they elect someone to public office. This is also another EXCELLENT example of how our public school system has FAILED.

I’ve said it before, but it deserves repeating, we need to educate ourselves and our children. America IS exceptional and we must KEEP her that way. Please educate yourself and ensure that your family is informed too. There is nothing more criminal than generational-educational-theft.


  1. I'll admit to not being up on the names of literary devices, but watching the video, I got the distinct impression that his intent was to make a point--though I didn't pick up on the "island tipping over = ecological tipping point" analogy until I read the statement here--and at no time did I get the impression that the man actually thought an island could or would tip over. (It's things like the fact that so many conservative bloggers are writing about this exchange believing he was serious that lead the rest of us to believe the right as a whole lacks much in the way of a sense of humor. Of course, FoxNews' dear departed "half hour comedy hour" and it's replacement, "Red Eye," certainly don't help...)

    Asking for the dimensions of the island (rather than having them handy and quoting them himself) was almost certainly a device designed to further his point, as well. It's always better when you can have the words and concepts you want expressed publicly come out of a nonpartisan or oppositional mouth. Lawyers and politicians routinely ask questions they already know the answers to, for just that purpose...

    And by the by, I'm pretty certain that all 12 million immigrants were never all on Ellis Island at the same time, which is likely what kept that one from tipping... ...or sinking, either...

  2. The guy is a moron who replaced a bigger moron, "Do you know who I am?" McKinney.

    He wasn't trying to make a point, he is filling a seat despite severe ailments that may be affecting his mental faculties. While I don't think he is funny, it's certainly funny that Pelosi stuck him on any committee.

  3. I've heard that, back at the time when the NASA Mars rover was traveling around the surface of Mars and sending back pictures, a Congresswoman who was on the committee in charge of funding the space program visited NASA. One of the questions she asked was whether the rover had seen the American flag left by Armstrong and Aldrin during the first Apollo mission.

    Which of course was on the Moon, not Mars.

    As for Guam, a blogger pal of mine has some ideas for putting Rep. Johnson's mind at ease.

  4. Clearly I was mistaken...

    BPB's brilliant tactic of calling the guy a moron (and doing the same to his predecessor--which made the argument airtight) is clearly the more well thought out position.

    I stand corrected.

    (If you don't use that sense of humor you're gonna lose it, and people will continue to wonder why so many conservatives fail to comprehend irony, sarcasm, and other humor-related rhetorical tools folks use to persuade each other. Tin ears are not a good look on anyone...)

  5. Bluepitbull meet Malcolm Gladwell.

  6. Someone is eating way too much Red Beans and Rice.
    And just to think, this is the sort of person that makes the laws we have to live by these days... And they call Sarah Palin an idiot? There must be something in the water in Georgia. Hank Johnson, and Cynthia McKinney would make a great comic team, if they could enlist Al Sharpton they would have a modern day Three Stooges routine.

  7. He was using a metaphor AND hyperbole. The tipping point phrase is itself a metaphor since many things we refer to as having a tipping point or balance are not actually physical objects that can be balanced on a fulcrum.

    And then to be hyperbolic, he didn't merely say it would tip (the balance shift) but that it would tip completely over, with the idea that there would perhaps be people and buildings sliding into the ocean.

    It was a metaphor taken to its extreme logical point, hyperbole.

  8. n said...
    He was using a metaphor AND hyperbole. The tipping point phrase is itself a metaphor since many things we refer to as having a tipping point or balance are not actually physical objects that can be balanced on a fulcrum.

    Thanks for clearing that up... That's a Keeper!
    Tell me did you just get a new keyboard and didn't know what to do with it when you wrote that post?

  9. I spent two years on Guam when Dad was in the Navy. Great place to be a kid but my older, hippy, brothers and sisters anted to come back stateside and protest stuff. Even at eight years old I was wise enough to know the weather was far better for protesters than the area surrounding the Great Lakes Naval Base.

    The people of Guam were friendly and unpretentious. None of them wore Canoli shirts or underwear. Jockeys and BVDs for them my friends.

  10. Now that's very interesting. Glad to see that you didn't fall off the island Truth.
    Remind me to put all this in my "Who gives a crap file

  11. Hyperbole my butt... He LITERALLY meant tip over/capsize! I know Rat Willard and I'm amazed he managed not to laugh out loud... OR make a smart ass remark!

    Y'all can PCize the question and add 'hidden' meanings, and allegory, and metaphor, etc. all you want, but he was serious when he asked it...

    And, oh by the way, we had more than 8000 extra military there in the 70's with no problems (and a least one Japanese holdout in the hills).

  12. Arthur, a big "Suck it Trebek" to you. You rate right under Burger King with me. Coming from a military guy, trust me, that's a huge insult.

    Not interested in your pseudo-intellectual view of things.

    Wanna impress me or intimidate me, quote some Schopenhauer or Kant and relate it to me.

