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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

BAN Ban The Box


As a supervisor who hires, trains and managers numerous employees, I am NOT in favour of Ban TheBox. To be perfectly honest, I’m totally against it.

There is a reason job applications ask if an applicant is a convicted felon. It’s for protection—person and property. In my 32+ years hiring employees, many felons are repeat offenders. Many others are career felons and a mere handful are those who made a mistake, paid their dues and never did it again. The latter are the ones who should be given a chance. And in my career, I have given plenty. Even though I get less and less background checks that are blank—meaning the person committed NO crime, not even a DUI. That’s just shameful.

Ban The Box eliminates the question on job applications with the hopes that you will not judge the applicant if they checked “yes” and by the time you’ve interviewed the felon you will like them so much, and think they are so qualified, you will hire them in spite of their criminal record.

I’m here to tell you, if you are a CAREER felon, I don’t give a rat’s patootie how qualified you are, I will not hire you.

Now, if you made a mistake 20+ years ago and have had a clean record since, absolutely, I will hire you, and as I said, I have.

This crap that it’s discriminatory to ask if someone is convicted of a felon is BS. Is it also discriminatory to have employees drug tested?  Or are we going to have to accept alcoholics and drug addicticts because it’s not fair and they can’t help it? Is it discriminatory to get someone’s credit report when their job duties include handling thousands and thousands of dollars? Or how about when they work with children? Are we going to stop doing criminal background checks and finger printing and eliminate the sexual predator’s list? Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if we did eliminate all that. We are a society where no one is responsible for any of their actions. And if they perpetrate a crime, we owe them something. After all, we’re all entitled now.

I’m sick of this. It’s dangerous to carry a gun, but it’s safe and acceptable to put employees and customers in danger with convicted felons. And I do know of what I speak. I’ve had people apply for jobs who committed assault and battery, robbery, identity theft, selling drugs, stalking and even rape. And many of them lied on the application by saying “no” they committed no felon. However, their arm-long criminal background shows they are career criminals. And no, many are not 20+ years ago. Many aren’t even 10 years ago. I’ve had them within one year, or less.

So, if you don’t want me to judge, DON’T COMMIT A CRIME.




  1. Does alcohol show up on a drug test? And, wouldn't you have to show up to the test drunk (otherwise I think it leaves the system pretty quickly). As for banning the box, yeah, that's a good idea. The time behind bars is supposed to be the punishment, yet the punishing continues via job discrimination after the debt to society is paid. It isn't right, and likely causes many to re-offend.

    1. Hi Dervish.
      Where I work a person is tested for alcohol after an accident. So, if the employee was drinking, it would certainly show up.
      I agree that the time behind bars is supposed to be punishment. And I take that into consideration when hiring IF the person has reformed.
      And if people re-offend, then it's a character issue, imo.
      We all have choices and I know people who have been down on their luck, so to speak, and they didn't commit a crime because of it. I also know people who grew up dirt poor but they didn't commit crimes. They worked hard and are doing well.
      Thank you for stopping by!


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