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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted For My Country

I just arrived home from my polling station.

I have to tell you, I felt excited when I cast my vote!

It’s such a blessing living in this country, where courageous men and women defend our rights and freedoms.

If you haven’t voted, please, make sure that you do. If you aren’t registered, please register. You may not be able to vote this year, but you will be able to vote in future elections, and trust me, they are important. YOUR vote, and voice, is important.  

Some say it’s a duty to vote.

I believe it’s an honor.


  1. An honor and privilege it is! I took my 91 yr old mother in law with me to vote. She has voted in every election since she was 21. That is 70 years! We are so grateful that she is still with us and doing so well.
    Now if this little 91 year old can get out and vote so can everyone else. Today is the day to make your voice heard folks.

    1. Rocky, THAT is awesome! Seventy years of voting is an accomplishment!

      And yes, today is the day our "voices" are heard.

  2. Pamela, a tad late, but I hope you and yours had a Happy Thanksgiving 2012.

  3. I was going to follow "Hart's Beat" and will except I'll do it from here. I can't comment on your other blog. So...I'll follow your other blogs from here.

    1. Hello Convnitkerpri and welcome.

      Sorry you're having trouble posting at Harts Beat. I use Disqus over there and it seems others have issues with that platform, as well. I've read that you can clear your cookies and sometimes that works. Or it could be your operating system-maybe it's older and not compatible with the newer Disqus version??

      I appreciate you coming over here and leaving a comment.

      I hope to hear from you again. And hopefully Disqus will get the issues cleared up. It's awfully frustrating! :(

  4. Nice Post and you are so Right. Your Post was Several Months ago. Are you still around? I stopped by, at least in Part, to let you know that I have started Blogging again, just in case you care to Drop By.

    1. Hi Lista! Nice to see you again. I am still around. But not blogging as much politically. I post a little on my other blog. But mostly I've been writing my book.

      I'll stop at your blog and say hello.

  5. Funny, I never thought of voting as a duty.

    I rather looked upon it as an obligation I carry for being fortunate enough to live in a great representative democracy.

    Happy Thanksgiving 2013 to you and yours Pamela.


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