  13. Always a treat to read your well thought out posts bluepitbull. My Kant is a little rusty but a spin through Gladwell should help with the idea of 'tipping'.

    Now the Congressman could have expressed himself better but anyone who has visited the non-fiction section of the local library or bookstore during the past few years grasped what he was talking about. Likewise a knee-jerk negative response to the New Yorker or any other well written journal keeps a lot of good material from ones world view.

    Rated under Burger King? Is that from Schopenhauer?

  14. And we have illiterate boobs like this voting on science-related matters such as global warming.

  15. Oh, so that it? Because of a couple conservative wannabees the site comes to a halt? Gimme a break.

    You so-called conservatives need to step up to the plate and defend this, or else you are all irrelevant.

  16. Maybe people just bored to death reading all your whines, so they quit posting?

    I guess that the only solution is for you to post nude pictures of yourself.

  17. If you guys want me to stir things up I'd be glad to help you out.

  18. Something tells me you already did.

  19. Living in the real world today comes with some problems, be glad that they are only petty and of little importance like things on the internet. It's all part of the civil society we live in. Don't try to fathom it. It's way above your ability to understand.

  20. Well let me post something here this afternoon... Although I already did make a few posts I was accused by Mr. Bulldog for “Boycotting” this blog! So, I’ll have to post and post and post just to keep this place lively.

    Let me say a word or two about Mr. Obama’s experance at the Ball Game yesterday, and his interview by the announcer.
    He didn’t even get "Comisky Park" correct. He called it "Kominskey field" as if it was named after a Russian General and said that as a south side Chicago kid he was a White Sox fan, but when asked who his favorite player was, he then said growing up in Hawaii, he was an A's fan. but couldn’t even mention one players on that team either.
    But I can understand that, after all how popular were the White Sox in Kenya?
    And how come he throws a ball like a sissy with big ears?

    Oh well, don't mind me, I'm extra bitchy tonight. Don't mine me, I'm extra feisty tonight. I haven’t have my Vitamin B-6 yet.. that’s my sauce for making healthy and wise decisions as well as my intelligent comments.

  21. Insanity alert! Obama said today that he was revamping American nuclear strategy to limit the conditions under which the United States would use nuclear weapons, even in self-defense.
    The very fact that a Commander-in-Chief would even announce military strategy of this scale prior to a hypothetical enemy is proof he's reckless, dangerous, ignorant and an incompetent to be our President. Why tell a potential enemy in advance that he will not use nuclear force for any reason other then if they used it first. By then it would be too late. Even if they attacked the United States with biological or chemical weapons! We can not respond with Nuclear Weapons unless they use them first!
    This guy is a a military moron and is probably taking advise from Jimmy Carter.

    Will some one (anyone) please post something...(Anything) I'm getting worn out.

  22. Clearly "the malcontent" is an Obama hater. He even goes so far as to criticize what he imagined he heard with regard to the ball park. As a result I will ignore his nonsense.

    More to the point: I live in the Deep South, America's very own Third World, or as I like to call it "the heart of darkness." Make no mistake, this guy didn't make a mistake. His statement was a product of his own illiteracy. He is the rule not the exception when it comes to the Georgia lawmakers.

  23. Jimmy Carter held the pesky Ruskies at bay while he was president. Those dirty commies didn't dare attack us.

    The Ruskies didn't attack us then, did they Mal? Oh yeah. They were busy attacking non nuclear Afghanistan. Old George W. showed the Ruskies how to conquer. Didn't he MaL? Yessiree! Those nasty Afghans were no match for Bush and his plan. How long since we won that war and established democracy and freedom?

  24. amadmike1 said...
    "Clearly "the malcontent" is an Obama hater

    Clearly you are correct, it doesn't take a brain Surgeon to figure that out. I never try to hid that fact.
    And thanks for your love letter.. That was my attempt to be polite ... And I appreciate the attention.

  25. Ah Truth is here, thank God (or are you God), I was getting tired of holding down the Fort. It’s all your now... I have an apple pie in the oven and I think it’s beginning to burn. So let me go I have to put on the icing.

  26. Personally Truth and his friend amadmike1 ..I wish Obama would go after our enemies like he goes after Fox News.
    As for the USA using nuclear weapons against an enemy.. I always say, always be prepared and away leave you options open. It's not profitable or smart to do otherwise. So what did we gain from a policy like obama made? That has always been his problem, Obama's whole problem with foreign policy, it lacks any degree of intellect.
    I'm sure Putin's having a lot of laughs at our expense right now. Are you going to trust Russia? This is just Just another bizarre Hopey Changey Community Organizer's fantasy.

  27. Come on people where are you!
    Don't make BPB sound like he knows what he's talking about.. When we all know that he don't.

    I know it's Easter/Passover vacation but some of you must be out there... let's hear from y'all.
    Are ya going to make me sweeten some of these comments to make them more controversial?
    Like writing about Obama trashing America by promising NOT to NUKE these freaken a-holes.

  28. Where the heck is everyone? Pam, why is your blog so quite? BPB is making it seem as if I had told everyone not to post there and that insane accusation is looking more and more like a factual conspiracy. Like I sent up a skywriting airplane. Please don’t make him look as if he’s right. If you do it might make him feel like Nostradamus.. And then the next thing we’ll hear is that TAO and he have ran off and got married.

    Why are so few people leaving comments here? Where are all my nemesis?
    Where are all the people that have opposing ideologies. Like Truth, TAO, Shaw, Salty, and Arthurstone? And the rest that I thought I'd never miss?

    Well, here’s your chance, tell me … why don’t you leave comments? Come on. Say it. Let it out. Let me have it. I get nervous commenting when I never get those nasty comebacks even the snotty ones....

  29. Let me help you out Malcontent...

    One day you love your family and your great wife, next day you state your occupation as "ladys man"

    Gigs up buckwheat...

    Those of us who are REAL people are just tired of responding to the insincerity of robotrolls....

    Besides the weather is nice, summer is right around the corner, life goes on and its time to move on....

    Why don't you run over to Rational Nation...he likes all the wild crazy conservative reactionary stuff like you do....he might even pay you!

  30. Tao: Those of us who post at RN USA do for our 1st Amendment right and take that whole "freedom" thing quite seriously ;)

  31. Oh Pam, you lost your freedoms years ago...all that happens over at RN is that you spend 80% of your time bashing Obama...

    Then 10% of the time is spent romancing over ideals and then another 10% is spent talking about how great patriots everyone is...

    Couldn't get your own party, the ones you voted for to respect your freedoms but boy oh boy you can demonize the current administration for the loss of your freedoms nowadays...

    Should have been with me and the ACLU when we were fighting the Patriot Act....

    Freedoms are kind of like ones virginity...once you lose it its lost...


  32. One stroke of the pen and the nuclear policy changes with nobody knowing about it Mal the Stud. Much like our "no assasination" policy.

    I would like to take this opportunity to use Pamela's forum to thank President Obama for overseeing the capture and killing of more terrorists this past year. I took great pride that he ordered the killing of the Somali pirates.

    May the blessing of Allah rain down upon our great leader, Barack Obama. Allay and Obama akbar!

  33. First of all, repsac3, the right has to have a sense of humor just to exist in this world. Secondly, I watched the thing 3.5 times, which was all I could stomach. The man can't string two words together, and how he ever got elected I cannot fathom. Maybe it was one of those "teachable moments" that they're all so proud of. If "at no time" did you "get the impression that the man actually thought an island could or would tip over" then you must have been watching it with your eyes closed. If you're going to be an apologist for the left, maybe you should pay more attention to what's really going on in this country: the robots leading imbeciles. I'll pray for you.


  34. CHAIRMAN TAO said...
    Let me help you out Malcontent...
    One day you , next day you state your occupation as "ladys man"

    And let me help you out!
    Since you are so dedicated to your obsession to me...
    Sure I love my really great wife and my wonderful children.. And if I say that I’m a “Ladies Man” IT'S A JOKE BOY! That by no means is the same as my being a carbon of YOUR BOY Tiger Woods The world’s greatest golfer, and the world biggest a-hole. Get that “BUCKWHEAT”! So your Lame observation is both Unoriginal and Lame... Also Incorrect.
    And if you Spent ANY Time Considering this Pressing Issue, then you may want to Consider where your Priorities are or should be. Rather then this weird obsession to me...! Having considered this perplexing conundrum for some time, though I should be grateful for all this attention somehow I’m not. But I am Flattered anyway, Darlin'!

    Now to get to “Important” issues like the one Truth101 has brought to our attention and leave the garbage that Chairman Omar brought to the table where it belongs, in the garbage. so now I think it’s time to Cold Shouldering that Peckerhead.

    Does Chairman Obama really deserve any credit (sincere or backhanded) for the successful violent end to the hostage standoff with the pirates? I understand that the military had orders to use force only if there was imminent danger to Phillips life – while the Obama team negotiated. Imminent danger happened to coincide with a couple of the pirates sticking their heads out of the lifeboat for some fresh air. All this while Chairman Obama was pulling bits of lobster out of his teeth. I think that the credit belongs to the commander for seizing the opportunity to free Phillips and taking the risk because the Obama administration would be crapping all over him had he failed. And isn’t it brave of Chairman Obama to order the killing of the teenage Somali pirates, and doing zippo to the real terrorists etc. The Community Organizer in Chief won’t even allow the use of the word “Terrorist” to be used, that’s what I call real cool. Sorry people - the reality of this is just too amusing were it not so serious. What's with this administration? anyone figured out yet what the hell is going on here yet? If not a true surrender of our core values and our freedoms!
    And what about the Christmas day bomber? Where did that story go? If the president’s staff can't keep a known terrorist from boarding a US plane bound for the US with a bomb in his underwear, then his Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano resignation should already be on your desk. That's how a real leader holds people accountable.
    Now if you’ll excuse me Mr. Prime Minister, I’m late for dinner... But you can “hang around” if you want too.

  35. CHAIRMAN TAO said...
    "Let me help you out Malcontent...
    Why don't you run over to Rational Nation...he likes all the wild crazy conservative reactionary stuff like you do....he might even pay you!

    And who the HELL are you to tell me where to go?
    First of all, I'd be proud to over to Rational Nation's blog.And you can run over to Shaw's and Salty's blog and have fun there calling Rush and Glenn Beck those stupid and childish names. If that's what it takes to get you excited.
    I hate to burst your bubble but I don't give a rats ass what you think!
    If that didn't do the trick, I guess I'll just have to try harder next time.

  36. Malc said: "That has always been his problem, Obama's whole problem with foreign policy, it lacks any degree of intellect."

    Well, he did campaign on a platform of ignorance and contempt for foreign policy issues. Especially on Iraq.

  37. Truth said: "Jimmy Carter held the pesky Ruskies at bay while he was president. Those dirty commies didn't dare attack us."

    Actually, the USSR added Nicaragua and Afghanistan to its empire during the Carter years. Although, in all fairness it must be pointed out that the Contra policy of helping Nicaraguan nationalists fight the Soviet puppet regime started under Carter, and NOT Reagan.

  38. There you go Malcontent...

    You feel better you are back to your old ways once again!

    Glad to see you keep your vile, stupid, rantings isolated to your own blog and to Pam's...

    At least I know where to find you...

    Now, say thank you to me for helping you find yourself once again...

    I am free, therapy costs money!

  39. Oh yeah. I forgot all those Afghan and Nicaruagaun bolsheviks running around attacking America Dmarks. Had some that sailed up the Mississippi and invaded my hometown. Freaking Carter let em slip right through New Orleans.

    You go a few comments sounding rational and then you post something as ignorant as your 6:26 commetn Dmarks. Would you have had Carter start nuclear war over Afghanistan? And when exactly did Afghanistan succumb to the Soviets anyway? My history must be lacking cause I thought the Soviets gave up. Do tell us about their glorious victory and assimilation of Afghanistan into the Soviet Bloc Dmarks.

    My good friend and fellow blogger Malcontent: I think it's cool as hell that Obama could suavely feast on lobster while giving the okay to shoot evil doers. He truly is a hero all Americans should admire. I know you have to placate your fellow right wing rabble rousers like Helga, but reading between your lines I can tell you're just as proud of President Obama as I am.

    Your wife is lucky to have a loyal ladies man like yourself Mal. Really Brother, the only real difference between you and me is that I can be openly truthful because I don't have to placate a bunch of reactionaries to stay in the clique. I say whatever I want. You are limited to right wing doublespeak and nonsense.

    Chicks dig honest Mal. And from one "ladies man" to another friend, Truth 101 gives it to them aaaaallllll night loooooonnnnnnng...

  40. Truth: There was nothing ignorant about my comment. None of my comments advocated nuclear war. And why not just look up the history of the Soviet-Afghanistan war on Wikipedia instead of asking me for dates?

    "Do tell us about their glorious victory and assimilation of Afghanistan into the Soviet Bloc Dmarks."

    The Soviet aggression was contested, and 'victory' was never complete. But it was complete enough that they controlled the capitols of both nations for a long time, including the national government, UN representation, army, and other important particulars.

  41. So all we have to do is control a small piece of real estate and send a rep to the UN and we can say we control Afghanistan and Iraq as well? Genius! You've just told us how to achieve peace with honor Dmarks! I take back what I said.

  42. Also, Truth, you said "My history must be lacking cause I thought the Soviets gave up"

    The Soviets also eventually gave up Poland,, Hungary, and even Russia itself. All the territory, really. I guess by your logic it meant that their empire never existed, right?

  43. Truth101 said"
    He (Obama) truly is a hero all Americans should admire.

    As was Benedict Arnold, Ethel Rosenberg, Ramsey Clark, Sean Penn, Jane Fonda, and Abbie Hoffman, In the words of Jesus, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”.

  44. It means the soviets invaded but never conquered or controlled Afghanistan Dmarks. They controlled Poland and Hungary and East Germany and Bulgaria and so on.

    Your devotion to Bush speak, never admitting you're wrong no matter how wrong you are is sweet Dmarks.

  45. I was unawrae that the traitors you mentioned ordered pirates and terrorists killed Malcontent. You get you history degree from the same place Dmarks did?

  46. Actually, I used the facts to describe the extent of Soviet control of those places. None of which you actually disputed. Where did you get your history degree?

  47. TRUTH 101 said...

    I was unawrae that the traitors you mentioned ordered pirates and terrorists killed Malcontent. You get you history degree from the same place Dmarks did?

    Yeah you're right again! Silly me I limited my list of traitors to Ass-Holes.

  48. This dude is just one example of many why we need to clean house in 2010 and finish the job in 2012.

    We have professional politicians feeding off the system that put them in power. Their interest is to maintain the position and power they enjoy.

    We must vote the vast majority out, even if we lose a few good ones in the process. Examples must be made and repeated if necessary.

    It is a shame how far elected officials have fallen, and continue to free fall.

    But I suppose it is the electorates fault. We out them in, and for the most part everybody seems to think it's the other guys (or gals) representatives that gotta go.

  49. First of all, repsac3, the right has to have a sense of humor just to exist in this world.

    I'd think that's true of everyone, Granny... But the fact remains that it's often the failure to comprehend the joke (or even that it was a joke) that sets some conservatives off on an "I'm offended" rant. And having seen what passes for conservative humor... well, let's just leave it at that...

    Secondly, I watched the thing 3.5 times, which was all I could stomach.

    How sad for you, that watching a man speak so affects you...

    The man can't string two words together, and how he ever got elected I cannot fathom.

    I'm guessing that folks who think he's an idiot think the people of GA are idiots too, on the grounds that they elected him... YMMV... Personally, I find that offensive, but perhaps you'll luck out, and the folks in GA that you're calling idiots will be too stupid to notice that you folks are insulting them...

    Maybe it was one of those "teachable moments" that they're all so proud of.

    I don't even know what that means, but it kinda reads like another insult to the folks of GA... If so, see above.

    If "at no time" did you "get the impression that the man actually thought an island could or would tip over" then you must have been watching it with your eyes closed.

    If you say so... (though the fact that I make reference to the gestures he made and whatnot kinda make that a pretty dumb theory...)

    If you're going to be an apologist for the left...

    I'm not apologizing for anyone, Granny... I'm flat out saying I think you're interpretation is mistaken.

    ...maybe you should pay more attention to what's really going on in this country: the robots leading imbeciles.

    That's the saddest part of it all... You folks claim to love the country, but you sure don't seem to like the people very much... All I keep reading is how the folks in government are idiots, the American people are imbiciles... Damned sad... I can't imagine how folks who feel so poorly about us all even manage to get through the day...

    Me, I love this country, the government we created and keep, and the vast majority of the folks in it, as well... While some claim that makes me naive, I'd much rather be a believer and a patriot than the cynics and naysayers I see bitching about everyone and everything...

    I'll pray for you.

    Why thank you!! (That's the first pleasant thing you've said all comment.) I'll pray for you, as well... (I"d tell you to have a nice day, but given all the piss and vinegar, I'm not sure you're able...) Try and think a happy thought or two, at least... America and the folks who live here really aren't so bad as you imagine...

  50. grannywithapitchfork gets it.. she stole my thunder.
    I think we need a group hug for her..
    My prediction? The Comrade-in-chief is a one timer and his days in the White House are ticking away.. Obama is trying to turn us into a third world Country faster than you can say Karl Marx..

  51. President Obama is trying to save us from a return to medieval feudalism which you and you hoard of backward thinking right wing fools would have us do malcontent.

  52. Nicely said Truth but decidedly not true.
    With the Democrats, you can always count on new taxes and new entitlement programs. It's a great time to be in what was once America.

    But God Bless You for your unwavering misguided loyalty.

  53. Hey Pam, it's been a while, but I see that things are as lively as ever! I watched the video and got hysterical although it's not really that funny if you think that this guy represents us. Sheesh! I honestly believe he said exactly what he thought. You can try to cover it up with "metaphor" and "hyperbole" but I think that was just a really big cover up. I actually had to pull my husband over just to make sure I wasn't seeing things! If you look closely, it looks like the guy behind the admiral is trying not to laugh.

    Anyway, it's good to be back although, I can see not a whole lot has changed! Then again did I really expect that cons vs liberal would ever really get along, like in my dreams. Take care girlie!!

  54. Jennifer! WELCOME BACK! Boy have I missed you!

    You are right on, not much has changed. It’s like a soap opera, you can miss a few weeks or even months and it’s still the same story line with the same characters!

  55. Pamela D. Hart said...

    Jennifer! WELCOME BACK! it’s still the same story line with the same characters!

    Same Obama Apologists and sympathizers, same Kool Aid drinkers, the same name caller's the same race card players, and the same Bush blamer's. Nothing new here.

    WELCOME BACK JENNIFER! Nice to know you...

  56. I would like to add my 2 cents into this mix. Some people here are in need of an awakening. Obama is again showing his absolute ignorance and astounding stupidity in the field of foreign affairs and national security by indicating we would not use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states that attack us with chemical or biological weapons. He seems to be giving our enemies a green light to attack and expect little but conventional response for such an attack, for we long ago destroyed our chemical and biological weapons. Eventually, this guy will have us shooting spitballs at those who may kill tens of thousands in the name of Allah. Its becoming quite obvious to this observer that we cannot afford to wait until 2012 to reign in this nut job. Some way must be found to stop this "son-of-a-Kenyan" before our nation is destroyed. He seems to be set on a course of deliberate destruction of the United States in one way or another. Many thought before his election that he and Michelle hated this nation and now those fears are being proven correct with each move this Marxist takes. Those in the Kremlin need to set back and watch this fool, they could learn a lot about how to destroy America. Their dream of a defeated America is coming true and they need not lift a finger.

  57. TRUTH 101 said...
    "President Obama is trying to save us from a return to medieval feudalism which you and you hoard of backward thinking right wing fools would have us do malcontent.

    Very well put Truth, but it sounds like typical Liberal switcharoo crap.. But thanks for your opinion and your input of bullshit.
    I'm sure it impressed someone out there in La-La land.
    I just have trouble taking the ones with blind partisan faith in the Obama administration serious. But you do a heckovajob.

  58. Mal: Jennifer is a rational, independent thinker. She was ostracized, attacked and referred to as a traitor from those in a “group” blog that she once co-authored because she didn’t tow the Republican talking points and attack Liberals.

    My doesn't THAT sound familiar!

  59. TRUTH 101 said...
    President Obama is trying to save us from a return to medieval feudalism which you and your hoard of backward thinking right wing fools would have us do malcontent.

    Truth - You are ready without a doubt for prime time on MSNBC. You would make a superb replacement for Olberman.

    Talking points are alive and well in lib land just as they are in neo con land.

    The realist in me has decided polarization will likely be a way of life, at least for the rest of my allotted time.

    So... I say eat, drink, enjoy a fine cigar and blog until the reign of Obama comes to an end or his government outlaws all liberty minded expression, whichever comes first.

    Good day all and enjoy the weekend as we wait for more progressivism from the Obamaism.

  60. Pamela D. Hart said...
    Mal: Jennifer is a rational, independent thinker.

    Glad to meet you Jennifer.
    independent thinker? Aren't we all?

    I also see my new friend Rational Nation USA is here...

    The realist in me tells me that I need to step up my game.

  61. Pamela D. Hart said...
    Jennifer is a rational, independent thinker.

    By the looks of her blog and your's as well I would think that you both are Staunch Conservatives.
    Not that there is anything wring with that, but why not admit it?
    Don't be ashamed too. I try not to make a big deal about it. I respect that everyone's entitled to their opinion whatever it might be, but how much has it been a problem for you? But why even make it an issue?
    The liberal/conservative aspect is much less important than the flaming/staunch part. People with opposing beliefs can get along fine if they're willing to let others believe differently than them, people who'd be described as "flaming" and "staunch" are the ones who are usually super judgmental about those with opposing beliefs.
    I have a gf who is a "flaming liberal" and while I am not a "staunch conservative" (more like firmly in the middle -- I believe in owning guns and that gays should get married -- and that it's alright to arm gays) we got along great because neither one of us took our political views that seriously and were able to laugh about ALL politicians being crooked, whoremongering, moneystealing crooks!
    The only thing that I'm against his people that make these phony excuses for Barack Obama ..
    And I'll leave you with this final thought...
    Capitalism isn't perfect but it beats any other government, especially socialism. (Robinhoodism) It doesn't work, unless you give up your freedom and pretty much anything else you care to own.

  62. I'll take your comment as a compliment RN. And of course I would still be proud to drink wine, smoke a fine cigar and exchange talking points with you and your team at Rational Nation.

    I'll take Malcontent's comment as a compliment also.

    I can see the winds of change blowing about Mal and RN. Keep walking towards the light gentlemen. The light of Truth. Truth 101...

  63. Just in case you want to switch from being a conservative to a Liberal here's how ya do it.

    Step 1 - have half of your brain sucked out by the same vacuum that they abort babies with.

    Step 2 - Let emotions rule your every decision. Facts no longer matter, only "feelings".

    Step 3 - Do a lot of crying and whining. Practice saying things like "Bush lied", and Obama Inherited this economy.

    Step 4 - Take every ounce of common sense you possess and toss it out the window along with your morals and ethics

  64. ""President Obama is trying to save us from a return to medieval feudalism"

    It's really the opposite, anyway. Once we get past the fact that it is hard to compare apples and oranges (economic systems separated by hundreds of years), there IS the fact that Obama's policies on a variety of issues are moving us in a direction of more power concentrated in the hands of the rulers, less power for the ruled. More extreme stratification. And that, no matter how you look at it, is a step in the direction of feudalism.

  65. Zardoz: I’m not ashamed of my Conservative opinions and I state them quite openly but I wouldn’t say I’m a “staunch” Conservative because I do have a few social “liberal” views.

    I also believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion and therein lies the conundrum. I permit Liberals to post on my blog and there are some on the Right who have challenged my bipartisanship. They don’t like that I’m civil and respectful and that I don’t tow the Republican Party lines or parrot the radio talk-show hosts. They also don’t like that I delete insulting and/or ad hominen Republican/Conservative comments and have referred to me as a “traitor”, a “liberal ass kisser” and a “token Republican”.

    Currently there is a boycott against my blog and consequently 52 right-wingers, or sheeple as I refer to them, have chosen to stop following me because they “believe” I permit Liberals to “run amuck” in my comment section. I say “good riddance”, because I will not permit anyone to “run amuck” regardless of political affiliation.

    I may be a Conservative but I’m not close-minded and I most certainly don’t want a pom-pom comment section! I want rational, independent thinkers who will engage my readers, as well as me, in intelligent discussions. This does NOT mean that I will change my views but it does mean that I’m willing to listen to the other side. My motto is: I may not agree but I will do it with dignity. I’ve done this since the inception of my blog and I don’t intend to stop now and no amount of intimidation or boycotting is going to sway me. I’m NOT a sheeple and I will not fall lock step behind anyone! And I have no respect for anyone who does.

    I welcome you to my blog, Zardoz, and hope to hear from you in the future. You seem to be a RATIONAL person and those are the type of people I seek for my blog.

  66. Truth101 Said:
    "I'll take Malcontent's comment as a compliment also.

    I can see the winds of change blowing about Mal and RN. Keep walking towards the light gentlemen. The light of Truth. Truth 101"..

    Truth, I don't know what winds of change you are referring too Truth.
    If it applies to Obama, you are as wrong as 2+2 = 3. I have no respect or Sympathy for that Peckerhead.
    If you are referring to my opinion of you well I treat others as they deserve to be treated. I Appreciate your Obsessing in my regard... and I am Flattered.
    Be nice to me and I will return the favor.
    Other than that, I can see no other "winds of change" in my path.
    But I'm not running a campaign for daintiness here. I try to call em as I see em.

  67. I have been thinking that I would like to make a proposition to my Democratic/Liberal/Progressive friends... that if they will stop telling lies about the Republicans, I will stop telling the truth about the Democrats /Liberal's/Progressive's.

  68. @ Truth 101... You said...

    "I can see the winds of change blowing about Mal and RN. Keep walking towards the light gentlemen. The light of Truth. Truth 101..."

    Lets not get carried away Truth. I respect your straight forward straight up liberal push. I agree with very little of your delusional logic however, and likely never will.

    Because I respect your honesty and sincerity to your cause, no matter how wrong I may believe it to be, I would still be proud to have a fine premium cigar and a glass of fine wine as we discuss solutions to our problems over a great Ruth Christs steak dinner.

    See we can find common ground. :-)

  69. Being my sneaky self RN, there's a high level Democrat that passes out premium cigars at fundraisers I'm goaded into attending. I'll swipe a few extra and we can smoke them. I'll have the added pleasure of watching a deluded right wing fool like yourself toke on Liberal cigars. Bwahahahahaha...

  70. Truh - I have of late started to suspect you of your self admitted sneakiness. I think it the result of to much lefist ideology.

    Just to be safe you should allow yourself a bit more conservative exposure.

    Who knows, perhaps your truth may shine even brighter! :-)

  71. I've decided to join in and put my 2 cents into this blog. I'll start by say that Socialism Sucks!
    Why, in the name of the almighty Spam, do people get tax breaks for breeding? This seems to be the inverse of logic. We plop our little miracles onto the planet and they put a burden on the system. More miracles=more burden=more cost.

    They want education, libraries, police protection, food, clothing, shelter and medical care. Basically these little miracles are demanding socialism and I for one will not stand for it!

    Shouldn't the breeders pay their fair share? Should they shoulder burden they've created? This is just tripendicular logic-defying socialism dude, and dudett's! I don't want to subsidize your children. You plopped, you pay for'em. Socialism is about holding someones hand for life and telling them how to live. It does not promote the idea of independence. It's basically like living under your parents roof until they die - when they die, who will take care of you? You never learned and were always comforted.
    I despise the American Left; and their Big Brother, the European Left. Their leaders are Marxists - their leaders are Communists - and they now control much of our mass media and academia. We have several Marxists on our Supreme Court, and in the leadership of the Democrat Party. The Marxist Left is very powerful - they are our enemy.

    Millions of people died in the struggle to fight against communist regimes. But the Marxists have made a comeback and are infiltrating both the politics of the U.S and Europe.It's time that Americans stand up and say that we have had the best and want to continue to have the best..... But Unfortunately America has been contaminated by both un-Constitutional Federal Government control (Fascist Socialism) and un-Constitutional Federal Government ownership (Marxist Socialism).

  72. @ Joe the American - You make many cogent points. Well put.

  73. Rational Nation USA said...

    @ Joe the American - You make many cogent points. Well put.

    What more can be said?
    Let's make this perfectly clear, If the Man walks like a Socialist, Speaks like a Socialist, Quacks like a Socialist, and looks like a Socialist, Hangs out with Socialist’s we can be damn sure that Obama is a Socialist.

  74. Yeah Joe The American...

    That's how I see it!

    Why should anyone be given a discount on their taxes for being married? Having kids? If you don't want them then have an abortion!

    I am tired of paying taxes for other peoples kids to go to school and then the little dumbasses can't even figure out my change when I go to the fast food drive in window!

    If the government wants to go to war in the middle east then let those who benefit from it pay for it! I got no benefit from Iraq or Afghanistan so I say let those who benefit step forward and pay the price!

    If the marxists in europe feel threatened by Russia then let them pay for their own defense and the same goes for South Korea and Japan!

    If your parents are old and living on social security and medicare then once they spend what they paid in they shouldn't get any more government handouts...let them move in with you! If you can't afford their care then put them out on the street and let them fend for themselves!


    Now, we got a conservative who sees things the way I do!

  75. TAO - Don't you have some contractors to deal with?

  76. "If your parents are old and living on social security and medicare then once they spend what they paid in they shouldn't get any more government handouts...let them move in with you! If you can't afford their care then put them out on the street and let them fend for themselves!"

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it Obama who suggested that one way to cut down on medical costs is to stop expensive procedures performed on elderly people who are about to die and don't stand to gain anything from the expensive cost that may save their lives?
    This gives a whole new interpretation to get the "shovel ready"!!! In the good old days of calling it like it is, that was called “Euthanasia.” So they won't be a Government burden anymore.
    What’s next? Maybe soon he’s suggest to do the same to the Senators that don’t agree with his wisdom and wish to vote against any of his bills.

    Maybe we could pay for the new health plan being pushed down our throats by Comrade Obama by having everyone in the Government who are getting all these FREEBEE'S including health insurance to cut their own paychecks by, how about 20%? That might be a good start. It would be a hell of a lot better then sending people to jail for not buying Health Insurance, don’t you think?

  77. This make me wonder all over again exactly what he was up to when he went to visit grandma right after her fall. She died shortly thereafter. After she was gone already it is said that Michelle was making the statement that "Toots" was fine, doing much better, even though she supposedly had already passed.
    This only makes me wonder how they think about the elderly.
    All this is about is that the democrats want to provide free healthcare at the expense of the "rich" American public to the poor and illegal immigrants that come into this country so that they will vote democrat in the future. It's all about votes and control. They don't really care about people who have worked hard in this country to make a living. I have seen this in Venezuela (as Obama has just gained a new friend). Chavez just gives money to the poor and they keep electing him. The people in Venezuela who work hard are getting tired of it and want to leave (others still try to fight it). That is what Obama and the democrats want for this country. To bring everyone to the same level. And, if it hurts some of those "rich" people? No big deal. There are plenty of people coming over the border who will replace them.
    I'm the of product of Southern Baptist upbringing. And I was taught to never believe a democratic government.
    This week is my birthday--76 yrs old. I am a senior but some how I do not feel elderly. I am a vital woman who wants to live. My mother lived until 92. Obama doesn't pay attention to his family wherever and whoever they are. He is the ultimate NARCISSIST. No empathy, but cold calculations for people and things. It is all about him. He will NOT go down in history as being anywhere near the greatest but he will play out to be a pathetic president.
    I am terrified of what he will do to me if I am sick.
    I bet his Grandmother didn't feel that way, but I bet he didn't even to bother to ask her. I am sick and tired of him trying to run our lives.

  78. Taken from AARP online magazine (back in 2008):


    "Americans are getting far too much unnecessary care. Of our total $2.3 trillion health care bill last year, a whopping $500 billion to $700 billion was spent on treatments, tests, and hospitalizations that did nothing to improve our health."

    To say our current system isn't broken would be "gravely" incorrect.

    Obama's delivery of the "unnecessary procedures" may have been crude but, ultimately, he has a point.

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. The J Mopper said...
    Obama's delivery of the may have been crude but, ultimately, he has a point.
    "unnecessary procedures" ?
    That all depends on who's getting it.

    Tell that to your Mama's Mama. I'd bet she wouldn't call it an "unnecessary procedure" if she were sick!

  81. "Obama's delivery of the "unnecessary procedures" may have been crude but, ultimately, he has a point."

    It's an ugly whiff of the "death panels" of the single-payer health-care system that remains a deadly dream of many Democrats. A system where the government can declare you "unnecessary" and there is no recourse at all.

  82. Representative Paul Broun (R. GA)

    From Slate:

    Today, however, Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., is challenging Bachmann's primacy with a public boast that he purposely returned his family's federal census form without filling out all of the questions. You see, Broun feels that any inquiry beyond the constitutional requirement to "enumerate" the number of persons living in his household is, per se, "unconstitutional." He too has failed to notice that the Constitution empowers Congress to pass legislation in the public interest -- and that, in any case, he is not empowered by the Constitution to determine for himself what is or is not constitutional. (Moreover, as the astute Greg Sargent points out, Article 1, Section 2 expressly directs that the count be performed "in such manner" as Congress "shall by law direct." Although Broun carries the document around in his pocket, that doesn't necessarily mean he has ever actually read the whole thing.)


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